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Inventory of the Solano-Reeve Papers, 1849-c.1910
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Volume 66

Goldsworthy, John. 1873(1/18-6/9) 1880

Scope and Content Note

Book 6; Gorman; Borax:

Hyram Quimbie [sec. 30 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


W.A. Dalton, Traverse Line [Novarto placer mine, San Gabriel River canyon];


W.A. Dalton, Noverto Mine [San Gabriel River canyon];


Green Meadow School, J.R. Brierly [sec. 29, T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


J.J. Bullis 200a [tract in Rancho San Antonio];


J.J. Bullis, 130a [Rancho San Antonio];


Silas Bennett, Chappman Place [San Pedro St.];


Quimbie & Rogers [sec. 25 T.2S. R. 14W. S.B.M.];


T.8N. R. 18W. S.B.M. [east of Gorman];


T.8N. R. 19W., Sketch Survey [Gorman area];


Taressa Lopez de Sylvia [Aliso St. house];


Maria Aantonia de Lugo;


J.T. LanFranco;


[Maria Antonia Lugo];


Borax Field at Desert Springs [Kern Co., T.29-30S. R. 38-39E. M.D.M.];


Cane Spring Borax Mine;


Crystal Borax Co., 160a [T.29S. R. 38E. M.D.M.];


Star Borax Mine;


Mendese Borax Mine;


San Francisco Co.;


Geo. H. Chapman Borax Mine, 160a [T.31S. R. 39E. M.D.M.];


J.W. Coughran et al.;


W.L. Moor mine;


Capt. Wm. H. Lent, [F.H. Burrows, et al.];


John Nagel;


John Goldsworthy;


IXL Borax Mine;


H. Lend;




T.2S. R. 7W. S.B.M. [borders Rancho Santa Ana del Chino];


Jesse Mayhew to W.T. Stanfield;


W.T. Stanfield to W.A. Hobbs [by Rancho el Rincón];


[notes & accounts];


[insert: José Heslop, San Gabriel Mission lands, sec. 36 T. 1N. R. 12W. S.B.M., 1880]

Volume 67

Goldsworthy, John. 1873(7/16)-1874(3/7)

Scope and Content Note

Book 50:

[sec. 12 T.30S. R.37E. M.D.M., Kern Co.];


Ball & Coughran, Desert Spring;


Opitz, Gustave;


Kennedy, Jas., O'Neill, John [Seventh & Griffin St.s];


Gorman [near Rancho la Liebre];


Kennedy, Jas.;


T.3S. R.13W. S.B.M. [Rancho Tajauta];


Wolfskill, Louis;


Rocha, Jas. [sec.s 7&18 T.1S. R.13(i.e., 14?)W. S.B.M.];


Gray, Thos., & Briga, [Rancho las] Cienega[s];


McLean, Ed. (Los Nietos)[Rancho Santa Gertrudes];


T.1N. R.6W. S.B.M.;


Diseño line of La Brea Ro.;


T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M. [Rancho Tajauta line in part];


Barker, Juan (Tejauta);


Tejauta Subdivision [Rancho Tajauta];


Dean, B.F. [Rancho Tajauta];


Abelas, Filepe;


Abela, Cornelio;


[Hugh Gibson];


[Valenzuela, Thomas & Ascencion, et al., Rancho Tajauta subdivision];


Firth, J.B.;


Mallchortz, Antone;



Volume 68

[Goldsworthy?, John] 1873(10/27); 1884(4/3-7/19 1894-1895(2/2)

Scope and Content Note

Book 91:



Klamath River Indians;


Edgar, Dr. - San Gorgonio [T.1S. R.2W. S.B.M.];


Jenkins, R.T. [San Gorgonio];


Johnson, J.S. [San Gorgonio];


[S.P. Railroad Co. to Elizabeth Durrill, sec. 33 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M., Rancho Tajauta];


Mills, H.W. [Main to New High St.s, near Virgin St.];


Salas, Garcia [Verdugo];


Durrel, Ro Tajauta [sec. 33, T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Nadeau, [town of] Florence [sec. 28 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Brigham, [town of] Florence [sec. 28 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Olives, Jose [Verdugo area, Rancho San Rafael?];


Snee, Mike [Verdugo area];


[Bouton Dunsmore & Co., Ninth St. (incomplete)];


Higbie, A.M. [Temple & Gibson Tract, Rancho San Pedro];


Abbott, J.M. [Temple & Gibson Tract, Rancho San Pedro];


[Whaley, F.S., Temple & Gibson Tract, Rancho San Pedro];


[Bush, J.M., Temple & Gibson Tract, Rancho San Pedro];


Ruiz, Dolores [lot, New High & Virgin St.s];


Deed - Bakker to Wilson [i.e., G.H. Baker to D.C. Wilson];


Nordholdt [tract near Sixth, Main, & Los Angeles St.s];


Adams [& Son];


[Steele, C.C., tract in El Monte];


Tujunga, Settlers' Survey [Rancho Tujunga, near sec.s 31&32 T.3N, R.14W. S.B.M.];


Howland, G. - Broadway [lot, Hill to Broadway St.s at Fourth St.];


[deed transfers, E.J. & Sadie Burnett];


Grace Church;


Law, Henry - El Monte [old Thompson Tract, Rancho San Francisquito]

Volume 69

Hansen, George. 1874(3/27)-1875(3/3)

Scope and Content Note

G. Hansen Surveyor; 1874:



Tuch, N. [lot 31 of Mission lots (San Gabriel Mission lands).];


[Ch.] Cabot, Mission S[an] G[abriel] [T.1S. R. 12W. S.B.M., sec.s 1&12];


Fogle [Andrew, boundary with John F. Preuss];


Morris' Vineyard [tract at Main & Washington St.s];




[Dr. Richardson's house lot on Fort Hill];


[M.] Goldbaum [sec. 27 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


[James] Entwistle [San Pedro St. tract];


Moerenhaut, [Philip & Brooks, with Hancock, San Pedro St., sec. 8 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


[Samuel Stanley to Abel Mason, Flores Tract, Jefferson & Main St.s];


San Antonio Ro [northwest corner];


Mason & Stanley;


Rancho S[an] Antonio;


Ro [San] Pa[s]cual, Shorb;




Bancroft [Washington St. tract];


Heslop [Mission San Gabriel lands, sec.s 35&36 T.1N. R.12W. S.B.M., with Patent of Michael White Tract];


Carmen Sepulveda [Rancho San Rafael tract];


[Bernardo] Dubordieux [sec. 9 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


[Lugo Tract No. 2, Col. G. Smith];


[Rancho San Rafael (cont.)];


[Francisco] Vassallo [Rancho San Rafael?];


Pablo Reyes;


[Philip, Prosper, sec. 8 T.2N. R.13W. S.B.M.?];


[Pablo Reyes];


San Antonio Ro [tract no. 2];



Volume 70

Hansen, George. 1874(6/23-9/30)

Scope and Content Note

1874 - IV: Rancho Rincon de la Brea
Volume 71

Hansen, George. 1874(7/24-12/4)

Scope and Content Note

1874 - VI? R.o Cucamonga
Volume 72

Hansen, George. 1874(12/8)-1875(4/1)

Scope and Content Note

1874 - IX: Ranchos Centinela & Sausal Redondo; Moerenhaut tract [Prosper Philip]
Volume 73

Hansen, George. 1874(12/8)-1875(4/2)

Scope and Content Note

1874 - VIII: Ranchos Centinela & Sausal Redondo
Volume 74

Goldsworthy, John. 1874(4/16-11/3)

Scope and Content Note

Book 51; 1874:

Palmer, W.B./Colwell/Reichart, I.B.;


McCarty, Dan'l (2nd & Hill);


Ogier Survey [placer claim, near Union Canyon];


Ogier Mine;


Eldorado & Croesus [placer claims];


T.4S. R.6W. S.B.M./[Rancho] Sobrante de San Jacinto [also, Rancho la Sierra];


Frazier Mine Traverse [T.8N. R.19W. S.B.M.];


T.1N. R.7W. S.B.M. [includes border of Rancho Cucamonga];


Cucamunga Ro:


Slauson, J.S. [Rancho San Antonio];


Downey & Hellman [Rancho San Antonio];


San Gabriel River Gold Placer Mining Co.;


Seamans, P.L. [claim];


Garcia, Capt. J.S. (Cucamumga) [Rancho Cucamonga];


T.1N. R.5W. S.B.M. [includes Rancho Muscupiabe];


Pearce, Wm.;


T.2S. R.3W. S.B.M. [includes Rancho San Jacinto Nuevo];


Bullis, J.I., Deed to [Rancho San Antonio];




[T.5S. R.1E. S.B.M., names of settlers];


[T.1N. R.3W. S.B.M., names of settlers];


Gorman, Mrs. Jas./Sec. 18, T.8N. R.18W. [S.B.M., and sec. 7];




[notice for Eldorado/Croesus Mine];


Queen of the Desert Lode [notice]

Volume 75

Goldsworthy, John. 1874(9/7-12/16)

Scope and Content Note

Book 52; 1874:

Widney, R.M. - Pico House to Depot on Alameda St.;


R.R.Co., Wright's House;


T.11S. R.3W. S.B.M.;


Combs, J.A. [sec. 4 T. 11S. R.3W. S.B.M.];


[T. 11S. R.3W. S.B.M. (cont.)];




T.13S. R.3W. S.B.M. [includes Rancho Peñasquitos and San Diego pueblo lands];


Edgar, Dr. Wm. F. (Monte);


Harrington, P. (Azusa) [sec. 16 T. 1S. R.10W. S.B.M., borders on Rancho la Puente];


Buena Vista Ro. [San Diego County];


T.14S. R.4W. S.B.M.;


T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M.;


Luzardi, Peitro [sec. 2 T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M.;


[T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M. (cont.), including Rancho San Dieguito];


Judson, John [T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M.];


[T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M. (cont.), including ranchos San Dieguito & Peñasquitos];


Lerrano [i.e., Serrano?], José Antonio;


[T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M. (cont.)];


[Rodriguez, Ramon, & Guillermo Sales];


T.13S. R.4W. S.B.M. [memorandum];


McGonigle Family [locations made in T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M.];


Colwell, Palmer;


[Harrington, P.];




[Buena Vista Ranch];


[T.14S. R.3W. S.B.M., map of external lines, with some owners]

Volume 76

Hansen, George. 1874(2/21-3/14)

Scope and Content Note


Rancho Sn. Antonio [part of Tract No. 2];


Lots in Bl. T. Mott-tract [for George Hansen];


Amestoy, [Domingo, Lot 2 Bl. 38 Hancock's Survey];


Graf [sec. 7 T.2S. R.13W.]

Volume 77

Moore, William. 1874(6/15-10/7)

Scope and Content Note

1874 - III:

Temple St. [grade];


Sepulbeda lot;


[Miguel M???real, sec. 5 T.6S. R.7W. S.B.M. (Rancho Cañada de los Alisos)];


Wolfskill [Maud St.];


S.H. Mott [parallel to Alameda St.];


Mullally [Alameda & Macy St.s];


Alameda [St.];


Alameda [St.];


Figaroa [i.e., Figueroa] St.;


Alameda [St.] South of Aliso [St.];


1st St. Level of;


Olive St. [level, Second to Fifth St.s];


1st St. level;


[County Surveyor fees];


Temple St. Strelitz lots;


?????? [level Fort St., Third & Fourth St.s, Widney];


Center line of Temple St.;


Course of Los Angeles River;


Floom No. 5;




fall of Com[mercial] St.;




Level of Alameda St.;


Gertson [lot 3 Bl. 11 Ord's Survey];


Alameda St. [level from Turner St. north];


Julian Chavis [tract near Los Angeles River];


Lord [level, lots at Temple & Fort St.s];


[Felipe] Martinez;


Trapp [?];


Los Angeles [?, i.e., Main] St. Sewer;


[resurvey for Tripp];


[Main St., northwest side, with owners];


Nadaux [level of crossing, Fort & Third St.s];






E. Meyer - Chitende{n, lot 24, Meyer Tract, Main St.];


H. Ernst [Bridge & Main St.s];


[P.] Beaudry;


Alameda [St.];


Ernst [lot, courses];


Prager & Mott [Alameda St.];


Downey['s block, New High St.];


Owners on Main St.;


10th St.;


R[ail] R[oad] Depot [Los Angeles & Wilmington];


Sabichi at junction of RR;


[Isabel] Ramirez de Pelanconi [Aliso St.];


Commercial St. [fall];


Ledyard [Washington St.];


Commercial St. [includes owners];


???[Morenhaut?] lot;


Bell lot;


Commercial St.;


B. Cohen [Commercial St.];










[Ledyard & Woldser? lots on Washington St.];


[Mrs. Campbell, lot];




[Second St. crossings];


[lots on Main St., with owners];




[owners on Alameda St.];


[owners on upper Main St.];


[W. Allot, Main St.];


[Main sewer];




[Alameda St. south of First St.];


[Mateo Lanfranco, Main to Spring St.s];


[Strelitz - lot, Spring St.];


[frontages, with owners];


[Mary Lavry (or Savry?)];


[Burlingam et al., Cortney tract subdivision];


[Burlingam's Home Tract];




[Judy Tompson et al., Figueroa St.];




[T. Delano, Washington St. area];


[owners on Alameda St.];




[foundation & wall calculations];




[food supplies];


[irrigation plans]

Volume 78

Moore, William. 1874(7); 1895(8/20)

Scope and Content Note

Official Grade of Streets, July, 1874:

[contains index; also includes:


Vejar Estate;


comments on irrigation]

Volume 79

Ruxton, A[lbert] G. 1874(8/21)-1877(4/2)

Scope and Content Note

Field Book 1:

Vicente Lugo, Aug. 21, 1874

Physical Description: [2 tracts];

Survey of Lots 3, 4, 9 & 10, Sec. 6 T2S R13W [S.B.M.] for Downey, Hellman & Childs [?];


Survey of S.E. 1/4 Sec. 33 & [??] S.W. 1/4 Sec. 34 [??] [T.2N. R.14W. S.B.M.] for Dr. Oliver;


Hinds, T. 1N. & R.14W. [north of Rancho Providencia];


Dr. Oliver;


[Ledyard, Bullock, & Forbes - area of Washington to Pico St.s, Figueroa to Charity St.s];


E. 1/2 of S.W. 1/4 Sec. 7 T.2S. R. 13W. [S.B.M.] [??] [Pagson];


McCrary [sec. 36 T. 1S. R. 14W. S.B.M.];


Toberman Tract for T.W. Temple [?] [Pearl Ave. south of Pico St.];


[Ledyard survey?]


Ledyard on Figueroa [?] & Pico St.s [subdivision along Charity St.];


Downey Hellman [Howard?] & Childs [sec. 6 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M., around Figueroa, Adams, & Jefferson St.s, Bl.s 22&23 Hancock's Survey];


W. Lyon Ro Los Alamitos;


Sumner on Col. Kewen's [?] land;


Godfrey on Adams St.;


[Pico to Jefferson St.s, Figueroa to Main? St.s];


[R.K. McCrary, southeast 1/4 of sec. 36 T. 1S. R. 14W. S.B.M.];




[Gardner & O'Melveny Tract];



Volume 80

[Hansen, George].

