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Writing Series 1. 1935-1998

Scope and Contents

The Writing series consists of three subseries: (1.1), Non-fiction, comprised of proposals, essays, articles, and public addresses on issues concerning the gay community, 1948-1998; (1.2), Fiction, primarily short fiction and poetry written during the 1930s; and (1.3) Research materials, consisting of published texts Hay drew from in research related to the founding of the Mattachine Society (1950), and texts from the mid-1970s related to Hay's ideas concerning the existence of a distinct gay consciousness. The research materials also include a folder of notes and fragmentary or unfinished writing.


The Writing series is divided into three subseries: (1.1) Non-fiction; (1.2) Fiction; and (1.3) Research material and notes.

Non-fiction Subseries 1.1 1948-1998

Scope and Contents

This subseries comprises published articles and book reviews, published and unpublished essays, transcripts of public addresses, organizational outlines, proposals, and notes written by Harry Hay during the period 1948 to 1998, most of which focus on aspects of gay liberation, history, politics, and identity. A number of the articles were published in ONE Inc. periodicals during the late 1950s and early 1960s. The bulk of items between 1975 and 1998 are transcripts of speeches.
Titles transcribed as written on the texts are enclosed in quotation marks; condensed or constructed titles appear without quotation marks.


Titles are arranged in ascending chronological order. The one exception to that order is the first folder, which contains a chronological bibliography of Harry Hay's non-fiction writing (part of a book proposal).
Box 1, Folder 1

Hay bibliography (Will Roscoe book proposal) 1948-1991

Scope and Contents

Book proposal for volume of writing by Harry Hay, edited by Will Roscoe; includes a chronologically organized bibliography of Hay's writing, 1948 to 1991. Book proposal title is "Vision Quest: Selected Writings of Harry Hay"; the title of the published volume was Radically Gay: Gay Liberation in the Words of its Founder, Harry Hay.
Box 1, Folder 2

"Music, Barometer of the Class Struggle" 1948

Physical Description: [syllabus/outline]

Scope and Contents

Lecture outline for course Hay taught in Los Angeles during the late 1940s and early 1950s under the auspices of Peoples' Songs.
Box 1, Folder 3

"Bachelor's Anonymous - Preliminary Concept" 1948

Physical Description: [organizational proposal]

Scope and Contents

Proposal that led to the creation of the Mattachine Society.
Box 1, Folder 4

"Remarks to First Discussion Group" - Mattachine Society 1950

Physical Description: [public address]
Box 1, Folder 5

"The Homophile in History - a provocation" 1953

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 6

"Epilogue - In Memory of the Mattachine Foundation" 1956

Physical Description: [book chapter]
Box 1, Folder 7

"Mattachine Discussion Group Questionnaire" 1957

Physical Description: [questionairre, with note]

Scope and Contents

Includes undated note by Harry Hay explaining context of the questionairre.
Box 1, Folder 8

"The Moral Climate of Canaan . . [etc.]" 1958

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 9

"The End of a Dream: History can't be looked at with 20th Century prejudices" 1960

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 10

"Schema for Mattachine III" 1962

Physical Description: [organizational proposal]
Box 1, Folder 11

"The Hammond Report," and "In the Beginnings: Early Man . . .[etc.]" 1963

Physical Description: [article and book review]
Box 1, Folder 12

"The Homosexual's Responsibility to the Community" 1967

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 13

"Open Letter, and Proposed Code, for Homophile Organizations" 1967

Box 1, Folder 14

"The Origin and Aims of the Traditional Indian Land and Life Committee" 1967

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 15

"Christianity's First Closet Case" 1976

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 16

"Gay Liberation - Chapter Two" 1976

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 17

"Remarks on the Albuquerque Gay Pride Rally" 1977

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 18

"Towards the New Frontiers of Fairy Vision" 1979

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 19

Remarks for the May 4th Coalition Educational 1980

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 20

"A Seperate People Whose Time Has Come" 1983

Physical Description: [article]
Box 1, Folder 21

"Steps . . . Towards the Vision of a Gay National Community" 1983

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 22

"Unity and More in '84" (Boston Gay Pride) 1984

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 23

"A Radical Commonality" 1985

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 24

"Remarks on Rudi's Passing" 1985

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 25

Remarks for Gay Awareness Week (UC Santa Cruz) 1985

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 26

"Remarks for Mattachine's 35th Annniversary" 1985

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 27

"Gay Homework We Havn't Done" 1986

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 28

Radical Faerie Proposals to the March on Washington Organizing Committee 1986

Physical Description: [proposal]
Box 1, Folder 29

"Remarks on Being Presented With My Oral History Transcript" 1987

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 30

"Atlanta Asks Me to Talk About Roots" 1987

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 31

"Berkeley Asks Me to Talk About Roots" 1988

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 32

"Understanding Gay Roots" 1988

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 33

"Remarks to AIDS Action - Being Alive" 1988

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 34

"Remarks for Stonewall 20th Anniversary," and Ian Young on AIDS 1989

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 35

"Remarks for the C.L.O.S.E.R. Banquet, 10/30/1990" 1990

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 36

"The Impact of Gay Culture on Society, Religion, and History" 1990

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 37

"Where Have We Been and Where Are We Now?" 1990

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 38

"What Gay Consciousness Brings, and Has Brought, to the Hetero Left" 1991

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 39

"Neither Boy Nor Girl - Reclaiming . . . 3rd Gender" 1992

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 40

"Where We Queers Have Come From: Where We're Capable of Going" 1993

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 41

"Remarks for Genre" 1994

Physical Description: [speech]
Box 1, Folder 42

"Roots," "Shenandoah," "Reminiscing About Ray Bourbon" (package to William Moritz) 1998

Physical Description: [3 typescripts]

Poetry, Fiction, Screenplay Subseries 1.2 1935-1958

Scope and Contents

This subseries comprises unpublished short fiction, poetry, and a collaborative screenplay. Most of the material was written during the 1930s. Also included is an undated satirical dramatic scene co-authored by Hay and his partner John Burnside. The screenplay Largo (1938) dates from a period of several years in the late 1930s when Hay collaborated as a ghostwriter with Austrian emigre film director Reginald Leborg on several projects; Largo was based on the life of composer Georg Friederich Handel.


