August 14, 1944

Dear Manny,

Well, Querido, soon we will be counting the minutes, not the days - verdad? I'm very excited and very happy for you. The 18th is marked with a big red mark and I shall be here every minute of the day (10 minutes for lunch) so I will surely not miss the happy moment. Only wish it were all of you paying me a visit at the same time. The day will come.

Mira Loma sounds bonaroo — or is bonaroo stricty Q and doesn't go al Rancho CHINO?

I suppose you've noticed that the Times is whooping it up again about the pachucos. This time every body in this town who is at all straight on the question of juvenile delinquency and its relation to the racial minorities is letting the Times know that they don't like what they are saying. I'd like to see their mail these days.

There is some interesting stuff on the case, especially in the magazine HOY, but I will save it to show in person. I think you are going to get quite a bang out of seeing the office and the stacks of mail and the piles of books, etc. As for me, I can hardly wait to show you.

What a long two years this has been. And in some ways, for me, the time has just gone so fast that I can hardly believe it has really been than long. For me it has not been two years - closer to a year and a half. I feel that I have grown ten years older in experience in that time. You have grown, too. In my mind I compare you with my impressions of November in 1942 and there have been noticeable changes - tell you more about that when I see you.

The spotlight is going to be on you, you know that, don't you? I'm very, very confident of you. I don't doubt for a minute that you will be a credit to the whole fight. I don't doubt for a minute that we all are going to feel very proud of you. Just remember the spotlight - don't let it bother you - but don't forget it.

I'm looking forward with very much pleasure to the beginning of our friendship on the new basis - without guards - without rules and regulations - visiting hours anytime you feel like it.

Until the 18th.