Sept. 24, 1943

Jose Ruiz Box 69497
San Quentin Calif.

My Dearest Alice,

Your Letter was more than glad to Receive, it found me in the best of health and Getting along swell, Alice Dear its good to hear you understand. But honestly your [sic] sweet, and with you behind us we can't lose, I have all the faith in you, believe me I'd Give my life for you thats [sic] how I feel about you, please believe me because its [sic] the God's truth Alice you are to me everything i [sic] love, just like the song. Well sweet chick im [sic] going to take Some pictures alone soon and ill [sic] sent [sic] you one soon ok. about the letter you want we will sent [sic] it soon i [sic] mean wright [sic] away, anything you want, your [sic] the boss. well Grandmother ill [sic] close with all my Love as always.

Love Chepe
P.S. when is bertha getting out do you know? Give her my Regards if you can, and thanks for kissing My Mother