Folders are arranged alphabetically.
Box 1, Folder 44-45

Birthday - novella 1936

Physical Description: [manuscript copies - 2 folders]
Box 1, Folder 46

Birthday - novella 1936

Physical Description: [2 paperback copies]

Scope and Contents

2 paperback copies of novella written in 1936, self-published in 1992
Box 1, Folder 47

"Flight of Quail" 1937

Physical Description: [typescript manuscript copy]

Scope and Contents

short story
Box 1, Folder 48-49

Largo circa 1937

Physical Description: [bound screenplay]

Scope and Contents

Screenplay collaboration between Harry Hay and Austrian emigre director Reginald Leborg, researched and ghost-written by Hay.
Box 1, Folder 50-51

Poetry circa 1930-1960

Physical Description: [poetry manuscripts and revisions; 2 folders]
Box 1, Folder 52

Short Fiction 1937 - 1958

Physical Description: [typescript drafts]

Scope and Contents

Three short stories.
Box 1, Folder 53

"Sister Cain" 1936

Physical Description: [typescript drafts]

Scope and Contents

short story
Box 1, Folder 54

Burnside/Hay on Stewart - "The Unmasking" - (a concert paraphrase on a scene . . . (etc.)" no date

Physical Description: [typescript]

Scope and Contents

Script for satirical dramatic scene

Research material and notes Subseries 1.3 circa 1950-1980

Scope and Contents

This subseries comprises photocopied book excerpts, journal and magazine articles that reflect significant aspects of Harry Hay's research interests. Hay identified readings in (a) the political dimensions of folk music and culture, and (b) evidence for the presence of homosexual minorities across a range of historical periods and societies, as key elements in his conceptualization of the Mattachine Society in the late 1940s. These texts appear in two folders labeled "Mattachine Research." A third folder contains two articles on archetypal psychology in Jungian thought (1976), and one on formulating a new age, "new human agenda" (1978). These articles pertain to Hay's contributions to the Radical Faerie movement in the late 1970s and beyond. A miscellaneous folder at the end of the subseries is comprised of mostly undated material including developed notes, a portion of an untitled historical essay, and a historical note on gay New York. Highlighting and margin notes by Hay appear on some the material.
Box 1, Folder 55-56

Mattachine Research (1of 2) 1930-1950

Physical Description: [copies of published material - 2 folders]
Box 1, Folder 57

Research Material 1975-1980

Physical Description: [copies of published material]

Scope and Contents

Copies of magazine and journal articles.
Box 1, Folder 58

Assorted notes, informal/incomplete writing circa 1970s, 1980s


Correspondence Series 2. 1935-2000

Scope and Contents

This series comprises correspondence to, by, and concerning Harry Hay from 1935 to 2002. It includes personal correspondence, correspondence related to Harry Hay and his employment, and legal correspondence regarding Harry Hay's role as executor of his father's (Henry Hay Sr.) estate between 1938 and 1942.
In addition to correspondence between individuals, the series includes letters to periodicals, open letters on organizational letter-head, and grouped correspondence focused on particular subjects. Correspondence between Hay and Jim Kepner, the bulk from the early 1960s, is notably extensive. The grouped correspondence folders include: (1) critical responses by Hay and gay scholar/activist Will Roscoe to an article authored by historian Ramon Gutierrez and published in Outlook magazine regarding Native American sexuality and gender roles, specifically the tradition of cross-gender males known as "Berdache"; (2) responses, including reviews, by Hay, Roscoe, and others to anthropologist Walter Williams' book The Spirit and the Flesh, also concerning the Berdache; (3) a contractual dispute centered on interviews with Harry Hay conducted under the auspices of UCLA's Oral history project that the interviewer, Mitch Tuchman, later sought to use as the basis of a book on Hay; (4) and letters by Hay to Don Amador and Morris Kight regarding Amador's candidacy for a state assembly seat in 1977.
For additional material on the Tuchman dispute, see the two folders labelled "RFC" (book manuscript) in the Personal series (3.1).


Folders are arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject.
Box 1, Folder 58

Amador, Don 1977

Scope and Contents

Letters from Hay to Don Amador and Morris Kight regarding Amador's candidacy for a state assembly seat in 1977.
Box 1, Folder 59

Berk, Gene circa 1965

Box 1, Folder 60

Circle of Loving Companions 1966-1980

Scope and Contents

Open letters on organizational letterhead.
Box 1, Folder 61

Employment/employers 1935-1942

Scope and Contents

Correspondence related to Harry Hay and employment between 1935 and 1942, much of it from actual as well as prospective employers in New York (New York).
Box 1, Folder 62

Interstate Aircraft (employer) 1943

Box 1, Folder 63

Graves, Robert 1961

Scope and Contents

Letter to English author Robert Graves, and Graves' reply.
Box 1, Folder 64

Gruber, Jim 1983

Box 1, Folder 65

Hay, Henry Sr., estate (1 of 2) 1938-1942

Physical Description: [legal correspondence]

Scope and Contents

Primarily legal correspondence between Harry Hay (estate executor) and attorneys regarding Henry Hay Sr. (father) estate.
Box 1, Folder 66

Hay, Henry Sr., estate (2 of 2) 1938-1942

Physical Description: [legal correspondence]
Box 1, Folder 67

Hay, Margaret 1939-1940

Scope and Contents

Letters from Margaret Hay to Harry and Anita Hay during their residence in New York (New York).
Box 1, Folder 68

Homophile Studies 1961

Box 1, Folder 69

Katz, Jonathon 1975

Scope and Contents

Life chronology written by Hay, pertaining to interviews with Hay conducted by historian Jonathon Katz.
Box 1, Folder 70

Kepner, Jim 1957-1997

Scope and Contents

Correspondence between Harry Hay and JIm Kepner, much of it from the early 1960s.
Box 1, Folder 71

Leborg, Reginald 1940

Scope and Contents

Letter by Austrian emigre director Reginald Leborg to Harry Hay in New York. Hay collaborated with Leborg as a ghostwriter on several screenplays.
Box 1, Folder 72

Mattachine Society of the Niagara Frontier (New York) 1973

Box 1, Folder 73

Moritz, William 1978, 1986, 1990

Box 1, Folder 74

Outlook magazine 1989

Scope and Contents

Letters by Hay and Will Roscoe to Outlook magazine regarding an article by Ramon Gutierrez pertaining to Native American gender roles.
Box 1, Folder 75

Radical Faeries 1983-1988

Scope and Contents

Open correspondence on organizational letterhead.
Box 1, Folder 76

Roscoe, Will 1980

Scope and Contents

Letter regarding RFD (gay newsletter) and Awaksene Notes (Native American rights newsletter) controversy.
Box 1, Folder 77

Rowland, Chuck 1977-1988

Box 1, Folder 78

Roybal, Edward (Congressperson) 1983

Box 1, Folder 79

The Sentinel 1992

Box 1, Folder 80

Simonoski, Don 1984

Scope and Contents

Letter of recommendation by Hay for gay activist and academic Don Simonoski.
Box 1, Folder 81