Scope and Content Note

[field book]:

[Seebold lot above Fort St.];


[Anaheim Extension]

Box 5, Volume 81

[name directory; field book]: 1874(9/1)-1876(6/27)


[road in Rancho Tajauta];


[land in Rancho la Merced?, around Puente Road & School House Road, to San Gabriel River?];


[tract along a river];


[Belliard, tract on San Pedro St. at Washington St.];


[Rancho Potrero Grande];


[sec.s 23&26 T. 1S. R. 12W. S.B.M.];


[Reyes, Alameda St.];


[Refugio Botello, Botello St.];


[Kewen, near Kewen & Shorb Road, Alhambra Ave];


[Crisostomo Vejar, Washington & Wolfskill St.s];


[Rancho San José, south line];


[subdivision at Banning and Vigne St.s];


[J. Shuggs, tract on Nietos/Los Angeles road, Rancho Santa Gertrudes];


[Rancho Santa Gertrudes, various tracts];


[Downey Survey of the San Gabriel River];


[Rancho Santa Gertrudes tracts];


[meanderline of San Gabriel River];


[Rancho Santa Gertrudes tracts];


[Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, J. Ross & Bro.];


[A. Boschke];


[A.B. Chapman];




[Bay of San Joaquín, i.e., Newport Bay];




[ranchos San Antonio & la Merced];


[Temple's house, Rio Hondo];


[notes and drawing]

Volume 82

Hansen, George. 1874(12/2)-1875(4/3)

Scope and Content Note

1874 - X: Ranchos Centinela and Sausal Redondo [probably the laying out of Inglewood]
Volume 83

[field book, small]: [San Pedro, Los Angeles, & Main St.s, to Adams St.] 1875(8)

Volume 84

Goldsworthy, John. 1874(1)-1876(1)

Scope and Content Note

Book 8:

Cahuenga School/C.A. Darlington [sec. 13 T. 1S. R. 14W. S.B.M.];


[sec. 13] T. 1S. R. 14W. S.B.M.;


T.D. Hancock, for Herman Richter [sec. 13 T. 1S. R. 14W. S.B.M.];


Dr. Edgar [sec. 26];




Geo. Tiffeny [sec.s 8&17 T. 3S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


Sainsevain & Cook [sec. 11 T. 1N. R. 7W.];


T. 1N. R. 12W. [S.B.M., north of ranchos Santa Anita & San Pasqual];


J.S. Slauson [Rancho San Antonio?];


[Henry Dalton claim to lot on Main St.];


T. 3S. R. 7W. SBM [bordering ranchos el Rincón, Santa Ana del Chino, & la Sierra];


Lee Goldsmith [sec. 6 T.3S. R.7W. S.B.M.];


[T.3S. R.7W. S.B.M.];


Antonio Aros & Jose John Alverado [sec.s 18&19 T.3S. R.7W. S.B.M.];


David Younce [i.e., Yount?, sec. 6 T.3S. R.7W. S.B.M.];


Coal Mine [east of Santa Ana River];


Prospect for Barber, W. Ravine No. 1 [gold placer mines in Castaic];


Peel location;


[Jenkins claim];


Monroe Claim;


[Rancho] Buena Vista, to retrace lines [on Milpitas Road, but in San Diego Co.?];


Henry Combs [sec. 32 T. 10S. R.3W. S.B.M.];


John Combs [T. 11S. R.4W. S.B.M.];


[Buena Vista Rancho, in San Diego Co.?];


J.W. Stump [lot on Hope St.];


Wilkerson & Ingram [oil mine, south boundary Rancho San Francisco, T.3N. R.16W. S.B.M.];


Confidence Coal Co. [southwest corner T.3S. R.7W., partly Rancho la Sierra];


[J.W. Stump, lot on Hope St. & Bunker Hill Ave.];


Bearing of 6th St.;


[T.3S. R.7W. S.B.M.];


Retracing [Rancho] El Rincon;


[Goldsworthy account with W. Rumble & with Rancho Tajauta]

Volume 85

Hansen, George. 1875(3/4-7/16)

Scope and Content Note

1875 - II: G. Hansen:

Frank Sabichi [garden on Lovers Lane];


Abril Tract [garden of Hansen, Childs, & Keller];


Childs' garden [Main St.];


Figueroa Street [locate it];


C[harles] Geo[rge] d'Hammer Claybrooks [garden on Washington St.];


[Los Angeles] City Sewer [southern boundary & Main St.];


Carr, Morris Vineyard [Main St.];


W.S. Chapman [tract bordering ranchos Santa Anita & San Francisquito];


C.G. Claybrook [Washington St.];


S.A. Cardona [lot on Main St.];


L[ewis] Wolfskill [tract south of Los Angeles];


[Los Angeles City Sewer (cont.), levels];


[F. Sabichi (Pavia), tract on east side of Los Angeles River];


Newmark [lot on Plaza];


Philip & Brooks [tract in Moerenhaut tract, San Pedro St.];


J[ohn] Mead [tract south of Abril Tract];


Turnhall [i.e., Turnverein lot below Second St.];


Eaton lots [Spring & Main St.s];


McDougal tract [for Prosper Philip, sec. 8 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


San Antonio Ro [tract within Los Angeles City for Euphrate & Mondran];


Isidro Reyes [garden];


Hellman & Requena [lot between Main & Requena St.s];


Olive Street grade [Lindley lots];


San Pascual Ro [boundary with Rancho San Rafael];


[Rancho] Santa Anita [Lucky Baldwin tract, ditch for water pipe];


Ro San Antonio Laguna [within Rancho San Antonio]

Volume 86

Solano, Alfred. 1875(5/25)-1876(2/22)

Scope and Content Note

1875 - III: Alfred Solano:

Dr. Cardona [Main St.];


[Los Angeles] City Sewer [levels];


Ro La Ballona;


Ygnacio del Valle [land on Plaza];


McDougal [tract in sec. 1 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Felipe Lugo [for Euphrate & Mondran, tract in Rancho San Antonio];


Manuel Cota [really Euphrate tract on San Pedro St.];


Jos[eph] Amillo [lot on Bath St.];


Manuel Cota [tract on San Pedro St.];


Catalina Morena [lot on Main St., between Second & Third St.s];


Martin [Second & Olive St.s];


Cucamonga Ditch;


Matilda Walden [tract, Lot 8 Bl. 2 Hancock's Survey, sec. 8 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M., Jefferson & San Pedro St.s];


Hawley [excavation, Fort St.];


Luis Philip [Rancho Santa Ana del Chino];


L[os] A[ngeles] Homestead As[sociation, lots on Washington & Alabama St.s, Childs & Nevada St.s];


[Rancho la Ballona, subdivision of land of heirs of Agustin Machado];


Branihed [i.e., Begue Bertrand?, lot on Aliso St.];


[C.] Maags [lot on Fort St.];


San Antonio Creek [for Martin, from Rancho San José north along Los Angeles/San Bernardino county boundary];


[Rancho] Sausal Redondo [tract for John Vallance];


Santous [tract in Rancho Sausal Redondo for Sentous];


[Rancho] Cucamonga;


Simon Levy [sec. 21 T.2S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


[Rancho la Ballona subdivision]

Volume 87

Hansen, George. 1875(10/15)-1876(4/20)

Scope and Content Note

1875/76: Geo. Hansen:

Los Angeles Homestead Association [Washington St., Alabama, Charles, Nevada, Colorado, Downey, & McLellan St.s];


[Seebold lot, Fort St.];


Ro La Ballona [subdivision of lands belonging to heirs of Agustin Machado]:


Dwelling of D.a Ramona;


Meanders of Creek;


Exterior boundaries;


S.E. cor[ner] of Sanford's fence;


West line of Mac. Aguilar;


Improvements of D.a Ramona, Cota, & Bernardo;


Table of aportionment;


Improvements of Mac. Aguilar & Cota;


Benina Talamantes;


Mac. Aguilar;


From 165 to St. 5;


From St. 6 bet[ween] 1st & 2d class land;


Line bet[ween] 2d & 4th class land;


3d Tract;


Cucamonga [Martin, San Antonio Creek north past Rancho Cucamonga, plus else in area];


[W.S.] Chapman, Santa Anita Ro;


[Rancho la Ballona subdivision];


Lawlor, W[illiam] B. [tract, sec. 8 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


[Rancho (San) Rafael waterworks];


[Reed tract, Pico St.];


[Lawlor (cont.)]

Volume 88

Ruxton, A[lbert] G. 1875(10/5)-1876(7/17)

Scope and Content Note

Oct. 1875 to July/76: Field Book No. 1:

[Jones, tract in sec. 27 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


[Brown, sec. 24 T.1S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


[Broderick, lot 5 Bl. 23 Ord's Survey, Seventh St. between Spring & Main St.s];


[Downey, Howard, & Childs, timetable for field work];


[Downey, Howard, Childs, & Hellman, Jefferson St., Figueroa to Main St.s, southern boundary of Los Angeles];


[Crawford's lot];


[R.S. Baker, tract on Los Angeles City boundary];


[T.B. Brown, lot 2 Bl. 22 Hancock's Survey, Adams St.];


[tract on southeast boundary of City of Los Angeles];


[Gassen & Pico tract, Rancho San Antonio];


[Judge Allen, tract in sec. 7, T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


[R. Sotello, D. Kerani et al., claim in sec.s 30&31 T.3N. R.16W. S.B.M.];


[Poyerana, sec. 35 T.2S. R. 11W. S.B.M.];


[J. King?, sec. 19 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


[Capt. Glassell, laying out Riverdale in Rancho San Rafael];


[buildings on Commercial St.];


[Johnson & Gates, oil claim, Los Angeles Oil Co., Ventura County];


[oil claims, Ventura Co.];


[notes & accounts]

Volume 89

Hansen, George. 1876(4/25)-1877(9/5)

Scope and Content Note

1876 - II: Geo. Hansen; R.o La Sierra [partition]; 1876, Apl. 25 to May 6; 1877, Apl. 24 to May 1; 1877, Agt. 13 to Sep. 3
Volume 90-A

Goldsworthy, John.

Scope and Content Note

Book 10 [field book] [on cover:] Ro Las Virgenes; T.2N. R.14W.; T.1N. R.14W.; T.1S. R.4W.; T.2S. R.10W.; T.H. Mathews Ball & Bell; H.A. Saxe; Ira Carpenter;
[inside cover:]

Ro Las Virgines [with parts of Rancho el Conejo];


T.2N. R.14W. S.B.M.;


T.1N. R.14W. S.B.M.;


T.1S. R.4W. S.B.M.;


T.2S. R.10W. S.B.M.;


[T.H.] Mathews, [Frank] Ball & Bell [tract near Rancho la Brea];


H.A. Saxe [lot 2 Bl. L Mott Tract, Charity St.];


Ira Carpenter [sec. 13 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.]

Volume 90-B

Goldsworthy, John. 1876(6/20)-1877(1/9)

Scope and Content Note

Book 11 [field book from work by Ruxton]:

Cesapi [i.e., Sespe] Oil Mine [T.4N. R.20W. S.B.M.];


[Rancho los Virgenes];


James McFadden [tidelands, Newport Beach by Rancho San Joaquín];


Wm. H Spurgeon;


[McFadden & Spurgeon, tideland in Newport];


J.J. Bullis [subdivision of tract on Los Angeles River, Rancho San Antonio];


Thomas Donlan, James Gorman [tract in sec. 22];


L. King [lot 6];


Morris Burk [sec. 9 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


John Thurman [lot 4 Champion Tract (Rancho San Francisquito?)];


Gen Rosecrenz [lot on San Pedro St.];


[Rancho los] Cerritos, T.3S. R.13W. S.B.M., east bank San Gabriel River];


Jotham Bixby [Rancho los Cerritos];


Filepe Abela [i.e., Felipe Abila], Rancho Tajauta;


J.S. Slauson [tract in Rancho San Antonio];


W[est] line of San Antonio Ro, E[ast] Line of Tajauto;


Philip H. & Richard Bullis [tract in Rancho San Antonio];


[T.9S. R.4W. S.B.M., list of settlers]

Volume 91

Solano, Alfred. 1876(2/23)-1877(9/6)

Scope and Content Note

1876 - 1: Alfred Solano:

Rancho La Ballona;


[Rancho] La Sierra of the Yorbas [sub-division];


[Rancho la Sierra, ditch];


[Rancho la Sierra, esterior line, along river, hill land of Shorb & Raymundo Yorba, etc.];


[Leonardo Cota house, Rancho el Rincón];


San Antonio Ro - S.C. Foster [tract]

Volume 92

Stahlberg, A. J. 1876(7/12-8/14)

Scope and Content Note

A. J. Stahlberg [field book] 1876:

Cerritos, Ro Los, J. Bixby [boundary of rancho];


Coal Veins in Ro Lomas de Santiago [and] Sec.s 10 & 14, T.3N. R.16W.


[George's Woodlot, sec. 36 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.?];


[Santiago de] Santa Ana Ro., F.W. Koll;


Rancho Los Coyotes;


Las Virgines Ro.;


[Downey City];




Rawson, H.A. & Bros., Ro San Niguel;


Rocha, Guadalupa, Deed to Part of Las Virgines Ro.;


San Fernando Ro.;


[Rancho] Boca de Santa Monica;


San Vicente y Santa Monica Ro.

Volume 93-A

Hansen, George. 1876(11/23)-1877(1/24)

Scope and Content Note

1876 - III: Geo. Hansen: [on cover:] Race Track [South Calif. Agricultural], Los Angeles Park; [survey in case of Harris Newmark & Co. vs.] Cohen, B. [lots on Plaza & Alameda St.]; Anaheim
Volume 93-B

Hansen, George. 1876(3/31)-1877(12/7)

Scope and Content Note

Farmers' and Merchants' Bank... in Account with Mr. George Hansen [bank book]
Volume 94

Kelleher, M[ichael]. 1877(4/2-6/2)

Scope and Content Note

City Surveyor: Water Surveys
Volume 95

Kelleher, M[ichael]. 1877(4/24-5/8)

Scope and Content Note

No. 2: Water Surveys [by Stahlberg]
Volume 96

Kelleher, M[ichael] 1877(4/11-5/5)

Scope and Content Note

Transit - Water Survey; No. 1 [by Moore?]
Volume 97

Seebold, Lothar. 1877(5/2-7/10)

Scope and Content Note

R.o La Merced; 1877; Seebold:

[Rancho la Merced & Ranchito];


[Olive Str. (Eberle Rd. near Preuss Rd.), Butler, Reed, Thompson];


[Ellen Owens, August Weisenbach, Charles Owens (Los Angeles St.)];




[Antonio Mallachoristed?, sec. 15 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];



Box 6, Volume 98

Goldsworthy, John. 1877(3/21-5/22 1870?(5/30)

Scope and Content Note

Book 56:

Cespi [i.e., Sespe] Creek [flow];


Cole, Senitor C. [water? well];


Thurman, F. M., Deed to [tract on El Monte Rd.];


McCollum, Marshal, Deed to [tract south of Thurman];


Ward, J.F., & Marchal McC[ollum, to lay off old Houston & Ward tracts];


Cole, Cornelius [house bids];


Kewen, E.J.C., & S. Richardson - San Gab[riel, lot 1 of sec. 3 T.1S. R.12W. S.B.M., by B.D. Wilson's Rancho San Pasqual];


[Rancho los] Cerritos, W[est] Line of Bixby;


Dudley, E.F., sec. 11, T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.

Volume 99

Book 13 1877(9/4-12/1)

Scope and Content Note

[on cover:] T.A. Delano; T.6N. Ranges 14 & 15 W. S.B.M.; Sasarria Valenzuela; W.P. Ransaur; John Eberly & Brother;
[inside cover:]

[elevations along rail line from Los Angeles to San Gorgonio & Banning];


Sasarria Valenzuela de Laurenzana [lot by depot];


Tom. A. Delano [T.6N. R.14&15W. S.B.M., south of Elizabeth Lake in San Francisco Canyon];


W.P. Ransaur [Felipe Abila tract];


John Eberly & Bro[ther, tract on San Pedro St. north of Washington St.]

