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Guide to the Records of the Department of Anthropology, 1901-[ongoing]
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1922, 1928


German refugees


1938, seek jobs


Gerow, Bert A.




Getty, Harry T.




Gherini, Ambrose


1928, EWG consigns specimens to Santa Barbara


Ghurye, G.S.


1949, DGM letter of recommendation


Gianella, Addie B.


1932, RLO identifies bed rock mortar


Gibbons, D.J.


1951, identification of Japanese plate


Gibson, Mercedes


1943, with ALK, hers in Spanish


Gibson-Hill, Carl


1954, re exchange of publications


Gibson, W.D.


1937, re petroglyphs


Giddings, J.L.


1951, arrangements for meeting of Committee on Archaeological Terminology


Gienger, L.


1939, EWG gives references on pottery


Giesecke, Albert A.


1931-1952, includes article on Pachacamac (Peru)


Giffen, Frank C.


1941, EWG gives references


Giffen, Guy




Giffen, Helen S.


1930, 1943


Giffen, W.A., Mrs.


1939, wants to join expedition to north coast


ALK says none planned

Box 60

Gifford, E.W.



























Box 61



January - July 1957


August - December 1957




1959 and n.d.


Gifford, E.W. - clerk




Gifford, E.W. - Harris




Gifford, E.W. - Harvey




Gifford, E.W. - Kroeber








January - April 1916


May - December 1916



Box 62

January - May 1918


June - December 1918










1935, 1937, 1938




Gifford, E.W. - Radcliffe-Brown




Gifford, E.W. - Radin




Gifford, E.W. - reader (Monica Flannery)




Gifford, E.W. - Waterman




Gifford, E.W. - Waterman




Gifford, E.W. - Waterman




Gifford, E.W.


Anthropometric data on California Indians (for new edition of "California Anthropology"), 1928


Gifford, E.W.



Box 63

Gigas, Braeme E.


1939, re petroglyphs of Inyo County


Gila Bend Chamber of Commerce


1942, EWG inquires about accomodations at Rocky Point, Sonora


Gila Pueblo




Gilbert, F.C.


1943, with ALK re metallurgical arts


Gilbert, Florence L.


1939, student


Gilbert, Malcolm


1933, re work of the Campbells at Twenty-nine Palms


Gilbert, Wm. H.


1937, seeks job


1941, re Indian fire ceremonies


Gilcrease Foundation


1952, EWG invited to visit gallery


Gilfillan, S.C.


1927-1928, re his papers


Gill, Edmund D.


1954, EWG writes re radiocarbon dating


Gillin, John P.




Gilmore, B.M.


1948, TDMcC thanks for reprints


Gilmore, Margaret


1942, TDMcC sends references on Syria and Palestine


Gilmore, Melvin




Gilmore, Ray


1931, 1933, letters of recommendation




1955, secretary's memo to GMF that professor from Colombia would like to see him


Girard, Alfred


1952, EWG asks permisiion to excavate in Preaqu'ile Foué


Girard, Francoise


1955, EWG sends Fiji publications


Girard, Rafael


1950, in Spanish to RHL


Gist, Frank


1913, ALK advises on purchase of baskets


Gist, Marie


1928, 1947


Giumini, O.J.


1927, re excavations near Crockett


Gjessing, Gutorm




Gladkov, Olga


1939, RHL letter of recommendation


Gladwin, Harold




Gladwin, Thomas


1939, re possible graduate work


Glafkadis, Constantine


1943, RLO letter of recommendation


Glassell, Steve A.


1941, 1948, re identification of shell artifacts


Glenn, Frank


1940, re identification of jadeite object


Gluck, Jay


1954, secretary thanks for his publication "Ah So!"


Gluckman, M




Glucksman, Paul H.


1940, Austrian refuge seeks job


RHL reply


Glyco Products


1956, order for flexo-wax


Goble, R.E.


1933, EWG says unable to send anyone to identify Farrow's specimens


Goddard, John M.


1951, re kayak trip on Nile


Goddard, P.E.












Godfey, Allen H.


1944, with RHL re Crow ritual


Goethe, C.M.




Goetz, H.


1949, sends bio-bibliography


RHL reply


Goff, C.W


195?, request for a grant from the National Science Foundation


Goff, F.W.


1933,1940, re petroglyphs

Box 64

Goin, V.E.


1936, EWG says no evidence of phallic worship among Indians


Goins, John F.




Gold, Marcus


1946, RHL letter of recommendation


Golden Gate International Exposition






Goldenweiser, A.A.


1918-1941, includes obituary


Goldenweiser, Alice


1931, RHL letter of recommendation


Goldfard, Nahman


1932-1935, letters of recommendation


Goldschmidt, Walter




Goldsmith, Erwin


1948, re graduate work


Goldstein, Marcus S.


1940, 1943


Goleman, Irving




Goller, Karl


1938, one letter in German


Golomshtok, Eugene A.




Gonick, Emanuel


1931-1945, includes letters from Russia


Gonzalez, Alberto


1945, re exchange of publications with RHL


Gonzalez, Felipe


1948-1955, with EWG, in Spanish


Gonzalez, Jose B.


1936, EWG informs him that his pottery is Pre-Columbian


Goode, J. Paul


1921, re tribal maps


Goodlett, Carleton B.


1937, re PhD. exam


Goodman, Eli


1948, from DGM re employment


Goodman, J.T.


1913, ALK invites him to participate in scientific meeting




Goodrich, Henry E.


1915, ALK asks Nevada physician to treat eyes of Gilbert Natches


Goodrich, W.S.


1924, re Havasupai pictures and wants field work


Goodspeed, T.H.




Goodwin, Catherine D.


1915-1916, Yurok informant


Goodwin, Grenville


1935-1937, re his work with Apaches


Goodwin, James, Mrs.


1945, asks RHL's aid in improving education for the Navaho


Goodwin, Lila G.


1939, wants appraisal of beads, referred to L.A. Museum


Goodwin, Marvin T.


1943, re loan of instruments to measure tuberculosis patients


Goodwin, William B.


1931, with ALK re Iroquois confederacy

Box 65

Gordeuk, Alex


1945, RHL and former student in army


Gordon, A.E.


1941, asks ALK opinion of Alfred Emerson




Gordon, Albert I.


1949, from DGM re Jewish life in America


Gordon, G.B.


1913, with ALK re Mechling and Erdland


Gordon, Tavia


undated, re her work


Gore, Norman


undated, letter of introduction to RHL from Ernest Babcock


Gorer, Geoffrey


1950, review of his "The People of Great Russia" by D.M. Schneider


Gorrell, Robert M.


1949, re Guide to Comparative Literature"


Goshaw, George R.


1952, RFH agrees to appraise his collection from Shishmaref, provided he is permitted to publish


Gosline, Sally


1966, re possible loan of African material for exhibit


Gottinger, William H.


1948, inquires about anthropology career opportunities


EWG reply


Gottschalk, Louis


1941, invites ALK to Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of the University of Chicago


Goucher College


1949, RHL recommends Cappannari for teaching position


1951, TDM recommends Clifton Kroeber


1953, RHL recommends Mary Herman


Gough, Kathleen


1955, DGM invites her here to write up her field data


Grace, George


1951-1955, Research assistant


Grace & Co.


1926, ALK's reservation on ship to Callao


Graham, Malbone W.


1934, with ALK re UCLA budget


1940, asks ALK to serve on International Relations lecture series committee




Graham, Saxon


1947, re possible graduate work


Grant, Henry M.


1937, RLO plans to speak to Family Relations Center


Grant, Sampson


1922, arrangements for Indian informant to come from Burney


Gratiot Collection


1934, Henry Field writes ALK to advise him not to buy this very overpriced collection


Graves, Charles S.


1929, sends ALK his "Lore and Legends of the Klamath River Indians"


Graves, Mortimer


1947, ALK asks him to publicize Mary Haas's course in Siamese


Gray, George W.


1946, plans to visit here


Gray, Helen Blom


1944, re credit for course taken at U. Washington


Gray, Horace


1936, from ALK re Wong's measurement of Chinese


Gray, Theodore


1917, re lecture


1921, letter of recommendation


Grayson, King


1947, writes of plan to dramatize Farabee's notebooks and asks what ALK knows about him


ALK reply


Great Basin Archaeological Conference




Great Britain, Colonial Office


1949, RLO letter of re commendation for Lowrimore


1950, RHL letter of recommendation for Pearsall


Green, Amos R.


1946, request for permission to reproduce picture referred to publisher


1953, secretary unable to forward his letter to Hans Fischel


Green, Charley


1920, Pitt River Indian unable to come as informant because he is busy with claim


Green, Joseph C.


1940, RHL gives evidence for American origin of peanuts and peppers




publisher, 1927


ALK analyzes anthropology text book situation


ALK says his arrangement with Harcourt Brace makes him unable to write a book for them


Greenberg, Joseph


1949, 1951, 1956


Greene, A.F.C.


1941, with RHL re Crow language


Greene, Edward J.


1945, former student tells ALK about his later studies


Greene, Joseph I.


1947, ALK says all right for government to use his "Cultural and Natural Areas of Native North America"


Greenstadt, M.


1955, RHL answer to opinion survey on the social education of scientists


Greever, Virginia


1936, RHL letter of recommendation


Gregg, Hazzard, Mrs.


EWG plans to see her collection


Gregory, Herbert E.


1924, 1927, Director, Bishop Museum


Gregory, William K.


1937, vertebrate paleontologist, American Museum of Natural History


Greiner, Ruth H.




Greslebin, Héctor


1936, ALK sends Peruvian publications


Griffin, Alice A.


