[personal information removed] October 16, 1955

Dear Dr. Bunche,

My son is a recent graduate of Jefferson High School in Port land, Oregon. He was a key figure in bettering race relations in that school. Due to the attraction of wages, he dropped out of college last year, but his desire to learn law, and improve conditions in our country, hasn't wained.

What little encouragement, to further his education, I have been able to give him is to no avail, against the present wages a young man finds so attractive.

I feel he has a gift of true brother hood to his fellow man, and would be a strong link in furthering the democratic principles for which you stand.

We are of the caucasion race. If you would write him a letter of encouragement to further his education, I am sure it would give him the desire to accomplish his goal for better race relations between all peoples.

He is a real sportsman, with an educated conscience.

His address is:

Ron Roberts

[personal information removed]

I know you are a busy man, but "It is better to build boys, than to mend men," and knowing what you stand for in education, I feel your effort would not be wasted.

H. D. Roberts