Enclosure No. 1 to despatch No. 3153 of August 5, 1942, from the American Embassy at Mexico City.


August 4, 1942

His Excellency, Senor Lic. Ezequiel Padilla
Minister for Foreign Affairs


No. 503

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency's Note No. 312 of August 4, 1942, regarding the temporary migration of Mexican workers to the United States to engage in agricultural work, the subject matter of which was presented by the Embassy some days ago.

Due note has been taken of the considerations expressed in Your Excellency's Note under acknowledgment with respect to the maintenance of indispensable labor within the Republic of Mexico for the development of the Continental Defense Program, especially agricultural production, to which the Government of Mexico is committed. My Government is fully conscious of these commitments and at the same time is deeply appreciative of the attitude of His Excellency President Manuel Avila Camacho for the sincere and helpful manner in which he has extended the cooperation of the Government of Mexico within the resources of the Nation to permit Mexican nationals temporarily to emigrate to the United States for the purpose of aiding in our own agricultural production.

In order to determine the scope of the conditions under which Mexican labor might proceed to the United States for the purpose set forth above, it was agreed that the negotiations should be between our two Governments, and Your Excellency was kind enough to arrange for the meeting of Mexican and American representatives to submit recommendations which they have duly completed. Your Excellency was good enough to enclose a copy of these recommendations in the Spanish with your Note under reference.

My Government accepts these recommendations as a satisfactory arrangement, and I am authorized to inform Your Excellency that my Government will place this arrangement in effect immediately, and in confirmation thereof I attach hereto the English text of the arrangement as agreed upon.

Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest and most distinguished consideration.