1934, RLO says sorry not to be able to research Indians of Monterey County due to lack of funds


Griffin, Alice Louise


1949, JHR's opinion of Toor's "A Treasury of Mexican Folkways"


Griffin, James B.




Grigsby, Eugene


1964, to arrange visit with WB


Grimm, David H.


re x-raying skull for dental research


Grinnell, George B.


1918, thanks for Sapir's Yana texts


1919, ALK tells him that his books are student favorites


Grinnell, Hilda


1943, bibliographer asks access to seminar room to compile C. Hart Merriam bibliography


Grinnell, Joseph


1928-1938, Director of the U.C. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology


Groesbeck, K.M.




Grolier Society


1946, RHL too busy to contribute to books


1947, re Barton manuscript


Groot, Gerard


1950-1952, Director, Archaeological Institute of Japan


Gross, Leonard


1931, re loan of ALK's dress data


Grove, Bert


1936, wants carved limestone identified


ALK refers to U. Chicago


Grove, Julian Korski


1919, ALK letter of recommendation


Groves, June


1963, re identifying artifacts


Grunert, Paul F.


1929, arranges to bring New Mexican items to museum for identification


Guatamala Instituto de Antropologia e Historia


1949, announcement of courses


Gudde, Erwin G.


1944-1948, re dictionary of California place names


Gudmundsen, Shirley


1948, re possible graduate work


Guetzkow, Harold


1949, with DGM re getting together to discuss the ISSRI project


Guggenheim Memorial Foundation




Guggenheim, Simon


1929, ALK asks if American Smelting will help with testing of Peruvian metal

Box 66

Guice, C. Norman


1946, PhD. committee


Guidery, Lena


1931, re destitute Indian family offering items for sale


1935, re transferring basket designs to textiles


1939, re Nordic myths


1939, asks ALK to see Indian, Leonard Hodges, about possible field work


Gump, S. & G.


Gunda, Bela


1946-1947, RHL to Hungarian in Sweden, Gunda's in German


Gunter, John


memo states that he made a very good film strip on Indian life


Gunther, Charles


1919, EWG invites him to come as informant




Gunther, Erna




Gurvitch, Georges




Gusinde, Martin




Gussow, Zachary


1954, with RHL on Cheyenne and Arapaho land tenure system


Guthe, Carl E.




Guthrie, Alice Cline


1952-1953, re gift to support research of Walter Cline


Gutkind, Peter


RHL gives advice on future studies


Guttentag, Otto


1951, letter of thanks to DGM



Box 66

Haag, William G.


1949, EWG requests reprint


RFH re Driver's book and Haag's paper on dogs


Haacker, Walter A.


1946, letters of recommendation for Adan Treganza


Haas, Lez L.


1946, RHL advises on PhD. program


Haas, Mary R.




Haase, Ynez


1951, re PhD.


1963, re Panamanian sherds


Haberlandt, Arthur


1932, one letter in German


Hachisuka, the Marquess


1937, with EWG re birds


Hach-mactzin, High Priest of the Heart of Heaven, Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis


1914, to EWG


Hackett, C.W.


1947, ALK sends slide negatives


Hackett, Francis


1922, ALK sends review of Holmes' "Trend of the Race"


Hadda, Evelyn Weiler


1950, EWG letter of recommendation


Hadden, Anne


1926, reports rock paintings in Monterey County


Hadden, Malcolm


1950, doctor thanks EWG for paper on lumbar breakdown


Haddon, A.C.




Haddon, Freda


1932, ALK agrees to look at knife and image found in San Salvador


Hadow, Robert


1954, announcement of lecture on Kenya


Haeberlin, H.K.


1916-1917, with ALK re his field work


Haekel, Josef


1948, to RHL in German


Haet, Donald M.


1955, wants speaker for club of Spanish speaking persons


Hagadarn, Beatrice


1942, EWG gives references on California Indians


Hagadorn, W.M.


1915, TTW asks to see thighbones with Aztec inscriptions


sketch of them in folder


Hagberg, Elizabeth


1942, with EWG re her manufacture of Indian figurines and museum training


Hagen, Hermann B.


1934, two letters to ALK in German


Hagen, Olaf T.


1940, sends photos of petroglyphs in Idaho


Hagen, Victor Wolfgang von


undated, prospectus for Darwin Memorial Expedition


Hahn, J.M.


1913, re relics


1929-1930, letters of recommendations to Teachers Agency


Hahn, LeRoy


1946, seeks price list of publications which he will send to a small college in Haiti


Haile, Berard


1927, ALK compliments him on his manual of Navaho grammer


Hails, E.H.


1942, seeks return of Chumash mortar


Haines, Francis




Haines, Leslie


1939, EWG gives references on Tahiti


Hald, Margrethe


1950, secretary acknowledges book sent to RLO, who is in Japan


Halecki, Oskar


1943, re unpublished manuscripts of Miss Czaplicka


Hall, Ansel F.




Hall, Arnold B.



Box 67

Hall, Barbara


1956, teacher wants to arrange class visit


Hall, E. Raymond




Hall, F.S.


1923, re Colley


1929, ALK gives advice on Washington State Museum


Hall, H.U.




Hall, Harvey


1947, from DGM re paper on India


Hall, Ivan G.


1923, re tetanus in Tonga


1926-1927, with EWG re poison darts


Hall, James F.




Hall, Robert A., Jr.


1945, ALK supplies Indian words for horse


Hall, T.B.


1936, invites EWG to Papago ceremony


EWG unable


Halliday, Constance C.


1946, Master's degree committee


Hallock, F.R.


1934, gives photos of Nevada petroglyphs for which she has a psychic interpretation


Halloran, Jessie


1940, seeks professors who were interested in a rock at San Juan Bautista


referred to Geology


Hallowell, A. Irving




Hallowell, Dorothy K.


1922, asks about psychological testing of Indians


ALK reply


Halpern, Abraham M.


Halsell, J. P.


1913, requests publications


Halseth, Odd S.




Halsey, W.D.


1949, DGM sends entries for ethnology of India


Halterman, R.K.


1952, EWG unable to identify Chinese bowl


Halvorsen, Robert


1956, EWG with District Administrator for Yap


Hambley, Wilfred D.




Hamilton, G.V.


1916, with TTW re slides illustrating monkey behavior


Hamilton, Robert G.


1929, seeks someone to accompany him to Arizona desert


referred to San Diego Museum


Hamilton, M. Dianne


1951, asks about mummified giants found in Nevada


EWG reply


Hamilton, Walton H.


1926, asks permission to reprint RHL's review of Grant's "The Passing of a Great Race" for use of students at Brookings Graduate School of Economics and Government


1955, re possible visit with RHL


Hamlin, Chauncey J.


1932, EWG says new research-storage basis of museum dicates that it be left off list of cooperating museums


1940, EWG regrets unable to attend conference on museum training


Hamlin, H.


1932, asks ALK for recommendation for scholarship at Santa Fe laboratory


Hammatt, R.F.


1919, publications sent to Forest Service


1920, re "Pieggies"


Hammel, E.A.


1954, returning veteran seeks museum job


Hammond, George P.


1952, EWG gives information on map of the Valley of Mexico


Hampton, Mary


1955, re identifying Mexican vase


Hanan, Robert B.


1948, RFH pronounces his flaked stone specimens to be fake


Hand, Wayland D.





see von Borosini


Handschin, E.


1949, to RHL in German


Handy, E.S.




Hanhart, James


1913, seeks job


Hanke, Lewis




Hankey, Rosalie




Hanks, Jane Richardson




Hanna, A.J.


1935, RHL unable to attend semicentennial of Rollins College, suggests Brannon of Alabama


Hanna, G.S.


1930, re mounds near Bakersfield


1948, to EWG re identification of Fiji specimens


Hanna, Murel


1928-1932, re plan of work on Arizona tribes and scholarship


Hanna, Paul R.


1947, from DGM re cultural changes


Hanna, Phil Townsend


1928-1929, re ALK interview for Touring Topics


1932, asks ALK's opinion of Boscana's "Chinigchinich"


ALK reply


Hankins, Frank H.


1927, RHL comments on his book, "The Racial Basis of Civilization"


Hanna, R.H.


1933, re maps of Walapai territory


Hanna, R.W.


1927, new owner of ranch on Mill Creek with ALK about Ishi and his tribe and Modoc war relics


Hannibal, Harold


1923, thanks for reporting shellmound


Hansen, Evelyn


1943-1945, letters of recommendation, and letter describing museum in Edenton, North Carolina


Hansen, Henny Harald


1951, re his book, "Mongolian Costumes"


Hansen, Lucile Taylor


1943-1945, re petroglyphs


Hansen, Richard and Ethel Roney


1954, certificate of M.A. candidacy


1955, change of address


Hanson, Frank Blair

see Rockefeller Foundation


Hanson, Ida Hart


1956, re gift of three books on Navaho language


Happy Camp


1924, Indian gives date of ceremony at Clear Creek


Harcourt Brace publishers







Box 68

Hardies, Rod


1947, re possible graduate work


Harding, George


1930, seeks Printer's Guide said to have been given to the museum


EWG says if it was, it was turned over to the library


Harding, Margaret


1948, from DGM re visit of Cora


Hardwick, S.W.


1928, with ALK re lost city in Arizona


Hardy, Edward L.


1939, EWG gives information on educational activities of the museum


Hargis, William


1927, ALK gives info on Ishi


Hargrave, Amelia


ALK agrees to look at pictures of her Inca pottery


Hargrave, L.L.


1933, re sherds from Southwest


Harich-Schneider, Eta


1954, announcement of lecture on Japanese music


pencilled notation that ALK knows her


Haring, C.H.


1936-1937, re Committee on Latin American Studies


Haring, Douglas G.