Slater, Don/Homosexual Information Center 1971-1992

Box 2, Folder 1

Thompson, Mark 1978, 1989

Box 2, Folder 2

Time magazine 1969

Scope and Contents

Hay letter to Time magazine regarding feature article on homosexuality
Box 2, Folder 3

Tuchman, Mitch 1987-1989

Scope and Contents

Correspondence concerning contractual dispute related to UCLA oral history interviews with Harry Hay conducted by Tuchman; the dispute centered on Tuchman's attempt to publish a book based on the interviews.
Box 2, Folder 4

Vidal, Gore 1982

Box 2, Folder 5

Vortex magazine (SF) 1993

Scope and Contents

Letters and photocopies of cheques sent in care of Vortex magazine in response to a 1993 housefire at Hay and Burnside's Los Angeles home.
Box 2, Folder 6

White Crane Newsletter 1992

Scope and Contents

Letter to the editor regarding Walter Evans' claims concerning origins of Radical Faeries movement.
Box 2, Folder 7

Williams, Walter 1986-1987

Scope and Contents

Correspondence and reviews regarding William's book The Spirit and the Flesh, which concerned Native American gender roles, specifically the transgender "berdache."
Box 2, Folder 8

Miscellaneous and unidentified correspondence 1943-1996


Personal Series 3. 1867-2002 1935-2002

Scope and Contents

The Personal Series comprises material concerning family, relationships, and events in the life of Harry Hay; his political activism circa 1935 to 1995; magazine articles, interviews, notes, and a manuscript section that focus on Harry Hay as subject; catalogs, event programs, texts, and musical scores collected by Harry Hay; legal and financial material including tax documents, insurance policies, and check stubs from employers, items related to the settlement of the Henry Hay Sr. estate, and catalogs, workbooks, and other items related to Hay's work, circa 1942 to 1965, as an industrial production manager.


The material is arranged in the following 5 sections: (1) Family; (2) Political activism; (3) About Harry Hay; (4) Collected by Harry Hay; and (5) Financial and employment.

Family 1912-2002

Scope and Contents

Personal items connected to events in the life of Harry Hay, and Harry Hay and family relationships, circa 18th century (family geneology) to 2002.
Box 2, Folder 9

Margaret Hay (mother) - family geneology circa 1750 to 1912

Scope and Contents

Family geneology of Margaret Neall Hay, Harry Hay's mother, from the 18th to the 20th century.
Box 2, Folder 10

Hay family ephemera 1914, 1863

Scope and Contents

United States Visa issued to Margaret Hay and children for passage from England to Chile; death certificate for Joseph Neall, maternal ancestor
Box 2, Folder 13

Harry and Anita Hay, miscellaneous 1938-1948

Scope and Contents

Includes 1948 contract for "personalized children's recordings" produced by Harry and Anita Hay; also, social security and other identification cards circa 1938-1942.
Box 2, Folder 15

John Burnside documents 1965

Scope and Contents

Bill of sale transferring "Teleidoscope" (Burnside invention) rights to Harry Hay; John Burnside letter to attorney regarding divorce.
Box 2, Folder 16

John Burnside, three essays circa 1988

Box 2, Folder 17

Copy of Harry Hay's Will 1985

Scope and Contents

Copy of Harry Hay's Will, left in care of William Moritz.
envelope 13, Item 1

Birthday guest register - "Happy 90th " 1997

Physical Description: [fold-out birthday register, 17.5x17]
Box 2, Folder 50

"Harry Hay Memorial, 8 December 2002" 2002

Physical Description: [wire-bound guest register]

Political activism 1950-1990

Scope and Contents

Items including catalogs, serials, flyers, and other material related to Harry Hay's political activism, circa 1935 to 1995.
Box 2, Folder 12

Political ephemera 1938-1943

Physical Description: [catalogs, newspaper, newsletter, etc.]

Scope and Contents

Textual material related to left/communist party politics and activism circa 1935-1940; includes periodicals, a course catalog for L.A. Worker's School, and a contact list of 152 Los Angeles area clubs and organizations for a "projected conference" in 1942.
Box 2, Folder 14

HUAC hearings transcript and related copied items 1955

Scope and Contents

Photocopied transcript of Harry Hay's testimony before House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearing held in Los Angeles in 1955; and other photocopied documents related to his testimony.
Box 2, Folder 19

Political ephemera 1960-1990

Physical Description: [event flyers, newspaper, photocopy, magazine cover]

Scope and Contents

Events flyers for various meetings and rallys; several items from left periodicals.

About Harry Hay 1970-2002

Scope and Contents

This section consists of the following materials that focus on Harry Hay as subject: transcripts of interviews, newpaper and magazine articles, obituaries and memorials, research notes, and a chronology and manuscript section from an unpublished book. The research notes appear to be part of Stuart Timmon's research for his biography, The Trouble with Harry Hay.


This section is arranged alphabetically.
Box 2, Folder 20

Articles about Harry Hay 1976-1989

Physical Description: [clippings and copies]

Articles regarding The Trouble with Harry Hay 1990

Physical Description: [clippings and copies]

Scope and Contents

Articles related to the publication of Stuart Timmons' biography, The Trouble with Harry Hay.
Box 2, Folder 22

Articles and publicity 1990

Physical Description: [clippings, publicity material]

Scope and Contents

Articles and publicity regarding the publication of Stuart Timmon's biography,"The Trouble With Harry Hay"
Box 2, Folder 23

Articles about Harry Hay 1992-2002

Physical Description: [clippings, copies]
Box 2, Folder 27

Interviews 1975-1990

Physical Description: [transcript; published articles]

Scope and Contents

Transcript of interview with John D'Emilio; Mark Thompson interview with Hay published in The Advocate; excerpt from interview with Peter Adair.
Box 2, Folder 18

Obituaries and memorials 2002

Physical Description: [newspaper clippings, photocopies]
Box 2, Folder 28

Pacifica Radio interview date unknown

Physical Description: [2 CDs]
Box 2, Folder 32

Research notes 1985-1990?

Scope and Contents

Research notes; probably part of Stuart Timmons' research for the 1990 biography, The Trouble with Harry Hay.
Box 2, Folder 33

Tuchman, Mitch - "RFC" 1987

Physical Description: [manuscript section]

Scope and Contents

Section of Mitch Tuchman manuscript ("Radical Faerie Consciousness"), an unauthorized book on Harry Hay derived from Tuchman's interviews with Hay, conducted under the auspices of UCLA's oral history program. For information on the dispute connected to Tuchman's intention to publish the book, see "Tuchman" in Series 2, Correspondence.
Box 2, Folder 34

Tuchman, Mitch - "RFC/Chronology" 1987

Physical Description: [chronological outline]

Scope and Contents

Chronological outline of Mitch Tuchman's unpublished manuscript derived from UCLA oral history interviews.

