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Register of the Edward Geary Lansdale Papers, 1910-1987
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Boxes 67-71

Biographical File, 1910-1986.

Scope and Content Note

Appointment calendars, invitations, identification papers, materials relating to career (such as promotion letters, awards, and orders), family papers, clippings and articles by others about Lansdale, and information on the collection itself. Arranged alphabetically by subject or form
Box 69.

General. Miscellany


Appointment calendars, 1967-1968


Awards, certificates, citations


Biographical sketches


Clippings and articles, 1949-1986

Box 70.

Consulting agreements


Braddock, Dunn and McDonald, Inc. Correspondence and mimeograph outline entitled "Threat Assessment," 1972-1981


C.A.C.I. Letter, contract, and mimeograph entitled "A Coding System for Deception," 1979


Financial records


Identification cards and permits, Saigon


Insurance and medical papers


Invitations, tickets, programs


Lansdale family


General. Genealogical material


Lansdale, Helen Bacheller


Lansdale, Henry


Memoranda. Includes material relating to Lansdale's connection with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


Military service records

Box 71.

Military service records


Sketches by Lansdale, 1967


Unpublished writings by others. SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/May, Gary and Currey, Cecil


Hewet, Robert, "Major General Edward Geary Lansdale," October 22, l965


Kushner, Rose, "The Quiet American Comes Home," and "The Quiet American Returns to Vietnam," ca. 1967

Boxes 1-8, 82-84

Correspondence File, 1934-1987

Scope and Content Note

Personal and family correspondence, mainly from the years following Lansdale's service in Vietnam as Senior Liaison Officer (post-1968), with a few items from earlier years. (Official correspondence, and non-official correspondence mailed to Lansdale at one of his offices, may be found under the appropriate office file series). Arranged alphabetically by correspondent
Box 1.



General. Unidentified, 1936-1986




General, 1939-1987


Vietnamese correspondents, 1969-1986

Box 2.

Recommendations, 1969-1983


Air Force Association, 1961-1981


Aldridge, Elden, 1971-1973


All-American Conference to Combat Communism, 1965


Allen, Edward W., 1972


Allen, Gary, 1975


Allen, Thomas E., Jr., 1975


Alvarado, Lorenzo, 1972-1974


American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, 1977


American Society for Industrial Security, 1964


Anderson, B. L., 1979


Anderson, Dillon, 1959-1973


Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, 1968


Arellano, Oscar, 1971-1973


Arundel, Arthur W., 1972-1978


Bachman-Beck, Milicent F., 1977-1986


Baird, James C. and Mary, 1973-1979


Banzon, Joseph, 1969-1974


Beaven, Sky, 1972-1974


Benge, Mike, 1974-1978


Black, Ed, 1970-1984


Bodry, Ira T., 1970


Bohannan, Charles T. and Dorothy, 1972-1983


Braim, Paul F., 1969


Brandt, Carol, 1968-1978


Britton, Edward C., 1980


Broger, John C., 1979


Broun, Heywood, 1934


Brown, David E., 1968


Buell, Thomas B., 1972-1973


Buerger, Max, 1971


Bui Anh Tuan, 1975-1981


Bui Ngoc Phuong, n.d


Bunker, Ellsworth, 1969


Burns, Robert J., 1969-1986


Byers, Marge, 1971


Can, Pham Duy, see Pham Duy Can


Carson, Betty, n.d.


Carter, Thomas, 1983


Chase, Walter P., 1972-1975


Chau, Nguyen Van, see Nguyen Van Chau


Choate, Charlie, 1975-1977


Chowe, Stephen H., 1969-1978


Clark, Dale, 1968-1974


Clark, Helen, n.d.


Cohen, Martin A., 1969


Colby, William, 1982-1986

Box 3.

Conlon, John, 1972-1974


Connolly, M. W., 1973-1975


Contemporary Authors (New York), 1978


Cooke, Charles, 1969-1982


Cooke, Dwight, 1969


Cooperative Forum, Inc., 1965


Cramer, Thomas K., 1970


Critchfield, Richard, 1968-1972


Currey, Cecil, 1984-1985


Dang Van Sung and family, 1975-1976


Dang, Joseph Nguyen Phoc, 1975-1983


DeJaegher, Father Raymond J., 1962-1980


Douglas, James H., 1973


Drinnon, Richard, 1979


Droge, Dolf, 1968-69


Dupuy, T. N., 1978


Eddy, Gould L., 1972-1986


Edwards, William M., 1976


Ellsberg, Daniel, 1972


Far East Luncheon Group, Washington, D.C., 1979


Fensterward, Bernard, 1970


Fishel, Wesley R., 1970


Fisher, Thomas L., 1969 (See also Subject File, Beranek and Newman, Inc.)


Fraleigh, Bert, 1970-1985


Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, 1965-1980


Fricelli, Joseph J., n.d.


Frivaldo, Juan G., 1978-1985


Gallery, Father John I., 1969-1979


Garrettson, Chuck, 1984-1986. Includes writings by Garrettson


Gillingham, Peter, 1968-1978


Gober, Hershel, 1977-78 (See also TAPE RECORDINGS series)


Gold, Bill, 1970


Goldberg, Sherwood D., 1974


Goodman, Allan E., 1974


Grinter, Lawrence E., 1975


Hamilton, Alexander, 1979-1984


Harper and Row, Publishers, 1970


Harriman, W. Averell, 1977


Hay, J. H., 1970


Herrington, Stu, 1979-1982


Herz, Martin F., 1969


Hilbert, Philip F., 1973-1974


Hingher, W. H., 1969-1972


Ho Quang Phuoc, 1968-1986


Ho, Vu Ngoc, see Vu Ngoc Ho


Hoa, Nguyen Lac, see Nguyen Lac Hoa


Hoai, Le Khac, see Le Khac Hoai


Hoffer, Tom W., 1971-1974


Holland, Paul, 1972-1986

Box 4.

Hoover Institution, 1968-1986


Hradel, Joseph R., 1972-1980


Hull, Ron, 1971


Humphrey, Hubert H., 1971-1975


Hurley, Alfred F., 1971-1979


Huss, Mark, 1969-1985


Jackson, Andrew D., 1973-1986


Jacqueney, Theodore and Victoria ca. 1971-1979. Includes eulogies for Theodore Jacqueney


James, Daniel V., 1977-1986


Johnson (Lyndon Baines) Library, 1979


Jonker, Frederick, 1977-1985


Jordan, Amos A., 1969


Justiniano, Medardo T., 1980-1985


Karnow, Stanley, 1978


Karrick, Samuel N., 1968-1979


Kelly, Patrocinio (Mrs. Edward Lansdale), 1972-1973


Kennedy (John F.) Library, 1973-1979


Keovimol, Watana, 1976 (See also Tiro, Hasan di)


Kiem, Pham Huy, see Pham Huy Kiem


Kissinger, Henry A., 1972


Knowlton, William, 1972


Komer, Robert W., 1971


Kosutic, Peter, 1969-1972


Knaus, John Kenneth, 1978


Kushner, Rose, 1970-1984


Labin, Suzanne, 1972


Ladejinsky, Wolf, 1959


Lalwani, Sheila, 1979


Lam, Tran Van, see Tran Van Lam

Box 82.

Lansdale Family, 1972-1984


Lansdale, Benjamin and Eleanor, 1967-1985


Lansdale, David, 1976-1987

Box 83.

Lansdale, Edward G., 1955-1979


Lansdale, Edward R., 1956-1985


Lansdale, Ethel Dow, 1947


Lansdale, Gayle, 1976


Lansdale, Godfrey A., 1966


Lansdale, Helen, 1946-1966


Lansdale, Henry, 1953


Lansdale, John, 1971-1986


Lansdale, Patrocinio. SEE: Kelly, Patrocinio


Lansdale, Phil and Jean



Box 84.


Box 5.

Lavin, Greg, 1973-1984


Le Khac Hoai, 1960-1985


Le Phuoc Sang, 1978


Leighton, Richard M., 1971


Leonard, Jerris, 1979


Loye, John F., Jr., 1971


McArthur, George, n.d.


McLean, Donald H., 1963-1977


Magsaysay, Jesus, 1977


Magsaysay, Luz, 1972-1977


Maik, Angelina S., 1978


Mallin, Jay, 1971-1974


Marcos, Ferdinand, 1974


Marr, David G., 1969-70


Martin, David, 1971-1974


May, Gary, 1977-1979


Mehlert, Calvin and Nguyet, 1968-1986


Melvin, George H., 1966-1980


Menton, William, 1983-1985


Miller, Hank, 1968-1980


Miskovish, Reggie, 1970-ca. 1978


Mojica, Proc, 1978


Morgan, Edward P., 1969


Morse, Brad, 1970


Moskin, J. Robert, 1969


Moss, William, 1978


Muni, Donald Stuart, n.d.


Muni, Steven D., 1976


Napier, John H. and Cameron, 1977-1984


National Defense Council (F. Andy Messing), 1984-1986


Navarro, Ed, 1964-1983


Nedelcovic, Bosco, 1975


New York Times (Herbert Mitgang), 1972-1973


Ngo Dinh Nhu, Madame, 1974


Nguyen Duc Thang, 1968-1975


Nguyen Lac Hoa, 1968


Nguyen Tat Ung, Mrs., n.d.


Nguyen Thai and Mai, 1964-1986


Nguyen Van Chau, 1978-1984


Nguyen Van Thuong, 1975-1983


Nhu, Madame Ngo Dinh, see Ngo Dinh Nhu, Madame


Nhut, Trinh Minh, see Trinh Minh Nhut

Box 6.

Nixon for President Committee, 1968


Nixon, Richard, 1957-1984


Nolte, Richard, 1971


Nurse, Ronald J., 1976


Ocampo, Galo B., 1979-1980


O'Daniel, John W., 1972-1973


Orendain, John C., 1970-1972


Pageant (New York), 1969


Pamintuan, Manuel, 1978


Peet, Richard, 1975-1984


Pham Duy Can, 1975-1980


Pham Huy Kiem, 1976


Pham Van Lieu and family, 1973-1975


Phan Quang Dan, 1981-1986


Phillips, Rufus, 1971-79


Phuoc, Ho Quang, see Ho Quang Phuoc


Phuong, Bui Ngoc, see Bui Ngoc Phuong


Pia, Anthony, 1972-1983


Picher, Oliver S., 1974


Pierce, Russell K., 1971


Pollard, Eric W., 1968-1979


Potebnya, Orr Y., 1968-1984


Praeger, Frederick A., 1961-1979


Pratt, John Clark, 1982-1985


Quigg, Philip W., 1969


Qurino, Carlos, 1981

Box 7.

Richards, Peter C., 1960-1986


Richardson, Gilbert P., 1975


Roberts, Hu, 1979-1986


Rosson, William B., 1977-79


Rockefeller, John D., 3rd, 1974-1975


Russ, Martin, 1976


Russei, Chester, n.d.


Sabin, L. S., 1972


Sadler, Jack, 1975-1976


Salyers, W. Keith, 1970


San Juan, Frisco F., 1972


San Miguel, Eloisa Litonjua, 1978


Sang, Le Phuoc, see Le Phuoc Sang


Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr., 1976-1977


Scott, William L., Member of Congress, 1971


Seagrave, Sterling, 1986


Shaplen, Robert M., 1972-ca. 1975


Sharpe, Larry, 1972-1983


Shelley, Robert K., 1975


Simpson, Paul, 1969-70


Smith, H. Morgan, 1977


Soldier of Fortune, 1975


Staar, Richard F., 1972-1980


Stilwell, Richard G., 1978-1986


Stoneman, Steven, 1972-1976


Story, Edward C., 1970


Stuber, Paul, 1979


Sullivan, Thomas W., III, n.d., 1977


Sweet, Charles F., 1969, 1971


Swing, John Temple, 1968


Thai, Nguyen, see Nguyen Thai


Thang, Nguyen Duc, see Nguyen Duc Thang


Thien, Ton That, see Ton That Thien


Time (New York), 1970


Tiro, Dara, 1978


Tiro, Hasan Muhammad di, 1960-1979 (See also Subject File, Indonesia).


Ton That Thien, 1977-1983


Tordella, Louis W., 1962-1976


Torelli, Fred, 1976-1980


Tran Ngoc Chau and family, 1979-1980


Tran Van Do, 1980


Tran Van Lam, 1969-1984

Box 8.

Trinh Minh The and family, 1969-1986


Truscott, Lucian K., 1975


Tuan, Bui Anh, see Bui Anh Tuan


Tugwell, Rexford, 1972-1973


Turner, Alvin C., 1971


Turner, Stansfield, 1979


Ung, Mrs. Nguyen Tat, see Nguyen Tat Ung, Mrs.


United States Military Academy, 1972-1986


U.S. News and World Report, 1979-1986


United States. Air Force, 1968-1986


United States. Army, 1973-1984


United States. Army. Institute for Military Assistance, 1976


United States. Department of Defense, 1972-1985


United States. Library of Congress, 1972-1979


United States. Marine Corps, 1982


United States. Navy, 1985


University of Hawaii, 1968


Valentine, Don, 1983-1984


Valenzona, Ben S., 1969-1973


Vance, Cyrus, 1977-1978


Villamor, Manette M. and family, 1978-1984


Vu Ngoc Ho, 1969


Vondra, Sharon M., 1970


Wachtel, Jack, 1968-1975


Walls, Lester R., 1975-1981


Ward, W. T. T. (Chips), 1957-1983


Westmoreland, W. C., 1968-1975


Whitlow, Robert H., 1971


White, Peter, 1964-1986


White, Philip, 1976


Williams, Ogden, 1978


Williams, Samuel T., 1972-1983


Wilson, Samuel N., 1972-1979


Wolf, Charles, Jr., 1968-1982


Wolff, Lester L., Member of Congress, 1971


Yepez, Cefferina, 1972-1986


Young Americans for Freedom, 1979

Box 72

Diaries And Notebooks, 1941-1956

Scope and Content Note

Diaries written in the Philippines and Vietnam. Arranged chronologically
Box 72.

(See also Correspondence File, Lansdale, Helen)

Boxes 73-81

Speeches And Writings, 1954-1984

Scope and Content Note

Lectures, talks, panel discussions, articles, and drafts; including all drafts of Lansdale's memoirs, In The Midst Of Wars. Additional speeches and writings are found in the Department of Defense series. Arranged alphabetically by title
Box 73.



General. Bound volumes of collected works


Correspondence, 1968-1985

Box 74.

Miscellaneous drafts and notes


"After the War, Still Vietnam," New York Times, September 5, 1972. Typescript, printed copy, and letters


"The American Revolution," February 6, 1973. Typescript memorandum


"The American Spirit," October 13, 1972. Typescript memorandum


"Art of Guerrilla," The Christian Science Monitor, January 18, 1964. Printed copy


"Binh Hung: A Counter-Guerrilla Case Study," February 1, 1961. Mimeograph


"A Case History of Insurgency--The Philippines," speech, the National War College, March 26, 1964. Typescript


"A Catalyst Team for Vietnam," June 12, 1964. Mimeograph


"The Challenge of Subversive Insurgency," speech, Michigan State University, February 29, 1964. Holograph, program, letters, and miscellany


"Civic Action," speech, Counter-Guerrilla School, Special Warfare Center, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, February 24, 1961. Mimeograph


"Civic Action Helps Counter the Guerrilla Threat," Army Information Digest, 1962 June. Printed copy


"Civil Activities of the Military, Southeast Asia," memorandum, March 13, 1959. Mimeograph


"Communist Insurgency," speech, American Society for Industrial Security, September 1964. Holograph and typescript


"A Comparison: Viet Nam and the Philippines," unpublished paper, n.d. Typescript


"Comrades," Bulletin of the American Historical Collection, April-June 1984. Typescript, letter, and printed copy


"Concept for Victory in Vietnam," June 8, 1964. Mimeograph and notes


"The Early Involvement, 1945-1961," Memorandum relating to a manuscript by Ronald Spector. Typescript and letters, 1979


"Early Years: Vietnam," lecture, Army War College, March 22, 1977. Holograph


"The Electoral Process in Vietnam," Washington Post, August 31, 1971. Printed copy


"Eulogy for Oscar Arellano," November 9, 1974. Typescript


"The Free Citizen in Uniform," speech, U.S. Army Civil Affairs School, Fort Gordon, Georgia, November 1, 1960. Mimeograph


"Freedom Academy," unpublished paper, Washington, D.C., June 1965. Typescript


"Freedom and Democracy: A Declaration of Principles," unpublished paper, October 3, 1961. Mimeograph

Box 75.

