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Views of California and Other Western States, ca. 1890-1901
BANC PIC 1985.031--ALB  
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State Capitol Building, Colorado. 239. [Hand-written caption: "Denver, The Capitol." Photograph by W.H. Jackson.] BANC PIC 1985.031:01--ALB


Sherman Ave., Looking North. Denver [Colorado]. A17. BANC PIC 1985.031:02--ALB


Trinity M.E. [Trinity Methodist Episcopal] Church. A26. [Denver, Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:03--ALB


City Park. Denver [Colorado]. A22. BANC PIC 1985.031:04--ALB


Pike's Peak Ave., Colo. [Colorado] Springs [Colorado]. A300. BANC PIC 1985.031:05--ALB


Pike's Peak Railroad. [Colorado. Photograph by F.P. Stevens. Copyright 1900.] BANC PIC 1985.031:06--ALB


Pike's Peak Summit [Colorado]. [Photograph by F.P. Stevens?] BANC PIC 1985.031:07--ALB


Cascade Falls, Pike's Peak Trail [Colorado]. 1068. BANC PIC 1985.031:08--ALB


U.S. Signal Station, Pike's Peak [Colorado]. Altitude 14,160 Ft. 1055. BANC PIC 1985.031:09--ALB


"The Loop." Union Pacific Ry. near Georgetown, Colorado. [No. 854? Photograph by William Henry Jackson & Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:10--ALB


High Bridge in Loop. 1828. [Colorado. Photograph by William Henry Jackson & Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:11--ALB


Manitou Springs, Colo. [Colorado], and Pike's Peak. 1000. BANC PIC 1985.031:12--ALB


Manitou and Navajo Soda Springs and Cliff House [Colorado]. [No. 1308?] BANC PIC 1985.031:13--ALB


Rainbow Falls, Ute Pass, Manitou. [Colorado. No. 1201?] BANC PIC 1985.031:14--ALB


Gateway to the Garden of the Gods, Col. [Colorado]. 4925. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:15--ALB


Balance Rock. Garden of the Gods, Col. [Colorado]. 4903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:16--ALB


Cathedral Spires. Garden of the Gods, Col. [Colorado]. 4904. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:17--ALB


Cathedral Spires, Garden of the Gods. 1402. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:18--ALB


Buena Vista Drive, Garden of the Gods. 1413. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:19--ALB


The Native, Seal and Bear, Garden of the Gods. 1409. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:20--ALB


The Seven Falls, Cheyenne Canon. 1667. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:21--ALB


Helen Hunt's Grave, Cheyenne Mt. 1673. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:22--ALB


Royal Gorge. Grand Canon of the Arkansas [Colorado]. D. & R.G.R.R. [Denver and Rio Grande Railroad]. 4937. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:23--ALB


The Bridge, Royal Gorge [Colorado]. 611. BANC PIC 1985.031:24--ALB


Mt. of the Holy Cross [at?] Moran [Colorado]. B 5034. [Photograph by William Henry Jackson & Co. Reproduction of painting?] BANC PIC 1985.031:25--ALB


Canon of the Grand River, near Glenwood Springs [Colorado]. D. & R.G.R.R. [Denver & Rio Grande Railroad]. 4930. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:26--ALB


Glenwood Springs Bath House and Grounds [Colorado]. 4900. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:27--ALB


Castle Gate [Utah]. On the line of the Rio Grande Western R.R. 4920. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:28--ALB


Marshall Pass [Sawatch Mountains, Colorado]. 1007. BANC PIC 1985.031:29--ALB


Chipeta Falls, Black Canon [Colorado]. 670. BANC PIC 1985.031:30--ALB


Currecanti Needle, Black Canon [Colorado]. 667. BANC PIC 1985.031:31--ALB


Black Canon of the Gunnison [Colorado]. Bridge "B." 4402. BANC PIC 1985.031:32--ALB


Ute Indians. [Colorado?] BANC PIC 1985.031:33--ALB


Indian Baby. BANC PIC 1985.031:34--ALB


Ready for Business. "A Burro." 3258. BANC PIC 1985.031:35--ALB


East part of Salt Lake City [Utah] from Anderson's Tower. [Photograph by Charles R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:36--ALB


Salt Lake City [Utah] from Arsenal Hill. [Photograph by C.R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:37--ALB


Mormon Temple Block, Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:38--ALB


Tabernacle. Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:39--ALB


Interior of Mormon Tabernacle Will Seat 8000 Persons. Salt Lake [Utah]. [Photograph by Charles R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:40--ALB


Eagle Gate. Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:41--ALB


Gardo House, Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:42--ALB


Lion and Bee Hive Houses, Salt Lake [Utah]. [Photograph by Charles R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:43--ALB


