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San Francisco Chinese Community and Earthquake Damage, ca. 1906
BANC PIC 1993.033--ALB  
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[Chinese in Portsmouth Plaza.] BANC PIC 1993.033:001--ALB


[Earthquake damage, near Portsmouth Plaza.] BANC PIC 1993.033:002--ALB


Girls in Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. [Standing, left to right] Ah Gum, Miss Lake, Ah Yeet, Yok Ying. [Seated, left to right] Won Cum, Ah So, Ah So. BANC PIC 1993.033:003--ALB


Girls in Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. [Left to right] Siu, Sau, Oi, Ho. BANC PIC 1993.033:004--ALB


[Unidentified street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:005--ALB


[Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Mission, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:006--ALB


Sai So.


Sai So. BANC PIC 1993.033:007--ALB


Sai So. BANC PIC 1993.033:008--ALB


[Portsmouth Plaza.] BANC PIC 1993.033:009--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:010--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Sui So, Won Cum, Ah Yeet, Yok Ying. [Middle row, left to right] Ah Oi, Toi Sing, [unidentified], Ah So. [Front row, left to right] Toi Ye, Ah Siu, Ah Sau, [unidentified, unidentified]. BANC PIC 1993.033:011--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Sui So, Chau So, Ah Gum, Yoh Ying. [Front row, left to right] Wong Siu, Chan Sau, Tong Oi, Tong Ho, [unidentified]. BANC PIC 1993.033:012--ALB


[Unidentified children on bicycle.] BANC PIC 1993.033:013--ALB


Chau So.


Chau So. BANC PIC 1993.033:014--ALB


Chau So. BANC PIC 1993.033:015--ALB


Girls Chinese School. BANC PIC 1993.033:016--ALB


Flora Landen. BANC PIC 1993.033:017--ALB


Ah Chau. BANC PIC 1993.033:018--ALB


[Globe Hotel, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:019--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:020--ALB


Lin Kim. BANC PIC 1993.033:021--ALB


Boys waiting to be landed [?]. BANC PIC 1993.033:022--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:023--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:024--ALB


Alleys in Chinatown. [Quong Lee Company and Sing Kee Company buildings.] BANC PIC 1993.033:025--ALB


Alleys in Chinatown. [Duplicate of 192.] BANC PIC 1993.033:026--ALB


House where Chau So was born. BANC PIC 1993.033:027--ALB


Chau So's mother. BANC PIC 1993.033:028--ALB


[Children with adults, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:029--ALB


[Children with adults, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:030--ALB


M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Chapel. BANC PIC 1993.033:031--ALB


613 1/2 Jackson St. [Actually 624 Jackson. Cf. 33.] BANC PIC 1993.033:032--ALB


624 Jackson St. [Actually 613 1/2 Jackson. Cf. 32.] BANC PIC 1993.033:033--ALB


Views from sitting room window: M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. BANC PIC 1993.033:034--ALB


Views from sitting room window: M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. BANC PIC 1993.033:035--ALB


[Earthquake damage. Site of Chinese Methodist Episcopal Girls' Home and Church.] BANC PIC 1993.033:036--ALB


[Earthquake damage. Site of Chinese Methodist Episcopal Girls' Home and Church.] BANC PIC 1993.033:037--ALB


Parlor of Home, decorated for wedding. BANC PIC 1993.033:038--ALB


Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Buildings. Girls Home & Church. BANC PIC 1993.033:039--ALB


Pupils of M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission Home. [Clipped from unidentified print source.] BANC PIC 1993.033:040--ALB


Uong Kam Toe. Helen. BANC PIC 1993.033:041--ALB


[Standing, left to right] Chan Yiu Wah, Tong Oi, [illegible]. [Seated, left to right] Chan Sau, Maud Mai Chun, Gene. BANC PIC 1993.033:042--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:043--ALB


[Unidentified man with opium pipe.] BANC PIC 1993.033:044--ALB


Maud Ma Chun. BANC PIC 1993.033:045--ALB


[Unidentified,] Marie, Maud, Gene, Margaret, [unidentified]. BANC PIC 1993.033:046--ALB