Volume 100

Goldsworthy, John. 1877(6/10-7/10)

Scope and Content Note

Resting Springs; Book 14:

Resting Springs [Inyo County]:


Gunsight Mine, J.B. Osborne;


Taylor Shaft;


[Taylor to Caples shaft];


[Gunsight Mine];




Bullion Mine;




[Gunsight Mine, T.20-21N. R.8E.];


J.B. Osborn & Pearson town site;


Osborn Mill site;


Mabel Mine;


F.M. Douglass;




[San Pedro & Buena Vista claims]

Volume 101

Goldsworthy, John. 1877(1/23-3/15)

Scope and Content Note

Book 15:

J.S. Slauson [tract in Rancho San Antonio];


D.M. Durrell [tract in Rancho Tajauta];


Urqu[i]dez Tract [lot on San Pedro St.?];


Newton Noble [Rancho San Jacinto y San Gorgonio?];


Senator C. Cole [Rancho la Brea];


Miguel Leonace [i.e., Leonis?, by ranchos el Escorpión and Ex Mission de San Fernando];


[Senator Cole, Rancho la Brea (cont.)];


Los Angeles City, 7th St. & Alameda;


[Cespi Oil Co. account]

Volume 102

Hansen, George. 1877(5/3-7/13)

Scope and Content Note

1877 - 4: Geo. Hansen Surveyor:

Los Nietos Ditches [Col. George Smith, Rancho Paso de Bartolo];


R.o S. Pedro Western line & N. boundary of Manuel [Domínguez];


Meanders down the [old San Gabriel] river from St. 104 to 40;


Township line;


North boundary of Rancho San Pedro;


New meanders st. 104 to St. 34;


Set stakes

Volume 103

Hansen, George. 1877(12/17-20)

Scope and Content Note

1877 - 7: Anaheim Street Grades. Dec. 1877
Volume 104

Solano, Alfred. 1877(9/4)-1878(7/20)

Scope and Content Note

1877 - 5: A. Solano:

Ro [Santa Ana d]el Chino [for Joe Bridger];


Ro. El Rincon;


Ro. Cañon de Santa Ana;


La Ballona Ro;


Ro Santa Anita [A.B. Chapman tract by ranchos Santa Anita & San Francisquito, sec. 31 T. 1N. R. 11W. S.B.M., for L.J. Rose];


Juan Goyeneche [tract, sec.s 31&30 T. 1S. R. 12W. S.B.M.];


[Gregorio Talamantes de] Manriquez, Ro. La Ballona [for Machado & Saenz];


Azusa? [& Los Angeles] Road [west of Rancho San Francisquito];


Ro. La Puente;


Ro. San Francisquito [for E.J. Baldwin, also south line Rancho Santa Anita];


House W[est] side Spring Str. [Capt. Hutchinson];


L.J. Rose's Wine House [Rancho Santa Anita];


G[eorge] Hansen, Ro Tajauta;


Ditch, Santa Jacinta [i.e., Santa Ana] Mts. [in the Cañada Primera Mangla, land of Baumann & Marksen]

Volume 105

Solano, Alfred. 1877(12/4-18)

Scope and Content Note

1877 - 6: A. Solano; Anaheim
Volume 106

Hansen, George. 1877(1/2-2/22)

Scope and Content Note

1877: Anaheim Resurvey
Volume 107

Kelleher?, M[ichael] 1877(6/26)-1878(5/1)

Scope and Content Note

Dams &c; No. 2; Water surveys:

[Canal & Reservoir Co.];


[Dam near Cemetery];


[Brooklyn Heights reservoir]

Volume 108

Kelleher?, M[ichael] 1877(5/28-7/31)

Scope and Content Note

No. 5 [water surveys?]:

[contour K (cont.)];


[dam in Rancho los Felis];


[ditch east side Los Angeles River];


[Zanja capacities]

Volume 109

Hansen, George. 1877(6/21)-1878(3/11); addenda to 1880(9/20)

Scope and Content Note

1877 - 3: Geo. Hansen:

Los Angeles City Water Co. [property, land by Eagle Mill near Virgin St., Main St., College St., Buena Vista (Eternity) St., etc., garden of José Sepúlveda/Carillo/Bariles, Duarte grant, etc.];


Dr. Josef Kurtz [lot, Main to New High St.];


Dora Jones [lots 3&4 Bl. B Donation lots (Hancock's Survey)];


Reginaldo del Valle [Abila Vineyard, First & Alameda St.s];


[Rancho] Cienega ó Paso de la Tijera [boundary with Rancho las Ciénegas];


Celis Vineyard;


McDougal Tract - Nadeau [sec. 8 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


Philadelphia Brewery, Aliso Tract [Aliso to Sainsevain St.s, near Vignes St.];


W. Howland [sec. 31 T. 2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Rancho San Pedro [house of Manuel Domínguez];


Goyoneche, Juan [sec. 31 T.1S. R.12W. S.B.M.];


Manuel Coronado [tract];


[Rancho] Potrero Grande

Volume 110

Peel, Martin R. 1877(10/26)-1878(5/6)

Scope and Content Note

Notes on Dam No. 4
Volume 111

Solano, Alfred. 1877(4/13)-1878(11/1)

Scope and Content Note

1877-1878 - 2: A. Solano:

Gazzo, Rosario A. [lot, Short & New High St.s];


de Celis, E., Main Street [tract, to Washington St.];


Solano, Josefina [lot 7 Bl. 78 Ord's Survey, Olive St., Eleventh to Twelfth St.s];


Briswalter, Andres [Main St.];


Ro Potrero Grande;


Ro San Pedro;


L[os] A[ngeles] City Water Co. [property on Main, Alameda, Virgin, College, Buena Vista, Bull St.s, Stearns Mill, etc.];


[Dr. Kurtz lot on Main St.];


Mrs. John Jones [lots 3&4 Bl. B Donation lots (Hancock's Survey)];


Valle, Reginaldo del [Alameda St. tract];


[Rancho San Pedro, meanders of San Gabriel River];


Ro la Cienega ó Paso [de la] Tijera [boundary with Rancho las Ciénegas, for Capt. Hutchinson];


[garden of Eulogio de Celís, Main St. to Washington St.];


[L.A. Water Co.?];


Quinn, P.J. [lot on Los Angeles St. back of Cathedral];


[ranchos las Ciénegas and Ciénega ó Paso de la Tijera boundary];


McDougal tract [for Nadeau, sec. 8 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Wilhelm, Christine [sec. 35 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


Coronado, Manuel [tract];


Sanchez tract [Alameda & Banning St.s]


San Pedro Ro;


P. Beaudry-American Cemetery [Cemetery St., west of Pearl & Eighth St.s];


[Eighth St., south line, Spring to Pearl St.s];


Sepulveda, Andronico [Ybarra lots, Alameda St.];


Dr. Orm & Rob. Brown [sec. 7 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


Alaniz, Antonia Sanchez de [lot, Upper Main St.];


Albarado-Fran.co, Wilmington Str.;


[levels of Canal & Reservoir Co. ditch]

Volume 112

Goldsworthy, John. 1877(7/24-11/3)

Scope and Content Note

[field book]:

John Dodson [sec. 9];


[Cahuenga House ruins];


Mrs. Farris [tract];


Jotham Bixby [Rancho los Cerritos];


Jotham Bixby [Ditch No. 1];


Jotham Bixby [Ditch No. 2];


[Bixby, meanders down old San Gabriel River];


R. Ranney [Rancho Tajauta];


Romulo Pico [tract bordering Rancho la Brea];


Jose de la Luz Valenzuela [San Pedro St.];


Eastside Ditch;


Leapol Kahn [tract on west boundary of Rancho San Antonio];


Mrs. Farris [tract along railroad, T.2 or 3S. R. 13W. S.B.M.?]

Volume 113

Craig, James. 1878(8/12-15)

Scope and Content Note

River San Gabriel; Los Nietos; Irrigation District; Aug. 1878:

[levels, etc., from So. Pacific R.R. bridge No. 49 down river];


[levels down old bed of San Gabriel River from Tower No. A];


[levels from Station No. 45 on Old River to No. 42 on New River];


[cross sections of River, tomas, & ditches]

Volume 114

Goldsworthy, John. 1878(3/6-4/10)

Scope and Content Note

Book 16: [on cover:] Juaquina Sepulveda Poyoreo; E.B. Granden/W.W. Russell/Thos. Phelan/Wm. Wade; Thos. Phelan; T.R. Passens/O.P. Passens/J.A. Perkens; W.M. Williams; F.B. Taylor/D.G. Scofield;
[inside cover:]

[Rancho] Passo de Bartolo [and part of Rancho Santa Gertrudes]


Juaquin Sepulvida Poyoreno [ranchos Paso de Bartolo & Santa Gertrudes?];


W.H. Russell/E.B. Grandin/G.W.A. Pallett/Thomas Phelan [Rancho Paso de Bartolo?];


Wade, Wm.;


Thomas Phelan [ditch, Rancho Paso de Bartolo?];


O.P. Passens/J.A. Perkens/J.R. Passens;


W.M. Williams [Jefferson St.];


(D.G. Scofield)[T. 3N. R. 16W. S.B.M., by Rancho San Francisco];


F.B. Taylor [oil wells, etc., Pico Spring, California Star Oil Works Co., near corner T. 3-4N. R. 16-17W. S.B.M., by Rancho San Francisco]

Volume 115

Goldsworthy?, John. 1878(7/29-10/10 1886?(7/7)

Scope and Content Note

Book 18:

Resting Springs;


[Los] Cerrito[s] Ranch, John Bixby;


[Resting Springs mining district, Inyo County, claims of:]


Gunsight Mine;


Lookout Mine;


San Pedro Mine;


Shilo Mine;


Richmond Mine;


Empire Mine;


Blue Bell Mine;


Vulture Mine;


[Maybel et al.];


[Lookout Mine];


[Rancho los Cerritos, Jotham Bixby];


[James Gorman place on San Pedro St.]

Volume 116

Goldsworthy, John. 1878(4/29)-1879(1/17); 1885(9/27-30)

Scope and Content Note

Book 20:

Joseph Vincent/Richard Jasper [sec. 19 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


Joseph Nadeau [Flood & McSwain];


G.W.A. Pallet & J.A. Stewart [Rancho Paso de Bartolo?];


Dr. Whisler & Hunter;


[Rancho] Tejauta;


Louis Sentous/Jos. Antonio Rocha;


F.X. Eberlee [San Pedro St.];


Henry G. Monks [Rancho San Pasqual];


[Rancho] Azusa [(Dalton)],San José Ro., [Rancho Addition to San José];


[Rancho] San Jose;


J.F. Ward [Hoover Tract, lots, Hayward St. south of Washington St.];


[level from Main to Spring St.s];


Cahuenega/Oliver Johnson/1885 [T. 1S. R. 14W. S.B.M.];



Box 7, Volume 117

Hansen, George. 1878(6/24)-1879(2/15)

Scope and Content Note

1878 - 3: Geo. Hansen [both on and inside cover:]

[Rancho] La[s] Cienega[s], [southern line];


[Rancho] Tajauta, Hansen Tract;


[Rancho] Potrero [de] Felipe Lugo, T[homas] Temple, [James Durfee];


[Celis Tract];


Ro. San Antonio, Fickewirth;


Warner Vineyard [Main to Los Angeles St.s at Sixth St.];


[Rancho la] Ballona, Juan Machado;


[Rancho Santa Gertrudes];


Ro. S[ant]a Anita, Chapman;


R.C. Reed [Mott Tract, Temple St. & Bunker Hill Ave.];


Ro Los Nietos [Santa Gertrudes], Ja[me]s Shugg;


Glassell Ditch

Volume 118

Hansen, George; [A.G. Ruxton]. 1878(3/11-4/2)

Scope and Content Note

1878 - 2: R.o Potrero Grande [inside cover: "Book No. 3"]:

[boundaries of Rancho Potrero Grande, along with some boundaries of ranchos Potrero Chico, Potrero de Felipe Lugo, la Merced, & San Francisquito]

Volume 119

Hansen, George.

Scope and Content Note

1878 - 1: Geo. Hansen [inside cover: "Book No. 2"]:

[Rancho] Potrero Grande, South boundary;


[Rancho] San Francisquito, Azusa Los Angeles Road, Roads & lines;


[Rancho] La Puente;


[Rancho San Francisquito]

Volume 120

Hansen, George. 1878(8/12-31)

Scope and Content Note

1878 - 4: River San Gabriel; Los Nietos; Irrigation District; Aug. 1878
Volume 121

Gibelin du P[?], E 1879(3/5-6/16)

Scope and Content Note

Field. Book; Book 25 [water surveys?]:

Profile of Macy St.;


Laying off stations for flume on Alameda St.;


Bliss, laid stakes along ditch between Bliss & Keller;


Fort St. Sewer;


Flume measurement on San Pedro St.;


[excavation of East Side Ditch, measurement of flumes];


Flume above Bunker Hill;


Ralph Rogers;


Temple St. Sewer;


Keller's Place, setting stakes on [Chapparal & Alameda St.s];


East Side Ditch [levels for first flume]

Volume 122

Goldsworthy, John; [A. G. Ruxton]. 1879(5/25-11/9)

Scope and Content Note

Book 22:

Zanja No. 6, Course & Distance;


[South boundary of City of Los Angeles];


East Side Ditch, 2nd Section;


East Side Ditch, 3rd section;


Random on South Boundry of L.A. City;


Alameda St. Flume;


Temple St. Sewer;


Los Angeles St. Grade of sidewalk;


[grade on First St.]

Volume 123

Goldsworthy, John. 1879(3/3-5/7)

Scope and Content Note

Book 23:

Zanja No. 4;


East Side Ditch;


Alameda St. Flume;


Zanja No. 5, measurement;


Zanja No. 8;


[J.H. Potter flume];


L. Labory [ditch];


Hancock Johnson [ditch];


[Seventh St., random line to Alameda St.];


Random [line] on 7th, Sabichi's property;


Flume across San Pedro from Zanja No. 4 to line of Lothian & Farrell;


[line of levels];


[Alameda St. flume];


L. Labory, ditch;


Locate E. side Alameda;


[Alameda St. ditch];


[running various flumes];


[John Wilson, First St.];


[Zanja No. 8];


N. Side of Seventh;


S. Side of Seventh;


Downey Ave.;


[2nd Section];


Zanja No. 8

Volume 124

Goldsworthy?, John Book 24: 1879(9/23-11/24)


Kahn's Survey, Sec. 16 [T.]2S. [R.]13W.;


Sespi Oil Mine Monument;


San Pedro St. School;


[Fort & Fourth St.s sewer];


Date St. grade;


Macy St.;


Davis [levels at upper Main St.];


Georgia St. School Lot;


Brooklyn Hgts. School Lot;


Olive St.;


R.M. Williams Estate [Alameda St.];


Grade on 7th St.;


[Casper] Titchworth [sec. 15 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Figueroa St. bet. Jeff. & City limits;


Zanja No. 5;


Boyle Hgts., School lot;


[Zanja Madre]

Volume 125

Goldsworthy, John. 1879(8/14)-1891(9/2)

Scope and Content Note

Ledger [fees for assays]
Volume 126

Hansen, George. 1879(2/18-3/6)

Scope and Content Note

1879 - 1: R.o Los Felis
Volume 127

Hansen, George. 1879(3/7-9/9)

Scope and Content Note

1879 - 2: Geo. Hansen:

Lick tract [Rancho los Felis];


[Charles H.] Pennino [Flower St., Sixth to Seventh St.s];


Glassel Ditch;


Hansen et al. [Bl. 31 Hancock's Survey];


Leck, Lorenz [van];


City Boundary [missing];


Santiago Cañon dam [Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana];


[L.L.] Rulo [between ranchos la Puente & Paso de Bartolo, sec.s 10, 15, 16 T.2S. R. 11W. S.B.M.];


Gautier [Alameda St.]

