Dearest Alice

Writing to answer your letter which I was more than glad to received [sic]. Alice I'm really sorry about the way I acted and talk [sic] to you when you came up here. It was really all my fault. I'll hope and pray that you will forgive me because Alice you're one of [the] finest person [sic] I ever met. Alice I don't know what happen [sic] to me that day, I was just mad at somebody and when

you came up I just took it out on you. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, in other word I did'nt [sic] mean what I said to you that day.

I'm only too glad that you still want my friendship Alice, because I really do care for you alot [sic].

Well chick I think that make everything reet [sic]! so until you come up, drive slow Good looking

With all my love