"Fundamentals for Americans," speech, Military Government Association, Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C., June 13, 1959. Mimeograph


"General Lansdale on Vietnamese Elections," Washington Post, May 26, 1971. Typescript, printed copy, and clippings


"General Lansdale Replies," Washington Post, September 12, 1972. Typescript, printed copy, and clipping


"General Plan for 1954-64 SEA Study," unpublished paper, n.d. Mimeograph


"Get to the People With a Better Idea," August 29, 1965. Printed copy


"Guerrilla Warfare: Lessons Learned and Their Implications," speech notes, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, April 13, 1964. Holograph


"How to Win in Vietnam," January 10, 1965. Typescript


"In the Midst of War: Folk Music, Viet Nam, 1965-1967," typescript


In the Midst of Wars, 1972




Correspondence. SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Brandt, Carol


General, 1968-1984


Harper and Row, 1968-1973


Excerpts. Clippings from a Vietnamese newspaper




Draft, holograph

Box 76.

Draft, holograph


Notes, typescript and holograph


Comments on draft, typescript and holograph


Comments on draft, typescript

Box 77.

Draft, holograph


Draft, chapters covering experiences in Philippines, typescript

Box 78.

Draft, chapters covering experiences in Philippines, and 1953 trip, typescript


Draft, chapters covering experiences in Vietnam, typescript


Draft, annex for back of book section, typescript


Draft, typescript

Box 79.

"Individual re the State," February 19, 1957. Holograph


"The Insurgent Battlefield," speech, Air Force Academy, May 25, 1962. Mimeograph


Interview, n.d. Printed copy


Interview, 1975. Transcript and letters by Joe Treaster


Interview, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library oral history project, June-September 1981. Transcripts and correspondence


Interview, Library of Congress. November 19, 1982. Transcript and letter


Interview, Journal of Defense and Diplomacy, July 1983. Printed copy


Interview, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, January 7, 1984. Printed copy


Interview, U.S. State Department, September 6, 1984. Transcript and letters


"Introduction...U.S. Organization for the War," n.d. Typescript


"Introductory Comments on the Campaign," speech, seminar on the Huk campaign, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, June 15, 1961. Mimeograph


"Lecture: Southeast Asia," speech, Army War College, December 3, 1958. Mimeograph


"Lessons Learned, The Philippines: 1946-53," speech, interdepartmental course on counterinsurgency, Foreign Service Institute, September 26, 1962. Mimeograph


Letter to the editor, Washington Post, August 16, 1971. Typescript and letter


Letter to the editor, Washington Post, June 16, 1972. Typescript.


Letter to the editor, Washington Post, July 8, 1972. Typescript


Letter to the editor, Washington Post, September 2, 1972. Typescript


Letter to the editor, Washington Post, May 2, 1975. Typescript


Letter to the editor, Washington Post, January 31, 1977


Letter to the editor, World View, May 1977. Printed copy


"Liberty Hall," memorandum, November 29, 1963. Typescript


"Limited War," symposium contribution, U.S. Air Force Academy, October 20, 1978. Typescript, correspondence, and contributions by others

Box 80.

"The Local Scene Abroad," December 12, 1963. Typescript


"Military Policy in Underdeveloped Areas," informal discussion with Colonel Valeriano, Philippine Military Attache, February 27, 1957. Typescript notes


"Military Psychological Operations," speech, Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia, January 7, 1960. Mimeograph


"Military Psychological Operations: Part Two," speech, Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia, March 29, 1960. Mimeograph


"A Moral Somewhere," Washington Post, February 13, 1972. Typescript and printed copy


"Notes on Magsaysay," n.d., holograph


"Our Battleground in Asia," seminar, Harvard University, June 19, 1957. Typescript


"Pacification," n.d. Typescript


"People in Field," n.d. Holograph


"People's Wars," January 15, 1973. Typescript


"Political Struggle in the Vietnam War," presentation, U.S. Air Force Academy, September 30, 1981. Holograph


"A Political Warfare Lesson," April, 1954. Typescript


"The Psychological Edge," June 27, 1980. Holograph and notes


"The Refugee Strategy: 'A Fabrication,'" April 11, 1975. Typescript and printed copy


Review of Alan Dawson, 55 Days, April 1978. Holograph, typescript, and correspondence


"Revolutions I Have Known," Winter 1975. Typescript, printed copy, and correspondence


"Revolution: Made in U.S.A.," n.d. Holograph


"Soldiers and the People," speech, Special Warfare School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, August 30, 1962. Mimeograph


"Some Comments on Vo Nguyen Giap," March 12, 1973. Typescript and letter


"Some Possible Initiatives by the U.S. in Re: Viet Nam," April 6, 1975. Memorandum


"Some Thoughts About Central America," May 10, 1983. Typescript


"Some Thoughts About Dave Sternberg," eulogy, October 31, 1979. Typescript and letter


"Some Thoughts About the Retirement of Fritz Kraemer," May 1978. Typescript and letter


"Some Thoughts on the 100-Day Speech," n.d. Holograph


"Some Thoughts on Instability in Developing Countries," speech, National War College, November 25, 1974. Typescript


"Some Thoughts on Strategy in the Vietnam War," unpublished paper presented at a colloquiem at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, May 1974. Holograph, typescript, program, miscellany, partial transcript, correspondence, and mimeograph copies of contributions by others

Box 81.

Speech, ca. 1965. Typescript


Speech, May 4, 1980. Typescript


"Elements and Developments of Insurgency", Air War College, January 18, 1972. Mimeograph and correspondence


Speech, Army War College, February 20, 1973. Typescript and correspondence


Speech, Panel on "The U.S. Military in Non-Military Warfare," National Strategy Seminar, National War College, July 23, 1959. Mimeograph


Speech, Principia Conference on Vietnam, Elsah, Illinois, April 9, 1965. Mimeograph


Speech, UCLA Student Colloquium, Los Angeles, California, May 6, 1966. Holograph


Speech notes, Huk campaign, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, May 31, 1976. Holograph


Speech notes, interdepartmental seminar, Foreign Service Institute, May 4, 1964. Holograph


Speech notes, Maxwell AFB, January 31, 1964. Holograph


Speech notes, Maxwell AFB, March, 1965. Holograph


Speech notes, USMC-Quantico, n.d. Holograph


"Thoughts About a Past War," introduction to The War For Vietnam by Allan R. Millett, June, 1977. Typescript, printed copy, correspondence, and preface by Millett


"Thoughts on Vietnam," December 31, 1964. Typescript


"The Three Systems of Forces," n.d. Typescript


"The 'True American,'" speech, June 3, 1960. Mimeograph


"A Trauma to Heal," August 11, 1980. Notes and typescript


"Two Steps to Get Us Out of Vietnam," Look, March 4, 1969. Holograph, typescripts, printed copy, and correspondence


"The U.S. Army's Public Relations in the Philippines," May 1948. Typescript


"Vietnam," speech, Yale University, November 23, 1964. Typescript


"Vietnam: A Positive Way," January 26, 1965. Typescript


"Vietnam: A Test of American Understanding of Revolution," August 8, 1964. Mimeograph


"Vietnam and Beyond--Our American Role in the Pacific," speech, c. 1968. Typescript


"Vietnam: Do We Understand Revolution?" Foreign Affairs, October, 1964. Draft, typescript, printed copy


"Vietnam: Still the Search for Goals," Foreign Affairs, October 1968. Printed copy and correspondence


"Virginian Hearts and Minds: The Vietnamese Issue," April 21, 1975. Typescript and letter


"Whither Vietnam?" 1968. Typescript

Boxes 9-31

Subject File, 1943-1987

Scope and Content Note

Articles, unpublished papers, and miscellaneous items collected by Lansdale on a variety of topics; particularly Vietnam and the Vietnamese conflict. Arranged alphabetically by subject
Box 9.

Miscellany (1)


Miscellany (2), material withheld pending declassification review


Atlantic Council


Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Browne and Shaw International Studies Division


"Competence in International Defense Studies," n.d.


"Technical Proposal for Research on Military Civic Action," June 20, 1969


Bui Anh Tuan (see also CORRESPONDENCE)


Bunker, Ellsworth. Correspondence and miscellany, 1979-1987




General. Clippings, 1970-1984


Ministry of Plan, "Kompong Som--Future Seaport of Cambodia," June, 1958


"Visit to Cambodia," memorandum, July 26-August 3, 1971


"You in Cambodia," pamphlet, Commander-in-Chief, Pacific, and Chief MAAG, Cambodia, n.d.


Central America. Memoranda, pamphlet, clippings, and letters, 1973-1986


Centre des Hautes Etudes de L'Armement


Chapelle, Dickey. Printed material and correspondence with Elizabeth Deakman, 1982-1986




General. Printed material, ca. 1966-1979


Brohm, John F., "Lessons for Civic Action--The Experience of the People's Liberation Army, n.d.


Fairbank, John K., "The People's Middle Kingdom," Foreign Affairs, July 1966


Katzenbach, Edward L., Jr., and Gene Z. Hanrahan, "The Revolutionary Strategy of Mao tse-Tung," Political Science Quarterly LXX: 3, September, 1955


Koo, Y. C., "Confucianism and the World Crisis," address, China Institute, New York, March 23, 1964 "POL--Communist Chinese Doctrine," memorandum, excerpts from manifesto by Lin Piao, December 1, 1965


"The United States and China after Mao," conference, Washington, D.C., November 30, 1976


Communism. "Notes on Communism and the Cold War," Military Assistance Institute, Department of Defense, Washington, D.C., n.d.


Council on Foreign Relations


General. Correspondence and miscellany, 1969-1979


"America and the Philippines--Asset or Liability?" George E. Taylor Carnegie Research Project, 1957-1958


"Basic Aims of U.S. Foreign Policy," study prepared at the request of the Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate, November 25, 1959


International Affairs Fellowship Program, 1970-1971 competition

Box 10.

The Middle East and U.S.-Soviet Relations, 1971


Nielson, Waldemar A., "The Great Powers and Africa," New York: Praeger, 1969


Study Group on United States Relations with the Philippines. Papers, agenda, and official correspondence, October 1957-February 1958


Critchfield, Richard


"A Few Reflections," The Alicia Patterson Fund, New York, 1970


"Hello Mister! Where Are You Going?" parts one and two, The Alicia Patterson Fund, New York, 1971


"How Lonely Sits the City," parts one and two, The Alicia Patterson Fund, New York, 1970


"It's a Revolution All Right," The Alicia Patterson Fund, New York, May 2, 1971


"The Marginal Men," The Alicia Patterson Fund, New York, July 10, 1971


"A New Country: Conclusion of a Two-Year Study," The Alicia Patterson Fund, New York, August 1, 1971


"Sketches of the Green Revolution," parts one through four, The Alicia Patterson Fund, New York, 1970


Cuba. Correspondence, speech, notes, and clippings, 1964-1984. Includes material relating to Operation Mongoose

Box 11.

East Pakistan


"A Manual for Rural Public Works," Director, Pakistan Academy for Rural Development, Comilla, East Pakistan, August, 1962


"Works Programme Through Basic Democracies," 1963-64, Government of East Pakistan, Basic Democracies and Local Government Department, section IV, 1963


Economic development. Correspondence and writings by Dana Reynolds and others, 1968-1981


Food for Peace


"Fact or Fallacy?" memorandum for Dick Reuter, July 31, 1964


"Long-Range Impact, FFP, III," memorandum for Dick Reuter, May 7, 1964


"The Ocean," memorandum for Dick Reuter, May 1, 1964


Staff List


"Year-End Report of the Food For Peace Program, and Outlook for the Year 1963," n.d


Freedom Studies Center, Boston, Virginia


French, Jerome T., "Foreign Assistance in Crisis Situations," August 5, 1968


Guerrilla Warfare


"Operations Against Guerrilla Forces," Marine Corps Landing Force Development Activities, July 1962


"The Third Challenge: Unconventional Warfare," Alert No. 6, Department of Defense, November 16, 1962


Harris, William R., "Intelligence and National Security," Harvard University, 1968


Higgins, Marguerite, Our Vietnam Nightmare, proofs, New York: Harper and Row, 1965

Box 12.

India. Letter, memorandum, amd reports by Alan Berg, 1967-ca. 1969




Acheh, National Liberation Front. "Attention to all American, Australian and Japanese employees of Mobil and Bechtel," October, 1977


Acheh, State of


Cabinet, October 30, 1977


Declaration of Independence of Acheh, Sumatra, December 4, 1976


Ministry of Education. Tiro, Tengku Hasan M. di, "The Drama of Achehnese History, 1873-77," 1978


Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Statement on ASEAN, October, 1977


"Democracy for Indonesia," U.S. Joint Publications Research Service, JPRS:6318, November 28, 1960


Nasution, A. H., "Principles of Guerrilla Warfare," Djakarta, 1954


Pelzer, Karl J., "The Agrarian Conflict in East Sumatra," Pacific Affairs, XXX: 2, June 1957


Rogin, Gilbert, "Wanted! Guys for the Boondocks," Sports Illustrated 17: 24, December 10, 1962


Tiro, Hasan Muhammad


"Neo-Colonialism in Indonesia," address to the United Nations Sixteenth General Assembly, October 1, 1961


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Box 13.

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Japanese prints


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General. Clipping and issues of Korea Economic Digest, 1944-1970

Box 14.

Biderman, Albert D., American Prisoners in the Korean War: An Antidotal Review, draft, February 5, 1961




General. Letter and a copy of "Brief Fact Sheet on USIS in Laos," 1959-1986


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Box 18.

National War College


Lecture series, August-September, 1970


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Materials for elective course on problems of the developing countries, 1974-75


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Box 15.

Peru. "Peruvian Community Development Program," n.d.




General. Printed material, newsletters, correspondence, writings, reports, and miscellany, 1960-1987


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Box 16.

Southeast Asia


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General. Clipping and tourist information


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Box 17.







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Cao Dai Religion


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Box 18.

"The Beleaguered Man," Time LXV: 14, April 4, 1955


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Poetry and Literature


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"Chung-Thuy," June, 1966


"Study of the New Essence of Life Chung- Thuy," 1968


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Politics and Government


General, 1959-1974


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Box 19.

Front for Democratization


Dang Van Sung, "To the Vietnamese Nationalist Leaders: A Contribution to a Common Way Out of the Present Dilemma in Vietnam," July, 1963


Proclamations and writings


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December 7, 1964-May 31, 1966


June 4, 1966-June 4, 1967


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"The Chau Trial II: Denouement," April/July, 1970


"The Chau Trial III: Aftermath," October, 1970


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"Student Protest," April, 1970


"Vietnamese Politics: Longer Term," October, 1969


"Vietnamese Politics: Short Term," September, 1969


Printed Matter. Printed articles, 1961-1971

Box 20.

