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Collection of Manuscripts from the Archaeological Archives of the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology
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1.  Archaeological Survey of Northwestern Santa Barbara County (by Clarence Ruth).


2.  Notes on the Archaeology of Santa Barbara County (By J.B. Willard, 1937).


3.  Preliminary Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of the Pine Flat Reservoir, Fresno County, California (by F. Fenenga, 1947).


4.  Notes on Various Lake County Collections (by various authors).


5.  Notes on the Sonoma County Collections (by various authors).


6.  Notes on Various Collections from San Luis Obispo County (by A.Pilling, no date given).


7.  Notes on the Private Collections of Artifacts from Southern Humboldt County, Including Hum-112, Gunther Is, Big Lagoon, and Sites on the Eel, Smith and Mad Rivers (by various authors).


8.  Excavation of Sol-1 (by F.A. and H.S. Riddell Jr., 1948).


*9.  Field Catalogue for an Archaeological Survey of Lassen County (by F.A. Riddell, 1949).


10.  An Archaeological Survey of Lassen County (by F.A. Riddell, 1949).


11.  Notes on the Excavation of Riverside County Sites (by W.D. Strong, no date given).


12.  Preliminary Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of the Success Reservoir, Fresno County, California (by F. Fenenga, 1947).


13.  Notes on the Excavation of the Richards Site, Sac-160 (by Newman, 1947).


14.  The Archaeology of the Hotchkiss Site, Cco-138 (by C. Chard, E.N. Johnson, and R.F. Heizer, no dates given).


15.  Petroglyphs at Mod-1 (by various photographers and artists).


16.  Archaeological Notes on Sol-2 (by R.F. Heizer, 1947-48).


17.  Shell Deposits of the Monterey Peninsula (by Edna M. Fisher, 1935).


18.  Archaeological Notes on the Howell's Point Site, Col-2 and Sha-47 (by Wedel, 1935).


19.  Central San Joaquin Valley Archaeological Survey (by Gordon W. Hewes and W.C. Massey, 1939-1942). [Parts A,B,C].


20.  Original Copy of the first Emeryville Paper, Ala-309 (by Max Uhle, 1902).


21.  The Archaeology of SFr-1 and the Farallon Islands (by Fenenga and Riddell, 1949).


*22.  Field Catalogue for U.C. Archaeological Expedition of 1937; N.E. Nevada Archaeological Reconnaissance, Windmiller Mound-Sacramento Valley (various authors, 1937).


*23.  Notes on the Phoenix buttons (by R.F. Heizer, 1951).


24.  Preliminary Survey of the Archaeological Resources in the Isabella Reservoir, Kern County, California (by Franklin Fenenga, 1947).


25.  Notes on the Indian Shell Mounds, Point Reyes Quadrangle (by Lt. Comdr. Stewart Bryant, 1934).


26.  Notes on the Various Collections from Monterey County (by Arnold R. Pilling and R.K. Beardsley, 1946-1952).


27.  Additional Notes on the Petroglyphs of California (by Clarence E. Smith, 1948).


28.  Preliminary Archaeology Survey of Panamint Valley, Inyo County, California (by Robert T. Farrell, 1951).


29.  Burial Data on Cco-139 (Simone).


30.  The Archaeology of Tommy Tucker Cave, Las-1. (by Fenenga and F.A. Riddell, 1942 and 1948).


31.  Preliminary Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of the Coyote Valley Reservoir, Mendocino County, California (by Franklin Fenenga, 1947).


*32.  Correspondence Concerning Drake's Bay Sites, 1941-1951.