Volume 128

Solano, Alfred; [Hansen, George]. 1878(3/1); 1879(6/16)-1880(4/30); 1882(9/5)

Scope and Content Note

1879 - 4:

A. Glassell, Ditch;


[A. Glassell, Rancho San Rafael];


[Hansen & Keller tract in Rancho San Rafael];


Zanja Madre conduit;


Hannon [flume];


Zanja Madre, Capitol Mill;


Alameda Str., Howard Vineyard;


Heintch [lot, Main St.];


Zanja Madre Conduit;


Frank M. Trapp [tract, west bank Los Angeles River];


Alameda Street Sewer;


Main Street;


Figueroa Street Flume;


Macy Street;


Dr. Wollenweber Sewer [Fort St.];


[Presbyterian Church sewer connect];


Glassel Ditch

Volume 129

Hansen, George. 1879(11/19)-1880(2/18)

Scope and Content Note

1879 - 5:

Reyes, Nordhold [Main St.];


Ro. [San] Pasqual, Craig;


Scott, Thurman [tract, Bl. 37 Hancock's Survey];


Keller [Mathew, vineyard, Alameda St.];


Solano [lots, Bl.s 45&46];


[J. Craig, Rancho San Pasqual];


[Wm. Allen, Rancho San Pasqual];


Briswalter [sec. 4&8 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


Wilson [sec. 4&8 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


Vigne [sec. 4&8 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];


Alameda Str. Sewer;




Celis [north line Washington St.]

Volume 130

Goldsworthy, John. 1879(11/1-11) 1883(6/21-9/12) 1884(11/14)

Scope and Content Note

Book 61:

Walker, J.F. & W. Neelery (7th & Pearl);


Washington St. Grade;


Buena Vista St. & Virgin;


Pomeroy, A.E. (Church Tract);




J.F. Walker [levels];


McFarland, Dr., Abila, H.B. & E.G.;


Tejunga Tressel Flume;


Tejunga Ditch;


Tejunga Rancho [with north & east boundaries of Rancho Ex Mission de San Fernando]

Volume 131

Goldsworthy, John. 1880(1/27-6/16)

Scope and Content Note

Book 26:

[Rancho San Jacinto y San Gorgonio];


[Noble & Singleton, Rancho San Jacinto y San Gorgonio];


[T.2S. R.1-2W. S.B.M.];


Rees & Wirsching, Lot on L.A. Street;


Dr. E.N. McDonald & others [ranchos Palos Verdes and San Pedro];


Sec.s 7, 8, 17, 18 T.5S. R. 13W. S.B.M.;


D.F. Hall & others, San Gabriel Mission;


Repetto, Alex;


N. Tuch [San Gabriel Mission tract];


[John Callehan, Grand];


Pedro Ardan & Brother [Rancho la Habra];


M.A. De D. Felch to J.T. Lanfranco [Rancho San Pedro]

Volume 132

Hansen, George. 1880(3/9-6/3)

Scope and Content Note

1880 - 2:

Main Str.;


Jefferson Str.;


Washington Str.;


Flume Zanja No. 5;


Dam above Tunnel;


Flume on 7th Str.;


Zanja No. 10;


New High Str.;


First Street Grade;


Vacant land, East L.A.;


[J.G. Downey, eastern Los Angeles, lots, Chestnut St.];


[H.G.] Stevenson, Fort Str. Sewer;


Flume over Walter Moore's Lot [Figueroa St.];


Maag Fort Str. Sewer;


Alameda Str. Sewer

Box 8, Volume 133

Hansen, George. 1880(3/3-6/17)

Scope and Content Note

1880 - 3:

Stone Quarry Hills;


[Brick Conduit];


Zanja Madre Conduit;


Dam at mouth of Tunnel;


Zanja No. 7;


Washington Street;


Zanja No. 8;


Los Angeles Str. Grade;


Virginia Str.;


V. Dol, Lot. 6 Bl. 29 [Hancock's Survey];


Washington Str. Ditch;


Jefferson Str. Bridge Flume [Entwistle & Elliot from Zanja No. 4];


Los Angeles Str. grade, Alvarado;


[flume over Walter Moore's land];


[Main Str. Sewer, Amestoy];


Commercial Str., Brick Conduit

Volume 134

Hansen, George. 1880(2/17-4/29)

Scope and Content Note

1880 - 4: Alameda Street Sewer.
Volume 135

Hansen, George. 1880(6/17-10/1)

Scope and Content Note

1880 - 6:

Oxarat, Gaston [Sabichi, eastern Los Angeles];


Sainsevain Str.;


New High Str. [grade];


Macy Str.;


7th Str. Sewer;


W.H. Workman [eastern Los Angeles];


John Mansfield [Main to Hill St.s, Twelfth St.];


Herbert, Sam. [Alameda St. tract];


Alameda Str. Sewer;


First Str.;


Arroyo Seco [Shepherd water springs];


Zanja No. 7;


Water Springs [Shepherd];


7th Street Flume;


Court House Street

Volume 136

Hansen, George. 1880(9/4)-1881(1/7)

Scope and Content Note

1880 - 7:

W.H. Workman [Boyle Ave. tract];


[extension of Boyle Avenue];


Fred. Lambourn [Aliso St.];


J. Le Masner [Ducommun St.];


Josefa Sanchez de Perez;


Wm Jenkins [Rancho San Antonio];


[Rancho la] Ballona, Benina T[alamantes];


Ballona, Benina [Talamantes], Tauriano [i.e., Lauriano Talamantes] &c;


Ballona, Macedonio [Tract];


First Street, grade pegs;


Miguel Leonis [Lazzarovich Tract, eastern Los Angeles];


Vine Street Sewer;


7th Street West Extension;


New High Str. grade;


Waste Water ditch;


Zanja No. 1 pipe, 1st Str.;


Briswalter [Main to Los Angeles St.s];


Covered Bridge;


7th Street Sewer;


V. Doll [lot, Main at Adams St.]


Alameda & San Fernando Str. Sewer;


Reservoir No. 4;


Wilmington Street [grade];


Aliso Street levels;


Turner Street

Volume 137

Solano, Alfred. 1880(2/19-5/3)

Scope and Content Note

1880 - 1: City Work:

Alameda Str. Sewer;


Zanja Madre Conduit;


Buena Vista Street;


Zanja No. 6;


Flume, Figueroa Str.;


Pile Dam;


Flume, 7th Str.;


Macy Str.;


Wm. Workman [flume];


Alameda Str. Sewer/& Elliot;


[Killian] Messer [lot on Los Angeles River];


Heintch [lot, Main St.];


Macy Str.

Volume 138

[Goldsworthy?, John; A.G. Ruxton] 1880(5/14-9/4)

Scope and Content Note

[field book]:

[Mojave Mining District]:


[Champion Ridge];


[Soledad Tunnel];


[Sanchez Mine];


[Jupiter Claim];


[Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas];


[Mojave Mining District];


[San Fernando Oil Claim];


[Spring & San Fernando R.R. Tunnel connection, T. Dunne];


[Piru Oil Claim];


[Roblarcito claim];


[Santa Clara claim];


[San Francisco claim];


[Andrew Krazinski];

Volume 139

Hansen, George. 1880(5/29-9/27)

Scope and Content Note

1880 - 5; Alameda Str. Sewer. Construction. [includes assessment & grade]
Volume 140

Goldsworthy?, John. 1880-1881; 188

Scope and Content Note

Book 57:

Gibbs, Albert (San Gab[riel] Miss[ion]);


Titus, S.H., & E.H. Jones (San Gab[riel] Miss[ion]);


Ditch No. 21;


Dassonville, Dr. V., Dassonville Tract, Tajauta Ro.;


Turner Flume;


Swartout, 40 acres purchased of;


[Oro Grande St.];


Butchard, Norval;


Oro Grande Location;


Level from Buena Vista Tunnel to top of Hill;


Ditch from L.A. River;


Barrett, T.6N. R.17W. sec. 26;


O'Neal, John, & Dr. Whittier;


Rapp, J.B., Cahuenga T.1S. R.14W. sec. 11;


Andradas, Manuel

Volume 141

Ruxton, Albert G. 1881(11/14)-1882(1)

Scope and Content Note


[G.N. Spronl, sec. 18 T.3S. R.11W. S.B.M.];


[Josephine Quartz Mining Co., Soledad area];




[Irwin, sec. 34 T.1N. R.14W. S.B.M.];


[Durfee lot, Charity & Tenth St.s];




[Krazinski now Alameda (mine?)];


[notes & courses]

Volume 142

Hansen, George. 1881(1/5-7/26) 1882(6/19)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 1:

Cornelius Cole [sec. 9&16 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


[Vine St. Sewer];


New High Str.;


Schick [Daniel, lot, Spring & Franklin St.s];


[grade of Spring & Franklin St.s];


9th Str. Grade;


Mrs. Rumpp [Arroyo Seco, Rancho San Rafael];


First Street [grade];


Meyer, Eugene [Aliso Tract lot, Lazard St.];


John Schumacher [Bicknell];


Kurtz & Heintch [Freeman Tract lot, sec. 31 T.1S. R.13W. S.B.M., Washington St.];


Mueller & Barker [First & Spring St.s];


First Str. [grade pegs];


[lot of Buelna, on road to San Gabriel];


L.J. Rose, Bors Mill;


Ramon Valenzuela [Seventh St. tract]

Volume 143

Hansen, George. 1881(1/25-2/24)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 2:

Phelan, Thom [Rancho Paso de Bartolo];


Spring & Sixth Street R.R. [grade];


Reservoir No. 4;


[Olive Street];


[Aliso Street];


Hollenbeck [eastern Los Angeles];


[Downey Road];


Buena Vista Street;


Deming & Palmer [Co.], Capitol Mills [Alameda & College St.s];


Olive Str. [see above];


Aliso Str. [see above];


First Street [grade pegs];


Naud, Edw. [warehouse];


Hollenbeck [Chapparal St.];


Buena Vista Str.


Olive Str.

Volume 144

Hansen & Solano. 1881(2/9-5/19) 1882(11/9-12/15)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 3: Alameda & Sn Fernando St. Sewer [with list of property owners]
Volume 145

Hansen & Solano. 1881(2/16-7/28)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 4:

Pelletier & Pierret [lots, Aliso St., Commercial St.];


New York Brewery [Third & Main St.s];


Olive Str. Grade;


Vine Str. Sewer;


Spring Str. Sewer;


Samuel Meyer [Main St. lot];


Naud, E. [warehouse];


San Pedro Str. Assessment;


Wilmington Str.;


[crossing] Spring & First Str.;


Los Angeles & Requena Str. [crossing];


Zanja No. 7 [flume across Arroyo Seco];


Alameda Str. [Lalande curb];


Los Angeles Str. [grade pegs];


Zanja No. 8 [Twelfth St.];


Aliso Str. Sewer;


Fifth Str. [grade pegs, lines];


Hubbell, S.C. [Fourth & Spring St.s]

Volume 146

Hansen & Solano. 1881(3/15-7/5) 1882(11/4); 1883(2/10)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 5:

A.B. Chapman [Rancho Santa Anita];


Jeff. White, Casa Linda [Aliso St.];


Franklin Str. Grade;


Laronde [cellar, Spring St.];


McDougall, Fran[cis]ca de [Lugo Vineyard, Brodrick, San Pedro St.];


Aliso Str. Sewer;


Commercial Str. [grade];


James Butler [Date St. lot];


Spring Str. Sewer Assess[men]t;


Josefa Sanchez [de Perez, Alameda St.];


Banning Street [grade & lines];


Stephen Sylvani [Ybarra Tract, San Fernando St. at Downey Ave.];


[Buena Vista St.];


Valle, Reginaldo del [Alameda St. tract];


Sepulveda, A.E. [Buena Vista St. lot];


Brush Electric Light Co. [Howland, Sanchez Tract, Banning & Alameda St.s]

Volume 147

Hansen & Solano. 1881(4/7)-1882(2/28)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 6:

Bliss & Keller [Alameda St.];


Wilmington St. [grade];


Buena Vista Str. [grade];


Dietrich Kuck [lot on Hill St.];


Olive Str. Grade betw. 4 & 5th;


Zanja No. 1-2;


Tho[ma]s Phelan [line, Rancho Paso de Bartolo];


Discharge of Water;


[City Water Co. Ditch above Reservoir];


Beaudry Water Works [Eucalyptus Park & Sewer];


L.A. & Requena Str.s Crossing;


H.M. Johnston [eastern Los Angeles, Griffin Ave. by Patrick St.];


[Spring St. grade];


Thomas Lehy [Alameda St.];


Commercial Str. Sewer;


Belle View Terrace [Beaudry's Terrace, Normal School Site];


Kerckhoff, Cuzner & Co. [Alameda & Macy lot];


Los Angeles Str. Extension;


Olive Str. grade betw. 5th & 6th;


Park Bros. [eastern Los Angeles tract];


Forbes, Charles [Plaza];


Ferguson & Rose [Main St.];


5th Str. betw. Charity & Olive [grade];


Sainsevain Str.;


Adam Str. flume;


Main Str. Str. R.R.;


Sabichi, Frank R. [Seventh St.];


Alleyway between 1st & 2nd Streets [J. Kuhrtz];


Wm. H. Workman [Boyle Ave.];


Olive & 4th Street crossing;


August S[ch]midt [Los Angeles St.];


Concepcion Navarro [Plaza];


4th Str. between Olive & Hill

Volume 148

Hansen & Solano. 1881(6/20-10/3)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 7:

Ro [Santa Ana d]El Chino, Dom. Itzeine;


A. Repetto [Rancho San Antonio];


Gracian Espelet [Spring St.];


Bumiller [Alameda, San Fernando, & Aurora St.s];


Philbin, John [San Pedro St. lot];


Savarea [Rancho la Ballona];


Temple Str. Extension;


Eugene Mayer [Aliso St. lots];


Olive Str. & 4th;


Sabichi, sidewalk [Main St.];


Ferguson, Kurtz, Rose, Heinsch [Main & New High St.s];


Prof. Cuyas [Castelar to Teed St.s]

Volume 149

Hansen & Solano. 1881(10/26)-1882(3/20)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 9

East Los Angeles, Block A [Los Angeles Packing Co.];


Hill & 3rd Str.s crossing [grade];


Olive Str. [grade] betw. 3d. & 4th;


3d. Str. betw. Hill & Olive;


Charity Str. South of Temple;


Culvert, 6th & Olive crossing;


Zanja No. 1, Brick water canal;


Sainsevain St., Teed's Lot [grade];


Spring & 1st. Str. Sewer, Espellett;


McDermot, Patrick [Sanchez Tract, Turner St.];


Einsenbad [i.e., Linsenbad], E.H. [Bell's Addition, Georgia to Nevada St.s, Rouland to Charles St.s];


Johnston, H.M. [eastern Los Angeles];


Celis, Pastor de [Main St., Celis Vineyard];


Seventh Str. Sewer;


Blow, Joseph [eastern Los Angeles];


[Los Angeles Packing Co., Hoff St., Chestnut to Walnut St.s];


Olive & Fourth Str.;


Carbajal Tract;


Dunning, Jessie M. [Seventh & Pearl];


Hennaghen, Ellen [Alaniz Vineyard, Turner St.];


Road to San Gabriel;


Nichols Ditch;


Sand Street;


Peres & Barto [Jefferson & Alameda St.s]

Volume 150

Hansen & Solano. 1881(9/16)

Scope and Content Note

1881 - 7 ½: East Los Angeles Ditch No. 9 E.
Box 9, Volume 151

Hansen & Solano. 1881(10/8)-1882(3/21)