[Interior, unidentified Chinese restaurant.] BANC PIC 1993.033:047--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:048--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Ah Lau, Ah Chün, Susie. [Front row, left to right] Ah Oi, Grace, Ah Chai, Alice. BANC PIC 1993.033:049--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Ethel, Josephine, Margaret. [Front row, left to right] Maude, Siu, Helen, Gene, Marie. BANC PIC 1993.033:050--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:051--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:052--ALB


Ah Chai. BANC PIC 1993.033:053--ALB


Tom Yut Soon [?], Tom Chai Ping. BANC PIC 1993.033:054--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:055--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:056--ALB


Lau Ting Kam. BANC PIC 1993.033:057--ALB


Wong Sui. BANC PIC 1993.033:058--ALB


[Unidentified woman and child on steps.] BANC PIC 1993.033:059--ALB


[Alice, Mrs. Samuel Yong Young. Cf. 62 & 63.] BANC PIC 1993.033:060--ALB


[Unidentified woman and child in street.] BANC PIC 1993.033:061--ALB


Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Yong Young. BANC PIC 1993.033:062--ALB


Alice. BANC PIC 1993.033:063--ALB


Grace & Fannie. BANC PIC 1993.033:064--ALB


Grace Wong.


Grace Wong. BANC PIC 1993.033:065--ALB


Grace Wong. BANC PIC 1993.033:066--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:067--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:068--ALB


Chan Foong Chün.


Chan Foong Chün. BANC PIC 1993.033:069--ALB


Chan Foong Chün. BANC PIC 1993.033:070--ALB


[Unidentified woman with children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:071--ALB


[Unidentified children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:072--ALB


"Fear and distrust remove." BANC PIC 1993.033:073--ALB


"Oh! Bear me safe above a ransomed soul." BANC PIC 1993.033:074--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:075--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:076--ALB


Ah Chün. [With unidentified woman.] BANC PIC 1993.033:077--ALB


Ah Chün. BANC PIC 1993.033:078--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown. Sign reads: "These premises are private. No white person with or without guides allowed to enter here."] BANC PIC 1993.033:079--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown. Quong Lee Company Building.] BANC PIC 1993.033:080--ALB


Interior, Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church. Easter Sunday. BANC PIC 1993.033:081--ALB


[Unidentified man. Interior, Chinese church or temple?] BANC PIC 1993.033:082--ALB


[Ruins of Occidental Board Presbyterian ...[illegible]... House, mission for girls. After earthquake and fire of 1906. Cf. 85.] BANC PIC 1993.033:083--ALB


Congregationalist Headquarters. BANC PIC 1993.033:084--ALB


Presbyterian Mission for girls. BANC PIC 1993.033:085--ALB


[Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:086--ALB


[Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:087--ALB


Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place. BANC PIC 1993.033:088--ALB


Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place. [Following earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:089--ALB


[Man with wood bundles, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:090--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:091--ALB


[Ruins of Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place. Following earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:092--ALB


[Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:093--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:094--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Fung Hai & Company storefront.] BANC PIC 1993.033:095--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:096--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:097--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:098--ALB


610 & 612 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1993.033:099--ALB


Tea Houses.


Tea Houses. BANC PIC 1993.033:100--ALB


Tea Houses. BANC PIC 1993.033:101--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Studio of W.F. Song Photographer.] BANC PIC 1993.033:102--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Cf. 102.] BANC PIC 1993.033:103--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:104--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:105--ALB


In the Park. [Street scene. Unidentified family.] BANC PIC 1993.033:106--ALB


In the Park. [Child on horse, with mother. Golden Gate Park.] BANC PIC 1993.033:107--ALB


Street scenes.