33.  Excavations in the West Berkeley Shellmound, Ala-307 (by Joseph Petersen, 1904).


34.  Archaeological Notes on Sac-28 (by Francis A. Riddell and Harry S. Riddell, Jr., 1940).


35.  Burial Data on Col-2, Howell's Point (by various authors, 1935).


36.  Excavations at Sac-6 (by various authors, 1920s-1952).


37.  Archaeological Surveys in Round Valley, Mendocino County, California (by W. D. Weymouth, et. al).


38.  The Indians of Pelican Island, Ker-59, Ker-66, Ker-67 (by Estep, 1933).


39.  Archaeology of the San Bruno Shell Mound, SMa-23 (by Robert J. Drake, 1942).


40.  Notes on Archaeological Specimens from Sacramento County in the Collection of Shultz Martine of Sacramento (by J.A. Bennyhoff and F.A. Riddell, 1948).


41.  Various Undergraduate Term Papers Relating to California Archaeology (by various authors, 1947).


42.  Excavation at Sac-127, Done in 1933 (by Heizer, 1941).


43.  Burial data from Ala-328, Newark (various authors).


44.  The excavation at Sta-6 (by Al Mohr, 1948).


45.  Photographs and Drawings of the Petroglyphs at Painted Rock, SL-79 (by various photographers and authors).


46.  Manuscript Copy of Typologies Employed in Lillard (Heizer and Fenenga, 1939).


47.  Archaeological Notes on the Castro Mound, SCL-1 (various authors).


48.  Miscellaneous Notes and Distributions on SF and Drake's Bay Sites (by R.K. Beardsley, ca. 1946).


*49.  Excavations at CCo-139 (by Gordon W. Hewes, 1939).


50.  Archaeology Notes on the Maltby Site, CCo-250 (Heizer, no date given).


51.  Details on the Petroglyphs at Mnt-86 (by W.C. Massey, 1938).


52.  Notes on a Collection in the Table Mountain Region (by Al Miller).


53.  Field Catalogue for Excavation of Hum-118 (summer field class, 1948).


54.  Various Sites in Southeastern Marin County. Especially Mrn-11 (by Don F. McGeein, 1949).


55.  Burial Data from Sha-20 (Whitewater, no date given).


56.  Notes on the D.M Witt Collections (by Pilling, 1948.)


57.  Archaeological Notes on Col-3 (by Heizer and F. Fenenga, 1938).


58.  Manuscript on the Petroglyphs of Modoc and Lassen Counties (by W. W. Ahl).


*59.  Petroglyphs at the Naval Ordinance Station, Inyokern, Inyo County (by Virginia E. Hitchcock, 1946).


60.  Excavation on the Herzog Site, Sac-72 (by Heizer, Mckee, and Ristow 1934, compiled by Fenenga, 1942).


61.  A Supplement to Petroglyphs and Pictographs of California and Adjoining States (by C.E. Smith, 1946).


*62.  Final Report on the Archaeology of Tommy Tucker Cave (by Riddell and Fenenga, 1951).


63.  Notes on the Stanford Skull (by various authors).


64.  Notes on the Drescher Site, Sac-109 (by Heizer, 1937).


65.  The Archaeology of Sac-104 (by various students and faculty, 1946).


*66.  Notes on the Excavation of SJo-68. Incorporated into Ms. #190 (by various authors).


67.  Excavations at Ala-328 and Ala-329 (by Wedel, 1935, and C.E. Smith, 1948).


68.  Field Notes on the Archaeology of Windmiller Site, Sac-107 (by Heizer and Fenenga, no date given).


69.  Notes on the Excavation at SJo-14 (by Heizer, 1937).


70.  Field Catalogue for Various UCAS Collections from Coachella Valley, Kern County, etc.(1949).


71.  Original Field Catalogue for Hum-169 (by Mills, 1949).


72.  Report on Field Trip, July-August, 1950 (by Robert E. Greengo, 1950).


73.  Pomo Ethnography: Notes and Photographs. (Manuscript by Henry Maudlin, photographs by various people).


74.  Tulare Indians at Monterey (by Pilling, no date given).


75.  Carmel Mission Indians (by Pilling, no date given).


*76.  Antoniano Salinan (by Pilling, no date given).