Collected by Harry Hay 1930-2000

Scope and Contents

Photocopied text, musical scores, catalogs, an event program, and serials collected by Harry Hay.


This grouping is arranged alphabetically.
Box 14, Item 1

Holy Bible 1929

Physical Description: [6x9 soft cover text]

Scope and content

Holy Bible presented to Harry Hay and Anita Platkey on the occasion of their wedding, 1938; gift-givers names are inscribed on first blank page. Underlinings and marginal annotations by Hay appear, primarily toward the end of the volume.
Box 2, Folder 24

"The John Cage Manuscripts" 1932,1933; 1987

Physical Description: [sheet music scores for 4 compositions by Cage; Cage interview transcript]

Scope and Contents

Early compositions by John Cage intended for performance with Harry Hay (vocal); also includes transcript of a KPFK interview with Cage.
Box 2, Folder 26

Epicene magazine - article by Will Roscoe 1987

Physical Description: [photocopied article]

Scope and Contents

Interview with Will Roscoe concerning his research on Zuni gender roles.
Box 2, Folder 29

Record catalog 1987

Scope and Contents

Record catalog with notations.
Box 2, Folder 30

Publishers' catalogs 1967, 1970, 1988

Physical Description: [5 book catalogs]

Scope and Contents

Publishers catalogs. 4 are social science publisher catalogs, 1967 to 1970. One (Atherton, 1967) has marginal highlighting. Another (Aldine) contains a note by Harry Hay, a statement affirming the right to physical self-determination. The fifth catalog is from Alyson, 1988.
Box 2, Folder 31

Robinson, Earl - "A Cantata in Three Parts" 1987

Physical Description: [sheet music in spiral binder]

Scope and Contents

Earl Robinson wrote the famous labor/protest song "Joe Hill." During the 1940s and early 1950s Robinson and Hay were co-participants in the west-coast branch of the populist folk-music organization "People's Songs." The "Cantata" also contains a 1987 note from Robinson to Hay.
Box 2, Folder 35

Friends of the UCLA Library/ The UCLA Librarian 1963-1964

Physical Description: [letter]

Scope and Contents

Open letter to "Friends of the UCLA Library" regarding 1963 lecture on Oscar Wilde. Seven issues of the "UCLA Librarian" collected by Harry Hay have been deaccessioned; they are v. 16, numbers 23, 25, 26; and v. 17, numbers 6,7, 11, and 14. The content may be viewed at http://www.archive.org/details/uclalibrarianv15to16univ [and] /uclalibrarianv17to19univ.

Financial and employment 1963-1988

Scope and Contents

Tax documents, material related to the settlement of the Harry Hay Sr. estate, and material related to Harry Hay's employment, mostly as an industrial materials planner.


This section is arranged alphabetically.
Box 2, Folder 36

Employer check stubs - Avion Aircraft 1943-1945

Box 2, Folder 37

Employer check stubs - Interstate Aircraft 1942-1943

Box 2, Folder 38

Employer check stubs - Leahy Manufacturing 1947-1963

Scope and Contents

B.G. Engineering; Leahy Manufacturing
Box 2, Folder 39

Henry Hay Sr., estate 1938-1942

Physical Description: [stock certificates, checks, bankbooks]
Box 2, Folder 40

Insurance Policies 1938-1942

Box 2, Folder 41

Material planning - industrial catalogs, workbook 1946-1963

Physical Description: [catalogs, workbook]

Scope and Contents

Industrial products catalogs and an industrial materials workbook, possibly from Avion Aircraft.
Box 2, Folder 42

"Material planning stuff" 1938-1943

Physical Description: [magazine; worksheets]

Scope and Contents

Contents of an envelope labelled "material planning stuff," including industrial specifications worksheets and an industrial trade magazine.
Box 2, Folder 11

Merchandising Plan (textiles) - "The American Way" 1941

Scope and Contents

A merchandising proposal formulated by Harry Hay for a textile marketer in New York, based on theme/slogan "The American Way."
Box 2, Folder 43-44

Harry Hay tax documents (1 of 2) 1940-1950

Physical Description: [2 folders]
Box 2, Folder 45

Assorted ephemera 1956-1987

Physical Description: [event programs, photocopied photographs, award certificate]

Scope and Contents

Event programs, photocopied items from periodicals, photocopied images of Harry Hay.

Photographs Series 4. 1895-2002

Hay (Harry) photographs, sample

Scope and Contents

Photographs and negatives documenting the life of Harry Hay from childhood to the year of his death. Some of the initial photographs are of Hay family ancestors, followed by others of Harry Hay as a child, with and without family members. Seven photographs of Harry Hay taken between the 1930s and 1950s show Hay first as an aspiring actor, later as a married man. A series of photographs taken in or around 1950 show Hay on a camping vacation with his adopted daughters.
The bulk of the photographs date from the period 1975 to 2002. Many are head shots or portrait studies of Harry Hay. Many others depict Hay with his partner John Burnside (several during the last year of Hay's life); still others show Hay with a range of friends. There are five photographs of Harry Hay at Radical Faeiries gatherings, possibly during the early to mid 1990s. Two sets of photographs from the latter end of the date span show Harry Hay at events (1997 and 2002) held in his honor. Three photographs of New Mexico landscape taken by Harry Hay appear at the end of the collection.
Five photographs (folder 12) are among the items included in the inventory for the "William Moritz collection" section of Series 5.


For the most part, photographs are arranged in chronological order, with the exception of a large batch of negatives (folder 2, "Relatives, family, personal") that encompasses a wide span of years. Three photographs of the New Mexico landscape taken by Harry Hay in 1977 appear at the end of the series.
Box 3, Folder 1

Maternal, paternal relatives 1850-1950

Physical Description: [4 photographs]
Box 3, Folder 2

Relatives, family, personal 1895-1977

Physical Description: [67 negatives with accompanying glassine envelopes]

Scope and Contents

Several negatives of maternal and paternal relatives; most are of Harry Hay from childhood to 1977. Each negative is paired with a glassine envelope, many of which have written notes regarding the particular image.
Box 3, Folder 3

Hollister ranch, Hay's Aunt Alice? circa 1965

Physical Description: [2 b/w photographs, with note]
Box 3, Folder 4

Hay family camping circa 1950

Physical Description: [26 negatives]

Scope and Contents

Negatives from a Hay family camping vacation at a mountain site. Many show Hay with his adopted daughters. Several negatives show Hay with an unidentified male companion, also in a mountain setting.
Box 3, Folder 5