Rocky Point, Clear Creek [Colorado]. 1803. BANC PIC 1985.031:44--ALB


Cape Horn [Placer County, California], Looking West. C.P.R.R. [Central Pacific Railroad]. BANC PIC 1985.031:45--ALB


Mr. [Galen] Clark. Discoverer of Mariposa Grove [California]. BANC PIC 1985.031:46--ALB


The Snow Flower. Yosemite Valley [California]. BANC PIC 1985.031:47--ALB


Mary Trilby. May 6, 1901. [Yosemite Valley.] BANC PIC 1985.031:48--ALB


On the grade below Inspiration Point [Yosemite Valley]. 525. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:49--ALB


General View of Yosemite Valley [California] from near Artist's Point. 555. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:50--ALB


Sentinel Rock [Yosemite Valley]. 354. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:51--ALB


Hotel at Yosemite Falls. [Sentinel Hotel. Yosemite Valley.] BANC PIC 1985.031:52--ALB


Yosemite Falls [Yosemite Valley]. 326. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:53--ALB


Instantaneous View of Yosemite Falls [Yosemite Valley]. 323. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:54--ALB


El Capitan [Yosemite Valley]. 411. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:55--ALB


El Capitan [Yosemite Valley]. 311. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:56--ALB


Bridal Veil Fall [Yosemite Valley]. 409. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:57--ALB


Profile of Bridal Veil Fall [Yosemite Valley]. 308. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:58--ALB


Cathedral Spires [Yosemite Valley]. 416. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:59--ALB


Cathedral Spires [Yosemite Valley]. 312. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:60--ALB


North Dome [Yosemite Valley]. 431. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:61--ALB


Half Dome [Yosemite Valley]. 331. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:62--ALB


Profile of Nevada Fall [Yosemite Valley]. 439. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:63--ALB


Cascade Falls [Yosemite Valley]. 522. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:64--ALB


Washington Column, Mirror Lake [Yosemite Valley]. 366. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:65--ALB


Mirror View of Three Brothers [Yosemite Valley]. 315. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:66--ALB


Overhanging Rock. At Glacier Point [Yosemite Valley]. 287. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:67--ALB


Half Dome and Glacier Point [Yosemite Valley]. 357. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:68--ALB


Mariposa Grove. "Grizzly Giant," 33 feet diam. B 828. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:69--ALB


Mariposa Grove. "Wawona" -- 28 feet diameter. B 129. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:70--ALB


Mariposa Grove. A 260. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:71--ALB


"Fallen Monarch," 25 feet diam, 320 feet long, Mariposa Grove [California]. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:72--ALB


The Loop, S.P.R.R. [Southern Pacific Railroad]. BANC PIC 1985.031:73--ALB


The Loops, looking east. 7824. [Mount] Tamalpais [Marin County]. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:74--ALB


President McKinley at Los Angeles. BANC PIC 1985.031:75--ALB


Figueroa Street, Los Angeles. No. 167. BANC PIC 1985.031:76--ALB


Corner Adams & Palm Drive. Los Angeles. No. 27. BANC PIC 1985.031:77--ALB


Los Angeles Co. Court House. No. 2. BANC PIC 1985.031:78--ALB


Los Angeles Mission. No. 529. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:79--ALB


The [Harrison Gray] Otis Residence ["The Bivouac." Wilshire Boulevard]. Los Angeles. No. 541. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:80--ALB


Oil Wells near Westlake Park [Los Angeles County]. No. 497. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:81--ALB


View of Pasadena. BANC PIC 1985.031:82--ALB


Snow Scene on the Sierra Madre's from the Raymond [Pasadena]. 73. BANC PIC 1985.031:83--ALB


The Raymond [Pasadena]. 33. BANC PIC 1985.031:84--ALB


South Pasadena Ostrich Farm. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:85--ALB


Hotel Green. Pasadena. No. 405. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:86--ALB


Marengo Ave. Pasadena. No. 555. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:87--ALB


San Gabriel Mission. Pasadena. No. 489. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:88--ALB


Old Vineyard of Rose's Ranche. 75. BANC PIC 1985.031:89--ALB


Mt. Lowe car. [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County.] BANC PIC 1985.031:90--ALB


Railway up Mt. Lowe [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:91--ALB


Mt. Lowe Summit. [Echo Mountain House. San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County.] BANC PIC 1985.031:92--ALB


Summit of Mt. Lowe [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:93--ALB


Summit of Mt. Lowe [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:94--ALB


Brookside Ave. Redlands [San Bernardino County]. No. 584. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:95--ALB


Casa Loma Hotel at Redlans [i.e. Redlands] [San Bernardino County]. No. 576. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:96--ALB


The Burrage Residence. Redlands [San Bernardino County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:97--ALB