77.  Western Mono (by F.A. Riddell and C.W. Meighan, no date given).


78.  Windmiller (Sac-107) Manuscript. Incomplete and Unfinished (by Heizer).


79.  Report on the 1949 Excavation of the Sixteenth Century Shellmounds at Sir Drake's Bay (by C. Meighan, 1950).


80.  Original Notes from an Archaeological Survey of the Napa Region (by field class from Spring, 1947).


81.  Deniz Site, Mer-53, a Report Concerning an Archaeological Site near Dos Palos, California (by D. McGeein, 1950).


82.  Notes on the Archaeology of San Benito County (by Pilling and others).


83.  Certain Sites in the Sierra Madre, Northeastern Santa Barbara County (by D. Lathrap and others, 1950).


84.  Archaeological report on Ker-74 (by F.A. Riddell, 1950).


*85.  Metallographic Examination of Two Heavy Rods and of Two Small Spikes (by Colin G. Fink and E.P. Polushkin, 1948).


86.  Unmodified Animal Bone, Sections K-O, Son-299 (by J.A. Freed, 1950).


87.  Analysis of Unmodified Animal Bone, Son-299 (by J.A. Freed).


*88.  Archaeological Filed Specimen Inventory Record of Unmodified Animal Bone from Son-299 (UCAS collection, 1949).


89.  County Notes - Mother Lode Building Survey (by Heizer and Fenenga, 1948).


90.  Notes on the Gunther Island Site, Hum-67. Part I: H.H. Stuart; Part II: Heizer and Elsasser.


*91.  Notes on the Excavation of Hum-169 (by L. Mills, 1949). Included in Manuscript 400.


92.  Data on Screened Stratipits from Sacramento Valley Sites (by Field class, Summer, 1949).


93.  Burton Mound, SBa-28, Clippings (by various authors, 1923).


94.  Notes on the Miller Mound, Col-1 (by R.F. Heizer, 1936).


95.  Original Data Sheets of Schenck-Dawson Survey of the Northern San Joaquin Valley (by Elmer J. Dawson, 1929).


96.  Original Field Notes - Dawson Collection (by E.J. Dawson, not dated).


97.  Field notes, Patrick's Point, Hum-118. (By R.F. Heizer, 1949).


98.  Field Notes. Same as above.


99.  Field Notes, Petersen Sites nos. 2, 2a, 3 [Sol-2, Sol-3] (by R.F. Heizer).


100.  Site Maps and Artifact Charts for Various Marin County Sites, including the McClure Site, Mrn-266 (by R.K. Beardsley, 1946).


102.  Some Age and Space Relations of the "Concord Man" (by Harold A. Boyd, Jr. and Lester Cole, 1947).


103.  Original Report on CCo-137 Soils. (by R. Earl Storie and Frank Harradine, 1947).


104.  Anthropometric Analysis of Two Skeletons from CCo-13 (by C.L. Abbott, 194).


105.  Analysis of Artifacts from Petersen Mound #2, Sol-2. (by various authors, 1948).


106.  Archaeological Survey of Northern Monterey County (by A. Pilling, 1948).


107.  Descriptive and Comparative Notes on Central California Labrets, Earplugs (R.F. Heizer, 1950).


108.  Archaeological Survey of the Lower Bear River Reservoir Site (by Wallace and Lathrap, 1950).


109.  Notes on Ker-185 (by C.H. Merriam, R.F. Heizer and others, various dates).


110.  Field Notes on Ker-185 (by C.H. Merriam, R.F. Heizer, and others, 1941).


111.  Field Notes on Howell's Point Mound, Col-2 (by W.R. Wedel, 1935).


112.  Notes on Various Marin County Sites (by R.K. Beardsley and others, 1941).


113.  Field Notes on the Tranquillity Site, Fre-48 (by Gordon W. Hewes, various authors and various dates).


* 114.  Tracings of the Pictographs of SBa-508 (by Brooks and Lathrap).