Margaret Hay circa 1950s

Physical Description: [1 color slide with note and developer's envelope; one negative]
Box 3, Folder 6

Harry Hay, headshots 1930-1950

Physical Description: [7 b/w photographs]

Scope and Contents

2 headshots of Hay in dramatic roles are by photographer Leroy Robbins. 4 of 7 photographs have notes written on the reverse side.
Box 3, Folder 7

Harry Hay and John Burnside at Rennaissance Faire circa 1966

Physical Description: [1 5x7 b/w photograph]

Scope and Contents

Hay and Burnside at Los Angeles Rennaissance Faire, circa mid-nineteen sixties.
Box 3, Folder 8

Harry Hay and John Burnside - Los Angeles locations circa late 1960s

Physical Description: [17 color photographs, with negatives]

Scope and Contents

Photographs show Harry Hay and John Burnside at Los Angeles outdoor locations including Echo Park, Griffith Park, and Barnsdell Park. Also, on a page with the last of the series of photographs, a business card for the "Symmetricon," a kaleidoscopic device invented and manufactured by John Burnside.
Box 15, Folder 1

Harry Hay and John Burnside 1977

Physical Description: [2 cardboard mounted b/w photos, 14x11]
Box 3, Folder 9

Friends of Harry Hay circa 1977

Physical Description: [5 color photographs; 1 8x11 b/w photograph]

Scope and Contents

5 3.5x5 color photographs of John Ciddio and Pat Gutierrez, friends of Harry Hay and John Burnside in New Mexico. 8x10 b/w photograph is of Hay, Burnside, and Jim Kepner; Pat Rocco, photographer.
Box 3, Folder 10

Harry Hay, John Burnside, and friends 1976-1978

Physical Description: [six 8x10 color photographs]

Scope and Contents

Six color photographs, four clearly attributed to "Baird," probably David Baird: one photograph of Hay, Burnside, Pat Gutierrez, John Ciddio, and an unidentified man (1978); one of John Burnside; one photograph of two nude men walking hand in hand on a dry riverbed or seashore; one photograph of a dog; and two of historical objects from the British Museum (1976).
Box 3, Folder 11

Harry Hay and John Burnside circa 1980

Physical Description: [three 8x10 b/w photographs]
Box 15, Folder 5

Harry Hay and John Burnside circa 1980

Physical Description: [(1) 16x11 cardboard mounted color photograph with attached glass plate]
Box 3, Folder 12

Hay with friends 1980-1983

Physical Description: [14 negatives; 10 with glassine sleeves inscribed with notes]

Scope and Contents

10 negatives show Harry Hay with friends including Chuck Rowland, Pat Gourley, and John Burnside; the negatives appear with accompanying glassine sleeves and notes. Of the remaining 4 negatives, three show an unidentified woman with an elaborate coiffure; the other is an image of Harry Hay.
Box 15, Folder 2

Harry Hay circa 1990

Physical Description: [2 14x11 b/w photographs]
Box 3, Folder 13

Harry Hay circa 1990

Physical Description: [1 color photograph, 1 Polaroid; 1 b/w photograph]
Box 3, Folder 14

Harry Hay with friends - Moritz collection circa 1987

Physical Description: [3 8x11 color photographs; 1 4x5 color photographs; 1 5x7 color photographs]

Scope and Contents

5 numbered photographs from "William Moritz collection" inventory (see series 6).
Box 3, Folder 15

"The Trouble With Harry Hay"- publicity photographs 1990

Physical Description: [3 b/w photographs]
Box 3, Folder 16

"Billy Moritz pitchis" circa 1990

Physical Description: [4 Polaroids; (5) 8x11 b/w photographs]

Scope and Contents

Four Polaroids of John Burnside and Harry Hay; one includes William Moritz. (5) 8x10 b/w photographs of Harry Hay and John Burnside with attached note, "Harry Hay pitchis".
Box 4, Folder 1

Giard, Robert - portraits of Harry Hay and John Burnside 1991

Physical Description: [(2) 20x24 b/w photographs; one large mailing envelope; 2 right-to-reproduce release forms]
Box 3, Folder 17

Harry Hay and William Moritz circa 1995

Physical Description: [1 b/w photograph; 36 negatives (2 sheets)]

Scope and Contents

Negatives, 26 of Harry Hay, 12 of William Moritz.
Box 3, Folder 18

Harry Hay at Radical Faeries retreat(s) circa mid-1990s

Physical Description: [(2) 8x10 b/w photographs; (3) 5X7 b/w photographs]

Scope and Contents

Harry Hay pictured with younger participants at Radical Faeries' gatherings; locations unknown.
Box 3, Folder 19

Harry Hay, John Burnside, and others at unidentified social event 1997

Physical Description: [24 color photographs, with negatives]

Scope and Contents

Hay and Burnside at 1997 social event/reception
Box 3, Folder 20

Premiere of "Hope along the Wind" 2001

Physical Description: [10 color photographs and negatives]

Scope and Contents

San Francisco premiere of "Hope Along the Wind," a documentary film on Harry Hay.
Box 15, Folder 3

Harry Hay at "Hope along the Wind" premiere 2001

Physical Description: [(3) 17x11 color photographs]
Box 3, Folder 21

Harry Hay and John Burnside circa 2001

Physical Description: [(2) 8x11 color photographs]

Scope and Contents

Photographs of Hay and Burnside by Michael Storm, with accompanying note.
Box 3, Folder 22

New Mexico landscape 1977

Physical Description: [3 cardboard framed 5x7 color photographs]

Scope and Contents

Cardboard mounted color photographs of New Mexico landscape. Harry Hay, photographer.

Art, ephemera, and other graphic materials Series 5. 1938-2002

Scope and Contents

This series comprises assorted graphic material including original art in a variety of mediums; art reproductions; photographs; posters; and assorted ephemera.


The material is arranged in the following 8 sections: (1) Original art; (2) Art reproductions; (3) Photographs; (4) Posters for performance and events; (5) Posters for advertising and education; (6) Other graphic material; (7) Realia and ephemera; and (8) "William Moritz collection," which consists of graphic material owned by Harry Hay, but apparently collected by Hay's friend William Moritz, with each item numbered and described in an inventory list.

Original art 1960-2000

Physical Description: [drawings, sketches, prints, paintings]

Scope and Contents

Original art collected by Harry Hay. Three items, a block print and two watercolors, are signed "Karl Marks." The print bears some similarity to block prints created by Harry Hay in the late 1930s (see box 2:49); Hay may be the artist, using the pseudonym Karl Marks.


