September 28, 1976

Mr. Herb Willsmore
1806 Berkeley Way
Apartment #2
Berkeley, CA 94703

Dear Herb:

If you are still in the area, please call me. I have recommended that you be appointed to the Advisory Committee for the "Montoya" committee for the Peralta Community College District. You would represent the handicapped on a committee consisting of 18. We expect the committee will meet fairly frequently, my guess is every other month, to review and make recommendations on the future spectrum of adult and occupational training courses offered by the secondary and community college schools in this area. It is an important activity and one I hope you will be able accept.

Unfortunately, the legislature did not provide fees for council members. Travel expenses can be reimbursed. Let me know if this opportunity for public service intrigues you.

Very truly yours,
Curtis C. Aller
Employment Studies Program