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May 10, 1959

Los Angeles City Council
Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles, Calif.


The events of the past week-end at Chavez Ravine are a fitting climax to the illegal and unconstitutional procedures which have been taking place in that area ever since the first socialistic scheme of Public Housing was hatched by power-hungry local politicians. And taking place with the approval and insistence of a majority of Council members.

We wish an explanation of just how you, individually or as a body, can justify your betrayal of the citizens you were elected to serve? Does the destruction of property, the manhandling of men, women, and children, and the outrageous trampling on all decent human rights contribute to "the welfare of the city"? God help the people whose governing body arrogates to itself the power to inflict that kind of "welfare" on them. Los Angeles seems to be in need of this divine aid at the present moment.

When our City Government begins to think that it — the City Council — is empowered to use Iron Curtain tactics on American citizens, it is time for said citizens to awaken — and ACT.


P.M. Seldon,

President Civic Research-Action Group
Secretary Committee for the Preservation of the Constitution