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May 9, 1959

Councilman Roybal
Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Sir:

Last night the city was shocked to see what was happening here in America—the land of the Free? I know your heart is heavy and you must have suffered as I did knowning [sic] that it is not only a crime in Chevez [sic] Ravine, but in Bunker Hill, Skid Row West Los Angeles, Westlake, Temple Hill, etc, etc, etc, .

I know so well because I have gone to the different communities and seen the suffering watch them being buried [sic] because they could not stand the thought of losing their beloved homes and their business that has provided a home for them and others.

We know the worry. Frank and I are rather young, but it has aged us and destroyed our health and well being. The Building and Safety Inspectors are the cruelest of men. As one told us —We don't care what you have spent or repairs the hard work of cleaning and painting, [sic] we are out to get you and eventually we will have this building demolished (211½-14 Winston Street. Yet on the other hand the Health Dept said if they had been brought into the building blindfolded they would have never reconized [sic] the place. We tried so hard to make it a clean place for those men to live. It is full every night so many have told us, what a pleasure to have a nice clean Hotel to come to. How long will it stand—another six months the way they are after us now.

I get carried away with my troubles, had it not been for men like yourself so much more dirty crimes would happen I Thank My God for you and May He Give You strength and courage to fight against the wrong. [sic]


Bessie and Frank Smith