Case #1

Jimmy Duran and Tony Zamora (AN 9-6871)

Statement by Jimmy Duran:

Jimmy and Tony were part of a labor crew who were laying asphalt on the parking lot adjoining the Immigration Building on Hill Street.

They were working Monday, June 22nd, when several car-loads of Wetbacks arrived.

Asked how he knew they were Wetbacks, Jimmy replied that he and his co-workers had yelled at them, "ya los agarraron?" (You got caught?)

After a time one of the wetbacks was released. Again we asked Jimmy how he knew the alleged wetback had been released. He replied that Tony Zamora had exhanged a few words with the fellow who passed near them happily hurrying down the street. The released person had also waved at the men laying the ashpalt.

"Ya me soltaron!" he yelled at Tony Zamora. (They let me go!)