Enclosure No. 3 to despatch No. 3153 of August 5, 1942, from the American Embassy at Mexico City.


Ministry of Foreign Relations
Mexico, D. F.

August 4, 1942.

His Excellency, George S. Messersmith,
Ambassador of the United States of America
Mexico, D. F.

No. 312

I have the honor to refer to the matter presented by the Embassy regarding the possibility that the Mexican Government authorize the departure of Mexican workers to the United States, and the conditions under which this emigration could be effected.

This Ministry considers itself obliged to point out, above all, the importance at the present time of the country maintaining its man power intact as it is indispensable for the development of the continental defense program in which the intensification of activities and especially agricultural production are outstanding. However, having explained to the President of the Republic the need for workers in certain zones of the United States, and the Chief Executive being desirous of not limiting the cooperation it has been offering to the Government you so worthily represent, has seen fit to declare that in accordance with the resources of the Nation, no obstacles be placed on the departure of these nationals desiring to emigrate temporarily, for doing whatever work is necessary, and that no more essential conditions be established than those which existing conditions require, and those legal ordinances in effect in both countries.

For the purpose of determining the scope of this matter it was agreed, as Your Excellency knows, to treat as between State and State, and in order to study the case in all its aspects, it was deemed necessary to hold a meeting of Mexican and American experts who have just finished their work and have presented their recommendations which, duly subscribed to, are being enclosed with this communication.

The conclusions under reference have been carefully studied and the Government of Mexico grants them its full approval. I beg Your Excellency to take the necessary steps so that the Government of the United States of America, if it deems necessary, do likewise in order to conclude this matter, and consequently, to issue the necessary instructions pertinent to the case to the various department officials which should intervene, and in this way the agreement which has been happily reached will have the desired effect immediately.

I take this opportunity to assure Your Excellency of my highest and most distinguished consideration.