Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee
129 West 2nd Street - Room 302
Los Angeles 12, California


LOS ANGELES, May 15 — The following telegram dated May 15, 1944 was received by the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee today:

"We, the undersigned Latin American Labor Delegates to the ILO Conference being held in Philadelphia, wish to express to you, the members of your committee and all those who have so generously supported its fine work, our gratitude and that of our peoples for what you have done on behalf of the twelve Mexican-America. Boys unjustly convicted of murder in the so-called Sleepy Lagoon Case. This case has been used by the Fifth Column in our countries to stir up "Anti-Yankee" sentiment in order to undermine hemisphere unity in the war against Fascism. The fact that your committee has not only fought to right a great injustice against these innocent boys but has also exposed the anti-war forces responsible for their conviction enables us to prove that the anti-Latin American prejudice which colored their trial is not shared by the majority of the people of your country. Our thanks and congratulations to you and to all who worked with you.

Mr. Arturo Velasquez Quiroga, Worker's Delegate of Chile member of the Nat'l Council of the Chilean Confederation of Labor.

Mr. Carlos Fernandez R., Workers' Delegate of Cuba Secretary for Press and Propaganda of the workers' confederation; Director of the Nat'l Transport Workers' Federation.

Mr. Jose Maria Morales, Workers' delegate of Dominican Republic President of the Union of Mechanics and of the Puerto Plata Federation of Labor.

Mr. Alberto Torres Vera, Workers' delegate of Ecuador.

Mr. Max Hudicourt, Journalist from Haiti.

Mr. Vicente Lombardo Toledano, Workers' delegate of Mexico President of the Latin American Labor Federation (Ctal)

Mr. Alejandro Carrillo, Adviser member of the Executive of the Mexican Federation of Labor (CTM).

Mr. Arturo Martinez Adame, Adviser Mexican Delegation.

Mr. Alejandro Garrido, Workers Delegate of Panama Workers' Federation of Panama.

Mr. Juan P. Luna, workers' delegate of Peru, member of parliament.

Mr. Arturo Sabroso, Adviser & Substitute Delegate of Peru.

Mr. Napoleon Molina, Workers' Delegate of Colombia.

Mr. Enrique Benavides, Workers' Delegate of Costa Rica.

Mr. Salvador Ocampo Pastene, Adviser Assistant Secretary of the Chilean Confederation of Labor.