Dear Trade Unionists:

All of us recognize today that winning the war against fascism is our business as trade unionists as well as our business as Americans and fighters for freedom.

We all know that triumph of Adolph Hitler and his Nazis would bring an end to our trade unions — that we should lose all we have fought for as a people for hundreds of years.

We also know that fascism has its adherents within the United States and that these people — working in first one guise and then another — are constant in their hatred of freedom for the American people and the expression this freedom has in the trade union movement.

We know that the fascists' stock-in-trade is stirring up group against group and that the way to defeat this maneuver is to build ever stronger unity both within our national boundaries and within the framework of the United Nations.

That is why this letter is addressed to you. The Sleepy Lagoon case was fascist inspired. In its first rounds, it represents a fascist victory. By engineering this frameup of 17 boys and shipping them off to San Quentin, the local fascists have succeeded in establishing a bridgehead from which to disrupt American democracy.

We now ask you to help wipe out this bridgehead. We are enclosing five copies of a resolution which we ask you to adopt or which may serve as a sample for a resolution of your own. This resolution tells of your determination to see that justice is done and asks Governor Earl Warren to pardon the 17 boys. It also states your support of democratic principles.

Enclosed is a copy of a pamphlet which gives details of the case. As an educational matter of interest to all trade unionists, we urge that your union consider buying copies for membership distribution. Copies are $4.00 per hundred or $30.00 per thousand.

Please let us know how you will help and send us one of the five copies when the resolution is passed.

Yours for Victory,

National Chairman
Executive Secretary