May 19, 1936

Mr. Charles B. Dulcan
Hechts Department Store

Dear Sir:

I wish you to know that I am closing my account with your store because of the vicious policy which you have recently chosen to adopt in respect to your Negro patrons. I assure you that neither I nor any member of my family will ever enter the doors of Hechts while this policy of discrimination prevalis [sic].

I consider this policy a deliberate insult and a brazen affront to the entire Negro population of Washington — offered by a concern which in large measure built its business on the backs of Negro patrons. The discrimination is as inexcusable as your explanation of its nature and cause is dishonest.

I assure you that I shall make it a special duty to acquaint every Negro with whom I come in contact, as well as all white people who are human enough to wish justice done to everyone, with the details of your new policy. I feel sure that Negroes will be greatly encouraged to trade with a store which rewards their financial contributions to its support by insulting their womanhood.

Yours truly,

Ralph J. Bunche, Head
Department of Political Science.