**115.  An Archaeological Survey of the Big Creek Reservoir No. 4 (by Wallace and Lathrap, November, 1950).


116.  Preliminary Report on the Excavation of the McClure Site, Mrn-266 (by R.K. Beardsley, 1942).


117.  Photographs of Sites Ama-3, Ama-4, Ama-5, Ama-6 (UCAS, 1950).


118.  The Archaeology of the Brazil Site, Sac-43 (by F. Fenenga, no date given).


119.  Field Excavation Records, Site CCo-151 (Field Class, 1950 and 1951).


120.  Burial Data from Mrn-242, Cauley Site (various authors).


121.  Burial Data from Sac-151 (various authors).


122.  Burial Data from Sac-66, Morse Site (various authors).


123.  Burial Data from Sac-29, King Brown (various authors).


124.  Burial Data from Mrn-275, Mendoza (various authors).


125.  Field Notes from Mnt-107, Plus Other Notes Including CCo-151 (by Sylvia Broadbent, from Summer, 1951).


126.  Site Maps and Artifact tabulations from Son-256 and Son-369 (by C. Meighan, 1951).


127.  General catalogue of Specimens from the Sanchez Adobe Site, SMa-70 (by R.J. Drake, 1950).


128.  Supplemental Report on Wintun Indian Site at Blue Tent Creek near Red Bluff, Tehama County, Teh-58 (by J.C. von Werlhof, 1951.)


129.  Photographs of Specimens in C. C. Post Collection from Borax Lake (by R.F. Heizer and C.W. Meighan, 1951).


130.  First Draft of Archaeological Investigations in the Farmington Reservior Area, Stanislaus County, California. Plus Original Field Catalogue, Feature Records, and Notes (by A.E. Treganza, 1951).


131.  First Draft of The Coville Rockshelter, Inyo County, California Plus Original Field Catalog, Feature Records, and Notes, Including Notes and Photos From the Original Field Survey of February, 1951 (by C. W. Meighan, 1951).


132.  Painted and Incised Stone Slabs in the Becker Collection (by Meighan, 1952).


133.  Notes on the Archaeological Sites on the West Side of the San Joaquin Valley (by F.F. Latta and W.R. Dimble, no date given).


134.  Manuscript Withdrawn.


135.  The Archaeology of a Paiute Village Site in Owens Valley (by H.S. Riddell).


136.  The British Museum Collection from Avila, California (by A. Pilling, 1952).


137.  Asphaltum-decorated Stone Slabs in the State Indian Museum, Sacramento (by C.W. Meighan, 1952).


138.  Manuscript of the Uhle's Emeryville Paper. Published in UCPAAE 7:1.


139.  Manuscript Returned to the Author in 1970.


140.  Temecula Rancho (by A.R. Pilling, 1952).


141.  Original Manuscript of UCPAAE, Vol. 7;2, Recent Investigations Bearing on the Occurrence of Neocene Man in the Auriferous Gravels of the Sierra Nevada (by William J. Sinclair, 1908).


**142.  Interglacial Artifacts from the San Diego Area (by George F. Carter). Later Published in Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, 1952.


143.  Ellis Landing Mound, CCo-295, a Tabulation of Burials and Artifacts by Depth (by N.C. Nelson and A. Wepfer, 1906).


144.  Correlation of Archaeological Data from the San Francisco Bay Region-Principal Investigations, 1904-1935 (by Alex D. Krieger, 1935).


**145.  Field Records of Excavation of CA-Nev-32 (Field Class, Summer, 1951). Published in UC-AR, 1953.


**146.  Sacred Rain-Rocks of Northern California (by R.F. Heizer, 1953). Published in UCAS Report 21.


147.  The Archaeological Resources of Seven Reservoir Areas in Central and Northern California (by A.E. Treganza, 1952).


148.  Catalog of Part of the Collection of O.P. Noren, of Reedley, California (by W.C. Massey and G.W. Hewes, 1939).


149.  Survey of Courses Primarily Concerning Archaeology, Taught in American Universities. 1952.


150.  Notes on Sling Distributions, Plus Correspondence Between R.F. Heizer and Irmgard Johnson. 1951.


151.  Wilson Valley Reservoir (Yolo County) and Monticello Reservoir (Napa County) Site Surveys (C.E. Smith, no date given).