Magnolia Ave. Riverside. No. 434. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:98--ALB


Orange Grove. Riverside. BANC PIC 1985.031:99--ALB


Hotel del Coronado -- Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal. B 4302. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:100--ALB


Old San Diego Mission. Founded in 1769. [Number torn off. Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:101--ALB


Mission San Juan Capistrano, Cal., founded in 1776, ruins of the cloisters. 2956. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:102--ALB


Oil Wells, Summerland, Cal. 1970. [Photograph by Park & Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:103--ALB


Arlington House. W.N. Cowles, Proprietor, Santa Barbara. B 1309. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:104--ALB


Altar in Old Mission Church, Santa Barbara, founded 1786. B 1429. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:105--ALB


Hotel del Monte. Monterey. 8. [Photograph by Johnson.] BANC PIC 1985.031:106--ALB


Arizona Garden. Hotel del Monte [Monterey]. 13. BANC PIC 1985.031:107--ALB


Arizona Garden. Hotel del Monte [Monterey]. B 2302. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:108--ALB


Hotel del Monte Grounds. [Monterey.] BANC PIC 1985.031:109--ALB


The Maze. [Grounds of Hotel Del Monte, Monterey.] BANC PIC 1985.031:110--ALB


Midway Point [Monterey]. BANC PIC 1985.031:111--ALB


Monterey Mission. BANC PIC 1985.031:112--ALB


Carmel Mission. [Photograph by Johnson.] BANC PIC 1985.031:113--ALB


Interior View of Carmel Mission, Established 1770. B 304. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:114--ALB


Monterey Bay, from Hillside. B 270. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:115--ALB


Old Custom House, Monterey, built by Spain, Mexico and United States. B 312. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:116--ALB


Arches on Cliff Road, Santa Cruz. B 1366. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:117--ALB


Trestle near Powder Works, S.P.C.R.R. [South Pacific Coast Railroad]. B 1884. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:118--ALB


Big Trees, Felton, Santa Cruz Co. B 1719. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:119--ALB


Big Trees, Felton, Santa Cruz Co. B 1709. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:120--ALB


Big Trees, Felton, Santa Cruz Co. B 1714. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:121--ALB


Big Trees. ["Giant." Santa Cruz Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:122--ALB


Big Trees. ["Gen'l Fremont." Santa Cruz Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:123--ALB


Hotel Vendome. San Jose, Cal. 5900. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:124--ALB


Lick Observatory Road. 5879. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:125--ALB


View of Observatory Peak and [Buildings?] -- East Side. 3481. P. 1903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:126--ALB


The great 36 inch Telescope of the Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Cal. 5008. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber. Copyright 1889?] BANC PIC 1985.031:127--ALB


General View from Palo Alto Road. Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, Cal. 5823. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:128--ALB


General View Leland Stanford Jr. University, from Palo Alto. 5824. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:129--ALB


Court Yard from the North, Leland Stanford Jr. University. Palo Alto, Cal. 5810. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:130--ALB


Arcade, West side looking North. Leland Stanford, Jr. University. Palo Alto, Cal. 5364. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:131--ALB


The Golden Gate, by Moonlight, San Francisco, Cal. 6903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:132--ALB


Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 5355. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:133--ALB


Palace Hotel Court Yard. BANC PIC 1985.031:134--ALB


Market St. [San Francisco]. From 5th St. Looking East. 8707. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:135--ALB


View of New City Hall, San Francisco. B 5953. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:136--ALB


Hopkins and Stanford Residences [San Francisco]. B 1705. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:137--ALB


Mission Dolores, San Francisco. Established 1776. B 513. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:138--ALB


Alley in Chinatown, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 1. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:139--ALB


Chinese Josh-House, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 41. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:140--ALB


The Entry" -- Chinese Theatre, San Francisco. 1708. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber. Reproduction of painting.] BANC PIC 1985.031:141--ALB


The Parade Ground, Presidio, San Francisco. B 2815. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:142--ALB


The Presidio, San Francisco. The Officer's Quarters and Music Stand. B 2907. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:143--ALB


The main avenue. Sutro Heights [San Francisco]. 6150. [Photograph by Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:144--ALB


Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Conservatory and Music Stand. B 2061. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:145--ALB


Golden Gate Park, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 3700. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:146--ALB


Japanese Garden, Golden Gate Park [San Francisco]. 7886. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:147--ALB


B 1726. Music Stand, Golden Gate Park [San Francisco]. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:148--ALB


Huntington Falls, Golden Gate Park [San Francisco]. 7903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:149--ALB


Egyptian Hall Memorial Museum, Golden Gate Park, S.F. [San Francisco]. 7869. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:150--ALB


Beach Drive from Cliff House [San Francisco]. B 1277. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:151--ALB