Haring, Philip E.


1953, to EWG re his move from Tahiti to Washington


Harlan, J.R.


1941, re visit of Phi Sigma to museum


Harner, Michael James


1951, postcard describes excavation at Parker, Arizona


1953, EWG recommendation


Harnett, Jane E.


1916-1917, with ALK re Indians near Long Beach


Harper and Brothers, publishers




Harper, Edward B., and Louise


1959, reprint "Political Organization and Leadership in a Karnataka Village"


Harper, F.F.G. Custom House brokers


1916, 1926


Harr Wagner publishers


1955, thanks EWG for checking Indian material in history textbook


Harriman Fund


re publication of C. Hart Merriam papers


Harrington, Fred


1950, RHL letter of recommendation for Donald Worcester


Harrington, J.C.


1948, RFH sends paper on Cermeño material


Harrington, J.P.




Harrington, M.R.




Harris, Henry


1929-1930, ALK contributes pictures and comments on his book on California medecine


1938, ALK contributes to his memorial fund


Harris, T. George


1946-1947, with ALK, a philosophical question on what psychology can do for sociology and anthropology


Harris, Walter L.


1917, career advice from ALK


Harris, Zellig


1942, RHL too busy to write suggested paper


1948, from DGM re Sapir publication and processes of culture change


1945, ALK opinion on proposed Boas biography


Harrison, H.F.


1942, RHL sends Crow paper to Crow agency


Harrison, John A.


1947, memo on subject for PhD orals


Harrison, Margaret


1946, thanks for publication


Harrison, W.H.


1944, with RHL on the deterioration of the use of English


Harshberger, John W.


1928, seek info on Mono Indians


ALK reply


Harstine, Ruby V.


1923, re possible work with Peruvian textiles


Hart, Luella


1948, asks to see human figures for book, "Dolls Tell the Story of Man"


Hart, Harry H.




Hart, J.H.


1918, [unsigned] re the Nevada collection


Hart, James D.


1937, RHL suggests anthropologists to be included in his "Companion to American Literature"


1951, thanks RHL for suggestion on visiting professorship


Hart, John


1947, RLO says no funds for archaeological work on his ranch in Mexico


Hart, Kay N.


ALK recommends her plan for Santa Barbara recreation ground, 1931


Hart, Morton E., Jr.


1931, thanks to ALK for letter of recommendation


Hart, R.D.


1923, editor of the Klamath Sun asks ALK for particulars on Ralph Moore's complaints about ill treatment of Indians


ALK suggests that they ask him


Harter, C.C.


1915, EWG suggests library get Negro periodicals


RHL agrees but says that they should be in the general library


Hartstall, Paul see

Holbrook, Richard


Hartstein, Helen Anne


1939, EWG letter of recommendation


Hartman, Dale


1928, re ALK article in Mercury


Hartstein, Helen Anne


1939, EWG letter of recommendation






Harvard Club of Southern California


1952, secretary informs them of the death of Walter Cline


Harvard University Press


1944, offers publications at half price


Harvey, Benjamin L.


1916, asks meaning of Tehama


then disgrees with EWG's reply


Harville, Ronald P.


1938, re arrow trees, scrapers and pictographs


Harwell, C.A.




Haskell, H.A.


1947, DGM gives references


Haskell, W.M.


1919, re status of anthropology as a requirement for the A.B.




1948, clipping from Danish paper, notation in English says he died in Kabul


Hastings, James


1919, re ALK article on Zuñi for Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics


Hastings, Montana


1922, ALK letter of introduction


Hatch, J. Davis


1931, from EWG re Mimbres publications


Hatcher, Arthur E.


1939-1940, reports sites near Mariposa


Hatcher, Averlyne


1946, seeks teaching assistantship


Hatfield, Adrian


1939, re rock with inscriptions


Hatfield, W.Wilbur


1936, sends RHL a copy of "A Correlated Curriculum" to which he contributed


Hathaway, B.W.


1927-1933, re his collection


Hatt, Gudmund


1939, RHL asks for references on Lapp social organization


no reply in file


Haury, Emil




Hautmann, Friedrich


1949, one letter to RHL in German

Box 69

Havea, John


1924, sends EWG names of the Falefa


Haverfield, D. Rusk


1933, offers portfolio of photos of Maya artifacts


no replies in folder


Havre, Harold J.




University of Hawaii




Hawkes, C.F.C.


1954, re his visit here


Hawk, Lowell Curtis


1928, RHL letter of recommendation


Hawkes, E.W.


1939, seeks graduate fellowship


Hawley, Ellen


1943, re Mackie's paper on lima beans


Hawley, Florence M.




Hawthorn, Harry B.


1951, EWG suggestions for a museum job in Canada


Hawyer, J.C.


1914-1915, EWG attempts to get from his widow instruments loaned


Hay, Clarence L.


1913, tells of plans to work at Harvard


1924, telegram about Guatemalan proposition


Hayden, Irwin


1921, re stone which turns out not to be an artifact and publications on Southern California Indians


Hayes, A.L., Mrs


1938, sends picture of pictographs near Witter Springs


Hayes, Alfred


1953, lingusitic field work under direction of Emeneau


Hayes, Alfred Soroker


1954, notice of admission to qualifying exams


Hayes, Carleton H.


1923, re Loubat prize


Hayes, Florence B.


1947-1948, re recordings of Indian music


Haynes, Caroline C.


1921, re mortars and pestles found near Ojai


Hays, W.H.


1921, re ALK contribution to Class of `96 Scholarship Fund


Hayward Public Library


1939, requests tribal map


Hazard, T.P.


1936, RLO appraisal of his mother's collection for purposes of settling her estate


Heald, A.H.


1933, re x-rays of Peruvian mummies


Healy, Helen E. Rickley


1920, reports site near Globe, Arizona


Healey, John


1965, asks help resolving controversy over whether Indian depicted on the Pinole city seal should be clothed and bearded


ABE opinion


Hearne, Mary D.


1965, re class visit to museum


Hearst, Phoebe Apperson




Hearst, William Randolph


1929, ALK thanks for book on his mother


1934, ALK thanks for book on George Hearst


Heater, Russell


1940, prospective undergrad


Heath, D.C., publishers




Heath Collection

see Miller, Gorham, et al 12/7/54


Heath, Virginia S.


1917, re references and mix-up over credit for a course


Heatle, R.W., Mrs.


1943, EWG instructions for mimeographing mid term exams


Hedgpeth, Joel W.




Hedrick, E.R.


1937, thanks ALK for congratulations on new position


Hedrick, Helen


1940, offers recordings of Indian songs and gives news of people at Requa


Heflin, Eugene


1964-1966, re Pistol River report


Heikes, Elizabeth J.


1942, EWG letter of recommendation


Hein, Norvin


1948, DGM advice on his proposed thesis


Heine-Geldern, Robert




Heiner, Joan


1949, will miss exam because she has measles


Heizer, Robert






Held, G.J.


1952, position sought for Dutch scholar


Heller, C.


1937, seeks publications on Washo language


Heller Committee




Heller, Hilda H.


undated, academic degrees and local address

Box 70

Hemingway, Wilfred H.


1927, arranges to see Australian material


Hencken, Hugh


1948, TDM seeks photo of G.C. MacCurdy


Henderson, Alice Corbin


1933, report of the policy committee appointed to work out a basis for cooperation between the Indian Arts Fund and the Laboratory of Anthropology


Hendrick, Alice Stuart


1937, re possible graduate work


Hendry, George W.




Henneberger, John W.


1966, arrangements to photograph her Hawaiian petroglyph rubbings


Henry, Georgia


1948, EWG directs her request for a fence to a DAR member interested in Indian welfare


Henry, Jules




Henshaw, Griffith


1941, arrangements for survey of sites in Round Valley


Henshaw, W. W.


1954, RFH places his correspondence in The Bancroft Library


1954, committee recommends publication of his paper on Indian languages


Hering, P.T.


1963, secretary sends references on Uganda


Herman, Mary W.


1953, JHR letter of recommendation


1956, DGM comments on her dissertation


Hermann, Barbara A.


1946, request for RHL reprint


Herms, W.B.


1932, identifies beetle from Arizona


Herrera, Martha


1932, wants to see Sparkman's work on Luiseño


told to come


Herrera, Rafael Larco




Herrick, F. Leslie


1931, reports on attempts to make arrow points and asks instructions


no reply in folder


Herrick, Helen


1950, wants to see EWG about a book on Indians she is writing


Herrick, R.F.


undated, "a legend as told by Joe Star the last of the chiefton tribe of the we-gats who died Christmas Day 1899 ages 80 years"


notation "probably Wiyot"


Herring, Hubert C.


1932, re Round Table on Mexican arts and crafts


Herron, G.C.


1939, supplies photos of pictographs


Herron, Paul L.


1945, EWG supplies references on Modoc and Klamath


Herskovits, Melville J.




Hertig, Marshall


1951, JHR gives info on Inca stone working technique


Hertlein, Leo




Hertzler, J.O.


1929-1930, re jobs available at the University of Nebraska



see Flannery, Regina


Herzog, G.




Herzog, Nancy


1944, advice on studies from ALK


Hesso, W.


1931, to ALK in German


no reply in folder


Hetschel, Clara


1917, sends photos of Deer Skin Dance from Klamath River


museum makes copies and returns with thanks


Heumann, G.A.


1929, EWG letter of introduction for J.R. Slevin, going to Australia to collect reptiles


Hewes, Gordon W.




Hewett, Edgar L.




Hewett, Leonard A.


1922-1924, re naturalization papers and correspondence of his brother-in-law, Jaime de Angulo


Hewitt, R.W.


