July 23, 1944

Mr. Guy Endore;

Just a few lines to say we are all grateful for the time you took in writing the book "Sleepy Lagoon Mystery." I think or rather we all think it was written splendidly and it should help us very much. That there was discrimination in our trial can clearly be seen after reading your book. It could be seen during the trial too, but the judge and jury we had didn't have eyes for that. All they wanted was a conviction. Well, they got it, but we're not through. We're not guilty and we'll prove it. The Sleepy Lagoon Committee has gone a long ways in bringing our case up in front of the public. Had it not been for the committee and people like you we probably would still be in San Quentin, with all hopes gone and, well you know what I mean all shot. But now with so many people helping us and finding out the truth about the whole affair we're doing our time in high spirits and hopeful of a victorious ending in Sept. We hope.

But if we don't win then I know will take the case up to the higher courts. So we want to thank you Mr. Endore for all you have done. Until next time we remain

Yours truly

The Sleepy Lagoon Defendants.