Scope and Content Note


Lake Vineyard L. & W. Asso.n [Shorb, Rancho San Pascual water courses, with legal judgment, etc., Tibbets & Ivy Springs];


E. Meyer... Sarah Welsh Lot [Aliso Tract, Banning St.];


A.B. Chapman, E. line [Rancho Santa Anita];


Heinsch & Kurtz, Main Str.;


Col. G.H. Smith, reservoir lots;


Normal School Site [Charity St.];


Molle vs. Abila, Ro La[s] Cienega[s];


Peschke, F.W. [Aliso Tract, Aliso & Vigne St.s];


Naud, Lemesnager & Ybarra [Chavis St.];


Reyes, Pablo [Main St.];


Sainsevain Str.;


First Str. flume;


Fire limits [Dist. No. 1 & 2];


J.E. Hollenbeck [Bl. 59 Hancock's Survey, eastern Los Angeles];


San Gabriel Road;


R. Bilderain [Los Angeles St.];


E. Meyer, J. Rhodes Lot [Aliso Tract, Center & Turner St.s]

Volume 152

Goldsworthy, John. 1881(11/1)-1882(6/22)

Scope and Content Note

Book 27:

J.G. Nichols Jr., A.H. Miller, J.S. Plummer [sec. 9 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


Hay & Yager, S.W. Cor. Sec. 9 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.;


Bell & Earnest;


Lots 9 & 10 Hoover Tract for Miss - [Washington St.];


Mrs. Tansey [Rancho Tajauta];


G.H. Baker [Rancho Tajauta];


N.C. Boynton 25a [Rancho Tajauta];


A.M. Duncan & Wm. Knoff;


[40 acres, sec. 7 T.1S. R.11W. S.B.M.];


W.G. Goss;


Dan[ie]l Dutton [Hoover Tract];


Gilbert L. Ordway [sec. 36 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


Felix McLaughlin [Washington St.];


B.F. Stahl [sec. 5, 8, etc. T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


H.W. Mills [Griffins Addition];


J.H. Lathrop [Wrights Addition of Compton];


G.D. Compton [Temple & Gibson Tract];


Thomas Ahare [Ahern?] [Temple & Gibson Tract];


Henry Martz, [sec. 3 T.1N. R.14W. S.B.M.];


M.F. Quinn [Cooper tract on Old Champion Tract, by Monte/Puente Road];


W.R. Baker [Terminus Tract, Hansen & McConnell St.s, eastern Los Angeles];


Lot 9 Lemmon Tract [Rancho San Antonio?];


Wm. T. Martin [T.1S. R.8W. S.B.M., north boundary of Rancho San José];


Jose Antonio Trjillo, John J. Davis, Azusa [sec. 10 T.1S. R.10W. S.B.M.];


Mrs. Bernina Talamantes de Rios at request of Maj. Bell [Rancho la Ballona?]

Volume 153

Goldsworthy?, John. 1879(3/20); 1882(3/29-5/12)

Scope and Content Note

Book 28:

Reservoir No. 4 Repair:


Pinkard Camp [Arizona], Gold Bell [with assays];


[Galena &] North Carolina, S.D. Pinkard;


Gold Eagle S.D. Pinkard;


[Gray Carbonate, S.D. Pinkard];


[Tracy Mine];


[Amador Mine];


[Carlotte copper mine];


[Jollie Gent?];


[Blue Carbonate, S.D. Pinkard];


[Iron Clad];


[Gold Bar];


[Blue Giant, S.D. Pinkard];




[Sedan copper mine];


[Sunshine, S.D. Pinkard];




Lillie K., Henry L. Trescott;




[California Mine];


E.B. Frink & Dr. J.P. Welsh [Copper Glance Mine];


E.B. Frink & J.P. Risque [Uncle Ned];


[the Coronado];


[Church, Rancho San Francisquito];


[Howard W. Mills, Ninth to Tenth St.s, Charity to Hope St.s];


[Robinson Farm, sec. 20 T.5S. R.9W. S.B.M., Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana];


[claim map]

Volume 154

Goldsworthy, John. 1882(6/24-9/1)

Scope and Content Note

Book 58:

Bullis, J.J. & J.D. [Rancho San Antonio?];


Hunter [Rancho San Francisquito];


[Piere Nicola, Aliso & Macy St.s];


Placentina, Lion [Short & Castelar St.s];


[Stokes, 1/4 sec., Los Virgenes Creek];


Lion, Jose Maria;


Botteller, Bringelo [Virgines Creek];


Botteller [i.e., Botiller], Tadeo, Alfredo [near Virgines Creek, perhaps in T.1N.-T.1S. R.17-18W. S.B.M. area];


Botteller, Felipe;


Rogers, Ralph [excavation, New High St.];


Velarde, Francisco [Virgines Creek];


Sepulveda, Pedro & Sepulveda, Henrique [T.1S. R.18W. S.B.M.];


Egara, Trinidad [Triunfo Canyon];


Bojorques, Pablo [west of Virgines Creek];


Lugo, Jose Carmen [west of Virgines Creek];


Valalarde, Francisco [east of Virgines Creek];


Levas, Francisco [Positas Canyon];


Dominguez, Fernando & Jose [Virgines Creek];


Egara, Martin [by Stokes];


[sec. 3 T.1S. R.14W. & sec. 34 T.1N. R.14W. S.B.M.];


Blanchard, Jas. H. [Woolen Mill Tract, B1. 7];


Abila, Henrique, Abila, Edwardo, Tejauta [Rancho];


Bott, P. [Rancho Tajauta];


Ramsom & Walker, for Mrs. M.E. Walker [Rancho Tajauta];


Kerr of Compton & Kerr, Aliso Tract [Aliso & Banning St.s];


Bullis, J.J. & J.D. (Woodland) [Rancho Tajauta?];


Glassell, at Request of Ralph Rogers [Glassell Tract, Court St. west of Pearl St.];


Wilson, at request of [sec. 12]

Volume 155

Hansen & Solano. 1882(3/24-6/21)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 2:

Lucy Gillmore, Casa Linda [eastern Los Angeles];


Ann McGorry, East Los Angeles;


R.F. del Valle [First Street];


Chief King [Domingo Block];


Ardadia S. de Baker [S.P.R.R., San Fernando St.];


Olive St. grade;


4th Str. betw. Olive & Charity;


Juan Rodriguez [Rancho la Ballona];


Concepsion F. de Valdez [Rancho la Ballona];


Michael Luy [Rancho la Ballona];


José Antonio Sepulveda [Rancho la Ballona];


Cristobal Machado [by Rancho la Ballona];


Stevens & Wicks [Mott Tract];


Ling & Bolinger [Mott Tract];


Olive & 4th Str.s crossing;


Hill Str. betw. 3 & 4 W. side;


Spring Str. [intersection with Main St.] R.R. cars;


Jacob Kuhrts [Fourth St.];


Buena Vista Str.;


Cardona Block;


Hill Street betw. Temple & Court House;


Chaves Str.;


Quirolo & Dixon tract;


Zanja on Jefferson Str., Cement pipe

Volume 156

Hansen & Solano. 1882(4/25-8/21)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 3:

R. Nadeau, Levels along L. A. River;


Jean Cazaux [sec. 14 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


Nancy T. Lucas [Wilmington St.];


Nadeau, Remi;


Hansen, Tajauta Farm;


G.S. Keller Estate [Alameda St.];


Main Street Extension;


Juan Bernard [Buena Vista St.];


W.H. Workman [Boyle Ave.];


San Pedro Street;


Road to San Gabriel;


Hancock M. Johnston [eastern Los Angeles];


Downey Avenue;


Alameda Street;


D. Jones, New High Str.

Volume 157

Hansen & Solano. 1882(5/31-8/9)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 4:

San Gabriel, road to;


Woolson, J.C.;


Ramirez Vineyard [Aliso St.];


Eugere Meyer, D. Amestoy [First St.];


Lanfranco Est., Market Str.;


H.M. Johnston, 20 acres [eastern Los Angeles];


A.J. Hutchinson [Spring St.];


Downey Avenue;


San Pedro Str. (levels);


Buena Vista Str. Ext.n (levels);


School House, Lot 5, Bl. 38;


School House, Lots 7, 8, 17, 18, P.B.L.A.;


Allen Block [Spring St. & Temple St.];


Court House Str.;


Craig Tract [by Rancho San Pascual];


Ballerino Reservoir;


Barker, Hanna & Mueller

Volume 158

Hansen & Solano. 1882(6/21)-1883(4/23)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 5:

E.H. Enderlein [Olive St.];


S.H. Hubbell, Nichols ditch;


Buena Vista Str. Ext.;


Magdalena Tract;


Ygnacio Bilderain [Mott Tract];


Arcadia O[livas] de Billiard [San Pedro St. at Washington St.];


Lick Tract [Rancho los Felis];


Pierre Larronde [Spring & First St.s];


Arcadia R. de Alvarado [Los Angeles St.];


Macedonio Aguilar [Rancho la Ballona];


Antonio Sperl [Pryor Tract];


Lorenzo Garibaldi [Upper Main & New High St.s];


Fernando Quinto [sec. 16 T. 1S. R. 12W.];


Spring Str. betw. Temple & 1st [sewer assessment];


R. Nadeau [Spring & First St.s];


5th Str. Sewer, frontage of Lots;


Antonio Urquidez [Rancho las Ciénegas];


Schwartz, L. [Los Angeles St.];


G. Hansen, Charity & 12th Strs.;


Main Sewer


San Pedro Str. [grade];


G. Hargitt;




Los Angeles Homestead tract;


[M. Solomon, Spring St.];


[Louis Roeder, Spring St.]

Volume 159

Hansen & Solano. 1882(7/19-8/28)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 6:

Chaves Street;


Buena Vista Str.;


A. Conlan [sec. 30 T.2S. R.13W.];


5th Str. betw. Main & Los Angeles;


1.st Str. betw. Fort & Hill;


Castelar Str.;


A. Glassell [University Tract, Figueroa];


5.th St. betw. Main & San Pedro [grade];


Arcadia S. de Baker;


6.th Str.;


City Lands, [above bridge to] Boyle Heights;


Downey Avenue;


Fort Str. betw. 6.th & 9.th;


Spring Str. [First to Seventh St.s];


Jacoby, C., Freeman tract

Volume 160

Hansen & Solano. 1882(8/17-9/5) 1883(10/16-11/8)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 7:

Celis Vineyard tract;


D. Jones, New High Str. [grade];


Allen Block [Spring & Temple St.s];


I.W. Hellman's Str. R.R.;


F. Veyesette [T.6N. R. 14W. S.B.M., Lake Elizabeth];


Frakes, S.M. [Lake Elizabeth];


Meyer, J.W. [Lake Elizabeth];


Celis, John [T.6N. R. 15W.];


Baldwin, E.J., Camillo Martin [Spring St.];


[Main Sewer]

Volume 161

Hansen & Solano. 1882(9/4-10/24)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 8:

7.th Str. grade [Spring to Pearl];


[Downey Avenue];


Hellman's Str. R.R.;


Downey Avenue;


Juan Bernard [First & Main St.s];


F.R. Day [Fort & Eighth St.s];


Allen Block grade [Spring & Temple St.s];


Niedecken [Spring St.];


A.B. de Baker, Ogier Orchard;


J.M. Molle [Peschke tract];


Keller, Mrs. S.E.;


Los Angeles Str. Sewer;


variation of Needle;


Los Angeles Infirmary;


T.A. Fry [Alvarado St.];


A.B. de Baker, McDonald Lot [Buena Vista St.];


Luis Sentous, Apablasa Lot [Upper Main/Bath St.s];


Lick Tract, Sec. Lines, Grant [Rancho los Felis];


Ro. Tajauta, Ferlin's acc.;


Hubbell, T.M. Adams Lot;


Rulhard & Wangeman [First/Banning St.s]

Volume 162

Hansen & Solano. 1882(9/15-10/20)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 9:

Main Str., Extension of;


Downey Ave. line pegs;


Pearl Str. betw. 6.th & 12.th Strs.;


[Spring St.];


San Pedro Str. Mrs. MacD. & W. [grade];


J.M. Elliott [Huber tract, Fort St.];


Antonio Valla [First & Los Angeles St.s];


Fox, S.E. cor. Spring & 6th;


Los Angeles Str. Sewer, Manhole;


Mrs. Huber [Ninth & Olive St.s];


1st Str. betw. Fort & Hill [grade];


J.W. Hollingsworth [New High/Buena Vista St.s]

Volume 163

Hansen & Solano. 1882(10/23-12/5)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 10:

Main Str. bet. Washington & Adams;


Sixth Str. bet. Spring & Pearl;


Childs & Hansen, Block 62;


Howard Vineyard [Alameda St.];


B. Cohn, Morris Vineyard;


San Pedro Str.;


H.D. Barrows;


Buena Vista Str.;


New High Str.;


J.E. Hollenbeck [Stevenson & Soto St.s];


Childs tract, Ro San Rafael;


Charity Str. bet. 6th & 12th;


Dr. Thrailkill;


E.L. Spitley;


F[armers] & M[erchants] Bank [Hill & Second St.s];


Carolina E. Small [Castelar St.];


P[hilip] Feldhauser [Spring St.];


John Schmidt;


H.M. Johnston [Downey Ave. & Hansen St.]

Volume 164

Hansen & Solano. 1882(11/20)-1883(3/13)

Scope and Content Note

1882 - 11:

Childs, Ro San Rafael;


Mueller, Block 26;


Dobinson, C.A. [Fort St.];


Teschemacher, H.F. [Main & Arcadia St.s];


Nadeau's Flume;


7th Str. West of Pearl;


[Rancho] Rodeo de las Aguas [subdivided];


Harris, David [Temple St.];


Mrs. Gorman [Spring St.];


Bernero, Rosa [Ramon Ybarra tract, San Fernando St.];


Orr & Crawford [Buena Vista St.];


Amestoy, Domingo [Los Angeles St.];


Rebbeck, Benjamin [Upper Main St.];


San Pedro Str. [grade];


L.A. River bed;


Buena Vista Str.;


Zanja on 1st Str.;


Northcraft [New High St.];


Bunker Hill Avenue;


Mrs. Weinshenk's flume [San Pedro St.];


[Joseph Terreli lot, Ramon Ybarra tract]

Volume 165

Hansen & Solano. 1882(1/19-4/21)

Scope and Content Note


Ro [las] Cienega[s, Januario Abila tract];


Dr. A. White & son;


Howard & Brown, Ro [Azusa de] Duarte;


Andronica Sepulveda [Virgin St.];


Francisco Higuera [ditch, Rancho Rincón de los Bueyes];


[Banning St.];


Sainsevain Str.;


Short & Reservoir Str.;


S[outhern] D[istrict] A[gricultural] Park;


O.W. Childs [& I.W. Hellman, Main St.];


Antonio Valla [Los Angeles St.];


[Temple St.];


Buena Vista Str. Extension;


Bunker Hill Avenue;


Olive Str. betw. 3 & 4;


Lower Spring Str. Sewer;


Sabichi, Sidewalk [Main St.];


San Gabriel, Road to [Santiago Ruiz];


Pierre Nicholas [Upper Main St.]