152.  Notes and Correspondence Concerning Grooved Stone Axes in California (R.F. Heizer, 1952).


153.  Field Catalogue for Cal-99 (by W. Gonzalves, 1952). (Includes UCAS Map 120.)


154.  Cogstones (by various authors with various dates).


155.  Alms House Mound, Santa Clara County (by Gordon R. Thomas).


156.  Notes, Drawings and First Draft of Sierra Survey Report (by Heizer and Elsasser, 1950).


*157.  Additional Petroglyph Information (by various authors, no date).


158.  Preliminary Report on the Excavations at Coyote Hill, Ala-329 (by H.G. Barnett, 1935).


159.  Burial Feature Records, Map, and Notes from Mnt-250 (by Meighan, 1952).+


160.  The Rumsen of Monterey (by Sylvia Broadbent, 1952). Published in the UCARF Contribution No. 14, 1972.


161.  Notes and Photographs Pertaining to the Fort Jones Museum, Fort Jones, California (by R.F. Heizer, 1952).


162.  Fort Ross - A Study in Historical Archaeology (by Adan E. Treganza, 1953).


 163.  Archaeological Investigations at Sites Sta-44 and Sta-45 (by J. Davis, 1953).


164.  An Examination of Carter's La Jolla Papers, 1950, 1952 (by R.H. Brooks).


165.  Field Notes on Men-500 (by C. Meighan, 1951).


**166.  Rattlesnake Dance, etc. (by F. F. Latta) and Kern County Historical Source Material (by R.C. Bailey). 1948.


167.  Age of the Farmington Complex of Stone Artifacts (by Ernst Antevs, 1953).


168.  Salvage Archaeology in Nimbus and Reservoir Areas, Central California (by A.E. Treganza, 1953).


169.  Survey Reports on the Coachella Valley (by C. Meighan, 1948).


170.  Archaeological Survey of Arroyo Sequit, Los Angeles County, California (by C.W. Meighan, 1954).


*171.  Brief Report on Hidden Cave, Nevada Site 26-Ch-16 (by Grosscup and Roust, 1956).


172.  Sonoma Mission Notes, Photographs, and Diagrams (by J. Bennyhoff and A.B. Elsasser, 1953).


**173.  Historical Writings of Various Authors, ca. 1870, (H.D. Richardson, Platon Vallejo, and others). Photostats submitted by R.M. Rulofson.


*174.  Notes and Burial Records for SJo-106 and SJo-107 (by P. Rabb and J. Bennyhoff, 1954).


175.  Correspondence and Catalogs on Type Collection Sent to the Denver Museum of Natural History (by various authors, 1954).


176.  Appendix to the Napa Region Report, to Accompany UCAS Report 12:6, but not Published with the Report (by R.F. Heizer, 1953).


177.  An Account and Map of a Prehistoric Trail in Tulare and King Counties (by J.C. McCubbin, 1953).


178.  Field catalog and Excavation records from the Jalama Creek Dig, SBa-205 (by D.W. Lathrap, 1950).


179.  Burial and Feature Records from Ala-307, West Berkeley Mound (by W. Wallace and D.W. Lathrap, 1950).


180.  Field Notes and Records from Nev-15 (by Field Class, Summer, 1954).


*181.  Notes on the Archaeology of Mono County, California (by Meighan, no date).


182.  Some Historic Facts about the Ancient Indian Shell Mounds of San Mateo (by J. Hamilton, 1936).


183.  Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Investigations in Lower Klamath Basin, California, Done in 1954 (by R.J. Squier and G.L. Grosscup, 1954).


