Jan. 25, 1944

Dear Alice;

Just a few lines to say hello and to say we are all getting along swell and we hope you and all the committee are okay too. The postponement of the appeal was taken pretty badly by some of the boys and I assured or rather told them, it might be for the best. Anyway I hope so. But they soon forgot about it, and by the looks of them, well we all seem more confident and hopeful. There was an ad in the L.A. Colored paper "The California Eagle" about how you or anybody interested could go about writing to us. They printed my name and number and speaking of mail boy I sure get alot [sic] every day. And Annette Cimring has asked lots of people to write to us also. There's a girl by the name of Rachael Scharlin, that Mrs. Cimring asked to write to us and she did. And Rachael told me she would like to write to all of us, and asked me to send her all our names and numbers but I can't or I'm not permitted to send her anyone's number. All the fellows would like to write to her too. And I was thinking if you Alice, could do us that favor and get in touch with her and let her have our numbers. Here's her address. 2363 Silver Ridge Ave. L.A. 26. I told her I would ask you to send them to her.


My birthday is on Jan. 15. Its two birthdays I have spent locked up I hope there's no more locked up birthdays for me or any of us. I was 25. The old rocking chair is creeping up to me with each tick of the clock. I'm getting pretty old. I recieved [sic] a newspaper last week from New York. "The Peoples Voice" It's a swell paper and I like it. Do you know who sent it? There will be more fights on Feb. 22, Washingtons [sic] birthday. Manuel D. Bobby Telles, Hank Y. Chepe are all training. I'm training myself but I don't know yet whether I'll box or not. There was a reporter from the "Peoples World" here last week. She interviewed Gus, Angle [sic], Manuel D. Bobby Levine and myself. Only five of us. Asked us a lot of questions. Her name was Jane Gilbert. This is about all for now best regards to you and all the committee from all of us.