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D. Ghirardelli Co. Photograph Album of Chocolate Manufacturing Process, ca. 1919
BANC PIC 1992.036--ALB  
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[Factory grounds.] BANC PIC 1992.036:01--ALB


[Factory grounds.] BANC PIC 1992.036:02--ALB


[Factory grounds, seen from south.] BANC PIC 1992.036:03--ALB


[Factory buildings with "Ghirardelli" sign across rooftops. South facade.] BANC PIC 1992.036:04--ALB


[Factory buildings, south facades.] BANC PIC 1992.036:05--ALB


[Factory grounds.] BANC PIC 1992.036:06--ALB


[Factory worker and machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:07--ALB


[Factory worker operating machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:08--ALB


[Factory worker operating machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:09--ALB


[Factory workers in canning area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:10--ALB


[Factory worker at cocoa table.] BANC PIC 1992.036:11--ALB


[Factory worker operating machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:12--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:13--ALB


[Factory workers operating machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:14--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:15--ALB


[Factory worker operating machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:16--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:17--ALB


[Factory workers. Making chocolate bars?] BANC PIC 1992.036:18--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:19--ALB


[Factory workers making chocolate bars.] BANC PIC 1992.036:20--ALB


[Stock area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:21--ALB


[Factory workers and machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:22--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:23--ALB


[Factory workers at cocoa tables.] BANC PIC 1992.036:24--ALB


[Factory workers at machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:25--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:26--ALB


[Unidentified man at desk.] BANC PIC 1992.036:27--ALB


[Factory workers in stock area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:28--ALB


[Factory worker operating machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:29--ALB


[Factory workers in canning area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:30--ALB


[Factory workers making chocolate bars.] BANC PIC 1992.036:31--ALB


[D. Lyle Ghirardelli, company president 1922-1944. Son of Domingo Ghirardelli, Jr. (Identified by Sidney Lawrence.)] BANC PIC 1992.036:32--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:33--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:34--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:35--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:36--ALB


[Stock area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:37--ALB


[Factory workers in packaging area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:38--ALB


[Factory workers in canning area.] BANC PIC 1992.036:39--ALB


[Workers in sales office?] BANC PIC 1992.036:40--ALB


[Factory workers and machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:41--ALB


[Factory workers at tables.] BANC PIC 1992.036:42--ALB


[Factory worker loading barrels.] BANC PIC 1992.036:43--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:44--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:45--ALB


[Factory worker at table.] BANC PIC 1992.036:46--ALB


[Factory worker with barrels.] BANC PIC 1992.036:47--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:48--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:49--ALB


[D. Ghirardelli Company horse wagon outside factory.] BANC PIC 1992.036:50--ALB


[Factory buildings, seen from south.] BANC PIC 1992.036:51--ALB


May 3, 1919. [D. Ghirardelli Company truck at pier 16. Ferry Building in background.] BANC PIC 1992.036:52--ALB


[D. Ghirardelli Company truck outside factory.] BANC PIC 1992.036:53--ALB


1882. [D. Ghirardelli & Sons Eagle Chocolate Factory.] BANC PIC 1992.036:54--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:55--ALB


[Factory machinery.] BANC PIC 1992.036:56--ALB