Rolling Quadriplegics Inc.

Forward: The purposes of this group are twofold: social and economic. Our goal is to make University life easier and more comfortable for severely handicapped students, by assaying and developing resources and by facilitating communications between this group and the community.

Article I

Initial membership will be composed of those severely handicapped students who have lived or are now living at Cowell Hospital. Other handicapped students at U. C. may be admitted to full voting membership by a 2/3 vote of any membership meeting.

Article II

Associates, non-handicapped or non-students will be admitted solely on an affirmative vote of 50% + 1 of the members present. Such associates may include a university adviser and representatives of interested sponsoring groups. Associates may not vote or hold elective office. They may function in appointive positions if such are created by the membership. Members not attending the University will become associates until they regain student status. This will not require further vote of members.

Article III

Membership will meet at least once per quarter—adequate minutes will be kept. A quorum will consist of 5 or more members.

Article IV

The members will establish, at the first regular meeting, by-laws establishing elective offices and appointive positions and regulating the business of the organization, will elect officers and ratify this charter.

Article V

Appointive positions will be filled by the officers in accordance with the by-laws. Appointees may be compensated if provision is made in the by-laws.

Article VI (Optional)

The term of elective office will normally be for one year. In case of an officer severing his relationship with the University, his duties will immediately be assumed by the other officers until the next membership meeting.

Article VII

Provision will be made for a voluntary alumni status after a voting member leaves school. Alumni members are not entitled to vote but may hold appointive positions.

Article VIII

Provision is made for membership dues when it is deemed necessary. Dues may only be imposed by 2/3 vote of all members. All affected parties may vote. Each person is entitled to one vote.

Article IX

Provision is hereby made to change any of the above articles or parts therein by a majority of all members.