May 26, 1983

Mrs. J. Lozano
[personal information removed]

Dear Mrs. Lazano:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your recent letter in which you expressed your concern over the issue of undocumented workers.

You are not alone in your frustration in the way in which we have dealt with the issue of undocumented workers. Many people in our community feel that the government's refusal to address the issue has gone on long enough, and they are demanding action now.

Currently the Congress is considering the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform Act. This bill would limit annual immigration, provide for employer sanctions against those businesses which knowingly hire illegal immigrants and allow for a general amnesty for those immigrants who have resided in the country for an extended period of time.

I believe that we must enact immigration legislation which is forceful and fair. We must protect American jobs and access to affordable housing, without increasing discrimination against legal aliens.

Rest assured that I will continue to work to ensure that immigration reform legislation addresses the needs of our community.

Augustus F. Hawkins
Member of Congress