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Africa (continent)

Box 1: 1

Map of Africa, Edinburgh: John Bartholomew & Son Ltd., ca. 1900

Box 1: 1

Africa: Pocket Map, New York, Chicago, San Francisco: Rand McNally & Company, ca. 1930



Additional Note

see also North Africa.
Box 1: 2

Algiers, hand-colored map, ca. 1850

Box 1: 2

Guidebook - Winter in Algiers at the Hotel St. George, Algiers: Imp. Algérienne, ca. 1920

Box 1: 2

Guidebook - Algeria, New York: Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, 1927

Box 1: 2

Map - Plan d'Alger, avec Répertoire des Rues, Alger: Editions Baconnier Freres, ca. 1942



Box 1: 3

Viewbook - Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires: G. Bourquin y Cia, ca. 1920s

Box 1: 3

Map - Nuevo Plano de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y sus Alrededores, Buenos Aires: Oficina Cartográfica "Ludwig," ca. 1920s

Box 1: 3

Map and guide - Lagos Argentinos, Argentina: Ediciones Eves, ca. 1945



Additional Note

see Caribbean (region).


Additional Note

see Peru.


Box 1: 4

Viewbook - The City of Manaos and the Country of Rubber Tree: Columbian Exposition Chicago, 1893, ca. 1893


British Guiana

Box 1: 5

Brochure - British Guiana: The Perfect Adventure for the Tourist Explorer, Glasgow: Robert MacLehose & Co., Ltd., 1935


Caribbean (region)

Additional Note

see also West Indies.
Box 1: 6

The Round Voyage to the Mighty River Amazon via Barbados & Trinidad, Liverpool: Booth Steamship Co. Ltd., ca. 1940s

Box 1: 6

United Fruit Company Steamship Service booklet - Following the Conquerors through the Caribbean, William Darling Press, n.d.



Box 1: 7

Guide - Provincia de Valdivia Chile, Chile: Ministerio de Fomento Servicios de Turismo, ca. 1920


Dominican Republic

Box 1: 8

Santo Domingo: Its Past and its Present Condition, Santo Domingo, 1920


Dutch East Indies

Box 1: 9

Travel Guide: Java, Sumatra, Bali, Batavia: Lissone-Lindeman Travel Bureau, 1929

Box 1: 9

Dutch East Indies: Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij, Gouda: Koch & Knuttel's Printing Office, 1930

Box 1: 9

Do Java by Rail! Dutch East-Indian Government Railways, ca. 1930s


East Africa (region)

Box 1: 10

Guidebook - Touring East Africa with Gibbs Auto Tours, ca. 1947


East Indies (region)

Box 1: 11

Cram's Map of East Indies and New Zealand, Indianapolis: George F. Cramo Co., Inc., ca. 1925



Box 1: 12

Quito Dredging Company, Gold and Platinum Mines, Province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, S. A., ca. early 1900s



Box 1: 13

Bartholomew's New Map of Egypt, Edinburgh: John Bartholomew & Co., ca. early 1900s

Box 1: 13

Booklet - Egypt, the Sudan, Syria, and Palestine, American Express, ca. 1927


El Salvador

Box 1: 14

Mapa Turistico del Lago de Ilopango en el Salvador, C. A., Salvador: Junta Nacional de Turismo, ca. 1950



Box 1: 15

Brochure portfolio - Ethiopia, Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Airlines, ca. 1965


Gold Coast / Ghana

Box 1: 16

Guidebook - The Gold Coast, London: Forster, Groom & Co., 1928



Box 1: 17

Map of the Main Business Section of Guatemala City, Guatemala: Libreria "Cosmos," ca. 1920s-1930s



Box 1: 18

A Guide to Haiti, New York: Haiti Tourist Information Bureau, 1953


Hong Kong

Box 1: 19

Guide to Hong Kong, California Directory Association, 1933



Additional Note

see also Dutch East Indies.
Box 2: 1

Guidebook - Java: The Wonderland, Arnhem: G. J. Thiem, n.d.


Ivory Coast

Box 2: 2

Booklet on leper settlement - Le Premier Million d'Adzopé, ca. 1939



Box 2: 3

Map of the Island of Jamaica, 1895

Box 2: 4

Guide/viewbook - A Jamaica Outing, Boston: Sherwood Publishing Co., 1899


previous hit Korea

Box 2: 5

Rail guide and map - Kongo-San "Diamond Mountain Chosen," Government Railways in Chosen, ca. 1925



Additional Note

see Syria.


