November 4, 1976

Mr. Herbert Willsmore
Center for Independent Living
2539 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

Dear Mr. Willsmore:

On behalf of the Peralta Regional Adult and Vocational Education Council (PRAVEC), I wish to invite you to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee to this important new organization.

Legislation passed in 1975 created regional councils in California whose purposes are to plan programs in Adult and Vocational Education, and to eliminate unnecessary duplication in such programs among educational agencies. PRAVEC is one of 71 such councils in the state.

This legislation also provides that each council shall appoint an Advisory Committee, broadly representative of citizens, labor, business, and relevant agencies.

You have been highly recommended to our Council as a person who can make a significant contribution to our efforts. We anticipate the advisory committee will meet three to six times a year, providing advice on plans, policies and programs in Adult and Vocational Education.

A postcard is enclosed for your reply. We hope very much that you will accept this important assignment.

Thomas W. Fryer, Jr.
Chairman, PRAVEC
TWF:MAF / cl