*184.  Tabulation of Baked Clay Objects from Sac-6 and Contura Copies of Locality Occurrence (by D.W. Lathrap, 1954).


185.  Field Notes from Sha-52, Fall River Mills, Callison Ranch (by Bennyhoff, 1958).


186.  Burial Drawings from the Army Training Film on the Recovery of the War Dead (Anthropology Training Film, US Army, 96592-1X-56592, 1952).


187.  Eighteenth Century Ethnographic Engravings: Indians of Monterey and a Scene from the Presidio.


188.  The Archaeological Survey of Yosemite National Park (by Grosscup, 1954).


189.  Sonoma Mission: an Archaeological Reconstruction of the Mission San Francisco de Solano Quadrangle.


190.  Identification of Mammal Bone from SJo-68 (by M.L. Perry, 1954).


191.  Tile and Dating at Carmel Mission, Mnt-18 (by S.M. Broadbent, 1954).


192.  Field Records from SBa-477 (Cachuma Reservior). M.A. Baumhoff, 1951.


193.  Field Records and Catalogs from Teh-1, Kingsley Cave (by M. Baumhoff, 1952).


194.  Examination of Indian Shell Mounds within San Francisco Bay with Reference to the Possible 1579 Land Fall of Sir Francis Drake (by A.E. Treganza, 1955).


**195.  First Draft of California Settlement Patterns (by Heizer and Baumhoff, 1955).


*196.  Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of Cachuma Reservoir, SBa-477 and SBa-485 (by A.D. Mohr, 1951).


197.  Notes and Photographs on Various Orange County Sites (by J. Winterbourne, 1938).


198.  Catalogue of the J. McCord Stilson Collection (by T.T. Waterman, 1914).


199.  Pocket Map of the Sonoma County with Sites from Nelson's Survey as Indicated by Nelson (undated).


200.  California Archaeology, 1936: Notes on the Excavation of Orwood #2 (Cco-141).


201.  Survey Records and Map of Sacramento JC Site Surveys, 1930-1936.


202.  Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of Black Butte Reservoir, Glenn and Tehama Counties (by A.D. Mohr and D.D. Fredrickson).


203.  Projectile Point Collection in Possession of Mrs. Barbour, Curator of Sonoma Mission from a Ranch in the Sebastopol Area (by C.N. Gregoire).


204.  Notes on Testing of CCo-18, Marsh Site (by C. Miles and D.B. Rogers, 1946-1947).


205.  Petaluma Argus-Courier Centennial Edition 1855-1955. This Edition deals with a lot of the History of Marin and Sonoma Counties, including Information on Indians and Indian Sites.


206.  Field Notes from Topanga Canyon Tank Site, LAn-1 (by Treganza, 1947).


207.  Notes on the Humbolt Cave, Nevada (by R.F. Heizer).


208.  Shell Analysis of Bodega Bay, Son-299 (by R.E. Greengo, 1950).


209.  The Lake Mojave Site (by C.W. Meighan, 1954).


210.  Preliminary Report on Excavation in Kern County (by M. Kowta, 1954).


211.  A. Manuscript of An Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of Yosemite National Park (by Bennyhoff, published as UCAS Report No. 34, 1954). B. Raw Data Used in the Above Yosemite Report, Including Breakdown of Sites Included, Size and Elevation of Specific Sites, etc; List of Classified Yosemite Points with Measurements and Outline Tracings of Specimens from Mrp-105 and Mrp-97; List of Yosemite Museum Point Specimens.


212.  Program and Abstracts of Papers Read at the Annual Great Basin Archaeological Conference at Los Angeles. Also Papers Read by the Berkeley Contingent (August 30 through September 3, 1955).


213.  Glazed Ceramic Relationships in California (by Pilling, 1955).


214.  Archaeology of the Hollister Site, Sac-21 (by F. Fenenga, 1939).


215.  Excavations at the Mosher Site, Sac-56 (by F. Fenenga, 1939).


 216.  Original Field Notes on Sac-83 and Sac-86 (by F. Fenenga, 1939).


217.  Excavation Notes of Karlo Site, Las-7. (F. Riddell, 1955).


*218.  Burial Records and Field Notes on SJo-105 (by various authors, 1953-1954).