Box 2: 6

Carte de Madagascar, Service Géographique de l'Armée, 1894



Box 2: 7

Map - Oceania and Malaysia, Chicago, New York: Rand McNally & Company, ca. early 1900s

Box 2: 7

Map - Malaya 1937, Survey Department F.M.S. & S.S., 1936



Additional Note

see also North Africa.
Box 2: 8

Set of city brochures - Agadir; Azrou; Casablanca; Fes; Ifrane; Marrakech; Mazagan; Meknes; Mogador; Rabat and Sale; Taza; Rabat: Office Marocain du Tourisme, ca. 1930s-1940s

Box 2: 8

Casablanca: Avec Plan de la Ville et Nomenclature des Rues, Casablanca: Guides Maroc Presse, 1943

Box 2: 8

Plan-Guide de Rabat, Lyon: Edition des Guides Pol, 1953



Box 2: 9

Guidebook - Direcção dos Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique and South African Railways and Harbours, Lorenço Marques: South Africa's Continental Holidayland, 1934


New Zealand

Additional Note

see East Indies.

North Africa (region)

Box 2: 10

Carte Générale de l'Afrique du Nord: Algérie, Tunisie, Maroc, Alger: Editions P. & G. Sourbiron, 1930


Pacific Islands

Box 2: 11

A Day in Suva, Fiji, Dunedin: Wilkies Ltd., ca. 1920s

Box 2: 11

Panoramic View of Papeete (Tahiti), ca. 1920s

Box 2: 11

Handbook of the Western Pacific: New Guinea, Papua, Solomon Islands, Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, New Hebrides, Noumea, Sydney: Pacific Publications Ltd., 1933

Box 2: 11

Brochure - Spend Your Next Holiday in the Fiji Islands, Where Winter Never Comes, Suva: Government Printing Office, ca. 1933

Box 2: 11

Islands of the South Seas, Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand, ca. 1930s

Box 2: 11

New Caledonia Illustrated, Nouméa: Imprimeries Réunies, 1942

Box 2: 11

R. C. Laycock, "Pearls of the South Seas," the Solomon Islands, Sydney: G. A. Jones, ca. 1940s



Additional Note

see also Egypt.
Box 2: 12

Guide-Map of Ancient & Modern Jerusalem, Jerusalem: Syrian Orphanage Press, ca. 1935

Box 2: 12

Palestine Map 1942, Jerusalem: Y. Mizrahi & Co., 1942



Box 2: 13

Map - Persia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan, Liverpool: George Philip & Son, Ltd., ca. 1920

Box 2: 13

Map - Persia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan, San Francisco, Chicago, New York: Rand McNally & Company, ca. 1925



Box 2: 14

The Land of the Incas: Descriptive of a Journey through Southern Peru and Bolivia, Lima: Peruvian Corporation Ltd., 1937


Puerto Rico

Box 2: 15

Views of Puerto Rico, San Juan: Waldrop Photographic Company, 1905


Russia / Soviet Union

Box 3: 1

Viewbook - Souvenir de St. Petersbourg, ca. early 1900s

Box 3: 1

Map of the Soviet Union with Travel Rates & Suggested Itineraries, New York: Intourist, Inc., 1935

Box 3: 1

The Moscow Metro, Moscow: Intourist, ca. 1950s

Box 3: 1

Moscow: Pictorial Street-map, ca. 1950s

Box 3: 1

Dean B. Mahin & Richard M. Scammon, Soviet Russia: A Guidebook for Tourists, Washington, D.C.: Governmental Affairs Institute, 1959



Box 3: 2

Samoa Tourist Gazette, Administration of Western Samoa, ca. 1925



Additional Note

see Egypt.


Additional Note

see also Egypt.
Box 3: 3

Le Tourisme en Syrie et au Liban, Nancy, Paris, Strasbourg: Imp. Berger-Levrault, 1928



Additional Note

see also Caribbean (region).
Box 3: 4

Map - Trinidad, Government of Trinidad and Tobago, 1930



Additional Note

see also North Africa.
Box 3: 5

Guidebook - Tunisia, New York: Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, 1927



Box 3: 6

Sydney Clark, Turkey for the Best, New York: Turkish Information Office, 1952

Box 3: 6

Map of Istanbul, ca. 1955


West Indies

Additional Note

see also Caribbean (region).
Box 3: 7

Rand McNally & Co.'s Map of West Indies, Rand McNally & Co., 1912