1964, from ABE re report on mound at Patrick's Point, Trinidad, Calif.


Heye, George G.




Heyneman, Doris


1948, re her transcript

Box 71

Hibbard, P.L.


1935, with EWG re analysis of red earth used in making acorn bread


Hibben, Frank C.


1936-1950, University of New Mexico


Hickey, Callie M.


1949, 1952, map maker for EWG


Hicks, Harvard H.


1927, ALK agrees about need for better readings on music for course 1B


Hicks, John D.


1946, RHL thanks him for reprints


Hicks, Thos. W.


1935, EWG thanks him for reporting site


Hieatt, Seton H.


1913, ALK explains how many different Indian languages there are and therefore why a book for learning all would be an impossibility


1915, ALK tells him Ishi is too ill to teach him fire making, but that Pope will do so


Hiersemann, Karl W.


1922-1925, orders from Swiss book dealer


Higbee, Ralph Wilson


1950, Certificate of cadidacy for M.A.


Higgins, C.A.


1925, EWG thanks him for pictures of rock carvings near Alturas


Higman, Nellie


1928, suggests recording the songs of the Indians at Big Bend


Hildebrand, Joel H.


1921, ALK agrees to serve on Publicity Committee for AAAS


1921, ALK prefers not to be patron of a student dance


1924, [unsigned] suggests books on anthropology for general reading list


1933, ALK statement, "Geography and Anthropology in the Social Sciences"


Hildebrand, Milton


1934, ALK thanks for identifying bones of skunk


Hilgard, E.R.


1948, DGM thanks for sending letter to Bowles


Hilger, Inez


1936, submits paper on Chippewa


ALK suggests American Anthropologist or Primitive Man


Hill, Catherine E.


1965, secretary supplies schedule of coming exhibits


1966, musem unable to lend specimens


Hill, Eva


1948, says theory advanced by U.C. African Expedition on where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea is not new and give references


Hill, Frederick F.


1939, EWG gives lead on obtaining Seri balsa


Hill, Robert B.


1948, RFH refers him to "Indians Before Columbus"


Hill, Robert Nance


1947, re possible graduate work


Hill, Ruth, publisher


1933, wants to publish RHL's Crow material as a book


RHL replies he will see her when in Cambridge


Hill, Walter R.


1955, with EWG re Fijian petroglyphs


Hill, W.W.




Hiller, E.T.


1929, ALK suggests applicants for position at U. Illinois


Hillis-Murgotten, publishers


1925, calls ALK's attention to a book on Mexico


Hill-Tout, Charles


1913, ALK invites him to scientific meeting




1939, ALK and RHL statements regarding U.B.C. honorary degree


Hilt, George F.


1947, request for tribal map


Hilton, Francis W.


1938, ALK gives advice on how to become an archaeologist in middle life without college training


Hilton, Ronald


1938-1950, re his "Handbook of Hispanic Source Materials and Research Organizations"


Himen, E.


1916-1919, exchange of specimens


Himmelheber, H.


1966-1967, re visit here for symposium on African Art


Hindes, B.G., Mr. and Mrs.


1962-1964, sends pictures of relics


arranges loan of diving suit for exhibit


sends tape recordings of Mono and Yokuts songs


Hinds, N.E.A.


1931, agrees to check ALK manuscript


Hinman, Doris


1945, seeks museum job


Hinman, George W.


1914, with ALK re Paiute language


Hinrichs, J.C.


1928, in German


Hinsdale, W.B.


1933, thanks ALK for review and suggestions on his books on Michigan


Hirabayashi, Gordon


1955, appointments


Hirsch and Kaye


1918, re repair of camera for Juan Dolores


Hirschfeld, C.L.


1932, RHL's favorable comments on new journal, Sociologus


Hirtzel, J.T. Harry


1925, Peruvian publications sent to him in Brussels


Hisken, M.E., Mrs.


1948, RLO gives references on Indians near Tehama


1951, orders pictures of Ishi for book of stories for children


Hispanic American Historical Review




Hispanic Foundation




History of Science Dinner Club

see Evans, Herbert M.


Hitchcock Lectures




Hitchcock, Virginia


1946, re petroglyphs at Inyokern Navy station


1948, DGM letter of recommendation


Hittle, W.W., Mrs.


1929, ALK thanks for letting Gladys Nomland excavate on her property


Ho, George


1941, pleads illness as excuse for missing exam


Hoag, E.B.


1920-1921, re his work in Hawaii


Hoback, Karl F.


1945, RHL sends info on courses


Hobart, Dana


1951, TDM answers him on maturation of races


Hobbing, Reimer


1934, ALK thanks him for Lehmann's book


Hobby, Theodore Y.


1949, RFH asks him to identify stoneware from Drake's Bay mound


Hobson, Asher


1941, ALK letter of recommendation


Hobson, I.L.


1931, EWG identifies ivory harpoon points


Hobson, T.H.


1932, reports petroglyphs near Bell Springs


Hocart, A.M.




Hodge, F.W.




Hodgedon, John


1932, reports evidence of more Indians still in Ishi territory


Hodgen, Margaret T.


1942, RHL returns Nisbet manuscripts


1943, arrangements for Social Institutions students to substitute anthropology due to wartime cuts


Hodges, Isam B.


1949, wants copies of RHL lecture


no plans to publish


Hodges, Percy


1930-1931, re possible graduate work here


Hodges, Wetmore


1933, ALK suggests itinerary for trip to Southwest


Hodgkin, A.E.


1938, EWG gives leads on flint chipping


Hodson, E. Woody


1965, with FAN re stone "artifacts" which turn out not to be


Hoebel, E. Adamson




Hoeger, J.C.


1951, S.F. woman finds skull in back yard


TDM says call the coroner


Hoehn, Charles


1946, inquiry about excavated stone crosses


Hoernle, A.L.


1928, re possible summer session position


1932, thanks for donation of books to replace those lost in a fire at the University of Witwatersrand


Hoes, H.E.


1940, EWG supplies references on bows and arrows

Box 72

Hoffman, Bernard G.


1953, re PhD.


1955, sends news to secretary


Hoffman, F.L.


1920-1921, life insurance company statistician on racial incidence of diseases


Hoffmann, George


1932, warns of spurious antiquities being manufactured in Germany


Hoffmann, Ralph


1927-1931, Director, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History


Hoffmeister, Anna


1955, EWG identifies shells and bones found in Oakland


Hofstra, S.


1948, asks RHL to reconsider visit to Amsterdam


Hogue, Helen


1939, reports possible burial ground in Shasta County


Hohenthal, William D.




Hoijer, Harry




Hoisholt, Frederica


1920, turns down teaching fellowship


Holbert, Duncan A.


1930, RHL advice to prospective student


Holbrook, Richard T.


1929, re prospective career of Paul Hartstall as research phonetician


undated, [unsigned] statement on his work on phonetic x-raying


1933, re recording to be made by Drucker


Holden, W.C.

see Museums- Lubbock, Texas -Texas Technological College


Holder, Preston


1932-1948, letters of recommendation and news of his work


Holderman, Paul J.


1957, maps and publications sent to employee of Division of Forestry


Holguin, J.S.


1936, re shipment from Mexico


Holland, E.A.


1941, re position available at State College of Washington


Holland, W.L.


1948, from DGM


Hollenbach, Marion


1935, USC requests sherds from Chihuahua




Hollenbeak, Kathleen


1949, EWG gives references for identifying relics


Hollender, Frank J.


1949, RFH answers questions about cradle boards


Hollis, Bill


1937, RLO on training for archaeology


Hollywood Independent Citizens Committee of Arts, Sciences and Professions


1945, with RHL re atomic policy


Holmas, Lowell D.


1965, re his film on American Samoa


Holmberg, Allan R.


1955, announcement of lecture


Holmes, Forrest S.


1944, asks RHL what accounts for general deterioration of education




Holmes, Oliver Wendell


1948, RHL thanks Bidney for quotation


undated reference "see Daggett"


Holmes, S.J.


1913-1948, Professor of Zoology


Holmes, W.H.


1914-1925, Head Curator, Department ofAnthropology, Smithsonian


Holstein, Otto


1925-1927, sends specimends and news from Peru, snapshots of self, wife and son


Holt, C.P.


1926, ALK identifies item of carved whale bone


Holt, Catherine




Holt, Grace A.


1942, asks speaker for women's club


ALK says all too busy


Holt, Hamilton


1935, RHL unable to attend semicentennial of Rollins College


Holt, Henry, publishers




Holt, Olivia


1947, orders tribal map


Holt, Pamela Catherine

see Kroeber's PhD's bibliographies


Holt, William T.


1948, EWG declines to appraise artifacts


Holton, Herbert M.


1934, RHL declines to buy book for purpose of paying deficit of CCNY Alumni Association


Holway, R.S.


1914, reports pictographs near Bishop


1915, unable to give ALK location of Kern Falls


Homaizi, Jassim Youssef


1965, MJH letter of recommendation


Homans, George C.


1956, DGM gets recommendation for David Schneider


The Home Geographic Society


1932, RHL unable to write article on Shoshone


suggests Steward or Kelly


Homer, Joseph


1922, EWG reports on his trip home from Yuma and thanks him for being informant




1950, letter of introduction for Meighan and Bennyhoff


Honga, Jacob, Mrs.


1934, Indian informant writes from Paech Springs, Arizona


Honigmann, John J.


1941, re possible graduate work


1942, appreciation of RHL's paper on race problem, reply


1952, request for publication


Honigsheim, Paul


1940-1950, includes vita and bibliography




1930-1936, lists


Hood, Alexander


1915, EWG sends paper in thanks for assistance given at North Fork


Hood, Reid


1953, EWG identifies Apache pot


Hook, Sidney


1949, RHL too busy to contribute to John Dewey 90th birthday volume


Hooper, C.A.


