Letter November 2, 1939

November 2, 1939

Mr. Floyd C. Covington
2510 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Dear Mr. Covington:

The Carnegie Corporation of New York is sponsoring a comprehensive survey of the status of the Negro in American life. One aspect of this study involves the analysis of the ideologies, programs, tactics, activities and achievements of all those organizations which actively concern themselves with the condition of the Negro or with Negro-white relationships. It is our desire to obtain the most complete record possible of the policies and activities of such organizations.

We will be deeply appreciative if you will consent to answer carefully the attached questionnaire as it relates to the organization with which you are associated. Your confidence will be fully respected.

We will likewise be grateful for any literature in connection with your organization which may serve to amplify, by details, the answers given on the questionnaire.

The questionnaire is unfortunately taxing, and were it not for the vital importance which the information desired holds to our study, we would be even more reluctant to thus burden you. I think you will readily agree, however, that the role of organizations in the progress and development of the American Negro should be accurately and dramatically portrayed. This can be done insofar as your organization is concerned only with your sympathetic cooperation.

With deep appreciation, I am

Very Sincerely yours,

Ralph J. Bunche
Staff Member, Carnegie-Myrdal
Study of the Negro in America