Honorable Mr. Hawkins,

Mrs. Carol Casimeen
[personal information removed]

July 4, 1984

I am writing to ask you why is it so hard to get a policeman out to your house. I don't know if I cam not rich enough or just live in the wrong side of town or something. I have had to call them several times, but they never bothered to show up, what may not be important to them is important to me that's why I called them in the first place. On two occasions I called them about the police about the problems we are having with these people that live on this street once on 6-26-84 I had to call the police twice that same nite they still haven't shown up as of yet. Kids were throwing rocks into my yard the officer I talked to told me if there were still out there later throwing rocks to call them back & maybe they will come out. My husband called them back 5 min later explained the same thing to them & they promised they would come out & they never did come. What has to happen someone has to get shot or something before they will come.

This same thing has happened several other times, what can be done about this poor service.

I also tried to get in touch with a Mr. Larry Wiggs in Councilman Farrell's Office, but he was either on another line or out of his office. Maybe he's like the Police do not want to be bothered with us common folk.

Can you help me with this problem.

Thank You.

Mrs. Carol Casimeen