[Received Jul 5 '84, Augustus F. Hawkins, M.C.]

[personal information removed]
Congressman Augustus F. Hawkins

Dear Sir,

I am interested in a Rat Control Program that is federally funded and is supposed to be taking place in our neighborhood.

On April 2, 1984 I received a notice in the mail that a survey was being made in the area of Vernon & King Blvd., Broadway & Compton Ave.

I and some of my neighbors are having a big problem with rodents so I have tried to get some information about this program. All I am told is that they are in the neighborhood and I will hear from them sooner or later.

I am worried that this program like so many other programs intended to help poor people will also go in the way of the wind.

If there is anything you can do to help us we would be very appreciative.

Margaret Allen
P.S. Inclosed is a copy of the letter I received from the Program.