Center for Independent Living Board of Directors Meeting November 25th, 1974 Minutes

Board Members Present: Jon Baker, Jan McEwen, Michael Williams, Maria Albanesi, Dick Santos, Herb Willsmore, John Hessler.

Others: Camille Plunkett, Phil Hatlen, Lynn Tijerina, Hale Zukas, Ed Roberts.

Chairman Phil Draper was unable to attend the meeting due to illness. Vice-Chairman Jon Baker assumed his duties for the evening.

The minutes of the last regular Board meeting were read and approved.


  1. The House of Representatives voted 398 to 7 to override President Ford's veto of HR14225 The Senate voted 90 to 1 to override the veto.
  2. Membership fees are coming up in January.
  3. There will be no Board meeting in December. The next regular Board meeting will be on January 27th, 1975.
  4. New Board members should hand in their resumes.
  5. Board members are urged to suscribe to The Independent.
  6. Phil Draper is still waiting for the waivers for the October 14, 1974 Special Board Meeting from Jon Baker and Alice McKennan. Also awaiting waivers for the October 28th, 1974 Regular Board meeting from Dick Santos, Judy Heumann, John Hessler, and Maria Albanesi.

Phil Hatlen of the Blind Adolescent Living Skills Center was present to discuss the possibility of merging the Skills Center with CIL. The Skills Center helps bridge the gap between home or residential school and the community. It is located in San Pablo in an apartment complex. The Center occuppies 12 apartments, 10 of which are shared by 2 blind people in each apartment. The other two apartments are used as offices. Right now the Center is funded as a Contra Costa County Schools program under Title 3 ESEA, with funding due to run out in June, 1975.

The Center provides Mobility Training, help in Living Skills such as personal hygene, budgeting, cooking, shopping, menu planning, etc., Communication Skills such as conversation and signatures, Recreational Skills, Social Skills, and Vocational Readiness. Teachers are on duty from 7a.m. until 10p.m. to be available to students when they need instruction. Since the Center is a county schools program, it is restricted to people between the ages of 16 and 21. Students in the program are usually referred by secondary school resource teachers. The center also serves blind people who have exhausted every other possibility for this kind of training.

The Skills Center needs about $190,000 a year to operate. Phil Hatlen is looking for other sources of funding and is optomistic. Right now, the Skills Center has $50,000 they are sure of to continue the program.


Phil Hatlen's main question to the Board was: How would CIL like to have the Skills Center as part of its organization if the Skills Center brings in its own funding? People from CIL are welcome to visit the Skills Center. Phil Hatlen is there on Thursdays and doesn't mind showing people around. Call him at 234-4984 a couple of days before you would like to visit.

Health Committee Report:

from Maria Albanesi.

Maria Albanesi was offered another job in the University of California Staff Personnel Office and accepted it. It looks like the Clinic will continue at its present level.

Phil Draper asked Maria if she wanted to be on the Community Advisory Committee. She didn't want to but suggested that Judy Heumann might. Judy Taylor has also applied and the City Council has to make nominations.

Planning Committee:

The Planning Committee hasn't met since the last Board meeting.

Proposal Review Committee:

John Hessler said that this committee has never been handed a proposal. The Training Proposal went in to Herb Liebowitz but he came back with two alternate proposals. The first Training Program has been done in Susanville. The people most interested now are Peter Leech, Jean Love, Susan Schapiro, Karen Newsome, and John Hessler. The $50,000 grant that the Training Program has been assured of is regional.

Ed Roberts mentioned that he was going in after a $125,000 National Training Program grant to transfer the CIL model. Target Areas would be picked and consumers and funders would be brought together for one or two weeks. Follow up on these projects would include bringing people here to observe CIL.

Election Committee:

Concerning the subject of Mandatory Work Committments from members of the Board, the Election Committee suggested that Board members who haven't been on a committee for 6 months be warned and that if they haven't shaped up in 3 months that they be replaced on the Board. This was modified to say that Board members ought to be warned after 3 months, and replaced if they haven't done anything after 3 more months. However, the Board will not create committees just to conform to this.

Lecture Fees:

Ed Roberts is trying to ask groups that can afford to pay for a speaker to pay people from CIL that speak for them.

Executive Director's Report:

Wheelchair Repair now has a separate checking account. Their money used to go into the CIL checking account and at times they were unable to pay for parts or salaries.

IBM and DR have invited CIL to give a corse in computer programming for the severely disabled. Students will have computer terminals in their homes and IBM guarantees the graduates of the program a job where the person wants to live. Scott Luebking is the Head Instructor. John Hessler asked how much this program would take out of CIL. Ed Roberts said that the computer programming project will be pretty much self-contained.

There is a possibility that CIL may receive a $200,000 grant to be used for buying a facility, and another $200,000 development grant that would provide hard money from year to year to finance services. The SF Foundation has also refunded CIL for $30,000.

CIL will be closed Thursday and Friday of this week for Thanksgiving.

CIL now has a contract with Faces West. Faces West thinks that they can make $20,000 from marketing "Stigma". CIL will get 20% of whatever Faces West makes on "Stigma". Faces West intends to promote "Stigma" nationally. CIL's contract with them runs for 1 year after which time either party can cancel.


CIL also has another contract with Faces West lending them the cassette duplicator in return for mastering the Independent.

CIL has a contract with General Communications for van radios—2 mobile units and a base station.

Joan Leon has been working with Jan McEwen and Ken Okuno on a 6,000 sample direct mailing to raise funds. She is also working on a chart to express what CIL does as opposed to DR.

John Hessler attended the American Congress of Rehab Physicians as planned and made his presentation on housing with Fred Fay of the Boston CIL. Dave Stock from Houston spoke with Ed Roberts after the meeting about the housing program that he is involved with. It's a Cowell-in-the-community style project.

There is a demonstration planned fro Monday December 2nd in Sacramento concerning the $25 million shortage in attendant care money. Demonstrators will meet in the PDSP parking lot at 8:00a.m. and will arrive in Sacramento around 10:30a.m.

-----Meeting Adjourned-----