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Shasta Springs, July-August 1899, July-August 1899
BANC PIC 1991.036--ALB  
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The Mountain BANC PIC 1991.036:01--ALB


Mountain & River from Artist's Point BANC PIC 1991.036:02--ALB


River below the Springs. BANC PIC 1991.036:03--ALB


Below the Springs BANC PIC 1991.036:04--ALB


From the Station BANC PIC 1991.036:05--ALB


The Station BANC PIC 1991.036:06--ALB


Train time BANC PIC 1991.036:07--ALB


On the Trail


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:08--ALB


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:09--ALB


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:10--ALB


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:11--ALB


Glimpse from the Hammocks BANC PIC 1991.036:12--ALB


Above the Springs BANC PIC 1991.036:13--ALB


Hedge Creek Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:14--ALB


Mossbrae Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:15--ALB




Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:16--ALB


Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:17--ALB


Mossbrae from the Bridge BANC PIC 1991.036:18--ALB


Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:19--ALB


Little Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:20--ALB


Castle Crags BANC PIC 1991.036:21--ALB


The Crags BANC PIC 1991.036:22--ALB


Castle Crags Tavern Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:23--ALB


In Castle Crags Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:24--ALB


[In Castle Crags Meadows] BANC PIC 1991.036:25--ALB


The Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:26--ALB


The Gum Gatherer BANC PIC 1991.036:27--ALB


Ditto BANC PIC 1991.036:28--ALB


Mt. Shasta from Sisson Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:29--ALB


Black Butte & Sisson's Lake BANC PIC 1991.036:30--ALB


From Sisson Tavern Piazza BANC PIC 1991.036:31--ALB


Sisson Meadows, July 25 BANC PIC 1991.036:32--ALB


Both sides of it


Both sides of it BANC PIC 1991.036:33--ALB


Both sides of it BANC PIC 1991.036:34--ALB


At the Fish Hatchery BANC PIC 1991.036:35--ALB


From Sisson Tavern BANC PIC 1991.036:36--ALB


Up the Mountain BANC PIC 1991.036:37--ALB


On top BANC PIC 1991.036:38--ALB


[Man on top of the mountain] BANC PIC 1991.036:39--ALB


[Man on the side of the mountain] BANC PIC 1991.036:40--ALB


The View BANC PIC 1991.036:41--ALB


Shasta from McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:42--ALB


At McCloud


At McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:43--ALB


At McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:44--ALB


Near McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:45--ALB


McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:46--ALB


McCloud Hill BANC PIC 1991.036:47--ALB


The Mill BANC PIC 1991.036:48--ALB


[The Mill] BANC PIC 1991.036:49--ALB


The Mill BANC PIC 1991.036:50--ALB


Log rolling BANC PIC 1991.036:51--ALB


Log-wheel BANC PIC 1991.036:52--ALB


Traction Engine BANC PIC 1991.036:53--ALB


Waiting for the Stage BANC PIC 1991.036:54--ALB


Falls of the McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:55--ALB




Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:56--ALB


Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:57--ALB


Middle Falls


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:58--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:59--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:60--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:61--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:62--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:63--ALB




Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:64--ALB


Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:65--ALB


Bigelow's BANC PIC 1991.036:66--ALB


Bigelow's Dairy BANC PIC 1991.036:67--ALB


McCloud Forest


McCloud Forest BANC PIC 1991.036:68--ALB


McCloud Forest BANC PIC 1991.036:69--ALB


McCloud Forest BANC PIC 1991.036:70--ALB


McCloud River BANC PIC 1991.036:71--ALB


Camping BANC PIC 1991.036:72--ALB


McCloud River BANC PIC 1991.036:73--ALB


The Wheelers BANC PIC 1991.036:74--ALB


Back from Fowler's BANC PIC 1991.036:75--ALB


Black Butte BANC PIC 1991.036:76--ALB


Ready to start BANC PIC 1991.036:77--ALB


Shasta from Panther Creek BANC PIC 1991.036:78--ALB


Shasta from under Red Butte BANC PIC 1991.036:79--ALB


Walter K. Fisher at "Hemlock" BANC PIC 1991.036:80--ALB


Mountain Hemlocks & White Bark Pines BANC PIC 1991.036:81--ALB


Shasta, showing Mud Creek Glacier BANC PIC 1991.036:82--ALB


Mud Creek Canon BANC PIC 1991.036:83--ALB


Mountain Hemlocks


Mountain Hemlocks BANC PIC 1991.036:84--ALB


Mountain Hemlocks BANC PIC 1991.036:85--ALB


Up the Sacramento BANC PIC 1991.036:86--ALB


The Grade below Mott BANC PIC 1991.036:87--ALB


Retrospect BANC PIC 1991.036:88--ALB


[Mountain spring] BANC PIC 1991.036:89--ALB


[River] BANC PIC 1991.036:90--ALB