219.  Burial Records and Field Notes on SJo-106 (by Bennyhoff and Raab, 1954).


220.  Report of Excavation at Sha-46 (by D. Boyd, 1955).


221.  Notes Pertaining to Private Collections from Hobo Hot Springs, Nevada, Do-12 (by A.B. Elsasser, 1956).


222.  Photographs of the Calaveras Skull from G. Davidson, 1907.


223.  Copy of The Little Sycamore Shellmound, Ven-57 (by W. Wallace, 1954).


224.  Two Gilak Dance Songs, One Woman's Song. Mast Record by Bill Graves, Pomo (recorded by F.A. Riddell, 1950).


225.  Notes and One Copy of Final Report Submitted the National Park Service on the Archaeology of the Sites Nap-74 and Nap-93 (by A.E. Treganza and A.B. Elsasser, 1950).


226.  Original Manuscript for Archaeological Excavations on the Farallone Islands, (SFr-1, SFr-24) California (by F.A. Ridell). Published as UCAS-R 31.


227.  Notes on Various Collections from Sites in Sonoma County (by R. Holloday).


228.  Notes on the George Poore Collection, Mountain Ranch, Calaveras County, and a List of Specimens from Calaveras County and Marin County. Drawings by Norman Roust. 1956.


229.  Notes on the Marin C. Markwood Collection from West Point, Calaveras County. Drawings by M.J. Harner. 1956.


230.  Plates and Various Notes on the Petroglyphs of California and the Great Basin (by Julian Steward). Published in UCPAAE 24:2, 1929.


231.  Description of Early Horizon Type Collection from Sites Sac-107, Sac-168, SJo-56, and SJo-68, Donated to Sacramento State College 6/56 (by J.A. Bennyhoff, 1956).


232.  Report on the Test Excavation of the Rose Spring Site, Inyo County (by F.A. Ridell, 1956).


**233.  The Big Meadow Indians of Plumas County (by Chester Rich, 1956).


234.  Some Random Notes and Thoughts on Incised Pebbles (by C.E. Smith, 1956).


235.  Survey Report and Supplementary Report on the Tachi Indians (by J. Werlhof and J. Vierhus). Survey Report 119pgs, Supplementary Report.


236.  Excavation of the McCoy site ( ala-8) Near Livermore, Ca. McGeein, D.F. and D.J.


**237.  Translation of H. Balfet's La Vannerie, Essai de Classification (by M.A. Baumhoff, 1957). Published as UCAS No.47.


**238.  A Bibliography of Nevada Archaeology (by G.L. Grosscup, 1957). Published as UCAS No. 36.


239.  Field Notes, Burial Records, Animal Bone from Nap-1, Nap-14, Nap-39 (by Field class, Spring, 1947, R.F. Heizer, instructor). Also, Nap-16 Field Notes, Burial Records and Animal Bone Slips, with Site Map (by Field class, Spring, 1956). Also, Notes on Nap-16 by Treganza.


240.  Sac-60 Burial Chart, Incomplete but the Only Data Available on Individual Burials from the Hick's Site (by F. Fenenga, 1938).


241.  Notes on Artifacts in the Mix Collection, Elk Grove, (by F. and H. Riddell, 1939, 1941). Also, Burial Records from Sac-113 (1941).


242.  Petroglyphs from Site Pla-26 (by Jack Smith, 1957).


 243.  Ms. and Excavation Notes on Payne Cave, Teh-193 (by Baumhoff, 1957).


244.  Notes on Modern Petroglyphs of Central California and Western Nevada (by A.B. Elsasser, 1957).


245.  Appendix I (for Report by Sacramento State College on Excavations at Berryessa Valley: A) Salvage Excavation on Nap-89 by UCAS (by A.B. Elsasser); B) Summary of Artifacts Recovered (by J.E. Smith); C) Analysis of Shell Ornaments (by J.A. Bennyhoff).