Republic of Vietnam (see also Vietnamese language material)


Civil Service (See also State of Vietnam)


Memoranda and papers, 1958


"The Problem of Training in Vietnam," Saigon: The Directorate General of Civil Service, 1958


Constitution, 1956


Culture, Education and Youth Ministry. Memorandum and report concerning corruption, 1968




Diem, Ngo Dinh, see Ngo Dinh Diem




General. Clippings, 1967-1971


Ballots, Senate Election, September 3, 1967


"Narration: Election of the Constituent Assembly," n.d.


Presidential Election Law, signed by President Thieu on June 23, 1971 (unofficial translation)


Executive Central Committee Chairman. Decrees concerning Ministry of Rural Construction, n.d.


Ky, Nguyen Cao, see Nguyen Cao Ky


"Land to the Tiller" law and program, related materials, March, 1970


"List of the Personalities" (directory of officials in Saigon and its environs), August 15, 1961 (in French)


Military. Guidelines and clippings, 1968-1973


Ministry of Information. Untitled, n.d. (unofficial translation)


Ministry of Interior. "Visits to Long An and Dinh Tuong Provinces on 7 and 8 March 1970," memorandum from Deputy Minister of Interior to Prime Minister, March 16, 1970


National Defense Department. Armed Forces, numbers 1-3, April-June, 1963


Ngo Dinh Diem


Interviews and speeches, 1957-58, 1960


Petition from a group of sincere patriots, n.d.

Box 21.

Petition from a group of notables, April 26, 1960


Speeches, 1957-58 (two folders)


Speeches and declarations, 1957-58


Ngo Dinh Nhu, "Friendly Talk to the Militants," April 17, 1963


Ngo Dinh Thuc. Speech and press release, 1962-1976


Nguyen Cao Ky, "Report on Progress During the First Five Months of 1966," press conference, July 27, 1966


Nguyen Van Thieu, "Address to the Nation," February 28, 1968


Nhu, Ngo Dinh, see Ngo Dinh Nhu


Political prisoners. Correspondence and press releases, 1973-1974


Thieu, Nguyen Van, see Nguyen Van Thieu


Thuc, Ngo Dinh, see Ngo Dinh Thuc


Southeast Asian Development Advisory Group (See also Sweet, Charles)


"Highlights of the SEADAG Seminar on Development Administration," Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 13-14, 1968


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Tran Ngoc Chau


"Comments on 1968 Budget," March 25, 1968


"Impacts of the Arrest and Trial of Tran Ngoc Chau, 1970


"Notes on the Suppression of Corruption," March 10, 1968


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Vietnamese Conflict


General. Correspondence, reports, printed material, and miscellany, 1964-1979


American Friends of Vietnam, correspondence, papers, statements

Box 22.

Benge, Michael. Printed material and mimeograph report, 1973-1974




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Defoliation. Printed material, 1968-1974


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Hudson Institute


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"Summary Vietnam Briefing of Chart Collection #2: Policy Issues Facing the New Administration (1969-72)," Hudson Institute private interim draft, March 17, 1969


IRS/AF Vietnam Unit. Papers


August 4-December 21, 1964


February 4-July 28, 1965

Box 23.

Journalism. Printed material, memorandum, and poem, 1967-ca. 1975


Military Civic Action


General. Printed material, 1962-1971


"Civil Affairs in Action, Kim Lien Hamlet," 1st Battalian 3rd Marines, n.d.


Kraemer, Alfred J., "Promoting Civic Action in Less Developed Nations: A Conceptualization of the U.S. Military Mission Role," George Washington University Human Resources Research Office, July 1968


"Military Civic Action," n.d.


North Vietnam


General. Printed material, memorandum, and policy directive, 1966-1983


"Aggression From the North: The Record of North Viet-Nam's Campaign to Conquer South Viet-Nam," Washington, D.C.: Department of State, February, 1965


"Agricultural Economy of North Vietnam," Washington, D.C.: Department of Agriculture, April, 1965


"Focus on the Lao Dong Party," October 9, 1968


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"Land Reform Under a Communist Regime--North Viet Nam," mimeograph seminar paper by Michael Benge, 1975


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"A Threat to the Peace: North Viet-Nam's Effort to Conquer South Viet-Nam," parts one and two, Washington, D.C.: Department of State, December, 1961


North Vietnamese statements


"Lodge-Lansdale Reform Program Will Fail," news release, Hanoi, September, 1965


Pacification and land reform


General. Correspondence, printed material, and a mimeograph copies of "Republic of Korea vs. I PHILCAG V," "Long An Province Survey," and Chester L. Cooper, "The American Experience in Vietnam: An Overview of Pacification," 1964-1983


Binh Dinh Province


"Operational Guidelines of the Active Cell in the Rural Reconstruction Effort," n.d. (Vietnamese with English translation)


"Operational Guidelines of the Adminstrative Cell in the Rural Reconstruction Effort," n.d. (Vietnamese with English translation)


"Operational Guidelines of the Census Cell in the Rural Reconstruction Effort," n.d. (Vietnamese with English translation)


"Operational Guidelines of the Civilian Propaganda Cell in the Rural Reconstruction Effort," n.d. (Vietnamese with English translation)


"Operational Guidelines of the Main Force Militia in the Rural Reconstruction Effort," n.d. (Vietnamese with English translation)


"Operational Guidelines of the Mass Motivation Cell in the Rural Reconstruction Effort," n.d. (Vietnamese with English translation)


"Operational Guidelines of the Propaganda Cell in the Rural Reconstruction Effort," n.d. (Vietnamese with English translation)

Box 24.

"Briefing Document on Long-Tan New Life Hamlet of Tan-Trieu Village, Cong-Thanh District," n.d.


Chau, Tran Ngoc, see Tran Ngoc Chau


"A Concept of Pacification," n.d.


Dan Phu III Hamlet. Welcome to U.S. Ambassador, September 16, 1965


Deford, T. Mac Adams, and Jerry L. Dodson, "The Vietnamese Village in 1967," Saigon: CORDS 1968


"First Land Reform Proposals Under the Khanh Government," n.d.


Komer, Robert W.


"Clear, Hold and Rebuild," reprint, Army, June, 1970


"Impact of Pacification on Insurgency in South Vietnam," reprint, Journal of International Affairs XXV: 1, 1971


"Land and Counter-Insurgency in Vietnam," July 1, 1964


"Strategic Hamlet Program, Definitions," approved by U.S. Committee on Provincial Rehabilitation, September, 1963


"Successes and Gaps in Vietnam Civil Counter- insurgency Program to Date," n.d.


Tran Ngoc Chau, "From War to Peace: Rehabili- tation of the Village," n.d.


Peace negotiations. Printed material, 1972-1974


Phan Quang Dan, "The War in Indochina," 1954


Printed Matter


Clippings, 1961-1975


Congressional Record, February 9, 1960


Cords Newsletter, February 28, 1973


I.F. Stone's Weekly, October 12, 1964-May 24, 1965

Box 25.

Military Review, October 1968-May 1969


National Education Television, Changing World Series, "Southeast Asia--The Other War," transcript


National Geographic, November 1962


News From Vietnam, February 29, 1960-June 1961


Newsweek, February 12, 1962-February 21, 1966




Research Institute Report, August 27, 1965


Solidarity, November, 1971


Der Spiegel, May 9, 1962


The Top of the News, June 22-26, 1964


U.S. News and World Report, December 5, 1966


Viet Report, July 1965-February 1966


Vietnam: A Report on a Wingspread Briefing, Racine, Wisconsin: The Johnson Foundation, 1964


Vietnam News, November-December 1977


Vital Speeches, June 1-December 15, 1957


Washington Report, March 3-June 30, 1969

Box 26.



General. Speech and leaflets, 1966-1967


Central Office for South Vietnam (COSVN), resolution no. 9, July, 1969


"Communist Carnage in Hue," written and illustrated by the 10th Polwar Battalion, English text by Lt. Col. Ngo Nhu Bich, 1968


"Last Warning Letter," National Liberation Front message to Dang Van Sung and Tu Chung, 1965


"Letter to Vietnamese Villains," with attached memorandum, 1968


"A Model Report of Propanganda Activities Conducted Among Our Enemy's Troops," captured Viet Cong document, n.d.


"To All Labors [sic], Government Employees, Private Employees and Paid Workers," document picked up in Third Precinct, 1966


Viet Cong propaganda leaflets, with attached memorandum, 1966


Revolutionary development. "Obituary Premature...Revolutionary Development is Back on Track," Vietnam Feature Service, n.d.


Revolutionary Development Cadre Program (see also Vietnamese language material)


Graduation of the 3/67 Training Class for Revolutionary Development Cadres at the Revolutionary Development Training Center, Vung-Tau, 1967


Nguyen Be


"Contribution to the Vietnamese People's Stuggle, or Solution to the Vietnam War," Chi-Linh, 1967-1969


"How Our Military Can Defeat The Communist Terrorist," n.d.


"On Heightening Vigilance Against Communist Plots Prior to, During, and After the Cease Fire," n.d.


Reynolds, Dana, "A Proposed Dialogue Among South Vietnamese and Cooperating Agencies on Key Issues in South Vietnam's Post-War Development and Stability," draft, with attached note and memorandum to Lansdale, January, 1969 (see also Southeast Asia)


Saigon, Fall of. Printed material, 1975


Shaplen, Robert, "Letter From Saigon," New Yorker, December 14, 1963, July 11, 1964, and September 19 1964


Soviet Broadcasts to Asia, September 4 and 7, 1965


Soviet Press. Krushinskii, A., "General From C.I.A.," n.d. (Russian with English translation)


Tet Offensive. Printed material, 1968-1978


United States Agency for International Development, Vietnam


General. Pamphlet, memorandum, report, and clippings, 1963-1970

Box 27.

Public Administration Bulletins, Numbers 27-39, 1966-1967


Report to the Ambassador, 1969, 1970


Weekly chart annex, February 28, 1970


United States aid to Vietnam--Miscellany


United States Army Special Warfare School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Honorable John O. Marsh, address to the graduating class of military assistance training advisors for Vietnam, August 30, 1963


United States Department of the Air Force. "United States Policy Towards Southeast Asia, 1943-68: Chronological Compendium," Project Corona Harvest, Aerospace Studies Institute, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, with attached correspondence, October 1, 1968 (three folders)

Box 28.

United States Government Agencies-Vietnam (phone directory), January, 1968


United States Involvement


General. Printed material, reports, speeches, correspondence, notes, broadcast transcript, and miscellany, 1961-1986


Historical Evaluation and Research Organization Conference


List of participants, 1978 "Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam," 1978


Kushner, Rose. Writings, 1967-1972


"Lessons Learned From the Vietnam War," report, seminar held at the Royal United Service Institution, February 12, 1969


"Organizing for Political Warfare," n.d.


"A Political Strategy for Vietnam," December, 1968


"Problem Paper: Viet-Nam: A Challenge to United States Foreign Policy," Principia College, Elsah, Illinois, 1965

Box 29.

Psychological warfare. Printed material and letters, 1966-1971


RAND Corporation


Hickey, Gerald C., "Accomodation in South Vietnam," October, 1967


Interviews Concerning the National Libertion Front of South Vietnam, file number DT-188(I)


Mozingo, D. P., et al., "Lin Piao on 'People's War': China Takes a Second Look At Vietnam," November, 1965


Williams, Ogden, "Rand Report on Vietnam," memorandum to Peter M. Cody, July 24, 1964


Review, Vietnam--A Diplomatic Tragedy, n.d.


Scheer, Robert, "How the United States Got Involved in Vietnam," July 1965


Stilwell, Richard G., Lt. General, "Evolution in Tactics--The Vietnam Experience," Army, February 1970


"U.S. Organization," n.d.


Vaitheswaran, R., "The Great Debate on Vietnam," n.d.


Williams, Ogden, "End of Tour Comments," March 1969


Williams, Samuel T. Copies of correspondence, 1964


United States Mission in Vietnam


Documents and Research Notes, September 1968-January 1970


"Political Program of the South Vietnam National Liberation Front," October 1967


"A Study of the Communist Party of South Vietnam," March 1966


"A Study: Viet Cong Use of Terror," May 1966


United States National War College. Correspondence and syllabi, 1974


United States Operations Mission in Vietnam


General. Memoranda by Rufus Phillips, 1964


Public Administration Division Bulletins


December 14, 1962-October 31, 1964

Box 30.

November 30, 1964-November 2, 1965


Public Safety Division. "Resources Control by the National Police of Vietnam," 1964-65


Reports for USOM provincial representatives for midmonth ending 15 April 1965, memorandum


United States Public Opinion


General. Clippings, 1967-1968


Cantril, Albert H.


"The American People, Viet-Nam and the Presidency," paper prepared for delivery at the sixty-sixth annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Los Angeles, California, September 8-12, 1970


"Recent Public Opinion Data on Viet-Nam," 1968


Citizens Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam. Pamphlet, n.d.


National Anti-War Protest. Flyer, n.d.


National Committee of Business Executives for Peace in Vietnam. Senator Thruston B. Morton, address, September 27, 1967


National Committee for a Political Settlement in Vietnam/Negotiation Now. Press release, April 7, 1970


National Teach-In. Flyers and reprints, 1965


"Richard Scammon to National Press Club"; July 23, 1968


Vietnam elections, U.S. policy toward, 1971


Vietnam Elections Project, draft funding proposal, n.d.


Yoh, Bernard. Yoh, Bernie. Clippings, writings, and letters, 1958-1984


Vietnamese language materials




Chu Tu. Special end-of-year issue


Communist publications


Newsletter for members of "People to Defend the Country"


Pamphlet proclaming "Vietnamese-Chinese-Soviet Friendship Month"


Elections, 1967


Leaflet for presidential election


Report of Central Committee


Republic of Vietnam


Armed Forces


"Accomplishments of Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces in Support of Rural Reconstruction in Four Key Areas, 1965-67"


"Struggle and Construction"


Ministry of Rural Reconstruction


Cadre team instructions


Exibitions, 1967

Box 31.

Ministry of Youth. Directory of youth organizations (in Vietnamese)


University Van Hanh, newsletter (in Vietnamese)


Vietnamese refugees


General. Correspondence, printed material, reports, and writings, 1966-1985. SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/General/Vietnamese correspondents and other individuals


Refugee organizations in the U.S. Correspondence and newsletters, 1977-1986


World War I. "The Defeat of the German Army," Army Service Forces, Special Service Division, Washington, D.C., 1943


World War II


"The Battle of the Aleutians, A Graphic History," Intelligence Section, Field Force Headquarters, Adak, Alaska, October, 1943




"From the Serpent's Mouth," discussion of Japanese proverbs, Propaganda Analysis Section, Special Report no. 46, San Francisco, October 25, 1943


Memorandum, Operations Intelligence to writers and section heads, 1944


Omaha Beachhead, U.S. War Department, Historical Division, Washington, D.C., September 20, 1945


U. S. Army Forces Western Pacific. Semi-annual report, January 1-June 30, 1946


"Winston Churchill: Prime Minister," excerpts from speeches, New York: British Information Services, 1943

Boxes 32-34

Office Files From The Philippines, 1945-48

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, reports, articles, and other material from Lansdale's initial period in the Philippines; including files from the Philippine Ryukyus Command (PHILRYCOM) Public Information Office. Arranged alphabetically by subject
Box 32.



Civil Affairs Handbook, Ryukyu (Loochoo) Islands, Navy Department, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, November 15, 1944




Bohannan, Charles T. R., n.d.


