Proposition B, the baseball referendum measure on the June 3 ballot giving the Dodgers a new home in Chavez Ravine, won in nine out of the city's 15 City Council districts, a breakdown of the voting showed yesterday.

Figures released by City Clerk Walter Peterson, which included a count by absentee ballots, showed that Proposition B on a city-wide basis polled 351,683 yes votes while 325,898 negative ballots were cast, established a majority for the Dodgers of 25,785.

Four of the six Council districts which voted against Proposition B were in the San Fernando Valley, where sectional opposition to downtown attractions is fostered by some interests. In two of these four districts, however, baseball lost by only a narrow margin. Council districts in the Valley are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th.

The vote count by Council districts was as follows:

Yes  No 
1st (San Fernando Valley)  26,609  27,140 
2nd (San Fernando Valley)  22,236  25,533 
3rd (San Fernando Valley)  22,756  31,429 
4th (Wilshire area)  22,736  21,152 
5th (Wilshire-Westwood)  27,000  23,929 
6th (Westchester area)  24,260  23,283 
7th (San Fernando Valley)  23,347  26,425 
8th (South-Central section)  24,678  14,364 
9th (East Side)  24,625  11,138 
10th (West-Central area)  27,205  18,718 
11th (Pacific Palisades)  20,948  20,876 
12th (Downtown)  20,204  13,954 
13th (Silver Lake-Lincoln Heights)  18,817  19,187 
14th (Eagle Rock area)  20,439  26,263 
15th (Harbor district)  22,524  18,333 
348,384  321,724 
Absentee  3,299  4,174 
Grand total  351,683  325,898