Board of Directors
*Marathon Meeting*
November 24, 1975

Time and Place of Meeting: Monday, November 24, 4:00pm Baptist Seminary, Dwight Way And Hillegas.

Old Business:

  1. Personnel Policy Committee Report
  2. By-law Committee Report-on by-law changes necessary from changes made by the Personnel Policy.

New Business:

  1. Report from Leanne Kurtz on a paper she is preparing on CIL.
  2. Proposed merger of Disabled People's Legal Resource Center into CIL's Advocacy Services. They would like to create 2 positions to provide advocacy in three areas: housing discrimination, employment discrimination, and transportation barriers. While they are providing advocacy services, the trainees would be attending classes in paralegal training. Work at CIL would be under paid part-time attorney supervision.
  3. Fill vacancy on Board.
  4. Executive Director's Report

The Board will break for dinner around 7:00pm.