Street scenes. BANC PIC 1993.033:108--ALB


Street scenes. BANC PIC 1993.033:109--ALB


In the Park. [Golden Gate Park.] BANC PIC 1993.033:110--ALB


In the Park. [Golden Gate Park.] BANC PIC 1993.033:111--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese man carrying canisters.] BANC PIC 1993.033:112--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:113--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:114--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:115--ALB


[Chinese men in front of Boston Store.] BANC PIC 1993.033:116--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:117--ALB


[Chinese children walking in street, Chinatown. Duplicate of 158.] BANC PIC 1993.033:118--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:119--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:120--ALB


[Crowd in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:121--ALB


[Street scene near Chinese Baptist Church, upper left.] BANC PIC 1993.033:122--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:123--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:124--ALB


[Children in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:125--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:126--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:127--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:128--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:129--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:130--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:131--ALB


Yo. BANC PIC 1993.033:132--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:133--ALB


[Unidentified child, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:134--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:135--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:136--ALB


[Unidentified woman shielding face from camera. Portsmouth Plaza?] BANC PIC 1993.033:137--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:138--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:139--ALB


Chinese Priests.


Chinese Priests. BANC PIC 1993.033:140--ALB


Chinese Priests. BANC PIC 1993.033:141--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:142--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:143--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:144--ALB


[Street scene with Chinese priests.] BANC PIC 1993.033:145--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:146--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:147--ALB


[Chinese men on sidewalk. Before Pacific Coast Faucet Co.] BANC PIC 1993.033:148--ALB


[Street scene with Chinese priests.] BANC PIC 1993.033:149--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:150--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:151--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:152--ALB


[Undentified Chinese family, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:153--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:154--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Before Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:155--ALB


[Unidentified family, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:156--ALB


[Unidentified family, Chinatown. Duplicate of 166.] BANC PIC 1993.033:157--ALB


[Chinese children walking in street, Chinatown. Duplicate of 118.] BANC PIC 1993.033:158--ALB


[Telephone switchboard operators, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:159--ALB


Chinese funeral. Mourning with white round their heads. BANC PIC 1993.033:160--ALB


Chinese funeral. BANC PIC 1993.033:161--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:162--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:163--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:164--ALB


Chinese Cemetery. BANC PIC 1993.033:165--ALB


[Unidentified family, Chinatown. Duplicate of 157.] BANC PIC 1993.033:166--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:167--ALB


[Unidentified child, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:168--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:169--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:170--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:171--ALB


[Street scene. Presbyterian Mission for girls, left distance.] BANC PIC 1993.033:172--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:173--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:174--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:175--ALB


[Street scene with Chinese.] BANC PIC 1993.033:176--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese man carrying wood.] BANC PIC 1993.033:177--ALB


[Unidentified Chinese children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:178--ALB


[Group portrait, unidentified Chinese children. Photograph by Goldsmith Bros. No. Z10.] BANC PIC 1993.033:179--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:180--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:181--ALB


[Street scene. Unidentified Chinese children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:182--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:183--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:184--ALB


[Unidentified child and parent, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:185--ALB


[Street scene. Unidentified Chinese children and man.] BANC PIC 1993.033:186--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:187--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:188--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:189--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:190--ALB


Fortune teller. BANC PIC 1993.033:191--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown. Duplicate of 26.] BANC PIC 1993.033:192--ALB


[Ruins of Hall of Justice. Kearny Street. After earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:193--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:194--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:195--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:196--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:197--ALB


[Chinatown after earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:198--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:199--ALB


[Man in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:200--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:201--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:202--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese man carrying large containers.] BANC PIC 1993.033:203--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:204--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:205--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:206--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown. Before businesses of N.S. Lento and Hing Kee & Co.] BANC PIC 1993.033:207--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:208--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:209--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:210--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:211--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:212--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:213--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. St. Mary's Church in distance, corner of California Street and Grant Avenue.] BANC PIC 1993.033:214--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:215--ALB


New Year's Shoppers, Chinatown, San Francisco. Copyright 1904 by Hugo B. Goldsmith. BANC PIC 1993.033:216--ALB


The Lily Seller. Copyright 1904 by Hugo B. Goldsmith. BANC PIC 1993.033:217--ALB


[Unidentified children in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:218--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:219--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Unidentified children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:220--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Unidentified men.] BANC PIC 1993.033:221--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Sing Fat & Co. Chinese and Japanese Bazaar. 614 Grove Avenue.] BANC PIC 1993.033:222--ALB


[Unidentified interior scene. Altar arrangement?] BANC PIC 1993.033:223--ALB