Manuel Reyes

Box 69597
San Quentin, Calif.

April 10, 1943
Dear, Editor & Committee.

Recived [sic] your letter and was at once very please [sic] to hear from the committee. I am in good health, and hope that every member of the committee is the same. Well I am indeed very happy to hear that the committee is still fighting for us, and also to hear that people from other places are also picthing [sic] in and helping us, and as for us boy's [sic] here we will also picth [sic] and help, and try to keep out of trouble and not let down the committee.

Well to change the subject. I think this is a very good Idea, I mean about letting us know of what goes on at the meeting of the committee. Well you have ask [sic] us for a helping hand on a name for the letter you are about to send us. I don't think there could be a better name for it then [sic] the one it has now. But don't take my word's [sic] for it, some of the other boy's [sic] might have a different name for it.

Mrs. Roosevelt, was here yesterday, she came to see the war work that is being done here. After she visited the shop's [sic] and seen the war work she

when [sic] into the auditorium, and gave a wonderful speech. I am not doing any war work, I am in the tailor shop. I know some thing's [sic] about cutting, so I signed up for the tailor shop. Well to change the subject. We when [sic] to the show today, we seen the picture call "Seven Day's Lease," it was good to see a show, we get to see one every two weeks. I much rather be home then [sic] to see all the shows in the world. I don't mind being in this place but when I think I am in for something I didn't have any thing to do with, I like to blow my top, but as you say in your letter, is [sic] what I think of too, and that [sic] what stop me, because I am not only thinking of myself, but if my friend's [sic] as well. Well I haven't much to say so I'll close this letter to the committee, with all my apprication [sic] and

Remain Your's Truly

Manuel Reyes

P.S. Give my best Regard's to the committee and apprication [sic] for what they do

P.S. To The Editor, I would like to have a picture of you, if you don't mind