Mar 15 84

A. Hawkins
Wash D.C.



You must have a gourd for a head & empty at that. How you politicians could allow all these illegal Mexicans to cross our border - all the border states are in a mess. They have broken our laws by being here, what kind of Congressman are you to uphold our Constitution & allow this to go on & on?????

I've said before you are a disgrace to the negroes (your race) - look at the unemployment in L.A. & Watts! These stupid Mexicans taking the jobs - not only from blks but also whites.

Letting millions of these creeps in has caused a housing shortage, graffiti, overcrowded schools that has caused tax payers millions of dollars for bilingual education. Let them speak English or go back where they belong and now. All of the S.E. area is in a mess & you know it, but you aren't concerned as I heard you pay $1000 for a suit at "Nick the Greek's Place. It's sad we have had to put up with you all these yrs. as you thumb your nose & go on your merry way.

Mrs. Helen Price