R.V. Garrod
[personal information removed]
Hon. Gus Hawkins M.C.
House Office Bldg.
Washington D.C.

Oct. 14 1963
Dear Gus,

Just a line about HR 8195 that will I believe come up for a vote in the very near future.

As you know I've been farming in this state for 70 years, four generations on this family farm of ours. It is my considered opinion that shutting off the bracers program P.L.78. at this time is a revolutionary move for agriculture, and one that will cause a tremendous amount of readjustment, so much in fact that it will do more harm economically to those it is designed to help than to do good.

If you possibly could do it it would do our working people more good, if you followed your old associate Charlie Gibsen in his way of voting for HR 8195.

Hoping the world is treating you kindly and with the very best of good wishes.

R.V. Garrod