*246.  Hunting Blinds at Antelope Springs, Nye County, Nevada (Ny-23) (by Bernard L. Fontana, 1957).


 247.  Rocky Hill, Tulare County, California (by J.C. von Werlhof, 1958).


248.  Salvage Archaeology in the Trinity Reservoir Area, Northern California (by A.E. Treganza, 1958).


*249.  Papers Published in UCAS-R-42 (4/1958).


250.  Lagomarsino Petroglyphs site, Storey County, Nevada (by M.A. Baumhoff, R.F. Heizer and A.B. Elsasser, 1958).


251.  Archaeological Excavations in the Coyote Valley Reservoir Area, Mendocino County (by Treganza, 1957).


252.  Petroglyphs, Fresno and Tulare Counties (by J. Werlhof, 1958).


253.  Sac-168: Excavation Notes for 7-10/1952 with Partial Description of Artifacts (by Baumhoff). First Class Part by Beardsley; UCAS part by Bennyhoff.


254.  Notes from the 1957 Great Basin Symposium (by J.A. Bennyhoff).


255.  Data on Site Sis-262, Collected in 1955 (by Bennyhoff and Elasasser).


256.  Point Types and Weights from the Sacramento Valley (by F. Fenenga).


 257.  Field Notes from Yol-13 (by Field Class, Summer 1958).


258.  Photographs of Artifacts for M.G. Hindes Manuscript, 1959.


259.  Archaeological Salvage Excavation of Sut-21 and Sut-22 on the Feather River Levee Near Nicolaus (by D.P. Jewell and J.S. Clemmer, 1958).


260.  Archaeological Investigations at the William B. Ide Adobe, Red Bluff (by A.E. Treganza, 1958.


261.  The Archaeology of Three Central Sierran Sites (Nev-11, Nev-67, Alp-22) (by Davis, 1958).


262.  M.A. Thesis Raw Data on Great Basin Anthropometry (by K. Kennedy, 1958).


263.  Salvage Archaeology in the Trinity Reservoir Area, Northern California Done During the 1958 Field Season (by A.E. Treganza, 1958).


264.  Report on a Rock Shelter in the San Rafael Mountains. Also, a Report on Excavations at Ker-60 and SBa-1 (by J.L. Nichols and E.R. Prince, 1958).


265.  An Unusual Charmstone from Central California (by J.T. Davis, 1959).


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Part 2: List of Antonio Salinans, Informants, Some Notes on Joe Mora, an Antonio Salinan, and the Antonio Salinans' View of the Tularanos.


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Part 1 of 5: Correspondence.


Part 2 of 5: Reprints and articles on coprolites.


Part 3 of 5: Photographs.


Part 4 of 5: Working notes and rough drafts, etc.


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Part 1 of 3: point typology and distribution tables.


Part 2 of 3: point distribution maps, drawings and data on Ch-15 (Humboldt Lakebed) points.


Part 3 of 3: maps showing point distributions references, and, descriptions.


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Part 1 of 7: Letters regarding site records and designations, notes, Parks and Recreation site survey records.


Part 2 of 7: UCAS duplicate records, site survey file data.


Part 3 of 7: original site records for Tuolome, Tulare, Trinity, and Yuba counties.


Part 4 of 7: Riverside County sites (Riv-523 through 660), from the San Bernadino County Museum.


Part 5 of 7: Monterey County sites files, from Cabrillo College collected by R. Edwards and G. S. Breschini. Also, Nacimiento River Survey, 1973.


Part 6 of 7: letters between R.F. Heizer and others regarding site designations and missing records.


Part 7 of 7: letters pertaining to the establishment of the UCLA Archaeological Survey, between R.F. Heizer and others.


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