May 28, 1954

The Honorable
The Secretary of State

(For transmission to the Secretary General of the United Nations)

SUBJECT: Information furnished under Executive Order 10422, as amended by Executive Order 10459, with respect to:

Ralph Johnson Bunche, born August 7, 1904. Employee — United Nations, New York, New York.


The person named above, who has been reported to be a United States citizen employed or under consideration for employment by the foregoing public international organization, has been the subject of a full field investigation under the provisions of Executive Order 10422 of January 9, 1953, as amended by Executive Order 10459 of June 2, 1953, and the report or reports of investigation have been duly considered by the International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board.

It has been determined that, on all the evidence, there is no reasonable doubt as to the loyalty of this person to the Government of the United States.

Sincerely yours,

Pierce J. Cerety, Chairman
International Organizations
Employees Loyalty Board

By: T. Paul Fairbank

Executive Secretary
Attachment: Identification and Personnel Data Form (Will be returned when available.)
cc: Dr. Bunche