1947, RFH offers to identify limestone carving and asks if they know of sites on their property near Pittsburg


Hooper, Charles


1937, EWG tells changes in museum brought about by move to Berkeley


Hooper, Lucile




Hooton, E.A.




Hoover, E.E.


1949, TDM identifies Indian bones sent from Newark


Hoover, J.W.


1935-1938, exchange of reprints


Hoover, T.J.


1929, Stanford professor supplies site of Anno Nuevo village


Hoover, Theodore J., Mrs.


1925-1935, re her book, "Historic Spots in California"

Box 73

Hopen, C.E.


1949, requests PhD. reading list for use at Columbia


1961, WB invites him to give a paper


Horkheimer, H.


1944-1947, ALK review of his book, letters clippings and photos from Peru, envelope marked "hold until he asks for it"


Hormann, Bernhard L.


1939, checks to see if anyone is working on his dissertation topic


ALK negative reply


Horn, Max


1955, Barrett gives references on Pomo Indians


Horn, Walter


1940, RHL appreciates Art department sharing cost of book on French petroglyphs


1948, re Chipp's M.A. Committee


Hornaday Foundation


re training for children's museum work


Hornblower, Henry II


1939, re transferring from Harvard


Hornbostel, E. von




Horne, Jerry C.


1914-1915, supplies address of his sister, an informant on Indian language of Weitchpec


Hornell, James


1932, sends reprints and asks info on Oceania


ALK reply that we have left this area to Bishop Museum


Horner, Eva M.


1931, requests publications for University of Tulsa


1932, asks RLO about his work in Oklahoma, reply


Horner, John B.


1925, EWG asks help and advice for Strong and Schenck work in Northwest, reply


Horner, W.Y.


1923-1924, re expedition to his ranch near Wasco


Horr, Harry, Mrs.


1952, re rescue and storage of dugout canoe from Big Lake


Horton, Everett E.


1942, info requested for bonding


Horvath, Joseph


1942, RLO declines to positively identify Mexican pot from photo


Horvay, Frank D.


1944, to RHL from former student in the army


Hosford, Florence


1943, wants to see Greek, Roman etc. specimens


referred to Oakland and Deyoung


Hosmer, C.C.


1937, RLO letter of recommendation


Hospital Service of California




Hotel Metropole, Sydney


1955, secretary attempts to trace book sent to George Grace


Hough, Walter




Houghton Mifflin, publishers




House of Ming


1948, EWG agrees to identify feather cape


Housel, J.


1948, sends sample of molding compound


Howard and King


1928, asks ALK for address of persons claiming to have found city of treasure in desert




Howard, Arthur D.


1953, Stanford professor invited to meet Antevs


he is away


Howard, Edgar B.




Howard, F.P.


1927, from ALK re Ousdal


Howard, George D.


1938-1940, re possible graduate work


Howard, Hazel


1923, RHL letter of recommendation


Howard, Hildegard


1928, re pictures from Emeryville shell mound


1941, re identification of bird bones


Howard, J.C.


1946, donates material left from Far Eastern AST Program


Howard, J.D.




Howard, James Warren


1923, re publications on basketry


Howard, Jeanne


1949, EWG admits her as graduate student


Howard, Preston


1932, re "Indians of Cave Valley" mentioned on a historical marker


Howard, Reginald G.


1949, DGM returns paper


Howe, J. Wendell


1946, thanks RHL for paper and requests tribal map


Howe, Maurice L.


1935, sends manuscript


RHL refers to Spier


Howe, Thomas C.


1941, re loan of Cambodian sculpture replicas for course on Primitive Art


Howe, Everett D.


1947, Dean of the College of Engineering, re new system of reporting grades earlier


Howe, J. Wendell


1945, 1947, re Washo


Howell, Helen M.


1929, re pictures of Indian art for UCLA


Howells, W.W.?




Howes, Edward Herbert


1949-1950, re PhD. in History


Howland, Alice G.


1941, sends ALK pamphlet "New Threat to Pueblos"


1943, sends EWG "Renewed Threat to Pueblos"


Howland, Charles T.


1916, re Outhwaite visit to San Clemente Island


Hoyle, Rafael Larco


1946, to ALK in Spanish from Peru


Hoyme, Lucile E.


1952, from JHR re her history of anthropometric instruments


Hoyt, Franklyn


1949, re photos of specimens from Drake's Bay


Hrdlicka, A.




Hsaio, Kun-chuan


1954-1955, with RHL re his essay on traditional Chinese ideas on compromise


Hsu, Leonard S.


1931-1932, Yenching University


Huang, Weng-Shan


n.d., 1952


Hubb, C.


1955, re cradle boards


Hubb, Tang-ner


1947, re Peruvian languages


Hubbard, A.D.


1928, fan letter to ALK


Hubbard, Edwin L.


1952, 1953, from RFH


Hubbell, William


1963, lecture by photo-journalist


Hubble, Grace


1931, from ALK re prospective patient


Hubble, Paul L.


1964, ABE tentatively identifies photos of spearheads found in Los Altos


Hubbs, Carl L.




Hudgens, Robert


1955, Regent's Lecturer in Economics


Hudson, Alfred E.




Hudson, J.W.


1915, 1935, re Pomo


Hudson's Bay Co.


1948, re forwarding letter to Ammar


1949, re permission for Catherine McClellan to use their Archives


Huebsch, B.W., publisher




last letter on letterhead of Viking Press


Hueck, C.H.


1941, semi-literate letter from Nicaragua


Huff, William Gordon


1933, re monument of Chief Solano


1959, re loan of Apache skull


Huffaker, Carl


1941, seeks museum job


Huffman, Earl C.


1942, from EWG re difficulties in arranging expedition to Punta Penasco


Huffman, Frank


1933, EWG gives references on Indian food

Box 74

Huggins, H.A.


1928, re EWG's membership in the Polynesian Society


Huggins, Katherine




Hughes, Charles C.


1937, thanks for help with expedition to Elk Grove


Hughes, Edward


1940, wants to sell Bureau of Ethnology publications


EWG refers to book dealers


Hughes, Frances Sexton


1933, seeks fellowship


Hughes, Harry N.


1947, from TDMcC re windup of project


Hughes, Lily Hohfield


1921, with ALK re legend of Shasta


Hughes, Lloyd G.


1954, seeks museum job


Hughes, R. Thomas


1941, permission asked to excavate in Richmond


Hughes, William


1914, missionary wished to submit his collection of myths in partial satisfaction for PhD. degree


ALK explains why not, but encourages publication


Hughes Aircraft


1952, TDMcC, as president of Sigma Xi, acknowledges info about scholarships


Huillier, Louis L.


1936, EWG identifies Greek coin


Hulbert, Homer B.


1929, with EWG re origin of Japanese and Koreans


Hulse, Frederick S.




Hultkrantz, Ake




Human Relations Area Files




Humboldt Chamber of Commerce




Humboldt County Federation of Women's Clubs


1948, protests excavation at Patrick's Point and demands return of specimens


RFH explains agreement and suggests public retraction


Humboldt State College


1952, TDMcC letter of recommendation for Frances McFeeley


Humboldt Times


1921, [unsigned] sends review of Thompson's "Indians of the Lower Klamath"


Hume, Portia Bell


1943, requests ALK reprint


Hume, Samuel J.




Humpert, J.B.


1942, referred to Cressman for info re arrowhead found in Oregon


Humphrey, Jack


1929, ALK thanks for reporting site


Humphreys, C.B.




Hunams, Robert


1928, congratulates RHL on article in Yale Law Review


Huneven, Arthur H.


1940, RHL letter of recommendation


Hunter, C.B., Mrs


1914, offers illustrated talk on India


reply that lectures at the museum are given only by university staff


Hunter College




Hunter, Milton R.


1934, ALK says OK to give his name as reference


Hunter, W.S.


1941, from ALK re Tozzer's election to something in 1940 and his book on Yucatan


1943, re Sauer's nomination to National Academy


Hunting, G.C.


1916, Marsden's Paiute manuscripts loaned to the Episcopal Bishop of Nevada


Huntington, Ellsworth


1929, supports request of Newman for SSRC grant


ALK replies he is no longer on committee


Huntington, Emily H.


1936, 1946, Professor of Economics


Huntington Free Library


1936, compiling file of all recordings of Indian speech and music


Huot, Martha Champion


1944-1946, re research on alcohol and possible history of A.A.


Hurlbut, H.R.


1921, with [unsigned] re book on races


Hurlock, Elizabeth B.


1927, from ALK re his talk at Hanover


1930, ALK appreciation of her "Motivation in Fashion"


Hurni, Adela


1942, letters of recommendation


1945, letter describes Pueblos of Northern New Mexico


Hurwith, A.E.


1945, RHL describes requirements for study of archaeology


Hurwitz, Elizabeth Adams


1958, wants locations of representative collections of textiles


Anna Gayton reply


Husain, Imdad


1949, re visit and lecture on Pakistan


Hutchinson & Co. publishers


1913, notice for "Customs of the World"


Hutchinson, E.P.


1942, asks meeting with RHL


Hutchinson, G. Evelyn


1945, ALK reply to review of his book


Hutchinson, W.H.


1947, orders pictures of Ishi for article


1948, points out wrong burial place for Ishi given in two publications


1949, asks help on historical pagent to be given in Chico


Hutton, J.H.


1946, 1948, re ALK lectures at Cambridge


Huxley, Francis


memo "son of Julian Huxley and great-grandson of Thomas Huxley in Bay Area ca. 12 June 1956"


Hyde, Josephine


1914, ALK gives info on Drake's landing


Hyer, D.C.


