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Stereograph Cards of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906
BANC PIC 1989.018--STER  
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:1 Earthquake and fire wreck of the Magnificent Huntington and Flood Palaces and Fairmont Hotel. 1001


:2 Opening the Safes of a Market Street Jewelry Store, San Francisco, after the Catastrophe. 1002


:3 Effect of Earthquake on Market Street Pavement. Ferry Bldg. Tower in distance, San Francisco. 1003


:4 Wrecking Dangeous Walls in the Shaken and Burned District of San Francisco. April 18, 1906. 1004


:5 A Government Relief Boat at Oakland loading Supplies for the Stricken City of San Francisco. 1005


:6 Showing Devastation by Earthquake an Fire, Building containing the Municipal Records. 1006


:7 Down California St, from Fairmount Hotel, the Fire Swept District of San Francisco. 1007


:8 San Francisco's Magnificent City Hall and Hall of Records, Destroyed by Fire and Earthquake. 1008


:9 Bound for the Ferry after the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Disaster of April 18, 1906. 1009


:10 San Fancisco's Six-Million-Dollar City Hall, containing the Municipal Records wrecked by Earthquake. 1010


:11 The utter Desolation of San Francisco from the Water Front, Fairmount Hotel on Nob Hill in distance. 1011


:12 A Row of Earthquake wrecked Cottages on Steiner and Busch Streets, San Francisco. 1012


:13 Bringing order out of Chaos of San Francisco's Ruins. Opening up Impassable Streets. 1013


:14 Emergency Camp and Costume of San Francisco's young ladies who lost everything in the disaster. 1014


:15 A Chinese Chef driven from Kitchen to Curb by the San Francisco Earthquake Disaster, April 18, 1906. 1015


:16 Outdoor Kitchens. Ruptured Chimneys forced San Francisco to cook on the street for several weeks. 1016


:17 Tonsorial Establishment in Temporary Quarters at Ft. Mason Refugee Camp after the Disaster. 1017


:18 Glimpse of the Fire Devastated Heart of San Francisco from the Huntington Palace on California St. 1018


:19 The Beautiful Homes on Pacific Ave, damaged by Earthquake, San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1019


:20 Cracks caused by Earthquake in the walls of San Francisco's New Granite Post Office Bldg. 1020


:21 Jim Forrest's Camp, where 20 Tons of Provisions were distributed each day to the San Francisco Refugees. 1021


:22 A Glimpse of the Quiet Camp Life of Refugees in Golden Gate Park after the San Francisco Disaster. 1022


:23 Union Square, San Francisco, showing Dewey Monument, the Call and Dana Bldgs. 1023


:24 The Ruins of Streets and homes, of wrecked district at Van Ness and Vallejo Sts., San Francisco. 1024


:25 Earthquake wrecked Spires and Walls of St. Dominic's Cathedral, San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1025


:26 The New Masonic Temple on Sutter Street badly wrecked by the San Francisco Earthquake. 1026


:27 Ft. Mason Refugee Campers and their belongings saved from the flames of burning San Francisco. 1027


:28 Gathering a few Home Relics at the Ruins of the Wenban Palace, Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 1028


:29 A Make-Shift Camp on the Border of Desolation in the Fire scourged District of San Francisco. 1029


:30 Refugees' Snug Camp in the Shades of Columbia Park, San Francisco Fire Swept District. 1030


:31 A Family of Refugees waiting for Dinner in Camp at Ft. Mason...San Francisco Disaster. 1031


:32 The wreck of the Beautiful St. Luke's Church on Van Ness Ave., devastated by Earthqake and Fire. 1032


:33 Los Angeles Relief Camp in Golden Gate Park. 10,000 people were fed there each day. 1033


:34 The Refugee Camps and Shelters at Fort Mason after the Earthquake and Fire Disaster, San Francisco. 1034


:35 A Temporary Relief Camp, Police Headquarters and Registration Bureau on Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 1035


:36 St. Mary's Cathedral Bread Line where the little Tots were not forgotten, San Francisco Disaster. 1036


:37 Light Hearts and Heavy Burdens leaving the Long Bread Line at St. Mary's Cathedral. 1037


:38 The Destruction of San Francisco, April 18, 1906, Showing Market Street and Ferry Bldg. Tower. 1038


:39 The Union Ferry Station showing Earthquake and Fire Devastated water front section of San Francisco. 1039


:40 San Francisco Refugees Camped by the Wayside and Cooking their Rations in the Gutters. 1040


:41 The Earthquake Ruptured Pavement and Fire Wrecked Mansions on Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 1041


:42 Seeking for Treasures in the Ruins of the Once Magnificent Crocker Home, California St., San Francisco. 1042


:43 Ruined Palaces on Van Ness Ave., wiped out by the Fire and Earthquake of April 18, 1906. 1043


:44 Serving out Army Supplies to Unending Bread Line of Refugees at Ft. Mason, San Francisco Disaster. 1044


:45 The Ruin of San Francisco from California and Jones St., showing Havoc by Earthquake and Fire. 1045


:46 Wreck and Ruin of Chintown District in San Francisco, destroyed by Fire and Earthquake, April 18, '06. 1046


:47 Dynamiting the Earthquake and Fire-Wrecked Buildings on Market St., San Francisco. 1047


:48 Mission Street Car Track and Pavement showing the resistless [irresistable] Power of Earthquake, April 18, 1906. 1048


:49 Jim Forrest and his Supply Camp on Laguna St., San Francisco disaster, April 18, 1906. 1049


:50 The Wreck of San Francisco Jewish Syngogue in Foreground from Sutter and Powell Sts. 1050


:51 The Fire Devastated Fairmount Hotel Crowning Nob Hill, California St., San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1051


:52 San Francisco Disaster, Victims leaving town with bag and baggage. 1052


:53 Market Street, San Francisco's Great Throughfare, showing effects of Earthquake on the Street. 1053


:54 Searching for Trinkets in front of the Once Magnificent Crocker Palace, San Francisco. 1054


:55 The Never-ending Serch for the Missing in the Earthquake and Fire Devastated Ruins of San Francisco. 1055


:56 A Millionaire's Home on Van Ness Ave., Devastated by Earthquake and Fire April 18, 1906. 1056


:57 Wrecked Masonic Temple and Jewish Synagogue on Geary Street, San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1057


:58 The beautiful Spreckles residence destroyed by fire and earthquake, San Francisco. 1058


:59 The Wreck of San Francisco's Magnificient City Hall Building destroyed by Earthquake and Fire. 1059