May 13th

To Councilman Roybal—

We watched you on TV last night—"And you are a clown."

When you make your stand on the whole issue of the Chavez Ravine—be sure you collect the back rent and the back taxes that the citizens of LA County have been cheated out of by the flaunting of the law by this Arechiga family—Rent free since 1951 and no taxes. Why don't you give the rest of LA taxpayers the same break—And be sure to order a BIG Investigation that will waste more taxes on a stupid situation—How else can the police get possession when eviction notices are ignored—Baseball can either be there or not—It makes no difference. [sic] The principal [sic] of the thing is that this family isn't worth it—Thank goodness, I don't vote for you.


Mrs. S.J. Anderson

[personal information removed]