Orendain, Johnny, 1948-49


Pacis, Vicente Albano, 1948


Security Branch, Intelligence Division, Department of the Army, 1949


Lacson, A.H., "The Civil War in Central Luzon," parts 1-12, May 24-June 7, 1948


Lansdale, "Trip to Washington and New York," memorandum to Lt. Colonel Charles A. Drake, December 21, 1943


Manila Overseas Press Club, 1948


The Presidential Guards Battalion O-Day souvenir program, February 14, 1946


"Proposed Program for Industrial Rehabilitation and Development of the Republic of the Philippines," Republic of the Philippines, 1947


Resolution of condolence of the Cabinet, press release (concerning the death of President Manuel Roxas), April 24, 1948


Richards, Peter C., "President Quirino's Problems," December 16, 1949


Roxas, Manuel. Inauguration, May 28, 1946, and inauguration of the Republic of the Philippines, July 4, 1946


Souvenir program in honor of the late President Manuel L. Quezon, August 19, 1948


Tanada, General Lorenzo. Speech before the Rotary Club, Baguio, March, 1947


"Transfer of Reponsibility for the Air Force Counter- intelligence Mission," memorandum to commanding generals and commanding officers, all major and subordinate air commands, PI and overseas, February 4, 1949


United States Army Forces Western Pacific, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Intelligence Reports


Number 29, "P.I. Rehabilitation," June 20, 1946

Box 33.

Number 30, "Northern Ryukyus," July 1, 1946 (two folders)


United States Army, Philippine Ryukyus Command. Public Information Office




Conference, n.d.






Outgoing, January 1947-November, 1948


Boeck, L. de, 1946


Fierro, Vincente L. del, 1948


Magee, Major 'Mac,' 1949


Owens, Hamilton, 1947


Siojo, Vincente J., 1948


Sison, Guillermo V., 1948


United States Army, Philippine Ryukyus Command. Public Information Office (Contd.)


Correspondence (Contd.)


Tupas, Lt. Ernie, 1948


Valeriano, Napolian, 1948


"Derogatory items" about U.S. Army, printed in Philippine press, with attached memorandum, 1947-48


Philippine Scouts, 1947


Plans and Statistics Section. Weekly activities reports, November 14 and December 12, 1947, and January 9, March 27, and April 2, 1948


Policy file, 1946-48


Press Releases, numbers 1597 and 1598, July 10, 1948

Box 34.

Public Relations Objectives, n.d.


Publications Index and Subject Index to War Department Publications Affecting Public Relations, n.d.


Report, January 10, 1948


"Status of Major Interim Tasks in the Philippines," May 14, 1948


Telegram, April 26, 1946


United States Armed Forces in the Far East Veterans' articles on "payback" issue, 1948


United States Army aid publicity, n.d.


United States seizure of Chinese ship, memoranda and clipping, 1948


Villamor, Jesus A. Letter to President Roxas regarding U.S. military assistance, October 22, 1946

Box 34

Office Files From The Philippines, 1950-54

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, articles, and other material from Lansdale's second period in the Philippines, and press releases from the Office of the President of the Philippines (Office of Ramon Magsaysay). Arranged alphabetically by subject
Box 34.



Chester, G. A., 1949, 1956


Cruzen, Rear Admiral Richard H., 1952


Lacson, Arsenio H., 1950


Sircom, Edith, n.d.


Smith, Walter B., 1951


Tanada, Lorenzo, 1950


Dalton, James J., "Honest Elections in the Philippines," Foreign Policy Bulletin XXXIII: 11, February 15, 1954


Despodida for Lansdale. Guest list, 1954


Magsaysay, Ramon




Speech before Lion's International Convention, Mexico City, June, 1952


Merrill, Colonel Gyles (Ret.). Letter regarding Ramon Magsaysay, June 10, 1952, with attached memorandum


Music, Philippines. "Magsaysay March," "Magsaysay Mambo," "Philippine Independence Hymn," and Philippine national anthem


National Defense, Department of. Funds for psychological warfare, c. 1952


Office of the President of the Philippines. Office of Public Information--Press releases, 1954


January 4-15


January 16-31


February 1-8


March 10-11


Philippine Armed Forces Journal, January, 1948 and November-December, 1951


The Philippine Newsletter, New York, January 29, 1954


Report, n.d.


Romulo, General Carlos P., "The Right Man for the Philippines," c. 1954


United States Information Service. Press release, "Eisenhower Comments on Philippine Elections," November 7, 1953


Villiors, Geoffrey S., "The Philippines Election," 1953, November 20, 1953

Box 35

Office Files From Vietnam, 1953-56

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, notes, memoranda, reports, and papers from Lansdale's initial period in Vietnam (1954-56); including schedules and notes from his visit to Vietnam as a member of General John W. O'Daniel's mission to the French forces (1953). Arranged alphabetically by subject
Box 35.



Bohannan, Charles T. R., recommendation for promotion, May 16, 1955


Cholon, n.d. (in French)


Clark, Lt. General Bruce C. Visit to MAAG-Vietnam, September 12, 1955


Clippings, Philippine newspapers, 1955










Buckens, F., n.d.


Cabell, C. P., 1956


Collins, J. Lawton, 1955


Conein, Lucien E., 1956


Fishel, Wesley R. 1955


Godel, William H., 1956


Hugo, Lt., 1955


James, Daniel V., 1955-56


Jones, Robert H., Jr., 1955


Lacy, William, 1954


Lindley, Ernest K., 1955


Magsaysay, Ramon, 1955-56


Mankiewicz, Joseph, 1956


Melvin, George, 1956


O'Daniel, General John W., 1953


Phillips, Rufus, n.d.


Sinclair, T. L., 1956


Valeriano, Napolian and Emma, 1955-56


Wertz, Colonel, 1955


Wilkins, Ford, 1955


Yepez, Ceferina, 1955


Godel, William H., visit, January, 1956


MATS document, with memorandum and letter, 1954


Memoranda, n.d., 1953-56


Messages, n.d.


Monthly reports, Lansdale, n.d.




n.d. (1)


n.d. (2)


September 27, 1954


Staff meeting, December 5, 1955


O'Daniel, General John W., mission to French forces in Vietnam, 1953


Operation Brotherhood, n.d.




Army-Navy-Air Force, n.d.


Guerrilla warfare, with attached notes by General O'Daniel, n.d.


Pacification, with annex, n.d.


Warfare, n.d.


Warfare, with attached memorandum to General O'Daniel, June 25, 1953

Boxes 36-49

Office Files From The United States Department Of Defense, Office Of The Secretary Of Defense, 1957-63

Scope and Content Note

Office files from Lansdale's years as Deputy Assistant Secretary and Assistant Secretary of Defense for special operations, including correspondence, memoranda, speeches, subject files, and materials collected as a staff member of the President's Committee on Military Assistance (Draper Committee). Arranged alphabetically by subject
Box 36.









Miscellany (1)


Miscellany (2), material withheld pending declassification review




Abrignani, Lt. Colonel A., 1962


Abueva, Jose V., 1962


Adevoso, Terry, 1960


Alabaster, Captain Harold L., 1963


Alden, Colonel Victor W., 1962-63


Alvarado, Lorenzo, 1958, 1960-61, 1963


Anderson, Dillon, 1959, 1963


Anderson, Admiral George W., 1961


Anspacher, John M., 1963


Anthis, Brig. General Rollen H., 1963


Arellano, Oscar J., 1958, 1961-63


Arundel, Arthur W., 1963-64


Atkinson, Stan, 1962-63


Ayala Mercado, Brig. General Jaime, 1963


Baclogan, Uldarico S., 1961


Baker, Major Joseph, 1959


Banzon, Colonel Joseph, 1958, 1961-62


Baratt, Colonel Thomas H., 1960-61


Barber, Willard F., 1965


Belen, Frederick C., 1963


Bashore, Major Boyd T., 1962-63


Belmonte, Cherie Palileo, 1962


Benjamin, James, 1958


Berle, A. A., Jr., 1963


Berle, Peter A., 1963


Bernido, Governor, 1960


Bingham, Colonel Sidney V., 1961


Black, Colonel Edward F., 1958, 1961-63


Blackburn, Mrs. D. D., 1962


Bleiman, Major Junius Jay, 1961


Bohannan, Colonel Charles T. R., 1963


Bohlen, Charles E., 1959


Boonstra, Clarence A., 1963


Borg, Parker W., 1965


Borromeo, Colonel Emilio O., 1959, 1963


Bowell, Captain John H., 1963


Boyce, Major R. O., 1963


Brand, Robert A., 1958


Brill, William H., 1963


Britton, Edward, 1963-65

Box 37.

Brunn, Robert R., 1962


Bullock, Major General W. C ., 1960-61


Burke, Admiral Arleigh, 1958, 1961-64


Burns, Captain Robert J., 1961-62


Bursk, Edward C., Jr., 1963


Busch, Noel, 1963


Bushner, R. H., 1962


Button, Colonel Robert E., 1963


Cabal, Manuel F., 1960


Cabauatan, Sylvia, 1963


Cabell, General C. P., 1962-63


Campbell, Reverend David A., 1962


Cao, General Van Thanh, see Van Thanh Cao, General


Carino, Lt. Colonel Laureano G., 1960


Carroll, Lt. General Joseph F., 1961


Cassady, Major General Emmett B., 1960, 1963


Cerny, Karl H., 1965 (see also Croker, Dickey, and Fall).


Chang, Leo S., 1961


Chapman, John W., 1963


Chapelle, Dickey, 1961-62


Chapman, Colonel John W., 1963


Chester, Esther and George, 1960


Chiang Ching-Kuo, General, 1963


Chuong, Mel, 1963


Chuong, Tran Van, see Tran Van Chuong


Claggett, Captain Bladen D., 1961


Clark, Colonel Sidney R., 1961


Close, William T., 1965


Cochran, Captain Drexel B., 1962


Combs, Major General Cecil E., 1963


Compton, Major General K. K., 1960, 1963


Comstock, Paul B., 1959, 1962


Conein, Lucien, 1959


Cook, Col. Truman F., 1963


Cooke, Captain Charles M., Jr., 1963


Cooke, Dwight, 1960-61, 1964


Cowlen, Myron M., 1958-60, 1962


Cox, Alfred T., 1964


Croker, Stephen B., 1965 (see also Cerny, Dickey, and Fall).


Crum, Lt. Colonel Leroy A., 1962-63


Cruz, Lt. General Pelagio A., n.d.


Cuaderno, Governor M., Sr., 1959


Cumming, Hugh S., Jr., 1961, 1963


Curtin, Brig. General Richard D., 1963


Dang, Nguyen Phuoc, see Nguyen Phuoc Dang


Davis, Saville R., 1963


Delbeque, Leon, 1960


Del Mar, Roland H., 1963


De Marco, Michael, 1961


De Puy, Colonel W. E., 1963


Deutch, John M., 1960


Deutch, Michael J., 1957, 1960, 1963


Dickey, William P., 1965 (see also Cerny, Croker, and Fall).


Diem, President Ngo Dinh, see Ngo Dinh Diem, President


Dinh, Tran Van, see Tran Van Dinh


Donnelly, Major General H. C., 1963


Douglas, James H., 1961, 1963


Draper, Major General William H., 1963


Drew, John A., 1957


Dulles, Allen W., 1961


E. (unidentified), 1959


Ellis, John M., 1957


Emery, Ethan, 1961


Espino, Colonel Romeo, 1960, 1962


Evans, Robert F., 1958


Ezpeleta, Mariano, 1961


Fall, Bernard B., 1965 (see also Cerny, Croker, and Dickey).


Felt, Admiral Harry D., 1961-62


Ferris, Sergeant Al, 1962


Fischer, John, 1965


Fishel, Wesley R., 1957, 1961-63


Fraleigh, Bert, 1957, 1960, 1964


Frank, Rear Admiral (ret.) N.J., Jr., 1963


French, Jerome T., 1963

Box 38.

Galang, Ricardo C., 1963


Galula, David, 1960, 1962-63


Gaston, Ben, 1961


Gates, John M., Jr., 1960, 1962


Gates, Thomas S., 1961


Gleason, James P., 1965


Go Puan Seng, 1960-62


Goffio, Frank L., 1963


Goldini, Lt. Colonel John E., 1963


Graham, William L., 1959


Grant, Lt. General Harold W., 1960, 1963


Gray, Brig. General Fred C., 1963


Griswold, Lt. General Francis H., 1963-64


Guerrero-Nakpil, Carmen, 1961


Guerrero, Major Jose M., 1958


Guinn, Lt. Colonel Uinn, 1963


Jones, Colonel George, 1959


Haddad, Lester Marcel, 1961


Hadley, Arthur T., 1961-62


Hagerty, James C., 1958


Haley, Don, 1958


Hall, Jes E., Jr., 1959


Halloran, Robert P., 1960


Hardin, Colonel Ernest C., 1963


Hardwick, Strother, 1963-65


Harris, Lt. General Hunter, 1963


Haugerud, Howard E., 1962


Hauptli, Jule B., 1958, 1960


Herter, Christian A., Jr., 1963


Higgins, Ray, 1959


Hilbert, Philip F., 1963


Hill, John Calvin, Jr., 1963


Hilsman, Roger, 1963


Hoai, Le Khoc, see Le Khoc Hoai


Hobbs, Major General L. S., 1960


Hobson, O. L., 1961


Hodges, Sergeant Alfred E., 1963


Hoffman, Colonel A. A., 1962


Ilustre, Ernie, 1960


Irvine, C. S., 1960


Irwin, Jack, 1958


De Jaegher, Reverend Raymond J., n.d.


James, Daniel V., 1959-63


Johnston, Lynwood, 1965


Jolly, Colonel, 1963


Jonas, Gilbert, 1962


Jones, George M., 1959-61


Jones, Harry S., 1963


Jones, Helen E., 1958-63


Jordan, Amos A., 1958-61


Jorden, Bill, 1961


Judd, Walter, 1962


Jurado, Augusto, 1963


Justiniano, Major Medardo, 1960-62


Karrick, Samuel N., 1960


Katzenback, Edward L., Jr., 1963


Kelly, Pat, 1958, 1960, 1962-63, 1967


Kent, James R., 1965


Klocko, Richard P., 1963


Knight, Robert Huntington, 1964


Korsmeyer, F. B., 1963


L., A. F. (unidentified), 1958


Lahoney, William J., 1963


Laird, Melvin, 1963


Landon, Dr. Kenneth P., 1964


Lapus, Ismael D., 1962


Lauve, Anita C., 1961


Le Khac Hoai, 1960


Le Van Ty, 1963


Lederer, W. J., 1957


Ledesma, Oscar, 1964


Lee, J. M., 1960


Lemnitzer, L. L., 1963


Ligon, E. S., 1963


Lim, Roberto H., 1963


Lincoln, G. A., 1959-62


Lindholm, Richard W., 1958


Litonjua, Anatolio, 1960


Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1963

Box 39.

