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LOS ANGELES September 9 — For almost two years the CIO has been supporting the Sleepy Lagoon case, both locally and nationally. Philip M. Connelly, Secretary of the Los Angeles Industrial Council, was among the first to realize the implications of the trial of the Mexican-American boys back in 1942. And two of the first locals to back the defense committee were Local 26 of the I.L.W.U. and Local 1421 of the U.E.R.M.W.A.

It is, therefore, a more hearty than usual welcome which these locals extend to the new members which they have acquired this week. Manuel Reyes and John Matuz, the Sleepy Lagoon boys who have just been released on parole from Chino prison, will be members of Local 1421 and Local 26 respectively.

Both locals have given generous and consistant support to the fight for the defense of the boys who were so unjustly convicted of murder in January 1943 after a 13-week trial which was based not on evidence, but on anti-Mexican hysteria. They are still helping the defense by distributing SLEEPY LAGOON MYSTERY by Guy Endore, the new publication about the case.

So now — quite appropriately, the boys have joined the forces which have been working on their behalf and will have the opportunity to work together with them, not only to bring to a successful conclusion the Sleepy Lagoon case, but to participate in the program of the CIO - a program which includes a battle against those fascist-minded, racist elements which made the Sleepy Lagoon case possible.