Volume 166

Goldsworthy, John. 1882(9/16)-1883(1/25); 1884(10/20)

Scope and Content Note

Book 29:

P. Hannon;


Thomas Meade [Abril Tract];


F.M. Vanostram [Rancho Providencia y Cahuenga];


S.M. Thayer [eastern Los Angeles?];


Ramsour & B.D. Walker [Rancho Tajauta];


Wm. P. Gardner [Lillie Davis, Buena Vista St.];


H. Martz;


A. Lothian [Poplar & Jefferson St.s, Vermont St.];


Judge Geo. C. Gibbs [San Gabriel Mission lands];


J.H. Day, for Cole [T.2-3S. R.1W. S.B.M., San Gorgonio Pass];


Dr. Wm. J. Edgar & Harrie J. Roberts [San Gorgonio Pass];


Josefa A. Lelong (Kohler St.);


Henry Hancock, John Geo. Claussen [Rancho la Brea?];


R. Goldsworthy & Robt. McCullough, Calico [Eclipse, Kearsarge, Dragon No. 1, Dragon No. 2, Sweetser/Sam Houston No. 1, Mountain Brow, Five Twenties, Buck Eye, little Waterman, Josephine];


C. Cole Road [T.1S. R.14W.];


[C. Cole];


S.W. Little, La Brea

Volume 167

Hansen & Solano. 1882(12/6)-1883(2/1)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 1:

Downey Avenue;


Hanamann, J.B. [lots 76-77, Manuel Requena];


3.rd Str. betw. Olive & Bunker Hill;


Buena Vista Str. No. of Temple [grade];


Spring Str. Sewer;


Ramirez Vineyard;


Third Street;


Alameda & Commercial, culvert;


[St. Athanasius Prot.] Episcopal Church 35 acre Lot;


Kerckhoff, Geo.;


Anastacio Feliz [Rancho los Felis];


Pablo Reyes [Main St.];


San Pedro Str. [grade];


[Mr. Starr, Buena Vista St.]

Volume 168

Ruxton,. 1882(10/31-11/20)

Scope and Content Note

Book 2 Ro Boca de Sta Monica
Box 10, Volume 169

Spring Street Sewer; 1882-1883 1882(12/11)-1883(2/17)

Volume 170

Hansen & Solano. 1883(2/27)-1884(2/26)

Scope and Content Note


C.V. Reynolds, Mrs. [R. Ybarra Vineyard tract];


John Bryson [Spring St.];


F.M. Trapp [lot on L.A. River];


D. Mahlstedt [San Fernando/Downey Ave.];


O.W. Childs, (Opera house) [Main St.];


J.W. Wolfskill (Moulton) ["Cieneguita," eastern Los Angeles];


I.W. Hellman (Lakedale & Highland);


Newmark & Co. (Temple Block);


Childs & Wicks [Main/San Pedro St.s];


F.P. Howard (Bl. 25 Ords Sur.) [Hill/Fort/Eighth St.s];


Luis Day [eastern Los Angeles];


Lucy A. Armstrong [near Alameda St.];


Hostetter [Hollenbeck/Soto/Hostetter St.s];


Childs Tract (Orchard) [subdivision, Eleventh & Twelfth St.s, Main to San Pedro St.s];


Bigelow, Mrs. [Vineyard, First St.];


[Raymond Hotel Site]

Volume 171

Hansen & Solano. 1883(1/15-4/3)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 2:

Thomas, H.C. [Hancock Tract, Hollenbeck & Chaves St.s];


Downey Avenue [grade, Griffin Ave. to Johnston St.];


Sentous, Luis [T.2S. R.14W. S.B.M., touching ranchos la Ballona, Aguaje de Centinela, & la Ciénega ó Paso de la Tijera];


Buena Vista St., Allen Lot;


Alameda Str. Sewer, Lalande;


Third Str. [between Main & Spring];


Sigler, H.C. [Lot 8 Bl. 37 Hancock's Survey, between Seventh & Ninth St.s];


Robinson, W.W. [Olive & Second St.s, Mott Tract];


Pelletier & Pierret [Aliso to Commercial St.s];


Philippi, Jacob [Fort Hill];


Fox, C.J. [Upper Main to New High St.s];


(Judson, A.H.), Hellman, Hass & Co. [Bath St. lot];


Zanja No. 8;


Los Angeles Str. [First St. to Baker's land]

Volume 172

Hansen & Solano. 1883(2/12-4/20)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 3:

Machado, Bernd.o [Rancho la Ballona];


Buena Vista Str. Grade [north of Temple];


Fort Str. Grade;


Bixby, Anna W. [Pearl & Ninth St.s];


Downey Avenue R.R.;


[East Los Angeles R.R.];


Woodworth, Wallace;


Wicks, M.L. [Main St. & Morgan Lane];


Garnier, Felipe [Sanchez St./Negro Alley];


Rump, Mrs. [Arroyo Seco];


Zanja No. 2 Flume [Alameda St.];


Buena Vista Str. Grade;


Sentous, Jean [Pico St.];


Froehlig [Hill St.];


Seventh Str. [at Pearl];


Riverbed & Botellos claim;


Bunker Hill Av. [Temple St. crossing];


Kerckhoff, Cuzner & Co. grades [Date/Rosabell/Augusta/Elizabeth St.s];


Fifth Str. Sewer [Spring to Charity];


Gi Lung [20 acre tract]

Volume 173

Hansen & Solano. 1883(1/30-6/14)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 4:

Briswalter & Garnier [Main & Bridge (Turner) St.s, Plaza];


Zanja Madre Conduit [Requena to First St.];


W.G. Cochran [Jefferson & Main St.s, with L.A. & I.R.R.];


O.W. Childs [preliminary subdivision, Eleventh/Main/San Pedro St.s];


Buena Vista Str. [grade];


Los Angeles River bed;


First Street bridge;


Aliso Street [R.R.] bridge;


Covered bridge;


Bunker Hill Avenue, betw. Temple & C.H.;


Conduit, canal across 1st Str.;


Hellman, I.W. [Bell's Addition, Washington & Figueroa St.s];


Mascotti, F.G. [Upper Main St.];


Woodhead & Mueller [Spring St.];


O.W. Childs & Spencer [Hill to Pearl St.s, Ninth to Twelfth St.s];


Twelfth Str. betw. Hill & Pearl;


Pearl Str. betw. 9 & 12;


Ninth Str. betw. Pearl & Main;


Hope Str. betw. 9 & 12;


Eleventh Str. betw. Spring & Hope

Volume 174

Hansen & Solano. 1883(4/4-7/9)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 5:

James Craig (The Hermitage) [Rancho Santa Anita];


C.J. Fox, Lot 10 Block 37 [Castelar & College St.s, also Briswalter lot between Upper Main & New High St.s];


Virgin Street grade [Alameda to Yale];


Andres Machado, La Ballona;


Bernardino Machado;


Wm. Allen, 500 acres;


Episcopal Church, 35 acre lot;


Court House Str. bet. Hill & B.H.


Sherer [Schurer?], John [Casa Linda];


Valla, Antonio [First & Los Angeles St.s];


Declez, W. [First & Los Angeles St.s];


O.M. Childs [Spring St.];


Gautier, M.H. [Alameda St.];


Perez, John;


Broderick, W.J. [junction roads to San Gabriel & San Diego];


O.W. Childs, Lot S. of 1st Str. [on Main St.];


Compton (Temple & Gibson) [Rancho San Pedro];


County Court House [Spring/Main St.s];


Herm. Heinsh Estate [Commercial St.]

Volume 175

Hansen & Solano. 1883(4/25-8/25)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 6:

Elpidio Higuera [Rancho Rincón de los Bueyes];


H.C. Sigler [lot 8 Bl 37 Hancock's Survey, Seventh to Ninth St.s];


Kayes, Graves & Ross [Hill & Ninth St.s];


M. Obando [High & Yale St.s];


[Dalgalarando, at Sotelo & San Fernando St.s];


Bath Str. changed to Main;


Machado, José Antonio [San Pedro St.];


Sherer, John [Casa Linda];


O'Neil, John [Main & Alameda St.s];


Dr. Hannon [Main St., Morris Vineyard lots];


Sentous (slaughter house) [Rancho Rincón de los Bueyes];


Ellis, C.J. [Adams & Toberman St.s];


Allen, Wm. (The Sphinx) [Rancho San Pascual];


Mrs. Huber, A. (S[e]ymour & Bradl[e]y T'r.t [Washington/Pacific/Elm St.s, Lot 5 Bl. B Hancock's Survey];


Dana Tract [Jefferson & Figueroa St.s];


Gately & Kelly [Los Angeles St.];


A.B. Péussegur;



Volume 176

Hansen & Solano. 1883(8-11/21)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 8:

Hellman Tracts, Ro S[an] P[edro];


Theo. Rimpau, Ro. La[s] Cienega[s];


[Mrs. Bigelow, Los Angeles River bed, First St.];


M.L. Wicks, Ro San Rafael;


C.G. Brown [Charity St. & Fort St. between Eighth & Ninth St.s];


R.S. Baker [levels for sewer, Baker Block to Aliso & Alameda St.s];


R. Nadeau;


A. Ortiz [Buena Vista St.];


G. Kerkhoff [Seventh & Los Angeles St.s]

Volume 177

Hansen & Solano. 1883(11/9)-1884(5/23)

Scope and Content Note

1883 - 9:

Hellman, I.W. (Esmelda) [Rancho San Antonio];


Coronell, A.F. [& Tomás Sánchez, Colima Tract, Rancho Santa Gertrudes];


Newmark & Co. [L.A. Packing Co.];


Metcalf, Th. & [Pasadena, Linden Place];


Furrey, W.C.;


Hollenbeck, J.C. [change in Boyle Ave.];


Higgins, Sarah A.;


Riley, Thomas [Lafayette St., Alanis Vineyard Tract];


Foin, Dominique [Keller/Macy/Center/Aliso block];


Schoelgens, Wilhelm [Seventh St., Kohler & Frohling Vineyard];


Sabichi, Frank [San Pedro & Seventh St.s];


Cuyas, Moiso et al. [High St., Teed to Yale St.s];


Hoadley, E.A. [Georgia & Ocean St.s];


Bégué, Jean [Ducommen & Amelia St.s];


Weyse, O.G. (Naud's Warehouse) [Alameda St.];


Blind, P. [near Sayanna Station, Rancho San Francisquito]

Volume 178

Goldsworthy, John. 1883(1/31-6/19)

Scope and Content Note

Book 59:

McLaughlin Building for Pomeroy [Commercial St.];


Bellinger, M.H., at request of J.J. Bullis [south of Los Angeles on S.P.R.R. to Wilmington];


Nickerson, Mrs. (Florence), request of Mrs. Tansy;


Read, S.H. (Florence), request of Mrs. Tansy;


Pomeroy & Mills, Hollenbeck Tract [Alameda St. & Los Angeles River];


Frew, Maj. J.M. [contour lines, ditches];


Sinsebaugh, Hiram - Goodner & O'Melveny Tract;


Cooper, A.J.;


Manchester, Jas. S. (Green Meadow) [T.2S. R.13W., sec. 32, S.B.M.];


Durrell [sec. 32 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Boisserance, Jos. (Alameda & Aliso);


Stone, Justa L. at req. of S.E. Stone (Buena Vista St.);


Ball, Albert A. & W.F., Florence [sec. 22 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Emma Mine (Yuma), notice of location;


River View Mine (Yuma Co.), notice of location;


Eagle Mine (Yuma Co.), notice of location [& notes];


Jerabeck, Miss C.J., Rivara & Vignola Tract [Main/Los Angeles St.s & Ogier Lane];


Bullis, Jas. D.;


Buenos Ayres, Ro, De San Jose;


Rhoades, Geo. & J.H. Stockwell [Slauson Tract, Ro Tajauta];


Downey, J.G., to John Murphy [Rancho San Pedro];


Widney, Dr. J.P., N. Side 1st Street;


Donaldson, John [sec. 3 T.1S. R.14W. & sec. 34 T.1N. R.14W. S.B.M.];


Cate, Geo., & W.H. Carlin [at Rancho la Brea];


Vejar, Pedro M., Candilaria Urquides, Verdugo Rancho [Rancho San Rafael];


Santa Anita Rancho, Survey for Chas. Mueller at request of E. Beuchel;


Taylor, Mrs. (6th & Hope)

Volume 179

Goldsworthy, John. 1883(9/15-11/19)

Scope and Content Note

Book 60:

Pomeroy & George, Church Tract [Rancho San Francisquito];


Don Pio Pico, to Hubbell [Plaza & Negro Alley];


Tejunga Flume;


[T.3S. R. 1W. S.B.M.];


Lower Valley [Tujunga];


upper Winter Flume [Tujunga];


Lassanett [or Lassalett], J., Mount Pleasant Tract [eastern Los Angeles]

Volume 180

Goldsworthy?, John. 1883(4-5); 1890(2)

Scope and Content Note

Book 84: Copper Mountain:

Colorado Mining Co.;


[following claims all appear to be in Williams Fork mining district, Yuma Co.];


Beck, S.J., Notice of Location, Williams Fork, Yuma;


Caesar Mine;


Tank Mine;


Castle Copper Mine;


Fair View Copper Mine;


[notes & courses];


Mt. Horab Cop. Mine;


J.J. Stein, Notes from, on Red Cloud Mine;


[accounts & temperatures]

Volume 181

1883: 1883(1-7)


[Rancho Tajauta];


[Bliss, for Woodworth Estate (San Pedro St. near First St.?)];


[Briswalter (Main St., Plaza?)];


[Ponnet house, Main St.];


[Main St. grade, First to Second St.s];


[Buena Vista St.];




[Leahy's flume, Alameda St.];




[Lot 6 Bl. 61];


[Main St.];



Volume 182

Goldsworthy, John. 1883(11/30)-1884(3/28)

Scope and Content Note

Book 63:

Malendres, E. [Kohler Lane];


Rocha, Marijildo [sec. 18 T. 1S.R.14W.];


Moreno, Juan (La Brea);


Wilson, L.G. & M. Metcalf;


Rocha, Marijildo (Virgines);


[McLamorra, Rancho las Virgenes];


Goldsworthy Place (El Monte);


Curtis (Virgin & Buena Vista);


Arnold, J. (San G[abriel] Miss[ion]);


Thomas, H.C. (Temple St.);


Rapetto Estate [south of San Gabriel Mission];


Farnsworth, Martial (Hope & 8th St.s);


Martz, Henery [Short & Castelar St.s];


Hough & Mills [Birch & Main St.s];


Polhamus, Cap., O.J. Bullis, to [Rancho San Antonio];


Palomarez, de, Mrs. Lugarda [on Pomona Road];


Jones, Bowten & Dunsmore (Figueroa & Adams), Treat Tract;


Shaw, Mrs. M.M., Shaw Tract

Volume 183

Goldsworthy, John. 1883(11); 1888(7)

Scope and Content Note

Book 71:

Tejunga Land & Irrigation Co., Line of Levels;


Tejunga Ditch, to find length from Filepe Divide to;


To find Diff. of Level from Lower edge of pipe at Little Sand box & water level of well shown by Kelly;


[Reyes lots near Wolfskill St.];


[profiles, Virgin/College/Upper Main/Alameda/New High St.s];


Ernest [Alameda & Upper Main St.s];


[First St.];


[Armstrong & others, lines];


[Spring St., Fourth to Fifth St.s];


S.E. Maynard, [Main St.];


Mrs. Gorman [T.8N. R.18W. S.B.M.];


O'Neal, T.9N. R. 19W. [Kern Co.];


Cole Tract;


Mrs. S.F. Baxter, El Monte;


Mrs. A. Nelson [sec. 11 T. 1S. R. 14W. S.B.M.]

Volume 184

Goldsworthy, John. 1883(12/28)-1885(2/2); 1899(12/13)

Scope and Content Note

[assays and techniques]
Volume 185

Hansen & Solano. 1883(6/19-7/6) 1890(6/2)

Scope and Content Note

1883-1890 [small field book]:

J.D. Palomares [Rancho San José];


Wm Pierce [Pasadena];


River Los Angeles

Volume 186

Hansen & Solano. 1883(12/7)-1884(3/26)

Scope and Content Note

Raymond and Gluck [Raymond Hotel, grading]
Volume 187

Hansen & Solano. 1884(1/10-6/14)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 2:

Bixby Ditch [Reservoir lots];


Figueroa, J.F. [Rancho la Ballona];


Williams, J., [Southern District] Agr[icultural] Park;


Reyes, J.M., de Botiller [Main St. at Eighth];


Lauth, Philip (Cucamonga);


Metcalf, T.E. (Lake Vineyard House) [Rancho San Pascual];


Hellman, I.M. (Cucamonga);


Kurtz, Dr. Jos. (Meyer 17 vara lot) [Main near First St.]