1914, reports petrified canoe on mountain top


[unsigned] says too improbable to warrant investigation


Hymson, Hyman


1933, RHL letter of recommendation


Hynes, Edwin L.


1938, re Egyptology



Box 74





Ibison, Richard A.


1939, re possible graduate work




1948, re unexpected shipment of volcanic rock


1955, TDMcC sends list of summer session courses to legation


University of Idaho


1949, RHL gives advice on curriculum and staff


Igel, Ernesto


1946, RHL helps in his daughter's admission to the university


Ikle, Charles


1948, RHL acknowledges monograph on Ikat


University of Illinois




Imamura, Kanmo


1946, employment forms, museum preparator


Imbelloni, J.


1931, 1955, exchange of reprints


Independent Journal of San Rafael







Box 75

Indian Affairs


American Association on Indian Affairs




Survey of Indian Arts and Crafts


April 1934 by Mrs. Chas. Collier


U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs (John Collier)




Indian Affairs, Miscellaneous




Sacramento Indian Agency (Roy Nash)




Minutes, Press releases




Interior Department reports on Indians of South America


Walapai land claims




Eastern Association on Indian Affairs




U.S. Department of Interior, Indian Field Service




Indian Fishing Rights, Klamath River Hoopa




Office of Indian Affairs, Indian law and order regulations




Indian Association of America


1955, request to reproduce referred to University Press

Box 76

Indian Board of Cooperation




Indian Claims


1922, Nealia Jackson seeks aid organization


[unsigned] opposes Bursam Bill




Indian Claims Commission




Indian Curio Room, Hotel del Coronado


1916, EWG asks more info on specimens purchased by Mrs. Hearst


American Indian Defense Association (John Collier)




Indian Language Committee




Indian Rights Association




Indian Tribal Arts Exposition




U.S. Indian Warehouse


1916, [unsigned] requests map showing reservations


Indiana Historical Society


1939, re mailing list for Prehistory Research Series


Indiana State University


1949, RHL to Voegelin re candidates for position


secretary to Moehlman acknowledging book sent to Mandelbaum


Indiana University,




Bulletin for Summer Field Session at Angel Mounds, 1948


1953, Linguistic Institute Bulletin


Ingels, R.R.


1932, acknowledges ALK letter re Indians of 4th Senatorial District


Ingersoll, G.D.


1929, reports site near Lemoore


Inns, Stephen H.


1943, EWG gives references on shells


Instituciones Mexicanas de Antropologia


1945, re loan of masks


Institut fur Musikforschung, Berlin


1957, secretary supplies list of musical instruments in the museum collection


Institut International de Cooperation Intellectuelle


1929, secretary supplies information on phonograph record holdings


Institutes, various




Institute of Andean Research






Institute of Anthropological Sciences, Poland


1923, notice of founding


Institute for Intercultural Studies


1944, 1946


The Institute for Research, "Devoted to Vocational Research"




Institute of International Education




Institute of Pacific Relations



Box 77

Institute of Social Science


"Material collected by ALK to 1932


pre-Rockefeller grant




Institute of Women's Professional Relations




Instituto de Antropologia, Buenos Aires


requests for publications


Instituto de Antropologigia, Tucuman, Argentina


re exchange of publications


Instituto do Ceara, Brazil


1941, RHL elected corresponding member


Instituto Indigenista Interamericano, Mexico




Instituto de Museo, La Plata, Argentina




Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, Mexico




Instituto Nacional Indigenista, Mexico




Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia, Mexico




Integrated Social Science Course




Interamerican Bureau of Information, Montevideo, Uruguay




Interamerican Congress of Municipal History




Inter-American Educational Foundation




Inter-American Society of Anthropology and Geography, Smithsonian


1943, dues acknowledged


International Arts and Crafts




International Auxiliary Language Association


1948, from DGM re Sapir's bibliography


International Conference on Agricultural and Cooperative Credit




International Conference on Undeveloped Areas


1954, secretary supplies Paul Radin's address


International Congress of Americanists




International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences




International Congress of Anthropology, Prehistory and Archaeology


1939, ALK unable to attend


International Congress for the History of Religions at Lund


1930, RHL accepts committee appointment


Brussels, 1935


International Congress of Linguists




International Congress of Philosophy




International Congress of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences




International Congress of Sociology




International Council of Museums


1946, Constitution and By-Laws and report on the proceedings of the first meeting


International Directory of Anthrologists


1939, EWG corrects his entry


International Federation of University Women


1952, RHL letter of recommendation for Elsy Leuzinger


International House, New York


1949, TDMcC letter of recommendation for Mary Jean Kennedy


International Institute of African Languages and Cultures




International Journal of American Linguistics




International Nickel Co., Inc.


1952, from JHR re possibility of platinum in the Uhle collection


International Press-Cutting Bureau


1927, solicits ALK's business


International Science Foundation


1955, re handbook of scientific resources of the S.F. Bay Area


International Union of Biological Sciences


1951, ALK gives info on International Congress of Americanists


Inter-University Council for Higher Education in the Colonies


1950, RHL letter of recommendation for Lowrimore




1928-1930, museum attendance and specimens


Inverarity, R. Bruce


1946, re photographing Northwest Coast Indian material for publication


1955, advises DGM on exhibits


1966, re position in Guam


State University of Iowa


1949-1951, re positions


Iowa State College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts


1933, re loan of specimen


Ireland, W.L.


1919, ALK answers questions on rock paintings


Iribarren, Jorge, Museo Arqueológico de la Serena, Chile




Irving, J.A.


1937, request for ALK reprint


1941, ALK letter of recommendation for Reo Fortune


Irwin, Hugh


1947, DGM gives references on the Bhils of India


Irwin, M.R.


1937, seeks Cape Turtles, EWG reply


Irwin, Margaret C.



Box 78

Ischlondsky, N. Dorin


1965-1966, re Anubis figures in the Egyptian collection




1914, re having him cut timber into stove lengths


1914, re purchase of specimens belonging to his tribe


1916, TTW reports his death to the comptroller


Ishi, relating to



Additional Note

Note: the compiler of this guide has been told that prior to this collection coming to the University Archives, Theodora Kroeber borrowed the material relating to Ishi for research on her book. She did return the material, but it was not refiled and no one knows where it is.

Ishida, Eiichiro




Ishii, T.


1919, re lectures here






Isnardi, M.


1919, ALK advises of dealer from whom Bureau of Ethnology reports might be obtained


Issler, Anne Roller


1940, seeks ALK's help with book




University of Istanbul


1956, professor seeks "The Sun Book"


RHL says never heard of it


Ivancich, Mildred


1954, senior typist clerk


Iventosch, Herman and Chandler Young


1940, ALK letter of introduction


Ivie, William K.


1936, asks ALK to look at his work on Comanche language




Iyer, L.K.A.


1927-1931, sends publications to ALK


Izikowitz, Karl Gustav





Box 78



1947, ALK resigns from committee


Jackson, Sheldon N.


1944, EWG thanks for photos of petroglyphs


Jackson, W.K.


1964, ABE gives references and identifies his Yokuts specimens


Jacob, Paul


1942, announces courses to be given in the Ecole Libre des Hautes Etudes, New School for Social Research


RHL sends names of others who might be interested


Jacobs, Melville




Jacobs, Sally


1942, EWG letter to Karok informant


Jacobson, Amanda


1937, wants to research Peruvian art, refused, only enrolled graduate students allowed


Jacoby, Professor, College of the Pacific


secretary asks him to return paper


Jacot, Henry


1951, EWG thanks for photos of petroglyphs


Jadin, Joseph A.


1963, re identification of Sikh coins


Jaeger, Edmund C.




Jaffa, M.E.


1913, re Home Economics Committee


Jakobson, Roman


1945, RHL thanks for favorable response to article


James, George Wharton


1914, wants material on Southwest


ALK says out of our field


James, Harry C.


1957, publications sent to him for Palms Springs Desert Museum


James, Herman W.


1950, EWG arranges visit to Indian at Stewart's Point


James, M.C., Mrs.


1916, re use of lecture hall at museum


James, Marjorie P.


1935, reports to EWG on her search for museum job


James, Pearl


1936, EWG declines to appraise Chinese vases and suggests Gump's


James, Rita B.


1927, wants Aztec and Maya slides for art club


arranged through extension


Jameson, S.H.


1939, sends ALK sociology paper




Jamieson, K.I.


1955, requests address of Dick Shutler


Jansen, J.A.


1956, requests pictures for handbook of Indians




1951, 1952, 1953


Japan Institute, Inc.




Japanese American Relocation, WWII




Jaquith, James R.


1964, secretary sends references on Maru religion


Jastrow, Joseph


1934-1935, re RHL chapter in a book on error


Jayne, Horace H.F.




Jayne, S.R.


1951, RHL supports grant application


Jefferson School of Social Science


1948, re Mundt bill


Jelliffe, Smith Ely


1935-1936, ALK seeks publications of Devereux's Mohave monograph, carbon of his preface


Jenkins, James E.


1931, friend sends EWG clipping about his course


EWG sends paper


Jenks, A.E.




Jenks, Leland H.


1948, favorable comments on RHL's manuscript on social organization




Jenness, Diamond




Jennings, Ida May


1933, RHL invites Crow Indian student to visit him


1935, requests letters of recommendation


Jennings, Jesse D.




Jensen, Boyd P.


1952, RHL supplies material on Crow


Jensen, Howard E.


1931, 1946


Jensen, Luhr


1925, research assistant to him at The Dalles


Jenny, Hans


1937, 1948, re soil samples


Jepson, W.L.