Logo, Pedro, 1961


Love, Robert L., 1962


Lovett, Ralph B., 1961


Lowrance, V. L., 1963


Lukban, Jose G., 1960-63


Lwin, Maung, 1960


Mabry, Brig. General George, 1963


Madlangbayan, Francisco, 1962


Magsaysay, Jesus, 1957


Magsaysay, Luz B., 1957


Mahon, James E., 1963


Mai Huu Xuan, 1962


Maing, 1958


Manahan, Manuel P., 1962


Manglapus, Raul S., 1960


Manhart, A. H., 1960


Marshall, S. L. A., 1963


Martin, Glen W., 1963


Matheson, Colonel S. H., 1961


Maynard, Leonard, 1958


McAlister, John T., 1963


McCarty, Chester E., 1963


McCormick, William M., 1963


McElroy, Francis, 1965


McGuire, Perkins, 1962


McHale, Thomas R., 1962


McLean, Don, 1961-63


McMicking, J. R., 1960


Mecklin, John M., 1962-63


Mellor, Charles Richard, 1958-62


Melvin, George H., 1960


Meng, William J., 1963


Menzi, Colonel H. M., 1960


Mertz, Charles T., 1958-63


Methvin, Gene, 1964


Miller, Ann, 1963


Miller, Henry L., 1959-63


Miller, R. H., 1961


Mills, Leonard J., 1960


Milton, T. R., 1961-63


Miniclair, Louis, 1962


Mitchell, William L., 1963


Montgomery, J. B., 1963


Moorman, Thomas S., 1961


Moseley, George V. H., 1958-61


Murphy, Charles J. V., 1962-63


Murray, W. E., 1964


Navarro, Edmundo, 1961-63


Nazareno, Rodolfo, 1963


Neves, Conceicao da Costa, 1958-62


Ngau, Trinh Hung, see Trinh Hung Ngau


Ngo Dinh Diem, President, 1957, 1960-61


Nguyen Phuoc Dang, 1964


Nguyen Thai, 1961-63


Nielsen, Waldemar A., 1960-61


Nihart, F. B., 1960


Niveras, Charlie, 1963


Nolting, Frederick E., 1963


Norman, Lloyd, 1962-63


Noshe, G., 1960


Nurnberg, Malcolm L., 1963


Nutt, Mrs. Howard N., 1964


O'Daniel, John W. ("Mike"), 1956-64


O'Donnell, E. J., 1963


O'Donnell, Emmett, 1960-63

Box 40.

Oka, Takashi, 1965 (see also SUBJECT FILE, Vietnam politics and government).


O'Malley, Edward A., 1963


O'Meara, Andrew P., 1963


O'Neal, the Hon. Emmet, 1963


Orendain, Juan C., 1958-62


Orobia, Eustacio D., 1962


Osanka, Franklin Mark, 1963


Palileo, Cherle, n.d.


Parker, Theodore W., 1962


Patton, George S., 1963


Peabody, George, 1957, 1961


Pelzer, Karl J., 1964


Peralta, Macario, 1963


Phillips, Rufus






Phillips, William, 1963


Pille, Pedro C., 1959


Pope, Edward J., 1963


Pritchard, Gilbert L., 1963


Purdom, Walt, 1961


Puyat, Gil J., 1960


RAND Corporation, 1962-63


Randall, Hal, 1961


Ravenholt, Albert, 1958-60


Reed, John M., 1961


Rhine, Robert H., 1962-63


Rhinehart, Jon, 1962


Richards, Peter C., 1961-65


Riley, John F., 1963


Roces, Joaquin, 1961


Rockefeller, John, 3rd, 1957


Roderick, Charles, 1963


Romulo, General Carlos P., 1962


Rosson, General William B., 1961-62


Rostow, Walt W., 1961, 1963


Rowland, Robert R., 1963


Ruenheck, Wilbert H., 1962-63


Russell, A. Lewis, 1963


Samford, John A., 1960, 1963


San Juan, Frisco F., 1964


Sananikone, Oudone, 1963


Sanjines, Julio, 1963


Santos, Alejo S., 1961


Schanche, Don A., 1962


Seng, Go Puan, see Go Puan Seng


Sese, Alfredo C., 1960


Shaplen, Robert, 1962


Sheldon, Kenneth P., 1961-62


Sheppard, David, 1964


Sherman, Adrian F., 1962-63


Short, Harvey, 1963


Simpson, Howard R., 1961


Sinclair, T. L., 1961-63

Box 41.

Smart, Jacob E., 1960


Smith, Stephen, 1961


Soliman, Marcos, 1963


Sorenson, Nancy, 1963


Spaeth, Carl B., 1962


Splain, Colonel John F., 1960


Spore, Burns W., 1961-62


Spruance, Raymond A., 1957


Stein, Leonard, 1961


Stewart, C. Allan, 1963


Stilwell, Richard G., 1963


Stone, I. F., 1964


Stoneman, Walter, 1962-63


Strausz-Hupe, Robert, 1962


Stuart, Gilbert, 1961


Stump, Felix B., 1960


Stuntz, Mayo S., 1956


Stutesman, John, 1963


Suter, Dwayne, 1962


Sycip, Albino Z., 1957, 1960


Talbot, Bert J., 1957-58


Tanham, George K., 1962-63


Tausch, Roland D., 1963


Taylor, George E., 1962


Taylor, Maxwell D., 1963


Taylor, Robert, III, 1963


Taylor, Robert P., 1963


Taylor, Rufus L., 1963


Te Quang Tung, 1960


Thai, Nguyen, see Nguyen Thai


Thayer, Charles W., 1963


Thomas, Jack E., 1961


Thuan (unidentified), 1960


Tung, Te Quang, see Te Quang Tung


Tinio, Joe, 1958-63


Toland, John, 1960


Townsend, E. C., 1963


Tran Van Chuong, 1964


Tran Van Dinh, 1962


Trinh Hung Ngau, 1963


Trinidad, Lina and Koko, 1960


Tudor, William L., 1961


Tull, James N., 1959


Ty, Le Van, see Le Van Ty


United States Department of State, Agency for International Development, 1962


United States Naval Institute Proceedings, 1963


Valencia, A. L., 1961


Valenzona, Ben S., 1962


Valeriano, Napolian D., 1957-63


Van Thanh Cao, General, 1962-63


Vance, Cyrus R., 1963


Vande Hey, James, 1963


Vanderbilt, William H., 1964


Volckmann, Russ W., 1963


Wachtel, Jack C., 1958-61


Walsh, J. H., 1963


Ward, W. T. T., 1963


Warren, Robert H., 1963


Watson, Harold E., 1960


Westerfield, Bradford, 1963


White, Theodore H., 1962


Whitson, William W., 1963


Wieseman, F. L., 1965


Willems, 1961


Williams, "Doc," 1963


Williams, Ogden, 1963


Williams, R. H., 1961

Box 42.

Williams, Samuel T., 1958-63


Williams, Stanley, 1964-65


Williamson, T. Roney, 1963


Wilson, Brenda, 1962


Wilson, Delmar E., 1963


Wilson, John, 1963


Wilson, Samuel V., 1963


Wojtasiak, Major Frank J., 1962


Wolf, Charles, 1960-63


Wooldridge, E. T., 1957


Xuan, Mai Huu, see Mai Huu Xuan


Yarborough, William P., 1961-63


Yepez, Ceferina, 1962


Yoh, Bernard, 1958-63


Yoh, Joan, 1962


Yone, E. M. Law, 1959


Young, Kenneth T., 1960-61


Zander, Randolf, 1963


Zoller, Virgil L., 1962


Zuckert, the Hon. Eugene M., 1963








President's Committee to Study the United States Military Assistance Program (Draper Committee). Anderson Subcommittee






"American Military and Economic Aid in Asia," by Robert Blum, Asia Foundation, January 16, 1959


"An Appraisal of the Foreign Aid Program," by James R. Schlesinger, n.d.






"Central Question Before the Committee for Its Interim Report," February 4, 1959


"Civic Activities of the Military, Southeast Asia," memorandum by Lansdale, March 13, 1959


Communications concerning Anderson group, January, 1954




Allen, George V., April, 1959


Anderson, Dillon, January-March, 1959


Bell, James D., March-April, 1959


Chuong, Tran Van, see Tran Van Chuong


Diem, President Ngo Dinh, see Ngo Dinh Diem, President


Fishel, Wesley R., February-April, 1959


Gailey, C. K., March, 1959


Kreidberg, M. A., March 1959


Newton, Henry C., April, 1959


Ngo Dinh Diem, President, January-April, 1959 (see also correspondence).


Rand Corporation, April, 1959


Ravenholt, Albert and Marjorie, March, 1959


Reader's Digest, 1958-59 (William J. Lederer)


Robertson, Walter, March, 1959


Sharpe, Laurence, April, 1959


Tran Van Chuong, May 1959 (see also correspondence).


Wagonhurst, A. H., April, 1959


Wood, C. Tyler, April, 1959


Debriefing on Southeast Asia, memorandum for Mr. Irwin, March 24, 1959


"General Framework for Analysis of U.S. Programs of Military Assistance," by Robert Bowie and Lincoln Gordon, January 6, 1959


"India and China: Summary of Contrasts in Development Performance," March 9, 1959





Box 43.

Conversation with Indonesian engineers, memorandum for the record, February 16, 1959




Memorandum to the staff, February 9, 1959


Military advisors, 1963


Military assistance, memorandum for John Irwin, March 20, 1959


Military Assistance Program, memorandum for all Department of Defense and service speakers, March 23, 1959


Military assistance programming and budget review


"A National Staff to Plan the Cold War," by Richard H. Stephens, July 6, 1959


"Partial Analysis of Tasks of Area Study Teams," memorandum for the record, January 6, 1959


People visited, January 23-February 24, 1959


Peru. Preliminary proposal of the delegation of Peru, November 17, 1958






Economic Development Corps, Office of the Secretary of National Defense (Philippines), Report of the Chief, July 1, 1958-December 31, 1958


The Economic Development Corps (EDCOR) plan


"Population Explosion," by R. R. Adams, June 15, 1959


"The Scope of Future U.S. Actions Abroad," memorandum for the record, January 26, 1959


Southeast Asia




Briefings, March, 1959


"Highlights of Findings on Southeast Asia," by Lansdale, March 5, 1959


Trip, January 23-February 24, 1959


Southeast Asian countries visited, general characteristics




"Thought Outline on the Development of Leadership Through MAP," by Lansdale, n.d.


"Training Under the Mutual Security Program," by R. G. Stilwell, May 15, 1959




Speeches and writings, by Lansdale


Master file of classified talks


Miscellaneous, 1957-61 (two folders)


Unpublished, notes, and miscellany

Box 44.

1960 (two folders)




1962 (three folders)



Box 45.

"Binh Hung: A Counter-Guerrilla Case Study," February 9, 1961


"Civic Action," lecture, Counter-Guerrilla School, Fort Bragg, February 24, 1961


"Civic Action and Counter-Insurgency," memorandum, March 22, 1962


"Civil Activities of the Military, Southeast Asia," memorandum, March 13, 1959


"Counter-Guerrilla Operations in the Philippines, 1946-53," seminar, Fort Bragg, June 15, 1961


"Defense Activities in the Cold War," lecture, Army War College, December 21, 1960


"The Free Citizen in Uniform," talk, U.S. Army Civil Affairs School, Fort Gordon, Georgia, November 1, 1960


"Fundamentals for Americans," panel talk, Military Government Association, Washington, D.C., June 13, 1959


"The Insurgent Battlefield," talk, Air Force Academy, May 25, 1962


"Lessons Learned--The Philippines, 1946-53," lecture, Foreign Service Institute, Washington, D.C., September 26, 1962


"Letter From the Boon-Docks," memorandum, May 1, 1961


"Military Psychological Operations," lecture, Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia, January 7, 1960


"Partisan Warfare," memorandum, March 22, 1961


"Psychological Action by Air," memorandum, June 7, 1963


"A Roman General's Opinion of Military Critics," n.d.


"Soldiers and the People," lecture, Fort Bragg, August 30, 1962


"Southeast Asia," lecture, Army War College, December 3, 1958


"Through Foreign Eyes," memorandum, October 7, 1963


"The True American," June 3, 1960


"Unconventional Forces," lecture, Air War College, March 3, 1961


"The U.S. Military in Non-Military Warfare," panel, National War College, July 23, 1959


Subject file


Africa. "Leadership Training in Africa," August 25, 1960


Air Force Reserve Oficers Training Corps, visit by Lansdale, May 20, 1963


"Alert No. 6A: Lessons Learned from the Philippines, 1946-53," Washington, D.C.: Secretary of Defense 1962


"Anti-Guerrilla Training in the Philippines," memorandum, January 17, 1956


Biographical sketches


Blair, Leon






Civic Action, October, 1963


Trip to, May, 1963


Borneo, 1963



Box 46.

Carlisle Barracks and West Point, 1958-59


Chiang Ching-Kuo, General, visit with Lansdale, September 11, 1963


Clifford, John W.


Cold War, 1963


Colombia, 1963


Communist Organization for Unconventional Warfare, 1961


Congressional correspondence and testimony, 1962-63


Counter-Guerrilla Operations, 1958-60


Counter insurgency


Critical areas


Defense intelligence collection guide, 1963


Defense resources and programs for unconventional warfare, 1961


"Democracy by Cases," memorandum for Walt Rostow, February 6, 1963


"DOD Cold War Intelligence Requirements--For a Contested Free World Country," June 9, 1958


Deutch, Michael J., memorandum to H. Sonnenfeldt on trip to Belgrade, n.d.


Dictionary of United States Military Terms for Joint Usage, Washington, D.C.: Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1959


Ecuador, 1963


Fishel, Wesley R. (see also correspondence)


Foreign Service Institute


Freedom, Incorporated


Haiti, military resources, 1963


"International Communist Front Organizations," November, 1959


Iran, 1963


Israel, 1961


Killen, "Reorganization of the Office of Provincial Operations," memorandum, January 14, 1965


Kiraly, Major General Bela K.

Box 47.

Lansdale, Edward G.


Leave for Lansdale, November, 1962, memorandum for McNamara and Gilpatrick


Personal file


Requests for articles and reviews


Speaking requests


October, 1961-December 1962




Travel file, 1961-63






Communist tactics in, 1960


Lasher, Major General E. C. R., "From Saratoga to Outer Space," New York: Newcomen Society, 1962


Latin America




Political Action Ideas, June 18, 1963


Linebarger, Paul M. A., "The Republic of China on Taiwan: A Descriptive Appraisal," World Affairs 126: 1, Spring 1963


Luncheons, 1961-63


Mai Thanh Xuan (see also correspondence)


Malaya, 1963


Map briefing, February 7, 1959


Mexican Navy Quintet


"Military Assistance," April 27, 1959

Box 48.

"Miltary Hardware Catalog," Washington, D.C.: Armed Forces Management, April, 1963


Office of Special Operations (OSO)


Operational personnel for special duty


"The Overseas Image of the United States," memorandum for the Assistant Secretary of Defense, September 23, 1958


Patton, George S. (two folders)


"The Pentagon," Washington, D.C.: Department of Defense, April 1, 1960








Chronological file, 1960-63


"From Palanan to Bataan--A Historical Sketch," Command Conference, volume 1, number 2, n.d.


Huks, 1950


Plan for utilization of foreign manpower air units--Philippine Air Section, December 22, 1958


Phillips, Rufus


Praeger, Frederick A.


Proposal for the creation of a World Congress for Freedom and Democracy, August 22, 1961


Reader's Digest


Report, n.d.


Report, by Hans Heymann and Volney Warner, n.d.


Report, June 20, 1965, "The Law and the Emergency"


Reuter, Richard, and CARE

Box 49.

Reuter, Richard, and CARE


Salazar, Jose Cruz, 1963


Smith, Robert Aura


"Soviet Treaty Violations," Washington, D.C., Department of Defense, June 10, 1959


Special Operations


Telegram from Saigon to Secretary of State, concerning composition of South Vietnam Government, May 29, 1961




United States Department of State, Agency for International Development, Community Development, 1961-62


Venezuela, 1963




General, 1961-63 (three folders)


Binh Hung ("The Village that Refused to Die")


Lansdale's trip, January, 1961


Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) materials, 1958, 1960


Taylor, General Maxwell D., trip, with Lansdale and party, October, 1961


Villamor, Jesus A.


