Board of Directors Meeting
October 27, 1975

Board Members Present: Jan McEwen, Carol Fewell, Debby Kaplan, Chuck Cole, Michael Williams, Don Berry, Phil Draper, Herb Willsmore, Hale Zukas, Don Galloway

Others: Bill McGregor, Willy Winocur, Camille Plunkett, Barry Ryan, Ray Zanella, Betty Bacon, Ed Roberts, Cathy Dugan

Old Business:

Personnel Policy Committee Report: (members: Jan McEwen, Hale Zukas, Don Berry, Don Galloway, Mary Lester, Michael Williams)

The Personnel Policy is completed. There will be a staff meeting tomorrow asking for staff input on the policy.

By-law Committee Report: (members: Chuck Cole, John Baker, Herb Willsmore)

The By-law Committee hasn't met yet. As soon as all the staff input to the personnel policy has been gathered together, it will go to the By-law Committee.

Phil Draper asked if there was anything anyone would like to bring up now before Ed Roberts makes his report. He went on to say that it's been the feeling of the Alameda County Supervisors that CIL has too many staff on the Board. The Supervisors are probably going to come up with a recommendation that there be less staff involvement on the Board of Directors. Also, the evaluation of CIL by the Bay Area Social Planning Council recommended less staff on the Board.

Herb Willsmore: I worry about getting more non-staff members to run for the Board—there doesn't seem to be much interest.

Debby Kaplan: There hasn't been much active recruitment of non-staff people. Active recruitment will bring more people in.

Don Galloway: What about replacing the Chairperson and Board vacancy since Phil Draper's resignation goes into effect tonight. I would like to recommend Willy Winocur to come in on the Board.

Jan McEwen: Is Judy Heumann coming out to Berkeley?

Phil Draper: Yes.

Phil Draper: I now resign as Chairman and as Director.

Chuck Cole: Let's elect a Chairperson Pro-tem.


Don Galloway seconded the nomination. Motion carried.

Debby Kaplan: Are we going to elect a permanent Chairperson or fill Phil Draper's vacancy or elect a new Executive Director? DON GALLOWAY MOVED THAT WILLY WINOCUR BE CONSIDERED TO FILL PHIL DRAPER'S VACANCY ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


Hale Zukas: I think this is premature.

Debby Kaplan: We should first vote on the Executive Director since Ed is leaving at the end of the week.


Don Galloway; Is this proper procedure? Don't we need to advertise the position?

Chuck Cole: The Personnel Policy is not in effect yet, we can go ahead.

Jan McEwen: I want to know what the relationship between Judy Heumann and Phil Draper is?

Chuck Cole: What is the Executive Director's salary?

Ed Roberts: Around $18,000 a year base now. The Personnel Policy sets the base at $21-22,000/year.

Jan McEwen: What's Judy's position?

Ed Roberts: The appointment of an Assistant Director is an office the Executive Director makes. Is it relevant to know what the Assistant Director's position will be?

Debby Kaplan: Yes, to know what Phil Draper's policy will be as Executive Director.

Phil Draper: Judy Heumann will do certain tasks that I am not involved in, for instance, fundraising with Joan Leon co-ordinating. Judy will be a deputy director working with Joan Leon. Judy is also interested in working on expanding into the deaf and deaf services.

Don Berry: What will Judy's salary be?

Phil Draper: $333/mo. She'll be on SSI. This is the same salary that the Assistant Director is getting now.

Ed Roberts: We need an orderly transition. I appointed Phil Draper because he could do it—handle the growth of CIL. But the appointment process isn't the only way to obtain a new Executive Director.

Don Berry: We should remember that.

Debby Kaplan: I would've liked to have seen this discussion a month ago.

Ed Roberts: We need to plan better.

Chuck Cole: But our Agendas aren't forward-looking. All of them have been reactive—so the Board can't deal with problems ahead.

Ed Roberts: The Board hasn't defined itself yet. There are groups that train Boards as to what policy is.

Debby Kaplan: Are we ready to deal with the nomination on the floor?

Jan McEwen: Shall we have a roll-call vote?

Michael Williams: Yes.

Roll-Call Vote on Don Berry's motion:

    Roll-Call Vote on Don Berry's motion:
  • Chuck Cole—Yes
  • Carol Fewell—Yes
  • Debby Kaplan—Yes
  • Jan McEwen—Yes
  • Don Berry— Yes
  • Michael Williams—Yes
  • Don Galloway—Yes
  • Herb Willsmore—Yes
  • Hale Zukas—Yes


Debby Kaplan: Phil Draper is hereby Executive Director of CIL.

Ed Roberts: You should call a staff meeting to announce the appointment to the staff.

