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Los Angeles Dec. 29—"Having accomplished the purpose for which it was established, the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee will be dissolved effective Jan 1, 1945.

"Formed for the purpose of correcting an obvious miscarriage of justice, the Committee feels that, with the decision of the District Court of Appeal reversing the case, and with the subsequent dismissal of the proceedings, it has completely vindicated the point of view which its members consistently maintained with reference to this case.

"The Committee also feels that, in some small measure, it activities have constituted a contribution to the furtherance of the Good Neighbor Policy. This belief finds support in the enthusiastic praise and commendation accorded the work of the Committee by many organizations and individuals in Mexico and throughout Central and South America. Its work and activities have also met with high praise in the national press of this country. While the Committee does take satisfaction in what it has been able to accomplish on this score, it realizes only too well that much remains to be done. The larger task, which must be undertaken in California and throughout the Southwest, is to organize the Mexican minority along democratic lines for the achievement of a larger measure of social, economic and political democracy throughout the area and to remove all vestiges of discrimination. It is to be hoped that, following the work of the Committee, this larger task will be undertaken.

"A complete audit has been made of the records of the Committee showing all receipts and disbursements which will be made public.

"The Committee, once again, wishes to thank the thousands of individuals and the numerous organizations who so unselfishly supported its activities and made possible its existence.

"It is to be hoped that these individuals and organizations, as well as many others, will continue to support any efforts which are made to integrate fully the Mexican and Mexican-American minority into the life of our community and our nation. Civic, church and labor groups, along with government agencies, have the responsibility to pursue a policy of action to assure real civic unity which will contribute in turn to the unity of our country at war."

by — CAREY McWILLIAMS, National Chairman

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