Villereal, Cornelio


West Germany, Special Forces

Boxes 50-62

Office Files From The United States Embassy-Saigon, Senior Liaison Office, 1965-1968

Scope and Content Note

Office files from Lansdale's years as senior liaison officer at U.S. Embassy in Saigon; including correspondence, day files, memoranda, reports, and subject files. Arranged alphabetically by subject
Box 50.



Miscellany (1)


Miscellany (2), material withheld pending declassification


Administrative file


Budget, 1966


Budget and finances, 1965-67


Efficiency reports (Personnel evaluations), 1966-67




Performance rating report, Lansdale


Personnel, 1965-67


Staff list


United States Embassy telephone directories, 1967










August, cont'd.







Box 51.
























Box 52.

















Miscellany, material withheld pending declassification review




November, 1965-February, 1966


March, 1966-June, 1968




Concerning relations with the press

Box 53.

Concerning Premier Nguyen Cao Ky's "One Hundred Days" speech, September 27-October 9, 1965


Weekly reports, October-November, 1965


Addiss, Steve, 1965-66


Akin, Cecile, 1966


Arundel, Arthur W., 1967


Baker, Joseph, 1966-68


Be, Nguyen, see Nguyen Be


Berg, Alan D., 1967


Bohannan, Charles T. R., 1966


Bundy, William, 1965


Can, Pham Duy, see Pham Duy Can


Center for Research in Social Systems, 1967


Cham, Phan Van, see Phan Van Cham


Chang, Leonard C. (Chang Lien-Chun), 1967


Choate, Charles, 1966-68


Coate, Robert, 1967-68


Connell, William, 1965-68


Deutch, Michael, 1965-66


Dickey, William P., 1965-67


Dupuy, T. N. (Historical Evaluation and Research Organization), 1965-66


Erlandson, Robert, 1967


Far East Broadcasting Company, 1965-67


Fishel, Wesley R., 1967


Fraleigh, Bert, 1966-67


Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, 1966


Frivaldo, Juan G., 1968


Fulbright, J. W., 1966


Gober, Hershel, 1967


Hoang Van Lac, 1968


Karrick, Samuel, 1966-68


Kissinger, Henry, 1965-67

Box 54.

Kushner, Rose (see also subject file), 1966-1967. Includes letters by Ellsworth Bunker, B.F. Skinner, Charles Percy, Joseph Tydings and others


Ky, Nguyen Cao, see Nguyen Cao Ky


Lac, Hoang Van, see Hoang Van Lac


Le Phu Nhan, 1966-67


Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1966-67


Marshall, S. L. A., 1966


McGrory, Mary, 1965-66


McNamara, Robert S., 1965


Mellor, C. R., 1966


Melvin, George, 1965-68


Miller, Henry L., 1966-68


Nixon, Richard M., 1965-67


Nguyen Be, 1967


Nguyen Cao Ky (see also subject file), 1966


Nguyen Duc Thang (see also subject file), 1966-68


Nhan, Le Phu, see Le Phu Nhan


O'Daniel, John W., 1965-66


Pacific Stars and Stripes, 1965-67


Patton, George, 1965-66


Pham Duy Can (see also subject file), 1966-67


Phan Van Cham, 1967


Phillips, Rufus (two folders), 1965-67


Praeger, Frederick A., 1966-67


Redick, Joseph, 1965, 68


Reynolds, Dana, 1965-66


Rioch, David McK., 1967


Romney, George, 1965-66


Sharpe, Laurence, 1965-67


Stokely, Dorothy, 1966


Thang, Nguyen Duc, see Nguyen Duc Thang


Thien, Ton That, see Ton That Thien


Ton That Thien (see also subject file), 1966-67


Ward, William T., 1965-66


Westmoreland, William C., 1965-68


Williams, Samuel T., 1965-68


Yoh, Bernard, 1966-68

Box 55.

Day File








November 1-15


November 16-30











Box 56.









August 1-17


August 18-31















Box 57.


























Box 58.









Informational bulletins and press releases, 1966-1967






Miscellany, material withheld pending declassification review


Brown, David E. To Lansdale, June 3, 1968


Cooke, C. M., Jr. Letter, June 15, 1968


Ellsberg, Daniel. For the record, February 26, 1966


Habib, Phillip. To Lansdale, n.d., October 17, 1966


Karrick, Samuel


For the record, June-July, 1966


To Lansdale, 1966-67


To members of the Mission Liaison group, December 16, 1965


To Major General Nguyen Duc Thang, December, 1966


To Joseph Redick, April 28, 1966


Lansdale, Edward G.


General (Lansdale to Ambassador and members of Mission Council), 1965-68


For the record, 1965


To Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, 1967-68


To Daniel Ellsberg, May 10, 1967


To Phillip Habib, October, 1966


To Colonel Joel M. Hollis, June 6, 1966


To Ambassador Komer and Wade Lathram, June 6, 1967


To Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, 1965-67


To Frank McCullock, April 10, 1967


To Deputy Ambassador Porter, 1965-67

Box 59.

To "The Old Team" (former Senior Liaison Office staff), 1966-68


To The Secretary of Defense, January 17, 1968


To the Senior Liaison Office, n.d., 1966


To General Westmoreland, 1965-66


Lathram, L. Wade. To Lansdale, April 11, 1967


Lodge, Henry Cabot. To Lansdale, 1965-67


MacDonald, D. G. To Lansdale, 1966-67


Mann, Charles A. To Deputy Ambassador Porter, December 21, 1965


Melvin, George. For the record, March 30, 1966


Miller, Henry


To Lansdale, October 13, 1965


To Ambassador William C. Porter, December 20, 1966


Phillips, Rufus


April 4, 1966


To William Connell, February 23, 1966


To Vice Presdent Hubert Humphrey (with attachments), 1965, 1968


To William Jordan, n.d.


To Ambassador Leonard Unger, November 10, 1966


Porter, Deputy Ambassador William J. To Lansdale, 1966-67


Redick, Joseph


For the record, May 12 1966


To Executive Officer (reports of Lansdale's meetings), 1966


Strong, Berkeley J. For the record, July 19 1966


Valeriano, Napolian. To Lansdale, November 15, 1965


Zorthian, Barry. To Lansdale, December 20, 1965


Reports and Writings


"Assigning the Personnel to Vietnam Needed to Win," n.d.


Hai-Yen (Sea Swallow) special zone, Binh Hung Village, Camao Peninsula, 1966


Hoa, Father Loc (of Binh Hung), n.d., 1965


Lansdale, briefing, pacification effort, for the Secretary of Defense, November 29, 1966


Melvin, George, "The Kien Ha Proposal--An Analysis," January 13, 1967


"Moral War Strategy for Vietnam," January 19 1965


"Nationalist Politics in Vietnam," May, 1968


"Non-Funded Self-Help Projects in the Tay-Ninh Province in 1966," n.d


"Notes on Projects," n.d.


Rural Construction background material, 1965 (three folders)

Box 60.

Rural Construction background material, 1965


Vietnamese Slang Dictionary, September, 1966


Subject file


British Advisory Mission, 1962-63




Buddhist Church (or Council), writings (in Vietnamese with English translation), 1966-67


Busch, Noel F., "Marxism vs. Buddhism in Southeast Asia," n.d.


Labin, Suzanne, "Military Coups and Buddhist Affair in Vietnam," Conference Internationale sur la Guerre Politique," c. 1964


Bui Quang Trach, "Research Report on the Plain of Reeds," ca. 1967


Buu, Nguyen Van, see Nguyen Van Buu


Can, Pham Duy, see Pham Duy Can


Coate, Robert, diary from visit to Vietnam, August-September, 1967


Critchfield, Richard, n.d.


De Sola Pool, Ithiel, "Political Alternatives to the Viet Cong," draft, May, 1967


"Debriefings and Case-Studies Developed at the Far East Training Center," memorandum from Warren L. Ziegler, February 20, 1967


"Evaluation of Simulmatics Study on Chieu Hoi," memorandum from Vincent Puritano to James P. Grant, March 6, 1968


Foreign Affairs article authored by Lansdale, requests for copies and permission to reprint


Hickey, Gerald C., "Accomodation in South Vietnam: The Key to Sociopolitical Solidarity," n.d.


Huynh Sanh Thong, "Viet Nam Between the Red Devil and the Deep Blue 'C,'" Yale Daily News, February 7, 1966, and publicity and correspondence concerning, 1966


Joint U.S. Public Affairs Office (JUSPAO) materials


Analysis of Saigon Newspapers, May, 1967


"The Meaning of Some Vietnamese Geographical Names," field memorandum number 41, October 21, 1967


"Viet Cong Documentation: Diary of an Infiltrator from North Vietnam," special memorandum number 4, October, 1966


"A Vietnamese Looks at TET," field memorandum number 31, November 28, 1966


Weekly press summary, November 6-12, 1966


Kushner, Rose (see also correspondence). Includes material relating to civic action projects, 1967


Ky, Nguyen Cao, see Nguyen Cao Ky

Box 61.

Land Reform


Lathram, Wade L; interview with Charles Von Luttichau, Military Assistance Command-Vietnam Headquarters, October 20, 1967


Mai Huu Xuan, General and Chief, Republic of Vietnam Political Warfare Department, address to the Students of the Fifth MAC-V/USOM Sector Advisors Course, December 14, 1964


McWirter, Bill, untitled article on General Loan, Saigon, October 21, 1966


"Notes on Strategic Hamlets," United States Operations Mission, Office of Rural Affairs, Saigon, 1963


Nguyen Cao Ky, speech, election seminar, n.d. (see also correspondence)


Nguyen Duc Thang, General, transcripts of conversations, writings by and about, 1965-1967 (see also correspondence)


Nguyen Van Buu, imprisonment and trial, 1966-1983


Office of Civil Operations (OCO)


Office of the Deputy Director, day file, 1966-67


"A Summary of Vietnam's New Constitution," OCO notice number 67-92, May 2, 1967


Pacification (Rural Construction), general


Pham Duy Can, writings and music


Phillips, Rufus, writings, 1964, 1968


Press leaks


Radio Hanoi, intercepted broadcasts, March 17 and September 25, 1966


Recorded tapes, transcripts (see also TAPE RECORDINGS)


"Selected Officials of Provinces, Districts, and Autonomous cities of South Viet Nam (as of October 30, 1965)," n.d.


Silver, Solomon, "Counter-Insurgency and Nation Building: A Study with Emphasis on Southeast Asia," September 25, 1967

Box 62.

Thang, Nguyen Duc, see Nguyen Duc Thang


Thien, Ton That, see Ton That Thien


Thong, Huynh Sanh, see Huynh Sanh Thong


Ton That Thien, writings (see also correspondence)


United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


"Communique from Executive Committee of the Dalat Forces Struggling for Democracy," memorandum from T. E. Naughten, May 24, 1966


Letter and mimeograph copy of "The Development and Resources Corporation's Contribution to the Join Development Group's Report," 1967


Soldier's bond to purchase food, National Liberation Front, with attached memorandum


United States Department of State


General. Printed material, 1966


"Politics and Victory in South Viet Nam," memorandum, August 3, 1965


Report A-781, August 13, 1968


United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV)


Briefing, "Enemy Order of Battle," n.d.


"Command Information Topic Number 5-65, Vietnamese TET," memorandum, December 7, 1965


"Organizations and Functions for Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support [CORDS]," directive number 10-12, May 28, 1967


"U.S. Press Playbacks," 1965-66


Vietnam War, unidentified and undated papers


Vietnamese Elections


Constituent Assembly


July-August 19, 1966


July 20-September, 1966


National, 1967


Vietnamese language, folklore, religion


Vietnamese national government, political parties


Vietnamese village government


Wofford, Dan, "Final Report: Hoi Chanh Group Motivation and Possible Use of Group Dynamics as an Instrument of Government Reform," August 18-September 21, 1966


Xuan, Mai Huu, see Mai Huu Xuan

Boxes 63-66

Oversize, 1947-1975

Scope and Content Note

Newspapers, scrapbooks, memorial albums, and other oversize material. Arranged by form
Box 63.



Cambodian newspaper. La Depeche du Cambodge, Phnom Penh, August 30, 31, 1965 (in French)


Philippine newspapers, 1947-68


The Daily Mirror, Manila, January 17, 1954


The Daily Pacifican, Western Pacific (Army), special on Manila, 1948, March 14, 1948, and October 15, 1948


The Evening News, Manila, clipping, and November 28, 1947


The Eye, Manila, October 5, 1957, and March 14, 1959


The Fookian Times, Manila, August 21, 1948


The Manila Chronicle, clippings, and November 5, 1947


The Manila Times, September 8, 1948, February 4, 1949, April 3, 1953, and August 14, 1968


The Manila Tribune, November 6, 1949


The News Behind the News, Manila, October 4, 1957


The Philippine Flyer, Manila, June 22, 1956


The Philippine Free Press, Manila, June 5, 1954, and special, August 9, 1958


The Pioneer Herald, Dagupan City, May 21, 1948


The Star Herald, Manila, September 4, 1948


United States newspapers and magazines


Clippings, articles on Angolan guerrillas, The Washington Post, December 23-26, 1973


Clippings and magazines, Magsaysay campaign, 1953

Box 64.

Clippings and tear sheets, Vietnamese conflict, 1961-1975


Potomac magazine, December 10, 1972


Venezuelan newspapers and publications


Clarin, Caracas, March 14, 1963


The Daily Journal, Caracas, March 13 and 15, 1963


Guerrilla leaflet, n.d.


Vietnamese newspapers and tear sheets


Saigon Daily News, March 19, 1966


Thoi The, Saigon, March 26, 1967 (in Vietnamese with English translation)


The Times of Vietnam, Saigon, August 6, 1958 (magazine section), and February 4, 1959


Vietnam Courier, Hanoi, September 2 and 23, 1965 (special isssues), and numbers 36-38, September 23, October 7, and October 21, 1965

Box 65.

Ting Sing Wu, Taiwan the Beautiful, Hong Kong: the International Culture Press, 1960 (in Chinese and English)


Ngo Dinh Diem, album in honor of, July 7, 1954-July 7, 1956 (in Vietnamese) (see also SUBJECT FILE, Vietnam)


Sketch of Lansdale (inscription: "Feather Merchant")


Scrapbook, "To Colonel Edward Lansdale, 'Feather Merchant' and salesman-extraordinary of democracy," from the Free Philippines staff, Manila, November 17, 1953


Scrapbook, 18 pages of clippings and 32 letters, regarding In the Midst of Wars, 1972


Twenty loose clippings and 36 letters, regarding In the Midst of Wars, 1972

Box 66.

United States Philippines Ryukyus Command, headquarters staff directory (chart), August 11, 1948


United States Agency for International Development, chart, n.d.


The "World Declaration of Independence," folder containing display, n.d.

Boxes 67-68

Printed Matter

Box 67-68.


Scope and Content Note

Newspaper clippings, magazines and periodicals, books, reprints, and other printed matter. Arranged alphabetically by title
Boxes 95-97

Declassified Documents

Scope and Content Note

Returned from the U.S. Department of Defense
Box/Folder 95 : 1

(Former) Boxes 1-2


(Former) Box 3

Box/Folder 95 : 2

Folder 1

Box/Folder 95 : 3

Folder 2

Box/Folder 95 : 4

Folder 4


(Former) Box 4

Box/Folder 95 : 5

Folders 1-8

Box/Folder 95 : 6

Folders 8-12

Box/Folder 95 : 7

(Former) Box 5


(Former) Box 6

Box/Folder 95 : 8

Folders 1-2

Box/Folder 95 : 9

Folder 4

Box/Folder 96 : 1

(Former) Box 7

Box/Folder 96 : 2

(Former) Box 8


(Former) Box 10

Box/Folder 96 : 3

Folders 1-19

Box/Folder 96 : 4

Folders 20-21

Box/Folder 96 : 5

Folder 22


(Former) Box 11

Box/Folder 96 : 6

Folders 1-3

Box/Folder 97 : 1

Folders 4-6

Box/Folder 97 : 2

Folders 7-9

Box/Folder 97 : 3

Folders 10-29

Box/Folder 97 : 4

(Former) Box 12

Box/Folder 97 : 5

Unidentified, undated


Audiovisual File.