Volume 188

Hansen & Solano. 1884(3/24-6/16)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 3 [mostly Raymond]:

Raymond & Gluck;


Wilson, John [Jefferson St.];


Hansen, G (Lots 14. 15 Temple Str. [Fort Hill];


Rappold, Mrs. [lot, 49 Ducommen St.];


Griffith, G.J. (Ro Los Feliz)

Box 11, Volume 189

Hansen & Solano. 1884(4/14)-1885(7/29)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 4:

Scott Lots, Geo. S. Patton [Reservoir lots, West boundary of Los Angeles];


Lemaire, Francois [247 New High St.];


Martinez, José, Ro La Puente;


Joyce, T.F. [eastern Los Angeles, Moulton/Workman/Mission St.s];


[Foy, Sam C., vicinity of Pearl & Seventh St.s]

Volume 190

Hansen & Solano. 1884(6/16-7/15)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 5: R.o San Pedro (Exhibit "L"):

Ro. San Pedro [partition], Est. of Engracia Dominguez dec.d: Description of Est.;


Names of owners;


Eastern boundary;


Interlocutory deree;




Eastern boundary Random fr 40 to 132;


House of Temple;


Northern boundary from St 1 to river;


200 acres;


line proposed by Carson;


Final establishment of East Bdy. from St. 104 to 74

Volume 191

Hansen & Solano. 1884(6/11)-1887(1/5)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 6:

Hellman, I.W. (Block 71 Ord Sur.) [Charity to Hope St.s, from Tenth to Eleventh St.s];


Leonis, Miguel (Lazzarovich Vin.d) [Aliso St., eastern Los Angeles];


Finger, Jacob, Pearl Str. Lot [at Eighth St.];


Nabor, H.H. [Fort St.];


Clos, Pierre (Lancaster) [T.7N. R.14W. S.B.M.];


Sentous, Luis, Ro Rincon de los Bueyes;


Carey, Thomas [T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Charnock, J.J., Ro Ballona;


Wilson, Mrs. Eliza [B1. 61 Ord's Survey, Olive to Spring St.s, Ninth to Tenth St.s];


Sentous, L., Ord's Survey [Castelar near Virgin St.];


Bilderain, R. (L.A. Str.) [Lothian Alvarado lot];


[J.S. Chadwick (First to Diamond St.s from Pearl St. to Beaudry Ave.)];


[Theo. Rimpau, Rancho las Ciénegas]

Volume 192

Hansen & Solano. 1884(7/15-8/6)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 7: Rancho San Pedro:

Rancho San Pedro, Estate of Engracia Dominguez dec.d:


East boundary;


200 acres;


North boundary;


Antonio J. Rocha;


Sout[h] boundary along Palos Verdes;


L.A. & S. Pedro R.R.;


Salt Works;


West boundary along Palos Verdes (Bariles, Fourth Street, La Goleta);


Standard Parallel;


20 & 111 acre tracts;


Wilmington North boundary;


800 acre tract;


Connection of St 23 & N.W. cor. Wilmington;


Wilmington, Lecouvreur's Testimony (East line, Seventh Str., Canal Str., N.E. connected with R.R..., N.E. cor. connected with Long Beach R.R., R.R. Curve & line CB, Anaheim Road, R.R.)

Volume 193

Hansen & Solano. 1884(7/14-12/18)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 8: R.o San Pedro [Exhibit "N"]:

Ro. San Pedro Est. of Eng. Dominguez dec'd:


(North boundary, South boundary [along Palos Verdes], Salt Works);


West boundary along Palos Verdes (Barriles);


Standard Parallel;


Wilmington, East line &c. (Rocha Tract);




Alkali land (Carson);


Carson's 500 acre tract;


40 acre Tracts;


Guyer's Lake farm;


Carson's 130 acre tract;


Susana's Alkali land;


Sepulveda, 1st & 2d Str.s (Healey's old posts)

Volume 194

Hansen & Solano. 1884(8/6-30)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 9: R.o San Pedro [Exhibit "R"]:

Ro. San Pedro, Est. of Eng. Dominguez dec'd:


Road to Anaheim;


Parish Road;


20 & 111 acre Tracts;


Wilmington N.W. cor.;


Rocha tract;


Maria Machado de Rocha;


La Goleta;


Wilmington Lecouvreurs Connections (Canal St, First Str., Bariles, West Str, Connection with Palos Verdes, Myles Str., Third Str., McFahrland Str., Fifth Str., End Str., Seventh Str.);


40 acre tracts;


Carson-Domingues St. prolonged;


Carson - House lot

Volume 195

Hansen & Solano. 1884(8/31-11/11)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 10: R.o San Pedro:

Ro San Pedro, Heirs of Engracia Dominguez:


M.a Machado de Rocha;


Line over Sandhills;


Old Tomlinson Road;


Lots 1 & 2;






Dominguez Str.;




Overflowed land;


Lake Watson;


Carson's Improvements;


Vega land (V. Carson & R.D., R.R. Avenue, Guadalupe & Susana D., Reyes & Guadalupe D.);


Connection of 40 acre tracts & Jacinto R. (Guyer 400 acres, Watson N. line, Carsons Alcali land, Watson W. line, Guyer Lake Farm)

Volume 196

Hansen & Solano. 1884(11-12)-1885(1/6)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 11: R.o Sn Pedro:

Ro. S. Pedro, Heirs of Engracia Dominguez:


40 acre tracts (Watson, Guyer, Carson);


Carson Lake Farm;


Guyer Lake Farm;


Carson Grainland;


Guyer Grainland;




Ocean tracts 1;


Sandhill tracts 2;


Mustard land-tracts 3;


Tomlinson Road;


Carson House lot;


Lake tracts No. 4;


Mesa-tracts No. 5;


Carson- Alkali Tract N. line;


Carson's Vega land

Volume 197

Hansen & Solano. 1884(12/18)-1886(1/8)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 12:

[Rancho San Pedro]:


R.R. Avenue;


Susana & Guadalupe;


Susana Alkali land;


Line betw. Guadalupe & Reyes;


Carson, Vega land- North line;


Guyers Farm;


Tract north of Wilmington;


Anaheim Road;


Lots 1 & 2 of 111 acre lots;


Susana Lot 4 B1. A;


Carson Lot 4 B1. B;


St. 57 San Pedro;


Victoria & Guadalupe 40 acres;


John Grant, Ro Feliz;


Hansen S. 1/2 Lot 4 Bl. 16 [Main St., Sixth to Seventh St.s];


Baldwin, E.J. [Rancho Potrero Grande];


Bigelow, Mrs. [Linden Park, First St., Alameda to Garey St.s];


Guyer, A.J. de, 1000 ac.s rented [Rancho San Pedro];


Rowan & Lankershim [Moulton's Addition, Mission to Kuhrts St.s, Workman to Sichel St.s];


O.W. Childs - West L.A. tract [Cartwright St. near McClintock];


Childs Tract levels [Eleventh to Twelfth St.s, Hill to San Pedro St.s];


J.F. Figueroa [line between Rancho la Ballona & Rancho Rincón de los Bueyes]

Volume 198

Hansen & Solano. 1884(9/28)-1885(10/12)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - 13:

Robb, John C. (San Antonio Cañon) [Charles Hamilton, north of Rancho Cucamonga];


Abila, José Maria (Ro Tajauta);


Mueller, Chas. (N. of Ro. Santa Anita);


Solano, Alf. (17 1/2 acre lot) [Micheltorena St.];


Thiel, Ferdinand (Lot 5 Bl. 36 Hancock Sur.) [Pico St. near Alvarado St.];


Hansen, Geo. (Temple Str. Lot);


Machado, Bernar.o (Land on Playa Str.) [Rancho la Ballona];


Douglass, S. (Ro. Ballona);


Porciungula Ditch;


Aockerblum (Childs Tract) [Twelfth & Main St.s];


Planitz, Gustav von [Rancho San Antonio]

Volume 199

Hansen & Solano. 1882(3/11)-1887(1/11)

Scope and Content Note

1884 - Miscellaneous Notes:

[block of Hill to Main St.s, Eleventh to Twelfth St.s];


[Wilson lot, Jefferson at San Pedro St.s];


[Bl. 61 Ord's Survey, Hill to Olive St.s, Ninth to Tenth St.s];


[O.W. Childs account];


[Boyle Ave. at Chicago St.];


[Canal to West St.s]

Volume 200-A

Ruxton, Albert G. 1884(8/7-10/23)

Scope and Content Note


[Oil claims, Newhall Oil District, T.3N. R. 16-17W. S.B.M.]:


[Pico Canyon, oil region on road to Simi];


Wiley claim, at Wiley & Eureka Canyons];


[Towsley claim, Towsley canyon];


[Shasta claim];


[Temple claim];


[North Star claim];


[Diablo claim]

Volume 200-B

Goldsworthy, John. 1884(10/20)-1885(7/26)

Scope and Content Note

Book 62:

Ranchito, Banta Ditch;


Clayton, A.B.;


Day, Alfred (Washington St. L.A.) [Hoover & Freeman St.s];


Richardson, S. (San Gabriel) [El Molino or Mayberry Place];


Johannson, Thos., Sec. 18, T. 1S. R. 13W.;


Smith, L.D., Estate;


Miltemore, D.O. [Rancho Paso de Bartolo];


Fisher, J.A. (Florence);


Pacoima Cañon, [Main to Los Angeles St.s];


Johnson, Oliver (Cahuenga) [by corner of T. 1S. & T.1N., R.14W. & R. 15W. S.B.M.];


Shaw, Dr., Sec. 6 T. 1S. R. 14W.;


Wittish, H.A. & W.B. Akey (Vernon);


(Compton) Tejauta;


Mills [eastern Los Angeles, Brooklyn Heights];




Agricultural Park;


Wagenbach, Carl C. (Deed) [Rancho la Brea];


Wagenbach, Stephen

Volume 201-A

Goldsworthy, John. 1884(5/20)-1885(3/14)

Scope and Content Note

Book 66:

Phillips, Alonzo, & Elton, Chas., Pomona [Loop & Meserve Tract];


Parsons, Dr. E. & De Lapp, S.J., Pomona [Meserve Homestead];


[mining assays];


Wheeler, Henry H., Pomona [Loop & Meserve Tract];


Pequima [T.3N. R.15W.];


Notice of Water Location [Palen Colony Ditch, North Los Angeles Co.];


[Kohler St. lot between San Pedro & Wolfskill St.s];


Widney, R.M. [Pearl at Fourth St.s];


Temple & Gibson Tract, Compton, Lot R;


Henry Whiteman, Fred Downs [Cahuenga Pass];


Yager, M.L., Yager, A.J.;


[Pacoima Canyon];


Claim, notice, of [Porcupine or Corporal] Iron Mine

Volume 201-B

Hansen & Solano. 1885(1/6-7/30)

Scope and Content Note

1885 - 1:

[Rancho] San Pedro:


Domingues, Susana & Guadalupe;


A.J. Guyer;


German Colony;


East line of Rocha tract;


Lot 2 of 111 acres;


Mullaly, Mrs. Catherine [Temple & Fort St.s];


Morris, Francis [Charity St., Sixth to Seventh St.s];


Wilhardt Tract [Dwoney Ave.];


Nicholls, A. [Olive St., Ninth to Tenth St.s];


Childs, O.W. (200 Lots) [Los Angeles to San Pedro St.s, Eleventh to Twelfth St.s];


Garcia, Domingo (Ro La[s] Cienega[s]) [& Rancho Rincón de los Bueyes];


Wiesendanger, T. [Vermont Ave., Adams to Jefferson St.s, or Adams to Alamitos St.s, Childs St. west];


Allen, Wm (Mountain Winery) [Sphinx Ranch, Rancho San Pascual]

Volume 202

Hansen & Solano. 1885(10/6)-1886(3/26)

Scope and Content Note

188? - 2

Ida Hancock (Ro. La Brea);


Clark, W.A. (Bl. 62 - Lot 5) [Olive St. between Ninth & Tenth St.s];


Nadeau Block Lot [Spring & First St.s];


Temple, T.W. [Figueroa St. at Sixth St.];


Howland, C.H. (Childs Tract) [Main St., Eleventh to Twelfth St,s];


Athletic Base Ball Club [bicycle track, Sixth & Flower St.s];


Ro San Pedro - Rattle Snake Island;


Sentous, Luis (Apablaza Lot) [Upper Main St. at Bellevue Ave.];


Wills, John A. [Fort to Buena Vista St.s at Rock St.];


Grant, John (Pa[r]tridge line) [Rancho los Felis, Lick Tract];


Solano Estate;


Buckley Lots - Hansen & Rowan [Canal & Reservoir St.s];


Masselin, Jos. [Rancho las Ciénegas];


[Mrs. Ida Hancock, Masselin];


[Urquidez tract to Masselin];


Bicknell, J.D. (Rosecrans tract);


Foy, S.C., Childs-Mascarel [Main St. lot];


Masselin, Jos. [Rancho las Ciénegas, oil tract]

Volume 203

Hansen & Solano. 1885(12/11)-1886(3/25)

Scope and Content Note

1885 - 3:

Baugh, Geo. - Ro San Rafael;


Porciungula Ditch;


La Ballona Ro. Water Ditches;


Baugh, Geo. - Ro. San Rafael;


Childs Tract Levels [Main to San Pedro St.s, Eleventh to Twelfth St.s];


Hansen, Childs & Maltman (Div. A, lot 4, Bl. 38) [Alvarado at Diamond St.s];


Sentous, Luis (Montaño Lot) [Buena Vista & Bellevue St.s];


Maltman, J.S. Lot 1 Bl. 33;


Hansen, Childs, Maltman & Solano [Lots 34 & 35, Hancock's Survey]

Volume 204

Hansen & Solano. 1885(7/15-22)

Scope and Content Note

1885 - 4 [small field book]:

Fredr. Adam [sec. 24 T.5N. R.17W. S.B.M., timberland]

Volume 205

Hansen & Solano. 1885(10/27-31)

Scope and Content Note

1885 - 6: Rancho San Pedro, Rattlesnake Island
Volume 206

Hansen & Solano. 1885(8/5-11/16)

Scope and Content Note

1885 - 7: Rancho La Sierra, Northern line along the River S.a Ana at the request of Leonardo Cota
Volume 207-A

Hansen & Solano. 1885(6/1)-1886(1/5);1881(11/20)

Scope and Content Note

1885 - 8:

Crossing of 6th & Olive Streets;


Azusa Water Commissioners [Rancho Azusa de Duarte];




Asbrand & Seebold;


Col. Smith Lot;


Maltman [lots 7&8 Bl. 26, road]

Volume 207-B

Goldsworthy, John. 1885(10/13-24)

Scope and Content Note

Book 64: Las Virgenes
Box 12, Volume 208-A

Goldsworthy, John. 1885(10/6-16)

Scope and Content Note

Book 65: Book No. 1, Los Virgines
Volume 208-B

Goldsworthy, John. 1885(10/7)-1886(7/23)

Scope and Content Note

Book 30:

Marcus Pluth of Calico [Rufus & Rudolph mines];


Botiller Improvement ["Reyas," Cañadas Quemada & Larga, Amadia & Amargo creeks];


Amadia [Canyon, Rancho las Virgenes];


Las Virgenes;


Fred G. Howland;


Willard & Bean Cucamongo 1885 [sec. 14 T.2S. R.7W. S.B.M.];


Bean, Ivory [sec. 29 T.1S. R.7W. S.B.M.];


[Francis M. Holtz];


W.M. Tupt [i.e., Tripp], E.D. Stone, S.W. Dugger;




Ramsour Bros. (Florence);


San Gorgonio (A.A. Curtis);




Jos. W. Strong [lot 4 Bl. 72 Hancock's Survey];


Dr. Edgar [level for flume];


Theo. Wiesendanger;


Don Pablo Reyes [Regent St.];


[Downey Ave. at Water St., eastern Los Angeles];


J.W. Haworth & S. C. Miller;


Mondan Tract, P.J. Flynn [West Los Angeles, Washington & Carolina St.s at Clermont St.];


[Wiesendanger, sec. 6 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


J.W. Ernest, J.G. Whitaker, & H. Whitt[aker, eastern Los Angeles, Daly St.];


[Frank Gallegos, asbestos, N.E. of San Fernando];


[Bonito Tract];


[Mrs. B.J. Gorman, Moran Lane];


[San Gorgonio];




[G.F. Walker];


[land co. purchases];


[T.2S. R.1W. S.B.M.];


[J.F. Powell, T.5N. R.16W. S.B.M.];


[Act. of Jos. Bernal];


[F.W. Gibson, Rancho San Francisquito];


[K.R. Bynum];


[William Niles];


[C.S. Martin to Sarah P. Mattison, sec. 36 T.1S. R.14W. S.B.M.]

