During the fiscal year 1944 the Secretary may expend not to exceed $12,500 from the funds available to the Agricultural Conservation and Adjustment Administration for the share of the United States as a member of the International Wheat Advisory Committee, the International Sugar Council, or like events or bodies concerned with the reduction of agricultural surpluses or with other objectives of said Administration, together with traveling and other necessary expenses relating thereto.

Grand total, Office of the Secretary of Agriculture, $24,623,443: Provided, That the appropriations and authority with respect to appropriations contained in this Act shall be available from and including July 1, 1943, for the purposes respectively provided in such appropriations and authority: Provided further, That all obligations incurred during the period between June 30, 1943, and the date of the enactment of this Act in anticipation of such appropriations and authority are hereby ratified and confirmed if in accordance with the terms thereof.