Box 85.

Phonotape recordings. SEE: Appendix for itemized list


General. Correspondence and miscellany relating to Lansdale's collection of music from Vietnam


Audiotapes 1-12

Box 86.


Box 87.

Audiotapes 29-44

Box 88.

Audiotapes 45-60

Box 89.

Audiotapes 61-75

Box 90.

Audiotapes 76-90

Box 91.


Box 92.

Audiotapes 106-120

Box 93.

Audiotapes 121-135

Box 94.

Videotape reels. Presentation by Lansdale relating to his experiences in Vietnam, 1974

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 80116_v_0001652

Scope and Content Note

Lecture given at Hagerstown Junior College, Hagerstown, Maryland
Box 10.A-V


Physical Description: (3410 prints, 629 duplicates, 57 proof sheets, 172 negatives and negative strips, 4 slides, 11 albums / 237 envelopes, 5 folio boxes, 2 slide boxes.
Envelope A

29 unidentified prints undated

Envelope B-C

6 prints (with 5 duplicates), 1 proof sheet and 2 negatives of EGL service portraits. 1943-1965

Envelope D-mE

6 prints (with 2 duplicates) and one oversize print of Lansdale alone, in uniform. 1943-1965

Envelope F-J

23 prints of Lansdale alone. 1943-1968

Envelope K

3 prints of Lansdale addressing a graduating class at the U.S. Army Civil Affairs School, Fort Gordon, Georgia. November 1, 1960

Envelope L

2 prints of Lansdale at a Christmas banquet circa 1943-44

Envelope M-mN

7 prints and 2 oversize duplicates of Lansdale on "Meet the Press", Vietnam. undated

Envelope O-Q

7 prints of Lansdale receiving awards. 1948 and 1958

Envelope R-S

4 prints (with 26 duplicates) of Lansdale receiving award from Vice President Richard Nixon; also pictured are General Nathan Twining and Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson; circa 1955-1957

Envelope T

5 prints (with 6 duplicates) of Lansdale receiving Distinguished Service Medal; also pictured are General Nathan Twining, Mr. Allen Dulles (Director, C.I.A), and Lt.General Charles P. Cabell (Deputy Director, C.I.A.). January 8, 1957 and October 31, 1963

Envelope U

1 print (with 1 duplicate) of Lansdale and friends celebrating his promotion of Brigadier General. May 5, 1960.

Envelope V

4 prints (with 4 duplicates) of Lansdale visiting a temple. undated

Envelope W

2 prints of Lansdale with friends, Denver. 1949

Envelope X

14 prints of Lansdale with General J. Lawton Collins, disembarking from airplane, and meeting with Vietnamese officials and Buddhist leaders. undated

Envelope Y

12 prints of Lansdale with Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and General William C. Westmoreland, at meeting. undated

Envelope Z

1 print of Lansdale with Admiral William Alexander Sutherland, Jr., National War College. undated

Envelope AA

2 prints of Lansdale with Nguyen Duc Thang, Minister of Rural Reconstruction, Vietnam. circa 1965-68

Envelope AB

2 prints of Lansdale with friends in the Philippines. 1945

Envelope AC

1 print of Lansdale with Academic Instructor Class. circa 1949

Envelope AD-AF

25 prints of Lansdale with unidentified others, Philippines and Vietnam. 1945-1968

Envelope mAG

1 oversize print of Lansdale with unidentified others, Philippines. 1950-1954

Envelope AH-AN

123 prints (with 22 duplicates) of Lansdale's friends, Philippines 1944-54

Envelope AO-AP

25 prints (with 5 duplicates) depicting "despodidas" for Lansdale (with notable guests including Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay, Philippines. 1952 and 1954

Envelope AQ

5 prints of a dinner party given by Colonel and Mrs. Tellman, at the joint U.S. Military Advisory Group (JUSMAG) compound, Manila. undated

Envelope AR-AV

50 prints (with 30 duplicates) of various social gatherings, Philippines. circa 1950-54

Album fAW

1 album containing 42 prints depicting various events, people and places in the Philippines. 1947-48

Envelope AX-BA

47 prints (with 28 duplicates and 16 enlargements) of a "barrio fiesta" attended by Ngo Dinh Nhu and Mme Nhu; Saigon. 1956

Envelope BB

1 slide of Lansdale at a ceremony. undated

Envelope BC-mBF

38 prints (with 21 duplicates) of the wedding of Trinh Minh Nhut, son of the late Cao Dai General Trinh Minh The, Vietnam. 1967

Album fBG

1 album containing 47 prints of the wedding of Trinh Minh Nhut, Vietnam. 1967

Envelope BH

1 print of Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, with Lansdale in background, Vietnam. 1967

Envelope BI-BJ

9 prints depicting the Burma Armed Forces engaged in military civic activities. 1959

Envelope BK

1 print of a memorial to Dickey Chapelle, Hai Yen, Vietnam. undated

Envelope BL

2 prints Father Raymond De Jaegher with Chiang Kai-Shek and with Lansdale in group (with 1 duplicate). 1956

Envelope BM

9 prints of President Dwight D. Eisenhower during a trip to Okinawa. circa 1955

Envelope BN

1 print of the Freedom Studies Center in Boston, Virginia, aerial view. undated

Envelope BO

1 print of Colonel A.G. Gabriel, after receiving award; 1 print of Col. Grunwell receiving award. undated

Envelope BP

3 color slides depicting Japanese countryside. undated

Envelope BQ

8 prints depicting Tokyo, Japan after World War II. undated

Envelope BR

10 prints of meetings at the Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG) compound in Manila. 1950-54

Envelope BS

2 prints of Lieutenant Edward R. Lansdale, Jr., receiving awards. undated

Envelope BT

5 prints depicting the Laos Armed Forces engaged in military civic activities. 1959

Envelope BU-BV

22 miscellaneous prints from the Philippines. undated

Envelope BW

19 prints of the Philippine countryside. undated

Envelope BX-BZ

34 prints (with 4 duplicates) depicting Philippine armed forces during the Huk campaigns; including scenes of training maneuvers and of Lansdale and Ramond Magsaysay observing the fight. 1950-54

Envelope CA

16 prints (with 1 duplicate) depicting Lansdale and Ramon Magsaysay during Huk campaign, traveling in the Castillejos Zambales area (Magsaysay's birthplace). January, 1951

Envelope CB

1 print depicting Ramon Magsaysay with unidentified group of soldiers during Huk campaign, in Netar-Pambul sectors. 1950-54

Envelope CC-CI

66 prints depicting Philippine armed forces engaged in civic activities. circa 1959

Envelope CJ

2 prints of Jesus Magsaysay (brother of Ramon Magsaysay) presenting an award to John D. Rockefeller 3rd and Laurance S. Rockefeller. December 8, 1959

Envelope mCK

1 oversize print of Pagsanjam lodge, Philippines. 1948

Envelope CL-CN

35 prints (with 30 duplicates and 3 enlargements) of a Philippine military awards ceremony, depicting Lansdale receiving an award; among the spectators is President Ramon Magsaysay. January, 1954

Envelope CO-CT

32 prints (with 8 duplicates) of Ramon Magsaysay with Lansdale, at meetings and observing Huk campaigns. 1950-54

Envelope mCU

1 oversize print of Defense Secretary Ramon Magsaysay with Lansdale, on a launch off the coast of Mindanao. March, 1952

Envelope CV-mCX

9 prints and 8 oversize prints (with 2 duplicates) of Ramon Magsaysay alone, with his wife (luz), and with others. undated

Envelope CY

8 prints of Ramon Magsaysay alone, enroute to area of Huk trouble. Fall 1950

Envelope CZ

27 prints (with 8 duplicates) of Ramon Magsaysay and others during a trip to New York; with Lansdale, major General Leland S. Hobbs, Frank Tobin and George Peabody. 1952

Envelope DA

8 prints of the scene of the plane crash in which President Ramon Magsaysay was killed. 1957

Envelope DB

1 print from First Philippine-Formosa Conference on Psy-War Coordination against Redism. undated

Envelope DC-DG

36 prints (with 5 enlargements) depicting Philippine rural conditions. undated

Album fDH

1 album containing 274 prints collected and taken by Lansdale in Philippines; including prints of the countryside, volcanoes and Manila; of Philippine Presidents Osmena, Roxas and Quirino; American Generals Eisenhower, Eichelberger, and MacArthur; and friends and associates at the Philippines-Ryukyus Command (PHILRYCOM) Headquarters. 1945-49

Album fDI

1 album containing 240 prints collected and taken by Lansdale in Philippines and in the Northern Ryukyus Islands; including prints of the countryside, people, communist Huks including Luis Taruc, and officers of the Philippine armed forces. 1945-49

Album fDJ

1 album containing 178 prints of the Northern Ryukyus Islands; including countryside, people and Lansdale and friends. circa 1945-49

Envelope DK

1 print of Peter C. Richards, Manila 1976

Envelope DL

10 prints of Bangkok, Thailand, including prints of Lansdale and General J. Lawton Collins. 1959

Envelope DM

1 print of U.S. Department of Defense Secretary Thomas S. Gates. 1959

Envelope mDN

1 oversize print of Deputy Secretary of Defense Roswell L Gilpatrick. 1963

Envelope DO

1 print of the U.S. Department of Defense official gathering. circa 1960-63

Envelope DP

1 print (with 2 duplicates) and 1 proof sheet of Department of Defense staff. undated

Envelope DQ

15 prints of a party at Lansdale's office at the U.S. Department of Defense. undated

Envelope DR

1 print of a U.S. Department of Defense organization chart. undated

Envelope DS

17 miscellaneous prints, 1 proof sheet, and 1 negative strip from the U.S. Embassy-Saigon Senior Liaison Office (headed by Lansdale). 1965-68

Envelope DT

1 print of Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, U.S. Embassy-Saigon. undated

Envelope DU

12 prints (with 3 duplicates) of Lansdale at the U.S. Embassy-Saigon Senior Liaison Office. 1965-68

Envelope DV

3 prints (with 1 duplicate) of Senior Liaison Office staff, including Daniel Ellsbberg. circa 1965-66

Envelope DW-DX

7 prints, 1 proof sheet, and 4 negative strips of Senior Liaison Office staff and meetings. 1965-66

Envelope DY-EC

140 prints, 4 proof sheets, and 8 negative strips of various social gatherings including Hoa Hoa General Le Khac Hoai, and Minister Nguyen Duc Thang meeting with a student group (see EV-EX), Senior Liaison Office. 1965-68

Envelope ED

11 prints of a meeting with Vietnamese students at the Senior Liaison Office. November 1, 1967

Envelope EE

8 prints of group meetings at the Senior Liaison Office. circa 1965-68

Envelope EF-EG

31 prints (with 21 duplicates and 3 enlargements) of a social gathering with Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, Senior Liaison Office. 1967-68

Envelope EH

18 prints (with 17 duplicates), 1 proof sheet, and 4 negative strips of a social gathering with the two leaders of the Cao Dai (General Van Thanh Cao) and Hoa Hoa (Le Khac Hoai); Senior Liaison Office. 1965-68

Envelope EI

2 prints of Lansdale with Senator (General) Huynh Van Cao, Senior Liaison Office. November, 1967

Envelope EJ-EP

81 prints (with 3 duplicates and 3 enlargements), 6 proof sheets, and 24 negative strips depicting various social gatherings with Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge; guests include Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky, and Henry Kissinger (October 15, 1965); Senior Liaison Office. circa 1965-66

Envelope EQ

3 proof sheets and 16 negatives of a party, Senior Liaison Office. circa 1966

Envelope ER

2 prints of Lansdale with Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky and another Vietnamese official; Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope ES-ET

19 prints (with 3 duplicates) and 5 negative strips depicting social gatherings with Prime Minister Ngyuen Cao Ky; Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope EU-EY

38 prints, 4 proof sheets, and 15 negative strips depicting General Ngyuen Duc Thang, Minister of Rural Reconstruction; with Lansdale and Samuel Karrick, at meetings, talks (see also EC), and dinner; Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope EZ

15 prints (with 2 duplicates), 1 proof sheet, and 3 negative strips of a dinner with labor leader Tran Quoc Buu (Vietnamese Federal of Labor), Bui Diem (former Ambassador to U.S., executive in Ky administration), other Vietnamese leaders, and journalist Robert Shaplen; Senior Liaison Office. October 11, 1965

Envelope FA-FE

41 prints (with 13 duplicates), 3 proof sheets, and 11 negative strips of various social gatherings with folksingers Pham Duy and Steve Addis, students and others; Senior Liaison Office. 1966-68

Envelope FF-FK

102 prints (with 78 duplicates and 3 enlargements), 16 proof sheets, and 4 negatives trips of a social gathering with General William C. Westmoreland; among the guests are Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky; Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope FL

1 print of Lansdale with Dr. Phan Hy Quat, former Prime Minister and Defense Minister, (1954), Senior Liaison Office. 1967

Envelope FM

3 prints of Lansdale with Vo Van Hai, Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope FN

14 prints (with 15 enlargements), 1 proof sheet, and 4 negative strips from visit by Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey; Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope of

3 prints, 1 proof sheet, and 3 negative strips of visit by Senator George McGovern (see also EY); Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope FP

2 enlargements (with 1 duplicate), 1 proof sheet, and 2 negative strips of visit by Richard M. Nixon; Senior Liaison Office. 1967

Envelope FQ

17 prints (with 1 duplicate), 2 proof sheets, and 8 negative strips of visit by John Steinbeck; Senior Liaison Office. undated

Envelope FR

1 print of a group photograph; Senior Liaison Office. June 1968

Album fPS

1 album containing 396 prints of the activities and travels of the Senior Liaison Office, Lansdale and staff.. 1965-68

Envelope FT

2 prints from William Randels, Commander, U.S. Naval forces, Vietnam. 1979

Envelope FU

1 print of a chart of the U.S. Pacific Command Organization. 1959

Envelope FV-FW

60 prints of Lansdale's trip to Venezuela to observe U.S. special forces training Venezuelan military. 1963

Envelope mGB

1 print of a Vietnamese children. undated

Envelope GC

1 print of a Vietnamese fortune-teller. undated

Envelope GD

5 prints (with 1 duplicate) of Vietnamese musicians, including Pham Duy. undated

Envelope GE-GG

10 prints (with 7 duplicates) of the Vietnamese armed forces engaged in military civic activities. circa 1961

Envelope GH-GI

3 prints (with 3 duplicates) and 3 negatives of "Operational Brotherhood" (a Philippine organization)doctors, nurses, and technicians. circa 1961

Envelope GJ

2 prints (with 1 duplicate) and 2 negatives depicting "Operation Gia-Phong," an effort by the Vietnamese armed forces to distribute food and supplies to refugees. undated

Envelope GK

7 prints depicting cadre training under the Revolutionary Development program. undated

Envelope GL

1 print of Lansdale at Doc Lap Palace in Saigon, from trip with General Maxwell Taylor; signed by President Diem. 1961

Envelope GM

7 prints (with 3 duplicates) of Lansdale with President Ngo Dinh Diem, Ngo Dinh Nhu, Madame Nhu and others at beach near Long Hai. circa 1956

