[Letter to the Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs, Licenciado Ezequiel Padilla, August 19, 1942]

August 19, 1942

His Excellency, Senor Licenciado Ezequiel Padilla
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mexico


No. 548

I have the honor to refer to the arrangement of August 4, 1942, relating to the temporary migration of Mexican workers to the United States to engage in agricultural work, and in accordance with instructions of my Government, to inform Your Excellency that my Government now desires information with respect to the areas the Mexican authorities may wish to designate as suitable for the recruitment of workers and the number of individuals who may be recruited from each area on the assumption that an outside maximum of five thousand workers could probably be recruited for work this Autumn from October 1st through December 15th, to work only in California and Arizona in harvesting sugar beets and long staple cotton. This information is required for developing my Government's procedures and mechanisms for carrying out the responsibilities for the Farm Security Administration under the agreement.

In connection with the recruitment of Mexican workers and prior to their departure from Mexico the United States Public Health Service has agreed to make special personnel available at the points of recruitment to conduct the necessary physical examinations of the workers so that no difficulties will be encountered at the time they cross the border.

It would also be helpful to know how many and what type of personnel the Mexican Authorities propose to make available at recruitment centers.

The United States Farm Security Administration has provisionally designated Mr. Laurence I. Hewes, Jr., its Regional Director in San Francisco, California to administer the migratory problem in Mexico this year. In this relation it would be most helpful if the Mexican Government would designate an opposite number to Mr. Hewes who would have authority to speak on behalf of the Mexican Government in regard to matters which affect it. Such action would greatly facilitate and expedite the operation. This would also enable Mr. Hewes and the Mexican designee informally to discuss various operating problems as they arise and subject to the approval of higher authority to tentatively work out the machinery for handling the various operations thereby eliminating and ironing out single details of operation and avoiding lengthy intra- and inter Governmental negotiations at higher levels.

With Your Excellency's permission I would like to suggest that Mr. Abraham J. Navas, the gentlemen who signed the agreement with Mr.

Hidalgo on the part of the Mexican Government, be designated as the opposite number to the Mr. Hewes mentioned in the foregoing paragraph.

Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest and most distinguished consideration.