Provisional Platform of the Free Speech Movement

I. The range of civil liberties and political freedoms of any member of the University Community or anyone else which is constitutionally protected off the campus should be equally protected on the campus. By the same token, of course, speech or conduct which is in violation of law and constitutionally unprotected, should receive no greater protection on the campus than off the campus. In the area of speech and political conduct the University may not regulate content, and must leave solely to the appropriate civil authorities the right of punishment for any transgressions of law. While we recognize the need for appropriate regulations regarding the time, place, and manner of exercising constitutional rights, based upon maintainance of the appropriate functions of the University and its peaceful operation, such regulations may not, either directly or indirectly, interfere with the right to speech or the content of such speech.

II. The present rules relating to students and student groups setting up their tables shall be amended so that members of the campus community, upon notifying the Administration of the proposed location of their table (in areas including those presently designated, the sides of the Sproul Hall steps, beneath the eaves of the Student Union, and such other areas as may be established after negotiation) be permitted to accept donations and membership sign-ups, and distribute literature including political and social action materials under the following conditions:

(1) Tables will not be left unattended

(2) The organizations shall not borrow University tables or chairs

(3) Tables shall not be set up in such a way as to obstruct the free flow of traffic

(4) It is understood that these organizations do not represent the University of California, and will not use the name of the University in any fashion which involves the University as an institution.

Participation in the activities desctibed in this section shall be limited to members of the campus community -- that is, to students, staff and faculty, and non-student members of recognized student groups.

IIA. "Off-campus" political and social action groups shall be recognized by the University upon filing with the Dean of Students Office the following information:

(1) The name of the organization

(2) The purpose of the organization

(3) A list of officers of the group

(4) An affidavit by the officers that their group is primarily composed of students

(5) The name of thegroup's faculty advisor, if any is required by the administration.

IIB. It is difficult for any organization with definite aims to refuse membership to a person who has temporarily dropped out of school or who is for some other reason in the student milieu, but not currently registered. Therefore, a student group shall be defined as one the majority of whose members and officers are present or recent members of the University community.

IIC. Members of the campus community shall be allowed to place their own posters on campus in areas presently designated for this purpose. Posters shall be allowed at the cement pillars at the South Entrance of the campus.

III. The only requirement for `off-campus' speakers in facilities other than the Hyde Park Areas shall be a four hour prior notification, which is to include the name of the inviting organization, the speaker's name and his affiliation (if any), the topic of his talk, and his willingness to answer questions. This regulation shall apply in the Hyde Park Areas, to off-campus speakers sponsored by any recognized student group, save that notification may be given at any time prior to the appearance of speakers. Unsponsored individuals may speak at any time in the Hyde Park Areas without prior notification.

IV. In the new student office building, meeting rooms shall be available for meetings of political and social action groups and the regulations of scheduling and use of these facilities shall be handled through a committee of the organizations involved. Further: the University shall make meetings rooms available to student groups on both a regualr and special event basis. Acquisition and use should be automatic if space is available and should be independent of the type of activity the groups undertake, of the nature of the speakers the groups present. The University may no longer require moderators at meetings of the student organizations. Student groups may collect funds at any meetings they hold on campus.

V. The Office of the Dean of Students, in cooperation with the Campus Police Department, should prepare a full statement of the criteria used to determine when police will be required at meetings. When needed, police protection on the University campus shall be considered one of the normal functions of the University police department. Accordingly no special charges should be levied upon student organizations for police protection.

VI. The appropriate channel for enacting and interpreting the regulations governing the exercise of civil liberties on the campus shall be a tripartite board with equal representation of students, a majority of whom shall be selected by a student political union of political and social action organizations; faculty selected by the Academic Freedom Committee of the Academic Senate; and members of the administration. The board shall have a rotating chairman, set its own rules of procedure, and make its decisions by consensus. This shall be the board of appeal and final review inall disputed matters relating to civil liberties. Terms shall be limited to one year.

VII. The Hyde Park Areas of the campus shall include:

(1) Wheeler Oak (with voice amplification between noon and one, after four, and at other times by special arrangement)

(2) Bancroft and Telegraph (with voice amplification at all times)

(3) The steps of the Student Union (with voice amplification at all times)

(4) Steps of Sproul Hall (with voice amplification between noon and one, and after four, and at other times by special arrangement)

(5) North Gate (with voice amplification at all times)

(6) Student Union Plaza (with voice amplification at all times)

(7) The Mining Circle (with voice amplification between noon and one, after four, and at other times by special arrangement)

(8) Steps of Harmon Gymnasium (with voice amplification between noon and one, after four, and at other times by special arrangement)

VIII. Publications of more than one page and not more than 1/4 advertising may be distributed and sold by members of the campus community, including members of recognized student organizations, at all meeting, tables and Hyde Park Areas.

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Title: Provisional Platform of the Free Speech Movement
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