Arrangement is alphabetical by artist's name; by title, if the artist's name is not known; or by supplied title [in brackets], if neither artist nor title is known.
Box 5, Item 2

"Alejandro" undated

Physical Description: [2 colored chalk drawings]

Scope and Contents

2 colored chalk drawings, each with name "Alejandro" written in lower left area
Box 5, Item 3

Bentley, Walter - [Landscape with butte, sky] 1969

Physical Description: [watercolor painting]
Box 5, Item 4

[Birds in bamboo] undated

Physical Description: [watercolor painting?]
Box 5, Item 18

Carter, Thayer - [adobe structure] undated

Physical Description: [b/w block print]

Scope and Contents

Signed, "Thayer Carter"
Map-case 13.1, Item 2

"DENA" - Harry Hay and John Burnside at Rennaissance Faire 1966

Physical Description: [drawing, colored pencil on paper, from photograph]

Scope and Contents

Sketch of photo of Hay and Burnside at Los Angeles Rennaissance Faire; see Series 4. Signed "DENA May 1, 1966"
Box 5, Item 13

Draper, Robert - [White figures on red backdrop] - undated

Physical Description: [painting]

Scope and Contents

artist: Robert Draper
Box 5, Item 4

"Faerie Altar 7-11-92" 1992

Physical Description: [cardboard mounted pencil drawing with inscribed text]

Scope and Contents

Harry Hay quotation inscribed in pencil.
Box 6, Item 2

[feet] undated

Physical Description: [pencil drawing]
Map-case 13.1, Item 3

"The Last Supper - Freddy Freedom - 1969" 1969

Physical Description: [cartoon, colored pencil on paper]
Map-case 13.1, Item 4

Gr[oco], M. - [Drawing of Native American woman] undated

Physical Description: [drawing, charcoal/pencil on white paint]

Scope and Contents

Indistinct signature; "M. Gr[oco]?"
Box 4, Item 5

Harbaugh, Theresa Gabriel - [Bear, goose, and human figure motif] undated

Physical Description: [block print, blue on white]

Scope and Contents

Artist: Theresa Gabriel Howard
Map-case 13.1, Item 5

"R. Herold 1972" - [legs with applied patterns] 1972

Physical Description: [colored ink drawing]

Scope and Contents

Ink drawing, legs with applied patterns.
Box 5, Item 20

[landscape with kilns ?] 1965

Physical Description: [1 b/w block print]
Box 5, Item 15

[landscape with mesa] undated

Physical Description: [b/w blockprint, 6 copies]
Box 4, Item 2

Marks, Karl - [landscape with bay] 1965

Physical Description: [b/w block print]

Scope and Contents

"7/10 Karl Marks Oct 1965" - limited edition print - style very similar to block prints created by Harry Hay during the late 1930s.
Map-case 13.1, Item 6-7

Marks, [Karl] - 2 watercolor landscape paintings undated

Physical Description: [2 watercolor paintings]

Scope and Contents

No Subnote Content

Scope and Contents

Artist "Karl Marks" may be Harry Hay; see note with block print by same artist.
Map-case 13.1, Item 8

[men playing chess at picnic table] undated

Physical Description: [pencil drawing on paper, stiff base material]

Scope and Contents

Indistinct signature
Map-case 13.1, Item 9

Mosely, David - [nude male with infant] undated

Physical Description: [large charcoal or pencil drawing]

Scope and Contents

Artist: David Mosely
Box 5, Item 16

[Native Americans in desert landscape] undated

Physical Description: [painting, scarlet/black]
Map-case 13.1, Item 10

[portrait of male head and shoulders] undated

Physical Description: [drawing, red pencil on paper]
Map-case 13.1, Item 11

[portrait of woman] undated

Physical Description: [sketch, charcoal/pencil on paper]
Map-case 13.1, Item 12

[radial design - southwest motif?] undated

Physical Description: [ink on paper]
Box 5, Item 5

Rosenthal, J. - [portrait of Native American woman] undated

Physical Description: [pencil drawing]
Box 5, Item 17

"Winter Evening Arizona Mesa" undated

Physical Description: [block print?]

Art reproductions 1960-2000

Physical Description: [prints and poster-size art reproductions]

Scope and Contents

Art reproductions, including posters and limited edition prints.


Arrangement is alphabetical by artist; by title, if artist's name is not known; or by supplied title [in brackets], if neither author nor title is known.
Box 16

Beardsley, Aubrey circa late 19th c.

Physical Description: [three b/w print reproductions mounted on cardboard]
Box 5, Item 9

Budko, Josef - [anxious crowd] Early 20th century?

Physical Description: [block print]
Map-case 13.1, Item 13

Burne-Jones, Edward - "In the Depths of the Sea" late 19th century

Physical Description: [oil painting]
Box 6, Item 1

Catlin, George - "Sho Ka Ka, the Mint, Mandan Girl" date unknown

Physical Description: [painting]

Scope and Contents

George Catlin, artist
Map-case 13.1, Item 14

Cezanne, Paul - "Mardi Gras" 1888

Physical Description: [painting]
Box 5, Item 7

Deutsch - [Fiddler] circa early 20th century

Physical Description: [block print ]
Map-case 13.1, Item 15

Gauguin, Paul - "The Poor Fisherman" circa 1890

Physical Description: [painting]
Map-case 13.1, Item 16

"B. Goldy" date unknown

Physical Description: [abstract three-colored print]

Scope and Contents

"9/75" - limited edition reproduction
Map-case 13.1, Item 17

[Knight, horse, sword] circa late 19th century

Physical Description: [painting]
Box 16

Lapierre - [garlic] undated

Physical Description: [color print]
Box 5, Item 10

Lilien - [two bearded men] circa early 20th century

Physical Description: [block print]
Box 5, Item 11

Loch, Jim 1972

Physical Description: [abstract colored print]

Scope and Contents

"4/10 Jim Loch '72" - limited edition print
Map-case 13.1, Item 18

Mollio[z]? - [landscape with waterfall] date unknown

Physical Description: [watercolor painting]

Scope and Contents

"85/275" - limited edition reproduction
Map-case 13.1, Item 19

Picasso, Pablo - "Acrobat on a Ball" 1905

Physical Description: [painting]
Map-case 13.1, Item 20

Pope, H. Chancellor - [outdoor scene] undated

Physical Description: [colored chalk drawing]

Scope and Contents

"H. Chancellor Pope 49/275" - limited edition reproduction
Box 2, Folder 51

"Portrait panel from a mummy" date unknown

Physical Description: [b/w postcard]

Scope and Contents

Originally located in folder labelled "Harry Hay prints"
Map-case 13.1, Item 21

Rousseau, Henri - "Un Soir de Carnival" circa 1890

Physical Description: [painting]
Map-case 13.1, Item 22

Roberts-Co - "Beauty of the Beast" 1982

Physical Description: [painting?]
Map-case 13.1, Item 23

[Spanish mission] undated

Physical Description: [b/w photocopy of photograph; ripped, stained]
Map-case 13.1, Item 24

