Minutes of Staff Meeting 5/19/75

Since Hale is now a member of the board, a new omsbudperson was needed to deal with employee complaints. It was pointed out that this can be a positive role. The omsbudperson can suggest creative methods of maintaining smooth staff morale. Nominations were accepted and by a show of hands Lynn Tijerina was elected.

ED has been recently contacted by the policefor situating a crip who had been arrested. This presented a new problem - finding or developing a place which can accommodate disabled persons who need temporary placement.

A letter dated May 7th from the City of Berkeley cited several safety violations reported after a recent inspection. The violations included:

  • 6th floor - exit doors locked; exit signs did not meet specifications
  • 4th floor - fire escapes blocked; exit signs did not meet specifications
  • 2nd floor - nozzles missing from fire extinguishers; lack of exit other than the elevator which is in poor mechanical condition

A limit of 30 days (with possibility of extension) was set to correct violations. Two alternative locations are being considered. Johnson's Orthopedic is a large ground level space located at Shattuck and Parker. The other location being considered is a large rest home on Sacramento located seven blocks from the BART station. This facility is completely accessible and has available parking for 50 cars. The Army has volunteered to assist the move to a new location by providing trucks and the labor and tools to modify the new facility. The County will help finance the move and installation of phones. Lillian Rabinowitz of the Grey Panthers has indicated that this organization would like to share a facility with CIL.

Ray Lifchez professor of architecture at UC wants to mobilize his students to offer a housing plan for the city. The course offered this summer at UC will work at drawing up a master plan of the city. Resource people are needed to work with the students to offer guidance for priorities. Emphasis could be placed on not forming ghettos of disabled people, transitional housing and modification of old Berkeley houses. Jerry will head the resource group. Eric will be working with him.

Linda Perotti suggested that we accept the offer of a fire department employee to demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers. The demonstration will be scheduled for a future staff meeting.

Recent elevator modification created a forced day off for some CIL employees. Walkees will get a compensatory day off. It was suggested that these days off be spread out in order not to dplete the walkee staff on any one day.

Due to rapid staff growth it has become impossible to look for people who are not at their desks to receive phone calls. The following suggestions were made to facilitate the reception of messages:

  1. Check mail boxes regularly for messages
  2. Make an effort to answer dic line quickly
  3. If possible answer dic line of person not in room.
  4. Tell receptionist when you are leaving and when you will return
  5. Make dic line conversations as short as possible
  6. Tell the receptionist if you are going somewhere else in the building

Mary is presently doing co-ordination for Phil and Ed. You can get in touch with Mary if you need to communicate something to either of them.


In answer to a question as to what is going on with county money, Hale reported that the State is cutting back mental health and alcohol programs. If everyone gets cut equally there will be a 12 % cut. Three supervisors for the county seem to be backing CIL. One of the supervisors is pushing everyone to put pressure on Sacramento to release more money. That might happen but even so it would still not be enough. The dilemna exists that we could gain money at the expense of other programs. Ed pointed out that rather than fighting amongst themselves for funds programs should build trust to demand more money.

Peter reported on the first five day training session for rehab counselors. The participants listed the following as being of high usefulness: assuming the role of disability; living with disabled roommate; learning about self care; outing in the community; history of CIL; client services info; talking with DR counselor; transportation orientation; communication orientation; R & D project info; info on speech communication skills; economics of independent living; CIL impact on local governments; info on equipment needs; having time to react to disability; connection with emotional reaction; discussion of individual cases; sexuality and disability discussion; and info on disabled community health clinic. For the next session which starts Monday, May 26 the Blind Services programs will be optional since the participants indicated that blind clients were not always a part of their caseloads.

Jeff reported that the Living Skills Center in San Pablo is out of funding. In order to gain funding from the regional occupational program the Center is starting some 6 week to 3 month job training programs. An alternative to the rehab approach, this can be a productive avenue to employment. Anyone knowing of clients interested in job training should let Jeff know.

A blind man who has had emergency open heart surgery needs people to donate blood to the Alameda County blood bank in his name. Interested donors should contact Jeff.

The videotape on disability and employment which Peter has been working on is now finished. An open house showing is promised.

The Dodge Dart which will transport blind service clients should be in operation either sometime this month or in July. Radios were recently installed in the orange van and in the transportation office. The new car will also be equiped with a radio. Ray is in charge of the radio communications system.

The R & D has just finished its proposal prepared for the Urban Institute in Washington. Don Galloway has invited people to look at the proposal. In order to strengthen relationships between R & D and the rest of the staff an open house and orientation to the R & D project were suggested.

The idea of an R & D orientation brought up the fact that there are many new staff members at CIL and a larger orientation might be in order. Not seeing CIL as an organized whole has caused people fighting for their own projects rather working out the common interest of CIL. Ed suggested that different interests could be brought together through a staff retreat. Don Berry, Don Galloway, Lynn and Maureenwill work on arrangements and agenda for the immediate future.

Bill reported on the reasons the pay checks are late. All in all, it looks like May will be a tough month. The priority for the money that does come in will go to the project staff


The presently overwhelming workload of the Community Environment Project has necessitated the hiring of a person to work with Hale. Susan Bateman has worked as an attendant, at Cowell, in research, and as a secretary. She is now working with Hale and may be available for other types of jobs.

There will be a hearing for SB 108 the cost of living bill on June 2. People will be lobbying May 28th and 29th. May 28th is Senior Power Day - there will be a rally in Sacramento

Next Staff Meeting - Tuesday, May 27th - 11:00 am