1921-1935, professor of Botany


Jervey, H.W.


1926, re RHL course on legal aspects of primitive life


Jessop, Joseph


1916, EWG gives references on Ishi


Jewett, Franklin B.


1946, RHL sends obituary of Boas


Jewish Center Lecture Bureau


1949, DGM supplies bio


Jewish National and University Library


1956, request for publications


Jewish Theological Seminary of America


1946, sends questionnaire to ALK




Jewish Vocational Guidance Bureau


1939, EWG answers questions about museum work


Jewish Seminars, American Friends of the Hebrew University




The School for Jewish Studies



Box 79

Jijon y Caamaño, J.




Jimenez Moreno, Wigberto




Joaquin, Henry


1916, TTW arranges visit by Indian informant


Joardar, Gopal Dev


1949, DGM seeks support for his project


Jochelson, Waldemar




Joel, Janet


1953, re employment


Joest, Louis J.


1943-1944, RHL explains scope of work of the department


Johannes Gutenberg University


1954, from RHL in German


Johns Hopkins University


1952, 1955


Johnson, Tehuantepec Village, PPIE


1915, [unsigned] regrets unable to work among them


Johnson, Alvin




Johnson, C.R., Mrs.




Johnson, Dorothy


1946, ALK supplies biographical references


Johnson, Edwin N.




Johnson, Frank


1947, RFH supplies references on Indians of Monterey County


Johnson, Ernest N.




Johnson, Franklin


1931, ALK and Isabel Kelly supply references for proposed Geological Society of Nevada


Johnson, Frederick




Johnson, Irmgard Weitlaner



See also Weitlaner


Johnson, J.W.


1946, informs EWG of aerial photos of California coast available at Engineering department


Johnson, Jean B.




Johnson, Otey


1936, RLO says he was misquoted on man-like apes


Johnson, Philip, Mrs.


1953, re basketry and Lake County Museum


Johnson, Robert


1924-1931, Indian friend of ALK's at Orick


Johnson, Tom


1913-1924, Indian


Johnson, Violet Olive


1926, ALK recommends a psychoanalyst


Johnston, C. Stuart


1937-1938, re possible graduate work


Johnston, F.R.


1933-1944, Archaeological Society of Southern California


Johnston, Fennimore E.R.


1934-1935, with RHL re organization to coordinate research in South America to be started by U. Pennsylvania


Johnston, F.J.


1945, sends photos of stone monuments on Tinian Island


EWG sends references


Johnston, Oliver M.


1913, re joint meeting of Archaeological Society and Philological Association


Johnston, Philip


1937, with ALK re Mystic Maze near Needles


Johnston, Sharon D.


1964, asks museum sponsorship in exchange for rubbings from Guatemala




Johnston, T.D.


1965, WB suggests hospitality for students similar to that in Amsterdam


Joint Directory of Higher Education


Jones, C.W.


1956, re St. Nicholas


Jones, D.R.


1930, re origins of names Siskiyou and Shasta


Jones, David R.


1946, from ALK re first white contact with Yuroks


Jones, Egbert


1944, EWG gives references on keeping ducks


Jones, F. Wood


1926, ALK offers hospitality


Jones, Floyd


1945, EWG unable to identify Indian word


Jones, Hal J.


1945, re possible graduate work


Jones, Harold E.


1928-1948, Director of Research, Institute of Child Welfare


Jones, Idwal


1923, re review of ALK's "Anthropology" for the SF Daily News


Jones, Jack


1920, [unsigned] invites Indian to come here


Jones, Kenneth L.


1933, EWG advises how to get book on San Joaquin archaology


Jones, Louis T.


1930-1931, ALK advises on chapter on Indian languages


Jones, Marshall, publishers


1920, re possible series on Indians


Jones, N.M.


1930, bones he sent referred to paleontology


Jones, Philip Mills




Jones, Robert R.


1932, re possible graduate work


Jones, Robert S., Mrs.


1943, reports artifacts being uncovered by steam shovel near Hollister


Jones, Sarah J.


1918, EWG says he and ALK glad to help with proposed children's museum


Jones, T.D.


n.d., suggests that a "find" was "planted by a representative of the Mormon Church"


Jones, Volney H.


1940-1949, re arrowweed gum and textiles


Jones, Wellington D.


1938, to ALK re nephew and article "So-called Social Science"


Jones, William A.


1913, seeks support for work in Mexico


no funds


Jones, William Carey

see U.C. Graduate Division, Dean


Jones, Willis Knapp


1950, JHR comments on Lara's book and gives references to quipus


Jordan, Evaline


1934, ALK grants permission to quote


Jorz, C.F.


1915, TTW gives references on races


Joseph, Samuel


1928-1929, with RHL re anthropology at CCNY


1946, ALK letter of recommendation for Aginsky


Joseph, William


1919, [unsigned] instructs Indian how to get here


Joseph, Theodore H.


1921, 1945, with ALK re Class of '96 Scholarship Fund

Box 80

Joughin, Roberta


1951, borrows Faye's material on Cupeño


Journal of American Folklore




Journal of Comparative Anthropology


1925, RHL glad to collaborate


Journal of Geology


1949, TDMcC agrees to review Movius book


Journal of Legal and Political Sociology


Journal of Race Development




Journal of Social Philosophy & Jurisprudence


1942, notice of suspension of publication due to war


Journal of Sociology


1917, ALK paper accepted


Journal of the History of Medicine


1946-47, RFH declines to review Malinowski book and sends it to Lemert


Joyce, T.A.


1915, 1938, British Museum


Judd, Joseph A.


1919, publisher of Arts and Decoration


Judd, Neil M.




Julian Press


1955, RHL comments on Devereux's book on abortion in primitive society


Junack, Christine


1965, ABE advises on trip to Southwest and Mexico


Junghandel, Max


1914, EWG returns arrowpoints


Junior Classical League


1957, thanks for loan of exhibits


Justice, Katherine Gorringe


1937, asks EWG for recommendation



Box 80

Kable Brothers, publishers


1929, photos of museum sent


Kabotie, Fred


plans for work


Kahane, Henry


1941, send paper to ALK


Kahn, Morton C.


1931, RLO reply to criticism of his review of Kahn's book on Djuka


Kai, Margaret Hockley


1946, re children's museum in Honolulu


Kalb, C.W.


1923, EWG agrees to identify bones found near Dinuba


Kalish, Benjamin


1933, ALK gives references on calendar systems


Kamehameha Schools


1952, re musem work with children


Kamin Book Shop


1939, re works on dance


Kansler, Harold M.


1937, RHL makes suggestions for publication of Semitic paper


Kanaseki, Takao


1954, thanks EWG for paper on New Caledonia


Kane, Anita M.


1932, re enrollment here




1954, re possible lecture here


Kaneshiro, Shiura

see Gifford, 1957


University of Kansas


1944, ALK recommendations for position


Kantor, J.R.


1925, Professor of Psychology, RHL says his paper is at the printer


Kaplan, Sidney M.


1950, invitation


1954, seeks museum job


Kapp, William Robert


1949, DGM says paper on India not yet published


Kardinier, A.


1939, sends book for ALK's opinion


1946, failed attempt at meeting


Karsten, R.


1934-1949, includes printed list of his ethnological works and paper, "A Totalitarian State of the Past"


Kasaopaolos, A.L.


1942, ALK describes current status of the museum


Kasch, Charles


1917, reports Indian near Ukiah who is recording music


Kasdan, Leonard and Donna




Kassbacher, Max


1947, one letter in German


Kastner, Harold


1939, RHL gives advice on graduate study


Katzoff, S.L.


1949, appreciation for RHL lecture and reprints


Kaudern, Walter




Kaufman, Nathan




Kaun, Alex


1942, ALK tells him about Karl Monges


Kaupp, Robert


1949, requests bibliography of advanced courses


Kawamura, Tadao


1936, re translation into Japanese of RHL book, carbon of preface




1950, re visit here


Kaye, F.B.


1923, with RHL on Mandeville's theories on the origins of society


Kean, D.G.


1940, RHL says Egyptians are Caucasians


Keaton, Frank J.


1965, Marin County Coroner, re bones found


Keeble, Edward


1946, re bones and artifacts found in San Jose


Keeler, Charles


1935, arrangements for RHL to speak at California Writers Club


Keen, Myra


1948, tells EWG about organizational meeting of American Malacological Union


Keesing, Felix M.




Keever, James


1935, wires ALK asking him to write his views on Asiatic influences on aboriginal American culture




Kegan, Paul, publishers


1919, permission asked to reprint Budge's "hieroglyphics" in a syllabus


reply not in file


Keith, Arthur




Keith, Harry G.


1931, re fossil elephant tooth found on San Nicolas Island


Kelemen, Pál


n.d., says Vaillant has already reviewed his book for American Anthropologist and asks if ALK will review it for some other journal


Keller, A.G.


1921, thanks ALK for publications which have been of much use at Yale


Keller & Co., publishers


ALK advises German publisher against English translation of book by Weule


Kelley, D.G.


1954, EWG returns paper on pidgin


Kelley, George Prentice


1937, EWG agrees to identify relics found near Auburn


Kelley, Harold Harding


1943, certificate of candidacy for M.A.


Kellogg, Charlotte


1914, re costumes used in Mary Austin's "Arrow-Maker"

Box 81

Kelly, Isabel


























Kelly, J. Charles


1937, EWG explains museum cataloguing system


Kelly, John


1915-1934, EWG with Indian at Jamestown


Kelly, Madison R., Jr.


1952, TDMcC suggests AMNH for identification of pot from Colombia


Kelly, Margaret


1917, re identification of mask


Kelly, W.H.


1951, JHR tells of government program to encourage native crafts of Peru


Kelly, William H.