[succubus with male victim] late 19th century

Physical Description: [oil painting]
Box 6, Item 4

Swann, Don - "The Capitol at Night" undated

Physical Description: [pencil drawing]

Scope and Contents

"The Capitol at Night - 72/300 - Don Swann" - limited edition reproduction
Box 5, Item 8

Turner - [bearded man] early 20th century

Physical Description: [block print]

Photographs 1960-1990

Physical Description: [Cardboard framed and poster sized photographs]


Photographs are arranged alphabetically by photographer; by title, if the photographer is unknown; or by supplied title [in brackets], if neither the photographer nor title is known.
Box 6, Item 6

"David Baird's Grecian Frieze" undated

Physical Description: [color photograph in cardboard frame]
Box 6, Item 7

"David Baird's interesting seated nude" undated

Physical Description: [color photograph in cardboard frame]
Box 6, Item 8

[El DODT Bros.] circa 1900

Physical Description: [b/w photograph mounted on cardboard]

Scope and Contents

Photo of one story commercial building in western landscape, circa late 19th century?
Box 16

[Dramatic scene] circa 1980

Physical Description: [4 b/w photographs mounted on cardboard]
Box 5, Item 19

Gutierrez, Pat - [desert succulent (flora)] 1976

Physical Description: [b/w photograph in cardboard frame]

Scope and Contents

Photographer Pat Gutierrez
Box 6, Item 5

Harbaugh, Paul - [Miadu basket weaver - Mrs. Ennes] 1964

Physical Description: [3 b/w photographs mounted on cardboard]

Scope and Contents

Pencil inscription on the back of one print reads: "dec - 20, 1972 - Paul harbaugh[,] John duncan - Miadu basket maker - 1964 - north of Oroville, Calif. "san juan hill" - he[sic] name is Mrs. Ennes. was 94 at the time of picture"
Box 16

Harbaugh, Paul - [southwest landscape - sheep, shepherd on horseback] 1976

Physical Description: [b/w photograph mounted on cardboard]
Box 4, Item 8

"Little-John, Mandan" circa 1870

Physical Description: [1 b/w photograph mounted on cardboard]
Map-case 13.1, Item 25

[man in 4 column roofless structure] undated

Physical Description: [color photograph, 20x24]
Map-case 13.1, Item 26

[photo montage - bell tower, hands] undated unknown

Physical Description: [color photo-montage, 20x24]
Box 16

[William Moritz in a dramatic role] circa 1980

Physical Description: [b/w photograph mounted on cardboard]
Box 5, Item 12

"Leroy Robbins" - photographs and exhibition ephemera circa 1936 to 1980

Physical Description: [2 b/w photographs mounted on cardboard, with exhibition programs]

Scope and Contents

2 exhibition programs and 2 signed cardboard mounted print reproductions; originals dated 1936 and 1973

Posters for performance and events circa 1970-2000


The material is arranged alphabetically by title or performer.
Box 16

"Hamlet" 1974

Physical Description: [poster - performance]
Box 5, Item 14

"The Velvet Underground and Dr. John . . . " - [Shrine Auditorium] circa 1969

Physical Description: [poster - performance]

Posters for advertising and education 1960-1990

Scope and Contents

Advertising, educational, decorative and humorous posters.


The material is arranged alphabetically by title or subject.
Box 16

"Brasserie Fraikin-courard" circa 1900

Physical Description: [poster - advertisement]
Map-case 13.1, Item 27

"Daring" - [trapeze athletes, Kraft brand] undated

Physical Description: [poster - advertising]
Map-case 13.1, Item 28

[Disney cartoon characters in sexualized situations] undated

Physical Description: [poster - b/w]
Map-case 13.1, Item 29

[fantasy landscape with woman] circa 1970

Physical Description: [poster - brown and white, decorative]
Map-case 13.1, Item 30

[fantasy landscape] circa 1970

Physical Description: [poster - decorative]
Map-case 13.1, Item 31

"Join the Army" circa 1970

Physical Description: [poster - b/w]

Scope and Contents

photographer: Edmund Shea
Map-case 13.1, Item 32

[man with American flag] 1968

Physical Description: [poster - b/w]

Scope and Contents

Photographer Michael H. Roberts; San Francisco.
Map-case 13.1, Item 33

"Masters of the Arts" circa 1970

Physical Description: [poster - b/w, educational]

Scope and Contents

Poster representation of Euro-American high-culture chronology
Box 5, Item 6

"Piglet's a Narc" circa 1960s

Physical Description: [poster - b/w cartoon]
Box 16

"Progress of Women" (three commemorative stamps) circa 1970s

Physical Description: [poster - advertisement]
Map-case 13.1, Item 34

[star, rainbow motif] undated

Physical Description: [poster - decorative]
Box 16

[three vegetables] circa 1975

Physical Description: [poster]
Map-case 13.1, Item 35

"We are the Seeds . . . " [black light poster] circa 1970

Physical Description: [poster - with text]

Other graphic material 1963-2000

Scope and Contents

Oversize graphic materials, including calenders, photocopied publicity materials, and magic marker drawings with notes.


The material is arranged alphabetically.
Box 16

"This is Our Land" (Native American themed calender) 1974, 1976

Physical Description: [2 poster size calenders]

Scope and Contents

Publisher: Awaksenee Notes
Map-case 13.1, Item 36

[Photograph image of sheet music] undated

Physical Description: [laminated photograph image]
Map-case 13.1, Item 1

"You think we're really ready?" 1963

Physical Description: [quotation, poster-size, magic marker on paper]

Scope and Contents

Pencil inscription in upper right corner: "to Harry Hay, April 26, 1963"

Realia and ephemera 1940-2002

Physical Description: [calender, decorative objects, awards, painted eggshells, leather wallet]


The material is arranged alphabetically.
Box 2, Folder 52

Calender, songlist, postcard 1972

Physical Description: [loose leaf calender; laminated songlist; postcard]

Scope and Contents

Calender from New Mexico Native American collective "La Cooperativa Agricola"; list of songs from unknown event; postcard, "Portrait panel from a mummy."
Box 2, Folder 46

Cartoons - workplace scenes circa 1940s

Physical Description: [2 cartoons, colored pencil on paper]

Scope and Contents

Cartoons depicting an office workplace scene, possibly dating from the 1940s; in one, an arrow indicates a figure identified as "Hay." A similar but unidentified figure is the subject of the other cartoon.
Box 9, Item 1