Volume 208-C

Goldsworthy, John. 1886(5/25)-1887?(1/29)

Scope and Content Note

Book 31:

Bixby [Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana];


Beaumont [subdivision into blocks & lots, Old Town];


[Hope claim];


[sec. 36 T.1S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


[Eagle Ave., grading];


[Valley Drive, grading];


[Hill Drive, grading];


[Central Ave. grades];


[Eagle Rock, grading];


[levels, Hill Drive];


[change of grade, Valley]

Volume 209

Goldsworthy, John. 1885(10/26)-1886(3/22)

Scope and Content Note

Book 68:

[Rancho los Virgenes?];


T.2N. R. 12W. Sec. 32 E. 1/2 of S.W. 1/4:


Niles, & Campbell;


C.D. Bates [Truman to Lecouvreur St.s];


Cunningham - Part of Lot 2 Block A, adjoining Morris Vineyard, Los Angeles [Charity St. from Pine to California St.s]


Bethune & Co. - Colton Marble Lime Co. [by Rancho San Bernardino];


George Baugh;


[Compton, Dugger];


Santa Gertrude Land Ass'n to C.B. Riddick [Wilmington Road, Anaheim Road to Orange St.] - Deed;


Gridley (Anaheim Road & College road);


[Hilo land];


Dr. T. C. Marks & Felt Sub., E. Los A. [Hoff St., Walnut to Chestnut St.s];




[Rancho las Virgenes]

Volume 210

Hansen & Solano. 1886(1/23-3/29)

Scope and Content Note

1886 - 1:

Normal School grades [Charity & Fifth St. s];


Childs Tract Levels [Main to San Pedro St.s, Eleventh to Twelfth St.s]

Volume 211

Hansen & Solano. 1886(3/20-8/19)

Scope and Content Note

1886 - 2:

Hansen, Childs & Maltman, Map & Sur. [Hancock's Survey, Blocks 29, 30, 33-35];


Coronel, Antonio F. [Alameda & Seventh St.s, homestead];


Copley, Thomas [Fort St.];


Vick, Andrew, Mrs. [First St.];


Engel, Philip [Rancho Santa Anita];


Normal School;


Foy, Mascarel & Childs [Main St., Second to Third St.s];


El Rincón [Leonardo Cota];


Williams, H.L. [Lot 8 Bl. 37, Seventh to Ninth St.s];


Griffin, W.H. [Temple at Fort St.s, Lot 6 Bl. B, Fort Hill Lots];


Kurtz, Joseph (Main bet. 1.st & 2.d);


[Beaudry Ave., Temple to Court St.s]

Volume 212

Hansen & Solano. 1886(4/20-7/17)

Scope and Content Note

1886 - 3:

Normal School;


Mr. Woodhead [Buena Vista to Main St., at College St.];


Tononi Tract [Rancho San Rafael];


Carson & Hansen's, Main St. [Lot 4 Bl. 16 Ord's Survey];


F.r Bonchard, Colima Tract [Rancho Santa Gertrudes];


Agricultural Park [Tract, Horticultural & San Bernardino Ave.s];


Mr. Hager, Washington St.;


O.W. Childs, levels, 11nth St. [& Main St.];


Rowan & Lankershim [Main to Spring St.s, Fourth to Third St.s];


St. Vincent's College [Charity & Washington St.s];


Wilhart Tract [Chavez & Wilhardt St.s];


B. Riviere [sec. 11 T.2S. R. 14W. S.B.M.];


James Castruccio [Eternity (Buena Vista) to New High St.s at High St.];


E.T. Brakesuehler [sec. 36 T. 1S. R. 13W. S.B.M., Washington St.]

Volume 213

Hansen & Solano, by James Craig. 1886(7/31)-1887(7/20)

Scope and Content Note

1886 - 4:

Moerenhaut Tract [Jefferson at San Pedro St.s];


Johnston, Conway (Pasadena) [Rancho San Rafael];


Southern Dist. Agric. Park [Horticultural Ave.];


Ortiz, Mrs. Teofila [Buena Vista St. to Virgin St.];


Johnston, Campbell [ranch, grade of county road down canyon to Arroyo Seco];


Rose, L.J. (Water pipe);


Wilhart Tract [Downey Ave. to Naud St., Wilhardt St.];


Hermitage Tract [Rancho Santa Anita, Allen Ave. at Villa St.];


Agricultural Park (J.W. Brodrick);


Rebbeck, Lydia [Spring St. between Fourth & Fifth St.s];


Hellman, I.M. [Tenth & Hill St.s];


Childs Tract (S.M. White) [Eleventh St.];


Drydens Tar Wells [Bl. 26];


[Temple St.];


Du Casse near Philbin [parcel in center of large area bounded by San Pedro, Kohler, Wolfskill, & Vejar St.s]

Volume 214

Hansen & Solano. 1886(8/6-12/11)

Scope and Content Note

1886 - 5:

Ellis Tract [Ellis Ave. to Adams St., east from Toberman, Thompson, & Scarff St.s];


Mountain, Mrs. M.C. (Ro Santiago de Santa Ana);


Grimeaud, G. & L. Sentous [T.2S. R. 14W. S.B.M., sec. 21, line with Rancho Aguaje de Centinela];


Schimmel, Mrs. Sofia [Rancho la Ballona];


Mullally, Jos. (Lot 5 - Bl. 40) [College St., Buena Vista to Castelar St.s];


Tajauta farm [water pipe];


Rimpau, Theo. (Ro La[s] Cienega[s]);


[oil tract];


Baer, Herman F. [Olive St., Second to Third St.s];


[Solano Estate];


Williamson, Geo. [Lot 6 Bl. 26, Diamond St.];


Pittman, R.o La[s] Cienega[s];


Stoneman, Geo. [land between Wilson Ave., San Gabriel Road, & Alhambra Road]

Volume 215

Hansen & Solano. 1886(9/21)-1887(1/17)

Scope and Content Note

1886 - 6:

Josefa Subdivision [Celis Vineyard Tract];


Brodrick, W.J. (Consuelo & Brodrick) [Celis Vineyard Tract, Carlisle & Washington St.s];


American Cemetery [Ninth St.];


Smith, Col. G.H. [Lot 2 Bl. 25 Hancock's Survey, Seventh to Ward St.s];


Mora, Bishop Francis [lot, Rancho la Ballona];


Ellis, C.J. & W.P. Gardner [Dana Tract, Swift St. from Brooklyn to Dana St.s];


[G. Hansen, Dominguez, Lot 4 Bl. 16];


Reeve, B.J. [Washington St., west of Los Angeles City];


Haas & Baruch [J. A. Graves, Olive to Charity St.s, Ninth to Tenth St.s];


Bernard, Juan [Santa Monica R.R. land in Winegrowers Association Tract, near Alameda & Second St.s];


Bigelow, Mrs. L.M. [First St.];


Smith & Kurtz - Fort Hill [Fort St., Rock to Sand St.s];


Garibaldi, Juan [Buena Vista St. near High St.];


Stoneman, Geo. - Water meas.;


Solano Estate [16 acres on Buena Vista St.];


Stimson Bros. [Upper Main at Virgin St.s];


Hansen, Childs & Maltman [Lot 7 Bl. 41, Canal & Reservoir Lands];


Machado, Juan [Rancho la Ballona, Playa St. at Machado St.];


Mullally, Jos. [Buena Vista to Castelar St.s at College St.];


Hansen & Rowan [First St. building];


Hansen, Geo. [Main St. lot]

Volume 216

Hansen & Solano. 1885(10/6)-1886(2/19)

Scope and Content Note

1886 - 0 [small field book]:

R.o La Brea;


La Ballona - Figueroa;


Niedecker [mortgage];


Normal School grounds

Volume 217

Hansen, George, & Solano, Alfred. 1882(10);1886(4)

Scope and Content Note

[partial diary: Solano 1882(10/10-17); Hansen 1886(4/23-27)
Volume 218

Goldsworthy, John. 1886(9/10)-1887(5/5)

Scope and Content Note

Book 69:

Damon & Millard [Main & Brooklyn St.s];


G.W. Wolf, Downey;


Dr. Whisler, Earl St.;


Urquidez, E. & C. [Rancho San Rafael];


S.A. Widney;


Geo. D. Whitcomb (Azusa) [sec. 22 T.1N. R.9W. S.B.M.];


Mr. J.E. Hunter;


Judge M.D. Crawford (Downey);


Bordan, Mr.;


Bullis, A.M.;


Bullis, Omri, Sepulveda;


Haney, A.J.;


M.E. Church;


Dodson Road, El Monte;


Adams, Dr. A.;


Temple, John (El Monte);


Bullis, A.M. [San Pedro/Sixth/Earl St.s];




Webber, S.C. (Green Meadow Dist.);


[R. Bills];


H.T. Hazard & (Brooklyn Hts.);


Second Boulevard;


Santa Anita Ro;


[F.B. Clark, sec. 22 T.2S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


[Beaumont account]

Volume 219

Hansen & Solano. 1885(11/27)-1887(8/15)

Scope and Content Note

1887 - 3:

Geo. Carson, Race Track;


Hansen & Maltman [Reservoir & Micheltorena St.s];


Howard [Hope & Flower St.s, Eighth to Ninth St.s];


Hansen Lot on Main Str.;


Alex. Seebold;


Rinaldi, C.R. [San Fernando Valley];


Valdez family [history & genealogy];


House on Main Str.

Volume 220

Goldsworthy?, John. 1886(8/23)-1890(12/31)

Scope and Content Note

Book 70:

San Gorgonio - So. Cal. Investment Co.;




Judge C.N. Wilson & Wright, S.E. 1/4 of S.E. 1/4 Sec. 16, T.2S. R.13W., Florence;


Lacy & Hooker - L.A. Pipe Mnfg. Co. [accounts];


Dr. Crawford [Main to Charity St.s];


Lindly & Co. [Lindley Tract, Lots 3&6 Bl. 2 Hancock's Survey];


J.W. Hudson, La Puente;


[Records Tract, Brooklyn to Northern Ave.s, Evergreen to Greenleaf Ave.s];


Downey, Dr. Wolfe, Sandridge Ditch;


Mr. Fred Howland, E.L.A. [San Fernando Rd. & Columbus Ave., Jeffries Tract];


E.W. Reid, S.E. Cor. City;


J.K. Stump's Place - Webber, S.C. [T.2-3S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


E.F. Kysor's, E. Bruce Flack - S. Boundary of City - Centre Ave. [Centre Ave., Jefferson to Slauson Ave.s];


Stockwell, Simon, Compton;


John Hollengreen, Compt.;


[George Aiken, Compton];


Dr. Widney, Olive & 4th [& Charity St.];


Sanford Crossing of new San Gabriel River;


Monrovia, Studebaker Land [Orange Ave.];


[Temple house];


Blue Jacket Mine;


Oro Grande;


Candelario Urquedes [ranchos la Cañada & San Rafael];


P. Backman [Orange, Lucas Ave., Downey & Galpin Tracts];


Potts, West Line of City of L.A. [Alvarado];


McArthur & Gould - La Cañada

Volume 221

Goldsworthy, John. 1887

Scope and Content Note

Book 33:

[sec.s 11&12, near old Edgar sheep ranch & S.P.R.R.];


[hours worked by assistants];


[Beaumont Colony];


[levels for S.P.L.Co.];


Evans Tract [Whittier?];


Pacoima [canyon, T.3-4N. R.13W. S.B.M.];


Henry B. Abila, Deed to Wife [Wilmington Ave.];


[miners' meeting in Pacoima Canyon];


[John McIlmoil, Mr. Brown, etc.];


[accounts for Perrin survey];




Ballona - Dr. Todd & Patton, Mrs. Lizzie Croswell;


[G.B. Woodberry, Verdugo Road];




[days worked by assistants];


[lots in Vernon]

Volume 222

Goldsworthy, John. 1887(9/6)-1888(7/12)

Scope and Content Note

Book 36; 2; Gavin:

[courses near west boundary of City of Los Angeles, Washington St., Pico St., etc.];


A.H. Conson Subdivision [Lot 4 Bl. 39 Hancock's Survey];


[Eagle Tract];


[Capt.] F.B. Clark [sec. 23 T.2S. R.14W. S.B.M.];


[G.C., San Fernando, lots];


[Dr. J.P. Widney lot];


[Goldsworthy mortgage];


[tabling of survey for Eckler & Pollard, Rancho la Puente];


Richard Goldsworthy's Claim, San Fernando;


La Puente [Rancho Azusa de Durate, Rancho San José];


McFadden [Rancho San Joaquín];


[San Pedro, Pine, & Clement St.s];


[Santa Cruze, Ninth St.];


[J.E. Jackson, Wilson Block];


Joe Dye, Ken Claim, Sespe Creek;




[San Pedro St. near Washington St.];


[Main & New Main St.s, sec. 7 T.2S. R. 13W. S.B.M.];




San Joaquin;


[Rancho] San Juan Cajon [de Santa Ana];


[Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana];


Santa Cruz & 9th St.;


L. Harris [Grand Ave., Eighth to Ninth St.s, Huber Tract];


[Gorman mortgage];


[list of deeds];


[Pablo Reyes tract];


City of Paris Survey [Temple/New High/Spring St.s];


J.W. Potts

Volume 223

Goldsworthy, John. 1887(4/18-11/4)

Scope and Content Note

Book 82; Fisher from June 1st to Nov. 14th:

Cor. 4th & Olive Lot;


Tract owned by Book & Co. [eastern Los Angeles];


Studebaker et al. Tract, Monrovia [Rancho Santa Anita];


Chas. H. McArthur Tract, [Rancho] La Cañada [Union St., Bellview to Homewood Ave.s];


[Aliso to First St.];


Bloom King [First St.];


T.1 R.12W. S.B.M.;


Januares Abila [Rancho las Ciénegas, Pico St.];


First & Wilmington;


Weill St. & Center;


T.5S. R.11W.;


Washington & San Pedro [St.s];


Willmore [ranchos la Bolsa Chica & los Alamitos];


Washington St. Tract;


[Compton St.];


Gitchell [sec. 9 T.2S. R.13W. S.B.M.];


E. Jefferson St.;


[San Gabriel & Mountain Ave.s, Duarte];