New Cliff House, from Road, San Francisco, Cal. 7892. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:152--ALB


Seal Rocks near the Cliff House, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 44. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:153--ALB


Seal Rocks from Sutro Heights, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 3663. BANC PIC 1985.031:154--ALB


The Seal Rocks near Cliff House, San Francisco. B 2191. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:155--ALB


The Loops, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Belvedere, Angel, Goat and Alcatraz Islands, also Telegraph Hill, S.F. [San Francisco], in the distance. 7827. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:156--ALB


View of Tavern of Tamalpais [Marin County], looking N.W. 7791. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:157--ALB


Moss Brae Falls [Siskiyou County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:158--ALB


Pillars of Hercules. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:159--ALB


Multomah [i.e. Multnomah] Falls [Multnomah County, Oregon]. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:160--ALB


Mt. Shasta. [Photographic reproduction of painting.] BANC PIC 1985.031:161--ALB


Shasta Springs. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:162--ALB


Castle Crags [Shasta County]. No. 825. [Photograph by Waters.] BANC PIC 1985.031:163--ALB


Evening Muirs Buttes. No. 841. [Photograph by Waters.] BANC PIC 1985.031:164--ALB


The Loop. Tunnels 14 and 15. Siskiyou Mts. [Photograph by Waters.] BANC PIC 1985.031:165--ALB


Mt. Hood [Oregon]. [Copyright 1899. Photographic reproduction by Herbert A. Hale of painting by unidentified artist.] BANC PIC 1985.031:166--ALB


Mt. St. Helens [Washington]. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:167--ALB


Hotel Portland [Oregon]. [Copyright 1897. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:168--ALB


Willamette Falls [Oregon]. [Copyright 1892. Photograph by Gifford.] BANC PIC 1985.031:169--ALB


Tacoma [Washington]. BANC PIC 1985.031:170--ALB


Point Defiance Park [Washington]. 591. BANC PIC 1985.031:171--ALB


Point Defiance Park [Washington]. 592. BANC PIC 1985.031:172--ALB


Mount Tacoma [Washington]. [Copyright 1892. Photograph by H.H. Holt.] BANC PIC 1985.031:173--ALB


Fir Log. [Washington?] BANC PIC 1985.031:174--ALB


Totem Pole -- Pioneer Square, Seattle [Washington]. 428. [Copyright 1900. Photograph by A.B. Wilse.] BANC PIC 1985.031:175--ALB


Mt. Rainier [Washington]. [Photograph by B.B. Titsworth.] BANC PIC 1985.031:176--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Parliament Building. [Decorated for mourning.] BANC PIC 1985.031:177--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Flagship in Dry Dock. BANC PIC 1985.031:178--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Brown Hill Park. BANC PIC 1985.031:179--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Brown Hill Park. BANC PIC 1985.031:180--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Brown Hill Park. BANC PIC 1985.031:181--ALB


Yellowstone National Park . Electric Peak [Montana-Wyoming border]. BANC PIC 1985.031:182--ALB


Mammoth Hotel. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:183--ALB


Yellowstone National Park [Wyoming]. Liberty Cap. BANC PIC 1985.031:184--ALB


Jupiter and Pulpit Terrace. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:185--ALB


Angel Terrace. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:186--ALB


Cleopatra Terrace. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:187--ALB


Silver Gate and Hoodoos. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:188--ALB


Golden Gate. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:189--ALB


Gardner Canon. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:190--ALB


Swan Lake. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:191--ALB


Obsidian Cliff. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:192--ALB


Constant Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:193--ALB


Gibbon Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:194--ALB


Fountain Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:195--ALB


Paint Pots. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:196--ALB


Old Faithful. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:197--ALB


Sponge Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:198--ALB


Giant Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:199--ALB


Grotto Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:200--ALB


The Punch Bowl. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:201--ALB


Morning Glory Spring. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:202--ALB


Lone Star Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:203--ALB


Fishing Cone. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:204--ALB


Yellowstone Lake. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:205--ALB


Teton Mountains. [Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:206--ALB


Mud Volcano. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:207--ALB


Canon. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:208--ALB


Great Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:209--ALB


Great Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:210--ALB


Great Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:211--ALB


Triumphal Bridge & Court of Fountains. Pan-American Exposition. Buffalo [New York]. 458. [Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:212--ALB


Triumphal Bridge. 465. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:213--ALB


Triumphal Bridge. 480. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:214--ALB


The Approach from the Park. 458. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:215--ALB


Electric Tower. 515. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:216--ALB


Electric Tower. 546. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:217--ALB


Horticulture & Temple of Music. 457. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:218--ALB


Looking East on the Mall. 456. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:219--ALB


Government Building. 475. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:220--ALB


The Midway. 467. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:221--ALB