"Judy Coleman memorial award" 1982

Physical Description: [wooden plaque, 12x8]
Box 12, Item 4

Eggshell - "Harry and John" undated

Physical Description: [painted eggshell]

Scope and Contents

Decorative painted eggshell like (but not included among) those in "William Moritz collection."
Box 12, Item 5

Eggshell - bird-snake motif undated

Physical Description: [painted eggshell]

Scope and Contents

Decorative painted eggshell like (but not included among) those in the "William Moritz collection."
Box 2, Folder 51

"From a grateful community" 2002

Physical Description: [inscribed wood/metal plaque, 8x6]
Box 2, Folder 48

Leather wallet undated

Physical Description: [leather wallet, 6x4 inches]
Box 2, Folder 49

"19 HAY 38" 1938

Physical Description: [b/w block print]

Scope and Contents

Block print design for seasonal card (December holiday), created by Harry Hay.
Box 2, Folder 53

Photographic development receipts circa 1985-1995

Box 15, Folder 4

"Proclamation - City of West Hollywood - Harry Hay" 1991

Physical Description: [(1) 11x17 certificate on parchment paper]

Scope and Contents

Certificate commending Harry Hay for lifetime service on behalf of the gay community.
Box 8, Item 5

Wooden box undated

Physical Description: [small inlaid wooden box with lid]

"William Moritz collection" 1960-2002

Physical Description: [photographs, graphic materials, decorative objects]

Scope and Contents

Each item in this grouping is identified by a number corresponding to a description in a document titled "Harry Hay Collection Inventory." The collected items were apparently assembled by Harry Hay's friend William Moritz (the words "collected by Bill Moritz" appear in pencil at the top-left of the inventory copies). Inventory items numbered 1, 6, 9, 10, 12, and 30 are not among the items in the collection; their location is unknown. Titles and descriptive notes are extracted from the inventory.


Items in the "Moritz collection" appear in the numerical order established by the inventory.
Box 10, Folder 1

"Harry Hay collection inventory" undated

Physical Description: [text, 4 pages]
Box 3, Folder 12

"Harry and Radical Faeries contingent in parade" [2] circa 1990

Physical Description: [5x7 color photograph]
Box 5, Item 1

"Harry's Birthday, with love . . ." [3] 1996

Physical Description: [1 color photograph, 16x20]

Scope and Contents

From inventory list: "Harry, portrait with cowboy hat - Anza-Borrego - 'Harry's Birthday, with love, Craig Collins, 1996'"
Box 12, Item 1

"Red goose egg, with . . . " [4] 2001

Physical Description: [painted eggshell]

Scope and Contents

[title continued] ". . . ejaculating penis engraving" - "boxed, dated Feb. 28 '01"
Box 10, Folder 4

"Ink sketch of Harry" [5] 2002

Physical Description: [8.5 x 11, copy of ink drawing]

Scope and Contents

"Mark Garrett, 10-24-02"
Box 7, Item 3

"John Burnside by candlelight" [8] undated

Physical Description: [7.5 x 9.5 b/w photograph, green matte, glass cover, frameless]
Box 10, Folder 7

"Mandala with pink triangle in center"[11] undated

Physical Description: [colored pencil drawing]
Box 11, Item 1

"Painting of Madonna-like figure" [13] undated

Physical Description: [painted image on fabric, wood frame; disintegrating ]
Box 11, Item 2

"Painting of religious figure with pearl necklace" [14] undated

Physical Description: [painted image on sheet metal]
Box 7, Item 2

"Framed reproduction of John Pearson photograph" [15] undated

Physical Description: [photograph with text inscription]

Scope and Contents

Photographer: John Pearson
Box 7, Item 4

"Watercolor of a penis" [16] undated

Physical Description: [watercolor (?) painting on brown matte]
Box 10, Item 1

"Horses, naked male" [17] undated

Physical Description: [3x4 plaster copy of Greco-Roman relief sculpture]
Box 12, Item 3

"Love is the meaning of life" [18] undated

Physical Description: [painted eggshell, with eggcup]
Box 8, Item 2

"Greek marathon runner" [19] undated

Physical Description: [5x7 plaster copy of Greco-Roman relief sculpture]
Box 10, Item 3

"Greek figures" [20] undated

Physical Description: [5x7 plaster copy of Greco-Roman relief sculpture]
Box 10, Item 4

"Greek figure with snake/serpent" [21] undated

Physical Description: [6x5 plaster copy of Greco-Roman relief sculpture]
Box 12, Item 2

"Naked figure with horn" [22] undated

Physical Description: [painted eggshell]
Box 10, Folder 3

"Cityscape" [23] undated

Physical Description: [3.5 x 3.5 lithograph (?) on brown matte]

Scope and Contents

Artist: "W. Bentley"; note in inventory reads "Art of Eva Slater"
Box 10, Folder 5

"The Moons of Gallileo" [24] undated

Physical Description: [b/w photograph of painting (?), on brown matte]

Scope and Contents

Note in inventory reads "Art of Eva Slater"
Box 7, Item 1

"Hollywood Knights" [25] 1993

Physical Description: [art assemblage/montage, encased in plexiglass]

Scope and Contents

Artist: Jaime Green
Box 2, Folder 47

"Radically Gay" [26] circa 1992

Physical Description: [cardboard mounted book jacket reproduction]

Scope and Contents

"Radically gay - gay liberation in the words of its founder, Harry Hay,' edited by Will Roscoe"
Box 10, Folder 8

"Soviet Union's Last Ruble" [27] circa 1990

Physical Description: [ruble note on cardboard with text]
Box 3, Folder 12

"Laughing Harry in red shirt . . . " [28] circa 1990

Physical Description: [9x11 color print]

Scope and Contents

"laughing Harry in red shirt with unidentified male - Timmy Vance? (90s)"
Box 3, Folder 12

"Harry with white glasses" [29] circa 1990

Physical Description: [4x5 color photograph]
Box 10, Folder 5

"Inciting Queerness" - award certificate [31] 1992

Physical Description: [award certificate, paper]
Box 3, Folder 12

"Malcolm Boyd and Harry . . " [32] circa 1987

Physical Description: [8.5x10.5 color photograph]

Scope and Contents

"Malcolm Boyd and Harry, 75th birthday party?"
Box 10, Folder 2

"William Alexander and Harry" [33] circa 1987

Physical Description: [glass covered color photograph]

Scope and Contents

"William Alexander and Harry, 75th Birthday party?"
Box 3, Folder 12

"William Alexander . . ." [34] circa 1987

Physical Description: [8.5x10.5 color photograph]

Scope and Contents

"William Alexander, Harry's 75th B.D. party?"