Envelope GN

5 prints of President Ngo Dinh Diem and Mme Nhu with Prime Minister U Nu of Burma. 1956

Envelope GO

3 prints (with 1 duplicate) of Lansdale, President Ngo Dinh, Diem, and others. undated

Envelope GP

1 print (with 1 duplicate) and 1 negative of Ngo Dinh Diem negotiating with General Le Van "Bay" Veien (of the Binh Xuyen) and Nguyen Van Xuan (friend of Emperor Bao Dai). 1954

Envelope GQ

2 prints (with 1 duplicate) and 2 negatives of President Ngo Dinh Diem with Cao Dai General Trinh Minh The, Philippine Colonels Valeriano and Banzon, and others. 1956

Envelope GR

1 print and 1 negative of President Ngo Dinh Diem signing contract with the Freedom Company. 1955

Envelope GS-mGY

38 regular and 3 oversize prints of President Ngo Dinh Diem traveling South Vietnamese countryside; including trips to Ban Me Thuot, Cu Lao Rai Island, Dlat, Qui Nhon, and Long Xuyen. 1955-56

Album fGZ-fHB

3 albums containing 109 prints depicting President Ngo Dinh Diem. 1960-61

Envelope HC-HF

9 prints (with 5 duplicates) and 8 negatives of the sect war between the Vietnamese armed forces under Diem and the Binh Xuyen and Hoa Hoa armies. 1955

Envelope HG

30 prints from the attempted coup against President Ngo Dinh Diem. November. 1960

Envelope mHH

2 oversize prints of portraits of unidentified Vietnamese officials. 1956

Envelope HI

4 prints of Lansdale with Cao Thai Bao, Diem's Minister to the Philippines, and other Vietnamese officials. circa 1955

Envelope HJ

10 prints (with 7 duplicates) and 1 proof sheet of Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky entertaining Lansdale and other friends. circa 1965-66

Envelope HK-HL

13 prints (3 duplicates) and 3 negative strips of General Nguyen Duc Thang, Minister of Rural Reconstruction. 1967-68

Envelope HM

1 print (with 1 duplicate) and 1 negative of Dr. Phan Huy Quat, Minister of National Defense. 1954

Envelope HN

3 prints including portraits of Tran Le Quang, Minister of Public Works, and Truong Vinh Le, Deputy Speaker of Parliament. undated

Envelope HO

2 prints (with 1 duplicate) of Lansdale at Revolutionary Development Awards Ceremony. January, 1968

Envelope HP

2 prints of Vietnamese villagers. undated

Envelope HQ

1 print and 1 negative from Vietnamese ceremony for the Unknown Soldier, depicting General Mike O'Daniel laying a wreath on the tomb; Saigon. 1955

Envelope HR

1 print (with 1 duplicate) of Lansdale meeting with Trinh Minh The. 1955

Envelope HS

1 print of an unidentified woman. undated

Envelope HT

3 prints of Lansdale with Vietnamese officials. circa 1954-56

Envelope HU

4 prints of Lansdale with Major Nguyen Be, deputy province chief of Binh Dinh. circa 1965

Envelope HV

7 prints of Lansdale visiting liberty camp(a refugee camp). September, 1965

Envelope mHW

8 oversize prints of battle scenes, photographed by Dicket Chapelle. undated

Envelope HX-IE

59 prints (with 1 duplicate), 5 negatives, 4 negatives strips, and 9 proof sheets of Binh Hung Village and Father Nguyen Lac Hoa; including views of General Maxwell Taylor's party touring the area. 1960-61

Album fIF

1 album containing 52 prints of Binh Hung Village and Father Nguyen Lac Hoa. undated

Envelope IG

7 prints depicting Kien Phong operation against Viet Cong; circa 1961

Envelope IH

29 prints depicting South Vietnamese military engaged in training and operations. circa 1960

Envelope II

1 print of paratroopers. undated

Envelope IJ-IK

3 prints (with 1 duplicate) and 3 negatives depicting Lansdale, Lieutenant Rufus Phillips, Colonel Jose Banzon, President Ngo Dinh Diem, and Colonel Duong Van Duc discussing psychological warfare. 1954

Envelope IL

1 print of W.T.T. Ward, Thailand 1964

Envelope IM-IN

17 prints (with 7 duplicates) of a reception honoring Colonel Alexander Karl Gerhard Wessel, Ministry of Defense, Federal Republic of Germany. April 21, 1958

Envelope 80116 - 10.A-V, 80116 - 8M.02, Envelope IO

1 print of Major General Samuel V. Wilson receiving promotion. July 17, 1973

Album fIP

1 album containing 33 prints depicting Lansdale's experiences during World War II. undated

Envelope IQ

25 prints of Edward and Pat Lansdale with friends and family. circa 1913-1980

Envelope IR

2 prints of Ngo Dinh Diem and Raymond DeJaegher; 8 prints of Lansdale and Vietnamese officials, including Nguyen Cao Ky and Nguyen Duc Thang, 1954-1955; 4 prints of Vietnamese village projects, 1967; 2 prints of Vietnamese military troops in action, 1955.

Envelope IS

1 print (with 1 duplicate) of Lansdale in the Philippines; 2 prints of Lansdale being sworn into the military, 1947; 6 prints of Lansdale with colleagues at official and social functions, 1961-1963; 4 prints of Corregidor. undated

Envelope IT

1 negative of George Marshall; 1 negative of Frank Pace, Jr. undated

Envelope IU-IW

138 prints (175 duplicates) of General O'Daniel's trip to Indochina. 1953


Maps And Charts

Map-case Map cabinet




Map-case Memorabilia cabinet


Appendix: Audiotape List

Tapes 1-68

Audiotapes Of Senior Liaison Office Staff, And Friends: 1965-1968 (Saigon), And 1968-1975 (U.S.A.)

Scope and Content Note

While in Saigon, General Lansdale and other members of the Senior Liaison Office (SLO) staff invited Vietnamese and American musicians to record at 194 Cong Ly, where the staff was quartered. Some members of the SLO staff were themselves musicians. Ambassador Lodge and Premier Nguyen Kao Ky are heard from time to time, as are other government and military figures. Frequently recorded individuals include Vietnamese composer Pham Duy, American folksinger Steve Addis, USAID Provincial Operations Director Colonel Sam Wilson, SLO volunteer Bernie Yoh, southern province advisor Captain Hershel Gober, and career Foreign Service officer Jim Bullington.
Colonel Sam Wilson was a close friend of General Lansdale's; and had been on Lansdale's Special Operations staff at the Pentagon. Later, he became a Lieutenant General in the U.S. Army, after serving as U.S. Military Attache in Moscow, director of the Military Intelligence Agency, and Deputy Director of the CIA.
Bernie Yoh was an unpaid volunteer with the SLO. Yoh was Chinese, and a close friend of Archbishop Yu-peng. He had run the Shanghai "net" for Americans in World War II, and was introduced to Lansdale by Ngo Dinh Diem in 1955. While in his teens, Yoh conducted the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. Colonel Sam Wilson was a close friend of General Lansdale's; and had been on Lansdale's Special Operations staff at the Pentagon. Later, he became a Lieutenant General in the U.S. Army, after serving as U.S. Military Attache in Moscow, director of the Military Intelligence Agency, and Deputy Director of the CIA.
Bernie Yoh was an unpaid volunteer with the SLO. Yoh was Chinese, and a close friend of Archbishop Yu-peng. He had run the Shanghai "net" for Americans in World War II, and was introduced to Lansdale by Ngo Dinh Diem in 1955. While in his teens, Yoh conducted the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra.
Captain Hershel Gober was an infantry adviser in Rach Gia, on the Gulf of Siam, on the southern coast of Vietnam. He had served in Germany under Colonel Sam Karrick. Colonel Karrick had served on Lansdale's staff at TRIM (MAAG-Vietnam) in 1954-55, and was with the SLO, 1965-67.
Jim Bullington was a Foreign Service Officer, stationed as a Consular officer in Hue. At the time of the first songs, he was an aide to Ambassador Lodge.
A few tapes were recorded after General Lansdale had returned to the United States. The tapes are arranged in approximate chronological order, and English song titles are listed whenever possible.
tape 1

Sound Recording - Vietnam, 10/15/65

Additional Note

This is a recording of the "first Senior Liaison Office reunion" at 194 Cong Ly in Saigon. General Lansdale has just arrived in Vietnam. Pham Duy, the Vietnamese songwriter, is unable to attend; but Colonel Sam Wilson, staff member Bernie Yoh, and Ambassador Lodge, among others, are present. The tape begins with a speech and introductory remarks by General Lansdale. Then the group sings, and some individuals perform solos.

1. "SLO Theme Song," group (English)


2. "Whiffenpoof Song," Sam Wilson (English)


3. Theme: "Merrills Mauraders," Sam Wilson (instrumental)


4. "Oh Cherchonia," Sam Wilson (English and Russian)


5. "A Personal Friend Of Mine," Amb. Lodge (English, French, German)


6. "Shiek Of Araby," Sam Wilson (English)


7. Spanish Guitar, Sam Wilson (instrumental)


8. "Who Stole The Jam?" Amb. Lodge (English)


9. "SLO Theme Song," group (English)


10. "Lilacs In The Rain," Sam Wilson and Robert Shaplen (English)


11. "Waltzing Matilda," Bohannan (English)


12. "Tie Me Kangaroo Down," Sam Wilson (English)

tape 2

Sound Recording - Vietnam, 10/18/65

Additional Note

This is a recording of a party at 194 Cong Ly. Songs are by Colonel Sam Wilson, author Robert Shaplen (personal friend of Lansdale and other SLO members) staff member Bernie Yoh, and others. This tape and tape # 3 go together.

1. Mandolin, Bernie Yoh (instrumental)


2. "Blue Tail Fly," Sam Wilson (English)


3. "In The Evening By The Moonlight," Sam Wilson (English)


4. "Summertime," Sam Wilson (English)


5. "Bill Bailey," Sam Wilson (English)


6. "Saigon At Night," Sam Wilson (instrumental)


7. Flamenco guitar (instrumental)


8. "Old Gray Goose," Sam Wilson (English)


9. "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead," Sam Wilson (English)


10. "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby," Sam Wilson (English)


11. "Lazy River," Sam Wilson (English)


12. "The Street Of Dreams," Sam Wilson (English)


13. "I'll Never Smile Again," Sam Wilson (English)


14. "My Blue Heaven," Sam Wilson (English)


15. "It's Funny That Way," Sam Wilson (English)


16. "A Shanty In Old Shantytown," Sam Wilson (English)


17. "Without A Song," Sam Wilson (English)

tape 3

Sound Recording - Vietnam, 10/18/65

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 80116_a_0000686

Additional Note

This is a continuation from tape # 2 (a recording of a party at 194 Cong Ly).

1. "I've Got A Crush On You," Sam Wilson (English)


2. "Moonlight Serenade," Sam Wilson (English)


3. Guitar, Sam Wilson (instrumental)


4. "Jack Of Diamonds," Sam Wilson (English)


5. "The Mountain Battery," Sam Wilson (English)


6. "I Love You The Best Of All," Sam Wilson (English)


7. "Shame On Shame," Sam Wilson (English)


8. "Long, Long Trail," Sam Wilson (English)


9. "You Are My Sunshine," Sam Wilson (English)


10. "Shine On, Harvest Moon," Sam Wilson (English)


11. "Me And My Gal," Sam Wilson (English)


12. "Wedding Bells," Sam Wilson (English)


13. "Cuddle Up A Little Closer," Sam Wilson (English)

tape 4

Sound Recording - Vietnam, 11/25/65

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 80116_a_0000687

Additional Note

This tape is labelled "General Thang--instructions on RCC songs." Recorded at 194 Cong Ly, it is a discussion among General Thang, General Lansdale, songwriter Pham Duy, and S.L.O. staff members Hank Miller and Bernie Yoh. Pham Duy speaks mostly in French throughout this tape. This was taped following a Thanksgiving dinner at Lansdale's quarters. General Thang, a close friend of Lansdale's and a top minister in Ky's cabinet, was thrilled to meet Pham Duy, whose music he remembered from his childhood. General Thang and Pham Duy, encouraged by General Lansdale, reminisce about the first days of the Viet Minh, and about the troop songs Pham Duy had written during the Viet Minh resistance against the French. (When the Communist control of the Viet Minh was revealed, Pham Duy quit that organization.)
The discussion begins with a comment from General Thang about persuading the people of Vietnam to back the government against the Communists. Soon the discussion turns to music as a way to rally the people. General Thang wants to have one inspiring song for all of Vietnam. The group discusses a song writing contest in order to find such a popular song. Pham Duy then talks (General Thang translates) about the folk music traditions of the different villages, and how difficult it would be to introduce one song. Since the problem seems to be that of restoring the pride and confidence of the people, Pham Duy suggests a program of restoring the old traditional music of each village. The music is the pride of the village; a village will not adopt the music of some other region. He gives an example of one song sung very differently in two different regions.
General Thang complains that the Viet Cong have simple, catchy songs which everyone seems to be singing. He gives one example of such a Viet Cong song, and it turns out to be one of Pham Duy's old Viet Minh songs. Pham Duy discusses the people of Vietnam, who are very tired of war, and the spiritlessness of their current songs. This discussion is continued on tapes # 5 and 6. A transcript of these tapes is found in appendix A.
tape 5

Sound Recording - Vietnam, 11/25/65

Additional Note

This is a continuation from tape # 4. General Lansdale and General Thang talk about cadre re-training and about rural pacification. The entire group then discusses personalities and cadre training. Pham Duy is part of this discussion. Everyone agrees that music should be included in cadre training.
tape 6

Sound Recording - Vietnam, 11/25/65

Additional Note

This is a continuation of tapes # 4 and 5; it contains much of Pham Duy's music, sung for General Thang.

1. "Soldier's Birthday Song," Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


2. "Best Soldier Song," Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


3. "Discussion Song," Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


4. "Sing With Me," Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


5. "VC 'Guerrilla Man,'" Gen. Thang and Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


6. "Fire And Shadow Theme," Bernie Yoh and Pham Duy


7. "Vietnam, Vietnam," Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


8. "Departure For Combat," Gen. Thang and Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


9. "Rain On The Leaves," Pham Duy and Bernie Yoh (Vietnamese and English)


10. "Greensleeves," Bernie Yoh and Pham Duy


11. "La Quinta," Bernie Yoh and Pham Duy


12. "Rain On The Leaves," Bernie Yoh and Pham Duy (instrumental)


13. "Fire And Shadow March," Bernie Yoh and Pham Duy


14. "Winter For The Fighting Men," Pham Duy (Vietnamese)


15. "Carrying Paddy To The Soldiers," Pham Duy (Vietnamese)

tape 7

Sound Recording - Vietnam, 12/18/65

Additional Note

This tape is a recording of an "SLO pre-curfew party" in Saigon at 194 Cong Ly. Radio Hanoi had just announced the beginning of "hate Americans" week, and during the same broadcast had threatened to assassinate General Lansdale. The residents of Cong Ly (with their neighbors' permission) gave a loud street party to invite an attack, for which they were prepared.
Several people sing and entertain. One soloist, Sgt. Roger Hopkins, was not known at Cong Ly but wandered into the party after hearing the music as he passed by in his car. Pham Duy announces his songs in English and Vietnamese, and performs them with his group, "The Villagers." The recording of this party is continued on tapes # 8-10.

1. Entry song, Pham Duy and the Villagers (Vietnamese)


2. "Fisherman's Song," Pham Duy and the Villagers (Vietnamese)


3. North Vietnamese folk song, Miss Gian (Vietnamese)


4. Phan Rang folk song, Miss Gian (Vietnamese)