There follows a copy of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Mexico pointing out the functions of each executive department in the contracting of Mexicans:

"The urgent necessity of regulating the departure of Mexican workers to foreign countries inspired the Presidential Decree No. 790, dated May 8th last, by means of which an Intersecretarial Commission was instituted to study the different aspects of the problem and propose the measures considered necessary in order that the migration of our citizens be effected without prejudice to the national economy, and with the guarantees which our laws establish for the purpose.

"After the opinion of the above mentioned Commission had been seen; also the request made by the Government of the United States of America, through its Embassy in Mexico, in order that Mexican labor might leave the country to the United States, and finally, after seeing the recommendations formulated by the experts commissioned by both Governments, which have met in the capital with the purpose of examining the subject, has seen fit to dictate the following Decree:

"THE SECRETARIAT OF FOREIGN RELATIONS will conduct the necessary diplomatic relations to obtain the assurance that our fellow-citizens, upon going to work to the United States, will not be affected by the Law of North American Military Service, will not be the victims of discriminatory acts, will not be employed to displace other workers nor will be used to lower salaries previously established, and that they will not be admitted without the contracts ordered in article 29 of the Federal Labor Law. The contracting must be made temporary and the respective arrangements will be effected between State and State.

"THE SECRETARIAT OF LABOR AND SOCIAL PREVISION will be the agency of the Executive in charge of executing the economic arrangement which the Secretariat of Foreign Relations - with the advice of the Secretariat of Labor - might effect with the Government of the United States of North America; will take care that the contracts are in accordance with the guarantees established for the workers in the respective law; will watch the interior distribution of our elements of work, avoiding that the contracting of such workers might interfere with the intensive program of national production; will procure the close cooperation of the workers' associations; will take the measures considered convenient to avoid that low salaries paid in Mexico might stimulate the departure of our fellow-citizens, and shall finally fix the proportions of the deposits constituted by the workers and which have the guarantee of the contractors for the initiation of their fund of Farmer's Savings, which savings the American Government will preferably deliver in agricultural implements which may give the workers the opportunity to dedicate themselves, upon their return, to small cultivation of their property.

"THE SECRETARIAT OF STATE, on its part, within the functions assigned to it by article 7th of the Population Law, will avoid the clandestine departure of our workers; will procure the close cooperation of the local governments, in what relates to this matter and especially in what refers to the intervention which Article 29 of the General Labor Law grants to the municipal authorities, in the contracting of workers for foreign countries; will prevent the disorders which an excessive propaganda on the part of the agents might cause, and will, through an adequate publicity, instruct interested parties in the benefits established by the contracts.

"THE SECRETARIAT OF AGRICULTURE will have the right to determine that the agricultural implements of the workers which the American Government delivers as coming from the fund of the Farmers Savings, above mentioned, be received by the National Bank of Agricultural Credit; and in time will propose to the Chief of the Executive a colonization plan of the elements coming back to the country, with the purpose that they might dedicate themselves to their own cultivation of lands, in accordance with the importance or volume of the fund constituted, and with the aid which the Federal Government might afford them.

"THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH will take care, that in the place of residence of the workers all those destined to work abroad fill the necessary physical conditions, in behalf of themselves and their families.

"At the National Palace, on the fourth day of August, 1942."

  • The Constitutional President of the United States of Mexico, Manuel Avila Camacho
  • The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Attorney Ezequiel Padilla
  • The Secretary of State, Attorney Miguel Aleman
  • The Secretary of Labor and Social Prevision, Attorney Ignacio Garcia Tellez
  • The Secretary of Agriculture and Development, Engineer Marte R. Gomez
  • The Chief of the Department of Public Health, Dr. Victor Fernandez Manero