Don Galloway: I want to get back to my original motion to bring Willy Winocur into that vacancy on the Board.

Herb Willsmore: I second the motion.

Michael Williams: I would like to postpone this for further nominations.

Don Berry: Does Willy Winocur want to be a Board member? What would he do as a Board member?

Debby Kaplan: Isabelle von Frank is also interested in the Board.

Don Galloway: Could a staff Board person resign and recommend someone to fill his position?

HALE ZUKAS MOVED TO SCHEDULE THE ELECTION TO FILL PHIL DRAPER'S VACANCY ON THE BOARD FOR NOVEMBER 24. Michael Williams seconded. Motion carried with Don Galloway and Chuck Cole abstaining.

Don Galloway withdrew his motion.

Recommendations for the Board of Directors election should be given to Camille Plunkett to post. She will also inform the membership of the upcoming election.

Ed Roberts: CIL needs someone on the Board who understands finances, books.

Phil Draper: Jim Wigton says there are state funds available to get a comptroller for CIL instead of using the Job Development Specialist money for that.

Ed Roberts: But we need both" someone on the Board who understands the comptroller. The other thing we need on the Board is a lawyer.

Debby Kaplan: At the next Board meeting we should decide this question of Board composition.

Chuck Cole: If this membership meeting of Nov. 7. is a bust I would opt for going to a self-perpetuating Board.

CAROL FEWELL MOVED TO ELECT A NEW CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Don Galloway seconded. Motion carried with Jan McEwen abstaining.


Debby Kaplan is now the new Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Center for Independent Living.

Hale Zukas: Is a regular Board meeting the time to discuss Board function? What about having a Special Board meeting?

Camille Plunkett: November 10 which is a Monday, would be better for the Membership meeting.

Debby Kaplan: The next regular Board meeting is on Monday, November 24. Hale Zukas is suggesting a special meeting. How about the 17th of November for a Special Meeting?

November 17—Special General Issues Meeting to discuss:

  • Policy
  • Goals
  • Function
  • Composition

And the Membership Meeting will be on Monday, November 10 instead of Friday, November 7th.

As a part of being Chairperson I plan to look into the chairpersonship, write forward-looking agendas. I will be at CIL on Fridays from 10am-2pm. Camille Plunkett will post the Chairperson's hours on the Board bulletin board.


Executive Director's Report by Ed Roberts:

I hear a lot about forming an alternate group to CIL called DO. This points out disenchantment with CIL. They're going to the same people that we go to for money. We should do outreach to find out what this group wants. Parallel organization is a threat to CIL.

Debby Kaplan: It's not in our interest to fight. We should find out what these people want, what the problems are, bring them in, and talk. Communication needs to be facilitated between CIL and dissenting groups.

Ed Roberts: Judy Heumann is interested in this kind of thing.

Debby Kaplan: We should be very out front about this—go to these people about the rumours; invite them in in good faith and ask these people to deal with us. Do we want to call a meeting with these people?

Herb Willsmore: How about at the next regular Board meeting?

Debby Kaplan: There won't be enough time at that meeting with the election.

Willy Winocur: I've been involved with the DO meetings. My attitude about CIL is that I've had a lot of difficulty doing what I want to at CIL. For instance, my being recommended to the Board tonight and not taken up because my viewpoint isn't welcome here. I have a strong attatchment to CIl, feel a part of it, and I want to see if DO will provide me a place where I can do what I want which isn't possible at CIL. I came here tonight thinking I could get on the Board and put more of my energy into CIL. I can also put more into DO if I can't do it here.

I don't think DO is trying to compete with CIL on any large scale. This could provide me an open, free opportunity to do what I want. CIL isn't open to dissension or hearing other opinions.

Debby Kaplan: First of all, filling the vacancy on the Board had nothing to do with you personally. You should come back when we fill the vacancy and run, but I wanted this open to the rest of the membership.

Ed Roberts: Bill McGregor and I are going through the books. Bill McGregor will be finished with that tomorrow. We can schedule my financial report for later in the week or I can send out a written report to you. Also, not all the project reports are in yet. The Fact Sheet will be gotten out to the Board also.

I wanted to know the needs of programs from the program managers. CIL programs need secretarial and supportive staff but we don't have a lot of money for that. We are thinking in terms of expanding present secretarial jobs instead of hiring new part-time people.

CIL has so many little projects that need to be brought together. For instance, we need to bring training into one unit. This would mean more control over what's going on in programs. The more separate programs are the less clients get cross-reffered into other possible services.

Debby Kaplan: When will your report be out.

Ed Roberts: I'll get it to Camille Plunkett and she'll mail it out.

Herb Willsmore: I move to adjourn this meeting.

-----Meeting Adjourned-----