Congressman Hawkins:
My dearest Congressman:
29th District, of Calif.:

Excuse me for a slight delay in writing to you on all the informative issues of our times. I thank you wholeheartedly for informing our district, and all its people herein your district of matters that truly tell us of the need for Health care, Employment, Education and just plain day to day survival issues you have tried to get through the Congress for the poor, elderly, young, all people.

The tragic plight of Black people in America, and South Central Los Angeles, as well as South Africa, cannot be `articulated.' It hurts me to see the hopelessness of young middle age people, Senior Citizens all over the city, Nation & World. Congressman, I know that you and all others, who are concerned with the conditions that exists are doing what you possibly, possibly, possibly can.

I'm trying in my own poor little way to do what ever I can to help my community, my country and My "Motherland of Africa".

I'm sending dollars to Concerned organizations such as "World Vision", "International Christian Ministries" "United Negro College Fund" and others. "Lord it ain't much that I can send", as a famous poet once said, but it comes from my heart.

So, thank you for all your years of Service to, not only Los Angeles, California, but mankind everywhere on the face of God's Good Earth.

Mrs. Iola C. Grogan
[personal information removed]
P.S. I'm a widow and have raised 3 daughters and educated them. My husband died young of lung cancer. I am a Christian, and a child of God.
Mrs. Iola Cecile Grogan