(Domestic Workers)


THIS AGREEMENT made this _____ day of _________________________, 1942, between the United States of America, hereinafter called the "Government" and _________________________, of _________________________, State of _________________________, hereinafter called the "Worker."


WHEREAS, the Government and the Worker mutually desire that the Worker shall be beneficially employed in the United States of America to alleviate the present shortage of agricultural labor and to aid in the successful prosecution of the war,

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of this and of the undertakings hereinafter stated, the Government and the Worker agree that:

1. The Worker shall accept transportation, food, living facilities, subsistence, and employment upon the terms set forth in this agreement; and shall execute such other agreements, vouchers, and instruments as the Government may require to effect those terms.

2. The Government, at its expense, shall:

a. Transport, or arrange for the transportation of, the Worker and the members of his family named in Schedule A on the back of this agreement, all of whom (including the Worker) are herein called the "Family", and not in excess of seventy-five pounds of personal belongings (which shall not be permitted to include home furnishings or bedding) for each of them, from _________________________, State of _________________________, herein called the "point of origin", to such place or places in, and within, the United States, as the Government shall determine to be suitable for the employment of the Worker, and, upon the fulfillment by the Worker of his obligations hereunder, return to the point of origin.

b. Furnish, or arrange to have furnished to the Worker and the Family all necessary food, health and medical care, and other subsistence living facilities during transportation.


3. The Government shall:

a. Cause the Worker to be employed as an agricultural laborer in the United States for at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the workdays (each day of the week except Sunday to be considered a workday) between the day after the Worker's arrival at the original point of destination in the United States and _________________________, 19_____, hereinafter called the "period of employment"; or, in the absence of such employment, make the Worker a minimum subsistence allowance of $3.00 per day for each workday within said minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the workdays that he is not so employed; provided, however, that no subsistence allowance shall be made for workdays in which the Worker is unemployed as a result of his refusal to work or his illness or other physical incapacity. The amount of such subsistence allowance, if any, shall be computed and the payment thereof shall be made at the end of the period of employment.

b. In the event of need as determined by the Government, furnish necessary food, shelter, health and medical care, and other subsistence living facilities during periods of unemployment occurring within the period of employment.

4. Employment under this agreement shall be upon the following terms:

a. The Worker shall do all work required of him by his employer or employers hereunder during the period of employment in a good and workmanlike manner under the supervision and direction of such employer or employers, but shall not be required to work on Sundays.

b. A workday shall contain not less than eight hours nor more than twelve hours; provided, however, that to determine the amount of employment under paragraph 3 a above, the Government may, in its discretion, add hours of work on any day less than a workday (as above defined) to hours of work done on other days (other than Sundays) not constituting workdays, and for such purpose each ten hours of work shall be counted as a workday.

c. Work shall be paid for in lawful money of the Government at the end of each week of work, at not less than the prevailing wage rates within the particular area of employment; provided, however, that piece work rates, for work to be performed upon that basis, shall be set, so as to

enable the Worker, if of average ability, to earn not less than the prevailing wage; provided further that the wage rates for either hourly or piece work shall in no event be less than 30 cents per hour.

d. No deductions from wages shall be made for commissions, fees, or any other purpose (except as may be required by law), which shall have the effect of reducing the Worker's wages below those required by paragraph 4 c above.

e. The Worker shall be employed exclusively as an agricultural worker.

f. The Worker shall be entitled to the benefit and protection of all applicable child labor, compensation, and other laws and regulations of the Government and of the State or States in which the work is performed.

g. The Worker shall not be required to purchase articles or services for consumption or use by him or the Family at any source not of his choice.

h. The Worker shall be entitled to freedom from discrimination in employment because of race, creed, color or national origin, in accordance with the provisions of Executive Order No. 8802 of the President of the United States, dated June 25, 1941.

i. Food, shelter, health and medical services and other living facilities provided for the Worker and the Family by the Government or any employer shall meet reasonable minimum standards approved by the Government.

j. The Worker shall have the right to join with other workers under agreements similar to this agreement in the election of representatives to deal with employers of agricultural labor.

k. There shall be no strikes, lockouts, or stoppages of work during the period of employment. All disputes between the Worker and his employer or employers shall be determined by mediation according to procedure prescribed by the Government.

5. If the Government determines that the Worker is unable or unwilling to work as required by this agreement, or otherwise has violated any of the terms hereof, this agreement may forthwith and without notice be terminated by the Government; provided, however, that, if the agreement is terminated because of the Worker's inability as the result of illness or other physical incapacity, the Worker and the Family shall be entitled to return transportation to their point of origin in accordance with paragraphs 2 a and 2 b above.


6. All rights, privileges, and powers herein conferred upon the Government shall be exercised by the Administrator of the Farm Security Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, or his duly authorized representative.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Work Agreement has been executed as of the date first above written.


(Official Title)
Farm Security Administration
United States Department of Agriculture