Kelsen, Hans


1943, thanks RHL for reprints


Kelsey, C.E.




Kelsey, C.H.


1919, re shipment from Zuñi


Kelsey, Jim


1919, invitation to come as informant


Kelso, C.C.




Kelso de Montigny, Alan H.


1947, TDMcC re cephalic index of Yokuts


Kenna, John C.


1954, RHL answers several questions


Kennard, Edward


1935, ALK letter of recommendation


Kennedy, E.G.


1947, info on careers sent


Kennedy, Gail


1937, re RHL participation in conference on methods


Kennedy, John, Mrs.


1943, ALK sends what he wrote about her mother


Kennedy, Ken


1956, newsy letter to secretary from former student in Army


Kennedy, Mary Jean




Kennedy, Raymond


1937, 1942


Kennedy, P.B.


1926, 1929, identification of grasses


Kenner, George F., Mrs


1931, with RHL re Crow


Kennon, J.L.


1913, request for shellmound paper

Box 82

Kent, K.S.


1939, EWG borrows her master's thesis on museum cataloguing methods


Kent, Roland G.




Kent County (England) Library


1949, thanks for publications requested by Cole


University of Kentucky




Kenyon, A.S.




Kepner, I.G.


1962, ABE identifies bowl


Keppel, Frederick P.




Kermode, Francis


1927, with WES re carved specimens from British Columbia


Kern County Land Co.


1924, re sites


Kern County Surveyor


1924, WES asks maps for plotting sites


Kern, Emil


1937, ALK notified of his death


Kern, W.R.


1939, with EWG re birds


Kerner, Robert J.


1929-1950, Professor of History


Kernler, Odolf A.


1929, re the Howard and King "buried city"


Kerr, J.E.


1924, invites EWG to inspect fossil head


Kerr, William C.


1946, letter about trip to Korea


Kerrigan, George L.


1943, re special exam


Kesavan, B.S.


1952, clipping re visit here


Kesner, E.


1917, ALK gives references on Indians of Colorado


Kessler, Charles N.


1918, re Mathews manuscripts


Kettlewell, G.P.


1938-1942, re publications and specimen


Keur, Dorothy


1936, sends RHL Hunter College students' comments on "Are We Civilized?"


Kevil, K.


1940, with RLO re red snow


Khan, Salim


1953, EWG escorts him to inauguaration of Chancellor Kerr


Kiang, S.Y.


1924, favorable comments on RHL's "Primitive Religion"


Kibbe, Bessie W.


1929, EWG gives references on pigeons


Kibby, Clara


RHL refers to McIlwraith in Toronto for info on Bella Coola


Kidder, A.V.










Kidder, Alfred II


1950, 1956


Kidder, H.H.


1942, re possible graduate work

Box 83

Kiernan, Edmund


1951, with TDMcC re anthropometric change in California


Kieslinger, Gertrud


1938, RHL gives career advice to Viannese refugee


Kilburn, Peter


1948, re purchase of trait lists


1950, re proposed Micronesian field work


Kilgore, Eugene


1915, TTW advises doctor on how to determine race of patients


Killick, Victor W.


1945, EWG gives references on Aztec, Maya and Toltec


Kim, Jong Hah


1953, re visit here


Kimball, A.D.


1963, ABE asks for photos and specimens of her deceased sister




Kimball, Solon T.


1949, RHL grants permission to reprint sections of "Social Organization" in book of readings


Kimura, K.




Kindig and Beebe


1952, TDMcC advises on race determination of mixed blood Indian


Kinet, Urbain


1965, wants appointment with WB


King, Arden




King, Bernice


1936, re possible graduate work


King, Don


EWG gives Egyptology references


King, H.S.


1916, [unsigned] questions bill for translation


King, Mary


1935, request for RHL's autograph


King, Mervin


1955, seeks museum job


King, W.S.


1950, reports to EWG on graduate work in Tucson


Kingsley, J.S.


1926, [unsigned] tells about a Havasupai-Walapai Indian


Kinnaird, Lawrence






1953, RHL thanks for remembering birthday


Kinney, J.P.


1936, permission granted to reproduce tribal map in book


Kinsey, Alfred


1946, RHL recommends Shimkin for sex study


Kip, Lucille


1924, RHL letter of recommendation


1927-1928, re Campfire Girls


Kirby, H., Jr


1936, EWG returns skulls


Kirchhoff, Paul




Kirk, Paul L.


1947, EWG thanks for report on black pigments on Nayarit pottery


Kirk, Ruby B.


1949, inquires meaning of Indian name


Kirkpatrick, Denny J.


1951, EWG thanks for information on rack with footprint impression


Kirkpatrick, E.M.


1947, from DGM re reports on India, Burma etc.


Kisiel, Casimir


1932, postcard to ALK from Poland


Kissell, Mary Lois


1915-1943, basketry and textiles


Kitchler, Nellie




Kittredge, Tracy B.

see Rockefeller Foundation


Kittrelle, R.L.


1928, re painted rocks




1952, TDMcC knows of no one presently working on Sonora




1955, seeks speaker


Kjesbu, Niel


1931, ALK and RHL asks views on several religious questions




Klapper, Paul


1928, RHL unable to attend testimonial dinner for Duggan


1937, RHL recommendations for opening at Queens College


Klauber, L.M.


1931, re publication on Hopi


Klein, Charlotte


1942, RHL advises on career possibilities


1944, RHL letter of recommendation to Marines


Klein, Maxine


1950, EWG gives references on California Indians


Klem, William


1951, 1953, re Indian dance masks


Klemm, Fred


1947, RFH agrees to look at possible artifacts


Kley, C.W.


1933, re Chimu collection


1937, ALK advises on itinerary to see California Indians


Klimek, Stanislaw




Klodic, R.


1948, 1954, request for publications from Yugoslavia


Kluckhohn, Clyde




Klumbach, Hans




Kluegel, Harry A., Mrs.


1928, re ALK's work in South America

Box 84

Kneberg, Madeline


1938, sends ALK procedures and tentative classifications of archaeological materials from Tennessee


Kneutes, R.D.


1925, requests publication on pictographs


Kniffen, Fred




Knight, Allen


1913, ALK sends basketry papers


Knight, Frank N.


1937, with ALK re his "So-Called Social Science"


Knight, M.M.


1932, 1943, Professor of Economics


Knight, O.C.


1929, with ALK re artifacts from Lake County


Knipe, J.L.


1925, re publications


Knopf, publishers




Knowland, Joseph R.


1946, 1948-1949


Knowland, William H.


1949, DGM urges support for River Basin Studies


Knowles, Nathaniel


1938, RHL recommendations and advice on thesis


Knudsen, Dagnar




Knutson, Loyde


1930, re possible graduate work




1913, 1925, supplier of models


Ko, Siang-Feng


1948, EWG sends publications for University of Nanking




1948, RLO orders catalog of slides


Koenig, F.O.


1946, re prep school attended by ALK


1946, re Hugo Dingler


Koenigswald, G.H.R.


1941, with ALK re resemblance of Chinese and Indian art


von Koerber, Hans N.


1939, sends his Morphology of Tibetan Language


Kofoed, Ted


1940, EWG sends references on Indians of San Joaquin Valley


Kofoid, C.A.




Kohs, Samuel


1926, requests info on student applying for loan


Kohzad, Ahmad Ali


1951, Afghan archaeologist visits here, lecture cancelled


Kohzad, Mohammed Nabi


1955, Afghan archaeologist lectures here


Kolinski, M.


1952, Bukofzer sends TDMcC info on his work


Kolkin, N.


1921, 1929, with ALK re his manuscript on place names


Koninklijk Instituut


1928, EML submits paper


Koppers, W.




Kopta, Anna


1932, re possible graduate work


1941, EWG gives references on flora and fauna of the Southwest


Kopytoff, Igor


1961, re visit here to consult on his African collection


Kornfeld, Herbert L.


1948, from RFH re dates of man's discovery and use of minerals


Kosmopoulos, Leslie


1935, ALK gives info and references on birch bark vessels


Kosok, Paul


1945, seeks info on Lewis H. Morgan


RHL reply




1949, description of DGM's proposed research


Kouba, F.F.


1929, re possible graduate work


Koughan, A.B.


1939, re mound in Danville


Kower, Herman


1919, request for students to draw maps and diagrams


Kowta, Makoto


1965, Riverside professor wants to photograph specimens


Kracow, Austin


1940, ALK makes suggestions of colleges for unnamed prospective engineering student


Krader, Lawrence


1954, seeks position


Kraebel, C.J.


1941, re edible wild plants


1944, clipping on Livermore Indian woman


Krakowski, Meyer


1948, former student congratulates RHL on Viking medal


Krall, Emma C.


1952, request for EWG reprints


Kramer, S.N.


1949, EWG asks about baking of cuneiform tablets


no reply


Kramrisch, Stella


1954-1955, re lectures here


Kraufsh, F.


1935, to ALK in German


Krause, Fritz




Krauss, Wilhelm


1935, re lecture here


Krech, David


1949, from DGM re ISSRI project


Krenov, Julia


1947, with RHL re her manuscript of Alaska Indian folklore


Kreps, J.F.


1915, seeks position


Kretschmer, Richard


1914, 1919, re employment as substitute guard


Kretschmer, William F.


1913-1914, transcriber of Indian songs


Krickeberg, W.




Krieger, Alex D,




Krieger, Herbert W.


Krimsky, Miriam


1957, child wants info on prehistoric man and animals


referred to public library


Kristjansson, A.


1927, RHL unable to put him in touch with faculty person working on telepathy

Box 85



























with Gifford and staff




1928-1930, with Gifford

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